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Divine Archetypes: Consciously Crafting Self

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Divine Archetypes: Consciously Crafting Self

The Tattvas Collection

A line of exquisite, therapeutic grade, organic essential oils

AgarwoodBetel LeafGalangalKaffir Lime LeafMassoia Bark
Jungian analyst E.C. Whitmont stated, “Every pattern of adaptation, outer and inner, is maintained in essentially the same unaltered form and anxiously defended against change until an equally strong or stronger impulse is able to displace it.”i We are talking about the very structure of change, and being able to create an inner sense of security that is strong enough to allow us to shift the outmoded way of being and move into richer dimensions. The Tattvas collection offers the architecture to create a stable foundation onto which we can consciously craft our inner-dimensions and impact our outer reality.

Understanding the Navel of Creation – The 5 Great Elements

According to the Vedas, the world is constructed from, and is maintained by, the tattvas. Simply put, they are considered the elemental building blocks of the Universe and from the 5 Great Elements, every combination imaginable is created. This includes behavioral traits, which ripen due to personal elemental combinations.

We are the air, water, soil, and light of this planet.

Every grain of sand, every mountain range,

every river, and every leaf contains the same elements.

– Maya Tiwari

The following is a brief overview of the five elements (tattvas)—ether, air, fire, water, and earth—and how they affect the human emotion, spirit, mental-body, and soul. By understanding and experiencing the elemental microcosm, one can become fully aware of, and can work with, the macrocosm.

In employing the five elements, one can consciously work with the subtle self, with the express intent of freeing oneself from the manipulation of unconscious causation patterns.

According to the Rishis, from pure consciousness arose the sound of OM. In turn, the Five Great Elements took birth. These five elements take the form, in the human body, of the three doshas, or bodily humors. It is from these doshas that our individual constitution … is formed. As we come to identify ourselves with these primal elements, we create a bridge that allows us to climb back to the sky: we approach our cosmic roots.ii

Tattva (or tattwa) can be translated as thatness, which can be further understood as “the essence which creates the feeling of existence.”iii

Tantra stipulates that all matter is composed of a combination of five tattvas … i.e. elements. The Shiva Swarodaya explains that, “Creation takes place due to the tattwas and by them it is sustained.” In the Tantraraja Tantra, Shakti asks Shiva, “Where do all the tattwas exist, in the body or out of it?” Shiva replies that the tattwas permeate the entire body and mind. Everything you do and think is under the influence of these tattwas. Therefore…it is necessary to understand how the tattwas behave and in which manner they can be controlled and utilized.iv

These five elements form a connected series in which each successive element is derived from its predecessor. This is analogous to the concept of dropping into form, as each succeeding element inherits a heavier vibration. Deepak Chopra explains the vibrational nature of matter beautifully:

So the physical world, the world of objects and matter, is made up of nothing but information contained in energy vibrating at different frequencies. The reason we don’t see the world as a huge web of energy is that it is vibrating far too fast. Our senses, because they function so slowly, are able to register only chunks of this energy and activity, and these clusters of information become “the chair,” “my body,” “water,” and every other physical object in the visible universe.v

So “the essence which creates the feeling of existence” or “inherent self” is just a label describing emanations of form, to help us interpret self and environment. For example, what we refer to as the element earth is not meant to be taken literally, but is to be understood as a combination of light and vibrational patterns that have collated to “act like” a specific set of behaviors. This ties into the “net of illusion” to which all great sages refer, which binds and blinds our understanding of ultimate reality. The ironic aspect of working with the tattvas as a system is that one does not want to be ensnared and bound by them. As Shiva stated, it is necessary to understand how they behave so they can be controlled and utilized. The tattvas inhabit the first five chakras and heavily influence all of our behaviors.

As all things manifest in dualism, there are positive and negative aspects to each of the five elements. A major focus of mediation, breath and sound work in many traditions is to become “one who has gone beyond the elements”—one who has reached enlightenment, or as Jung would call it, individuation. But to do so, one has to engage with and purify the patterns that are associated with each element. Tsong Khapa wrote, “[T]he self is not the same as the [mental and physical] aggregates, nor is it anything other than the aggregates.”vi

This passage refers to the ways in which personal elemental arrangements manipulate our existence, by being in constant interplay with external resonant factors, which are stimulated and then set behavioral patterns into motion. Although we are not ultimately the elements, indeed they are, “the essence which creates the feeling of existence.vii

Understanding this allows one to more objectively observe one’s life and look for the patterns related to each element and how they behave together (each element exhibits set traits, and in combination, yet a different dynamic), and build a practice to bring all of the elements into balance or direct them to a specific goal. If you desire, you can use the Tattvas essential oils to aid in transcending the elements: earth absorbed back into water, water back into fire, fire back into air, and air back into ether, until you awaken.

