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DSPs and ARCs
A small number of schools provide special facilities for children who have SEN, called ‘Designated Special Provision’ (DSP) These schools employ specialist staff who can meet the needs of specific groups of pupils. The children are supported within the school wherever possible and they also receive intensive support in smaller groups when needed.
Schools which have Designated Special Provision:


DSP Manager

Contact Details

Beckfoot School (Physical difficulties)

Bridget Attia

Tel: 01274 771444

Bradford Academy (Physical difficulties

Lisa Rumford

Tel: 01274 256789

Bradford Academy (Autism Spectrum)

Mandy Hamilton

Tel: 01274 256789

Carrwood Primary School (Autism Spectrum

Julie Wilson

Tel: 01274 664864

Challenge College (Speech and language difficulties)

Sarah Knowles

Tel: 01274 362050

Denholme Primary School (Autism Spectrum)

Janet Clay

Tel: 01274 832123

Grange Technology College (Autism Spectrum)

Guy Edmondson

Tel: 01274 779662

Green Lane Primary School (Speech and language difficulties)

Angela Catterick

Tel: 01274 774644

High Crags Primary School (Speech and language difficulties)

Sarah Bowe

Tel: 01274 584068

Parkside School (Autism Spectrum)

Tony Jenkinson & Jo Sykes

Tel: 01535 272752

The Holy Family Catholic School (Autism Spectrum)

Claire Kane

Tel: 01535 210212

Titus Salt School (Learning difficulties)

Jemma Higgins

Tel: 01274 258969

Thornton Grammar (Learning difficulties)

Janet Beer

Tel: 01274 258969

A small number of schools also provide ‘Additionally Resourced Centres’ (ARC) for pupils with a sensory impairment. These schools have deaf children or children with a visual impairment on their role but the support is provided by the Service for Deaf Children or the Service for Children with a Visual Impairment. These Services are centrally funded but the staff work full time in the schools. Children are supported in mainstream class or in smaller groups.
Anne Lomas is the Head of Service for Pupils with a Visual Impairment.

Sue Wright is the Head of Service for Deaf Pupils.

Schools with ARCs:


Head of ARC/Senior Teacher

Contact Details

Hanson School (Deaf and visually impaired)

Head of ARC – Paddy Kidd (Deaf)

Senior Teacher – Paul Skelton (VI)

Tel: 01274 776200

Swain House Primary School (Deaf)

Senior Teachers – Sarah Rothera/Christine Cashman

Tel: 01274 639049

Girlington Primary (Deaf)

Senior Teacher – Ruba Hussain

Tel: 01274 493543

Grove House Primary School (Visually impaired)

Senior Teacher – Sue Adams

Tel: 01274 636921

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