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Donald Mazer 5224 Palmera Drive, Oceanside, ca 92056

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Donald Mazer

5224 Palmera Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056

Res.: 760 940-1708 ▪ Cell: 949 500-2754 ▪

Director of operations ▪ materials management ▪ global supply chain

Medical Devices / Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals / Consumer Goods

Senior-level leader who excels in fast-paced, quality-driven, customer-focused manufacturing operations. Strong P&L track record with functional management experience in all disciplines of manufacturing operations in domestic and international markets. IT professional with track record for installing business, manufacturing, and distribution systems and demonstrated ability to assess user needs, establish project specifications, and evaluate software/hardware solutions. Recognized for consistent success in developing systems, processes, and procedures to streamline operations, contain costs, and enhance profit performance. Lead process improvement initiatives to reach business objectives with confidence, determination, and a results-focus through expertise in:

  • Business Re-engineering

  • Continuous Process Improvement

  • Lean Manufacturing / JIT

  • Materials Management

  • Product Introduction/Launch

  • Project Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • E-Commerce/B2B

  • Strategic Planning

  • Cost Containment/Control

  • ISO 9000 Series

  • Inventory Control

  • Customer Relations/Service

  • Distribution

Professional Experience

Medennium, Inc., Irvine, California 1998–Present

Emerging leader in ophthalmic materials and devices.

Director of Operations

Executive staff member developing highly successful business by managing shipping, receiving, customer service, production, IT, facilities, material control, inventory control, and purchasing.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • 50% molding production increase realized by reengineering process which reduced cycle time from 48- to 24-hour cycle.

  • Reduced work order data entry errors 90% by designing an easy-to-read, user-friendly work order with bar codes on key fields and scanning equipment to eliminate typos.

  • Lowered raw material levels 40%, saved four hours of processing time per day, and reduced operating costs 30%+ by designing and implementing a new material control system that linked purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing systems into a friendly report to track purchases and inventory more efficiently. The system triggered ordered points facilitating a Just-in-Time delivery.

  • Designed, developed, and implemented company website to allow customers to order and re-order products over a secure network 24/7, reducing the number of customer service representatives needed. Increased order processing 50% while reducing customer service calls 25%.

  • Produced a $100K production-cost savings by introducing a Kan Ban system to standardize production, reducing cycle time 30%, and cross-training operators for greater scheduling flexibility.

  • Realized $5M in product sales by successfully moving two new product lines from R&D to production in six months. Authored two project plans and recruited a production and distribution manager and 20 operators to achieve critical goals.

Pharmacia & Upjohn, inc. (Pfizer), Monrovia and Irvine, California 1990–1998

Worked for Ophthalmic Materials and Devices Division.

Information Technology Manager (1995–1998)

Collaborated with decision makers in other departments to identify, recommend, develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of the organization. Maintained day-to-day operations by designing, installing, and maintaining new hardware, software, and networks for business application systems.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Spearheaded project to simultaneously move three California computer facilities and 230 employees to new facilities in California, North Carolina, and Ohio. Created multiple schedules, negotiated new systems and telecom contracts, managed vendor relations, and trained 30 employees in North Carolina and Ohio. Achieved 100% functionality at all locations in eight weeks.

  • Redesigned work order forms adding bar code and scanning capabilities that reduced manual data entry errors 80% while increasing input productivity 50%.

Senior Programmer / Analyst (1990–1995)

Defined, developed, tested, maintained, and supported software applications, hardware, and networks for business application systems including sales orders, accounts payable, general ledger, manufacturing resource planning (MRP), master production schedules (MPS), and work orders.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Reduced monthly reporting time for 15 worldwide business units to corporate office from two weeks to two days through expert design and testing of universal reporting system integrated into the month-end closing process. Transferred inventory quantities, sales, returns, payables, and receivables to the main corporate office, facilitating quicker business decisions.

  • Saved $1.5M customer base confronted by competitors’ aggressive sales tactics by designing and implementing a customer-driven inventory tracking system with automatic re-order feature. Traveled the U.S. for two years installing the system and training users at 40 facilities including hospitals, doctors’ offices, and surgical centers, resulting in 100% retention of business by using the system.

Graduate Studies (MBA)Global Management, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona (Graduation 2007)
BSBusiness Management, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

Continuing Education

MCPS Microsoft Certified Product Specialist, Microsoft
Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting, American Management Association, Pasadena, California
Software Verification and Validation Strategies, Norbitt & Rueland, San Francisco, California
TCP/IP on Windows NT and IIS 4.0, Mastering Computers

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