The first element to evolve is ether, also called akasha or undifferentiated matter, which contains an infinite amount of potential energy. Ether is the subtle state in which both energy and matter exist in their dormant potential state at the heart of consciousness. As the energy inherent in the particles of akasha begins to vibrate, movement is stimulated and the element air emerges. Because the particles of air have the greatest freedom of movement, the air element is seen as an all-pervading motion. The excessive energy that the movement of air creates stimulates the emergence of the next element, fire. There is less movement in the fire element than in the air element, and this decrease of motion enables the fire element to cool into the water element. In the water element, the particles are confined within a definite space, moving within a small radius. The final element evolves from a further decrease in energy vibration, which causes water to solidify into earth. The following lists the elements (combining descriptions from several traditions) in increasing order of density:









Oval (depending on the school of thought)/black, indigo, white or multi-colored dots/Ham or Hang.

Vishuddah (5th)




Circle, hexagonal (depending on the school of thought)/smoky green or blue/Yam or Yang

Anahata (4th)




Triangle/red/Ram or Rang

Manipura (3rd)


Kapha, Pitta


Crescent Moon (depending on the school of thought)/silver or white/Vam or Vang.

Svadhishthana (2nd)




Square/yellow/Lam or Lang.

Muladhara (1st)

The Element Signatures

The Tattwic Elements are so chthonic1, i.e. underground and primal, that the Collective Unconscious of the human race responds to the essence of each element’s shape and color. The result is an immediate stirring of the associated chakra.

-- John Mumford, M.D.


Ether is everything and nothing – All into One. Ether holds the following gifts:

  • Ether is expansive and is the divine, opens one to spiritual gifts such a clairvoyance, clairaudience and being a clear channel – all information beyond the mind;

  • Ether is ones inner muse, and teaches and promotes the highest expression of Self, understanding truth, and expressing that personal understanding as a lifestyle;

  • Understanding gestalts and working with symbolism, myth, and subtle information;

  • Good communication skills and expressing clearly what one means and feels, the ability to really hear what others say, including what is left unsaid.


  • Feeling spaced out, afraid of being alone or lost, feeling heavily disoriented;

  • No spiritual life or what elevates and transcends this world;

  • Difficulty recognizing and expressing ones own truth;

  • Difficulty with communication, hearing what others are saying or saying what you mean.


Air is the breath of life. It is the prana that allows us to be animated and vital. Air holds the following gifts:

  • Carries and facilitates positive change, relates to the intuitive body;

  • Promotes curiosity, learning, and flexibility on all levels;

  • Allows the mind to achieve new insight and fresh perspectives;

  • Associated with abstract understanding and dreaming. Air is the element of active dreamers—the visualization of what could be;

  • Promotes freedom from any attachments (dogmatic, emotional, etc.);

  • Use in meditation for shifting consciousness, and to direct consciousness and swiftness in all forms;

  • The element that bridges the mundane and the divine, to foster love of all types, forgiveness and compassion.


  • The inability to finish projects, scattered energy, being jittery;

  • Too much air disturbs the mind and causes difficulty concentrating, thinking things through, or sitting for meditation;

  • Too much air leads to poor internal anchoring and being overly swayed by environmental factors;

  • Not enough air constricts the heart center and one holds grudges, does not allow one to give or receive love and one will take a dismal view of life.


Fire is the catalyst in life. It is the great transformer that consumes to renew. Fire holds the following gifts:

  • Capacity to initiate projects on every level, passion, enthusiasm and warmth;

  • Transmutation of any situation that does not serve one’s highest self;

  • As the element in which form first comes into being, fire gives rise to the personal ego being birthed—experiences centered in personal identity;

  • Ability to direct personal will; the need to directly act upon ideas in the physical world, increase;

  • Divine masculine, protection and champion energy;

  • The sensations of bliss, growth, change, and evolution and relates to the mental body.


  • Arrogance, self-centered attitude, feeling superior; being dominating or believing “my way is the only way”;

  • Lack of self control, volatile expression of self, instability, can be consuming and childish, a devouring force;

  • “Hot” issues: anger, being quarrelsome and confrontational or the lack of fire creates inability to stand up for ones self or deal with confrontation.


Water is the great gateway to all things hidden—the emotions, subconscious, and unconscious. Water holds the following gifts:

  • Feelings, rhythm, things that wax and wane (the moon, the ocean), the unconscious and subconscious;

  • ‘Pregnant waters,’ pervasiveness, creativity, receptivity—seeks the lowest ground to be contained;

  • Expresses the state of all emotions (ice) frozen emotions, the ability to thaw/release (steam), clean, murky, salty (tears), fresh, brackish, etc.,

  • The dream and soul medium—allowing one to actively accesses and work with the collective unconscious and use dreams for personal growth;

  • The divine feminine and working with and understanding all that that is;

  • Feeling contentment not determined by outside circumstances, empathy toward others.


  • Emotions that consume and drown, being emotionally desolate or tempestuous;

  • Using escapism to avoid life, unable to work with or understand dreams.

  • Internally brittle, in need of soul level or emotional nourishment;

  • Manipulated by emotions, relying on external circumstances to create feelings of contentment.


Earth is the means to create foundation and structure in our lives. Earth holds the following gifts:

  • Stability, security, being grounded; family linage and DNA healing;

  • Determination, patience, endurance, practicality;

  • Acquisition, increase and creating abundance;

  • Increases Devic communication, one’s “green thumb,” and the ability prepare and understand creating nutritious meals, positive parenting, and practicing generosity.


  • Plodding, heavy, dull, slow, greedy, gluttonous;

  • Being stuck, lacking creativity, overly pragmatic;

  • Being stubborn, entrenched in a way of being, only believing what one can understand with their sense organs.

All Tattvas oils, unless marked accordingly, are energetic adaptogens; meaning that they have the ability to create perfect balance in the energetic field. So one may read the Gifts and Shadow sections knowing that what needs to be brought forward will be, and what needs to be healed will be as well. If a certain aspect of a signature resonates with you – it is beneficial to work with that aspect with focused intent.

The Essential Oil Signatures

There are many dimensions to every plant; in fact, the Rig Veda stipulates that each plant has 700 healing secrets. These materials cannot cover all of these aspects, but the provided information will get you started (I encourage you to delve independently into each oil’s healing secrets). When reading the descriptions, take all of the information into account to understand how the Tattvas essential oils will operate in your energetic body. Know that the use of an essential oil has the following implications: awakening the archetypal associations in your being; striking the resonant cord within you that corresponds to the elemental arrangements; and stimulating the corresponding chakra. Read with an open mind and heart and find the micro- and macrocosm within yourself that elegantly connects you with all of creation.

A Divine Archetype can be understood as a model that embodies an aspect of the collective unconscious, complex thought forms, which can be thought of as unconscious organizers of ideas ultimately leading to behaviors. Simply put one can try on different aspects of the divine as easily as slipping on a new sweater by leveraging the associated vibrational pattern embodied within the corresponding essential oil, hydrosol or amulet. With focused work and active intent working with the Divine Archetypes lines will allow one to energetically align with the energetic blueprint held within the desired archetype, re-patterning personal energies allowing one to consciously craft personal energies and mold the deepest aspects of Self at will.

Agarwood (Aquilaria filaria)

Elements: Ether seed of Water

Catalyst for: Introspection & Revelation

Chakra Correlation: Vishuddha (throat, 5th), Svadhishthana (pelvic bowl, 2nd)

Sacred Syllables: Ham, Vam

Deity Archetype: Sarasvati, Goddess of Wisdom.

Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one gain an understanding of and access to the akashic field (ether); aids the mind in perceiving circumstance and environment as a gestalt; promotes open-mindedness and positive boundaries. Balancing: for taking inventory of one’s personal reality, with the intent to understand one’s emotions (water) and how they may be detracting from one’s full involvement with life; removing layers of reflexive emotional states to aid one in being able to be present in whatever is authentically occurring in the moment.

Key Concepts: The combination of ether and water gives rise to the energy of Daring. This is an expansive combination that promotes reaching new heights on all levels. This process begins by looking inward. Ether is boundless space, holding all possibilities, while water seeping ever downward connects to and purifies the unconscious and emotional aspects of self, seeking the lowest ground to be contained. The Paradox being the “container” is boundless space or endless expansion. Are their any contracted, distorted or unexpressed aspects of self that need to be explored, purified and allowed to blossom? From this inward exploration, one can move outward. Agarwood provides the framework for moving outside of your comfort zone, allowing for dynamic new growth. This may mean achieving new levels of personal success, emotional freedom or loosening one’s current bonds and soaring to new spiritual heights.

Betel Leaf (Piper betel)

Elements: Fire seed of Ether

Catalyst for: Balancing the ego, radical form shift and releasing consciousness from matter.

Chakra Correlation: Manipura (solar plexus, 3rd), Vishuddha (throat, 5th)

Sacred Syllables: Ram, Ham

Deity Archetype: The Dark Goddess in her undifferentiated form.

Key Vibrations: Gifts: enrichment of understanding through cycles; transmuting disturbances on the mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional level; allowing rebirth into a new form—one more in accord with what has been learned through the most recent expression of self. Releases consciousness from matter i.e. allowing information stored at a cellular and energetic level to be made known to the conscious mind for use. Balancing: fear surrounding deep behavioral changes and change in external reality; disconnection from instinctual wisdom and body knowledge.

Key Concepts: The combination of fire and ether gives rise to the energy of Transmutation. This is the process of understanding the root of unwholesome energy and changing the energy’s form from its limiting state into its beneficial state.

Galangal (Alpinia galangal)

Elements: Earth seed of Water

Catalyst for: Seeing synchronicities and benefiting from them

Chakra Correlation: Muladhara (coccyx, 1st), Svadhishthana (pelvic bowl, 2nd)

Sacred Syllables: Lam, Vam

Deity Archetype: Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune

Key Vibrations: Gifts: understanding that the body is the present focus of personal consciousness and that cosmic consciousness is not “out there,” but that it resonates within you; being sacramentally rooted in Self and surroundings; knowing that your environment is alive and reacts to your awareness; being commander of your own form and reality; pleasure in being alive. Balancing: achieving the awareness that life does not happen to you; ending internal isolation by merging with the divine and bringing goals to fruition through focused attention and activity leading to abundance.

Key Concepts: The combination of earth and water gives rise to the energy of Fertility. This is a nurturing combination that promotes boldness in following one’s ambitions. Earth provides the firm foundation in which to plant ideas, while water nourishes ideas to fruition ultimately allowing a harvest.

Kaffir Lime Leaf (Citrus hystrix)

This oil may be photosensitizing

Elements: Air seed of Fire

Catalyst for: Energetic protection and energetic cord cutting. Supports liberation from limiting thoughts and behavioral patterns

Chakra Correlation: Anahata (heart 4th), Manipura (solar plexus, 3rd)

Sacred Syllables: Yam, Ram

Deity Archetypes: Green and Red Tara. Swift answer to prayers & magnetizing auspicious energy to self

Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one become technique–oriented, and delight in the details of working towards practical ends; gives rise to the energy of the specialist, which allows one to gain order and transform his or her environment through the formulating of findings in a technical manner; allows one to determine which tool would be best utilized in a certain environment. Balancing: allows one to take information/data and create a repeatable process; aids in understanding the environment of self. (fire organizing air).

Key Concepts: The combination of air and fire gives rise to the energy of Beneficial Combinations. Air and fire support each other: fire needs air to survive and thrive and air enjoys giving of itself to support fire’s dance. This dynamic promotes the energy of positive exchange—joyful giving and receiving. This is the energy of mutual support. This combination encourages the release of any energetic exchange that is not wholesome and mutually supportive. Consequently, this supports exchanges of self in group dynamics that facilitate personal growth as well as the growth of others.

Massoia Bark (Cryptocarya massoia)

May be sensitizing. Ritual oil.
Perform a skin patch test before topical use and always use a high dilution rate.

Elements: Earth seed of Water seed of Air

Catalyst for: Peeling back the layers of the false self

Chakra Correlation: Muladhara (coccyx, 1st), Svadhishthana (pelvic bowl, 2nd), Anahata (heart, 4th)

Sacred Syllables: Lam, Vam, Yam

Deity Archetype: Raja Rajewari, Mother of Creation

Key Vibrations: Gifts: helps one understand symbols and the complex nature and layers of information they contain (this includes but is not limited to what Hindu philosophers refer to as maya, loosely translated as illusion, which addresses projections—generically, collectively, and individually). Balancing: allows one to interpret the rich symbolism that makes up ones life including dream imagery. Also projections around oneself to help understand the quality of human togetherness at any particular time and place; helps one determine one’s own individual stage of evolution.

Key Concepts: The combination of earth (body), water (emotions/soul), and air (mind/spirit) gives rise to the energy of Structured Dynamism. This energy can be understood as an open-ended and transformative quest that favors unregulated organization through spontaneous order, understanding that true response can only occur in the moment, when all the latent energy of available aspects comes together, allowing a specific dynamic to occur. This concept does not favor a philosophy of stasis with the intent of maintaining the status quo, but instead promotes response and adaptation to what need/action authentically rises in the moment. 

Earth is the sacred vessel, or container, in which spontaneous order may arise, allowing the air and water elements to express new combinations of personal divinity as the need develops, in a safe and grounded way.

A few examples of how combining energy works


Tattva Amulet

(by Tulku, for Divine Archetypes)


Key traits

Try anointing your chakra or amulet with…







Grounding, stability, increase. What do you want to plant in your life?

Betel Leaf to break free from limiting patterns and for helpful insights for next steps.


Chalice of the Self


Water (emotions)

Kapha, Pitta

Graceful change, inner-child, sensuality. What do you want to cleanse or stimulate emotionally?

Massoia Bark after a trying period, to peel away emotional debris.





(mental body)


Intellect, personal power, dynamic action. What outward circumstance do you want to manifest?

Galangal to be in alignment with fresh opportunities for action.





(intuitive body)


Love, compassion, forgiveness. What can you personally do to heal the world, self and family?

Kaffir Lime Leaf to sever limiting patterns that keep you from experiencing unconditional love for self and others.





(connection to the divine)


Communication, true vocation, unique expression. What is your unique soul purpose to express in the world?

Agarwood for penetrating insight into self and what that holds.

Dosages & Dilutions

The first step in working with a Tattvas essential oil is identifying the most beneficial mode of expression and dilution rates. The four most common vehicles are:

  • Personal anointing: application to the body in a targeted area.

  • Massage: Self or from another, often full body.

  • Ritual bathing: fragrant healing bath.

  • Diffusion: depending on the type of diffuser used, this can invoke a combination of the Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether elements.

  • Ritual Anointing: use in combination with sacred objects to amplify the energy or use to make objects sacred.

What you need to get started

Since essential oils are highly potent, concentrated plant liquids they need to be properly diluted before being applied to the skin.

The preparation of the anointing oil can be a very centering, mindful act in its own right, which helps cultivate the mindset one wishes to carry into practice. All you need are a few basic tools to get started:

  1. Essential oil(s)

  2. Carrier/Base oil(s)

  3. A vessel for blending

That’s it! From there you can craft as simple or as elaborate a practice as you desire.

Dilution of Essential Oils

Everything is poisonous, and nothing is without poison.
The dose alone prevents something from being a poison.

-- Paracelsus

Since essential oils are concentrated plant matter, they can cause skin irritation if applied full strength.2 Therefore, they are typically diluted in a non-volatile base oil to prevent irritation; the guidelines for dilution are as follows, based on application.

The following ratios are standard in the aromatherapy field, although I would suggest starting at half dosage and observe how your body responds adjusting the percentage of essential to base from there. Always use Massoia Bark in half dosages or lower and perform a skin patch test before topical use. If body irritation continues to occur even at a low dosage rate, discontinue use topically and enjoy for diffusion and object ritual anointing.

Full body application: 3 to 5 drops in 5 ml (1 tsp) base oil; 7 to 25 drops in 25 ml (1 fl oz) base oil; 20 to 60 drops in 100 ml (3 1/2 fl oz) base oil. These ratios are guidelines for massage blends or full body application. Each individual is different; some people require an even lower blend ratio, while others benefit from a more concentrated dose.

Body ritual anointing: 4 to 7 drops of oil in 1 teaspoon of base oil; 7 to 18 drops in 1 tablespoon of base oil. These are more concentrated dosages that are applied to specific body areas, with a focus on scent. Every individual is different, so always be mindful of dosage and how your body responds, and adjust the ratio of essential oil to base oil accordingly.

Object ritual anointing: 1 drop of Tattvas essential oil to 1-3 tablespoons of base oil, depending on the reactivity of the surface you are anointing. Always test a small, unseen area first. When dosage is determined, anoint the object you are working with as you ruminate on the energy you are invoking. If you are anointing an amulet, when you are finished, gently buff your amulet to a shine with a clean, soft cloth.

Ritual Bathing

Essential oils are highly volatile and are not water-soluble, so a base is needed to stabilize them before adding them to a foot, hand, or full-immersion bath. The general rule is 5 to 13 drops of essential oil (always be mindful of how it affects you and adjust the ratios as needed) to one of the following bases:

  • 1 tablespoon of base oil.

  • ½ cup of milk (animal, coconut, soy, rice, etc.). Milk’s general energy is nourishing, nurturing, loving, cushioning, and fostering.

  • ½ cup to 1 cup of sea or Epson salts with 1 tablespoon of base oil added. Salt’s general energy is purifying, cleansing, clearing, and detoxifying.

  • ½ cup of milk and ½ cup salt blended together. This combination supports the clearing away of any disharmonic patterns that may hamper the new seedlings one is nurturing to fruition.


Different types of diffusers help invoke different elements (always follow manufacturer’s instructions for operating specific diffuser models):

  • Earth: Any style diffuser as scent stimulates the earth element.

  • Water: Water based mister.

  • Fire: Tea light diffuser

  • Air: Aromatherapy nebulizer.

  • Ether: Aromatherapy nebulizer.

Example of Ritual Use

Any affect or emotion which in its raw and unaltered form is too intense to be controlled by will alone may need its ritual. Without ritual, such energies may inundate the ego and force it into acting out or into obsessive behavior. Ritual brings about containment and acceptance, control of intensity, and ‘dosage’.

-- Edward Whitmont

Enlivening Ritual for Invoking Divine Archetypal Energy

The following is an example for invoking the Dark Goddess (Betel Leaf deity archetype – that that consumes to renew) using the personal anointing method of Betel Leaf and Agarwood (Sarasvati – deep wisdom). Remember this is just an example; you can create your own rituals to invoke the associated archetypes, animal and deity with all of the essential oils. A part of the fun is familiarizing your self with each aspects signature that allows you to design the specific ritual needed.

One reason an individual would invoke the energy of the Dark Goddess is to deeply support one in exploring and healing the shadowy limiting aspects of Self and the corresponding reflexive emotions that keep one enmeshed in that state. This blend allows one to consciously understand and transmute limiting energy into an expression that supports personal growth.


1/2 oz of Apricot oil

11 drops Agarwood

6 drops Betel Leaf

Assembly Instructions

  1. Take a clean 1/2 oz bottle (preferably dark glass), remove cap.

  2. Fill the bottle almost full with apricot base oil, being sure to leave enough room for the remaining ingredients. Apricot oil, in this case, is for stimulating exchange between the subtle and mental bodies and to assist in balancing extreme emotional states and to make the changes necessary for balance.

  3. If needed liquefy the Agarwood. To do this, bring a small saucepan of water to a boil, reduce the heat to low, and set the bottles into the water. Allow the bottle to sit in the heated water until their contents become liquid.

  4. Add all remaining ingredients to the bottle to which you added the apricot oil.

  5. Cap the bottle and roll back and forth 12 times in your hands while calling on each plant by name—apricot, Agarwood, Betel Leaf—to come to support you and teach you the gift they each hold. Thank them one by one for their help.

Enlivening Ritual

  1. Take your bottle and wrap in a dusky cloth.

  2. While gently holding your bottle, invoke the Dark Mother Goddess (or goddesses), such as Kali, the Black Madonna, or Lilith, that you feel you most resonate with and ask her to enliven your cocktail of oils, repeating Betel Leaf’s affirmation:

    Mother, divine, black and perfect, I call upon you to rip asunder all that is incorrect and give me the strength to hold my position against all opposition, and to call to me all who will support my journey into wholeness and my new way of being. Hold me in the velvet of your arms, feed me and cradle me, as I grow out of your dark perfection. Amen.3

  3. Nestle your bottle on a windowsill overnight so that it can soak in the rich night energy.

Base Oil Signature for Dark Goddess Blend

Apricot Oil Prunus persica or P. armeniaca: A nourishing medium weight oil that is good for dry skin and leaves no residue. Nice massage or anointing base, as it has almost no scent. High in vitamins A and C. Energetic signature: Balance. Helps to balance mood swings and extreme emotional states. Promotes exchange between the mental and subtle bodies. Facilitates the reconciliation of internal conflicts and strong negative emotions that have been stored in the body. It empowers one to take responsibility in one's life and make the changes necessary for health and well-being. Also helps to foster delight in life itself.

Numerology Signature of 12

The number twelve holds the partial vibration of stability in movement and the ability to radically expand while staying centered in self without disorientation.


Apply, in the following order (bottom to top), to the center of your foot sole, belly, heart, back of neck, forehead, crown of the scalp, and finally, to your wrists for self-smelling, of course! Apply up to 3 times daily; you can use just a few drops up to a dime-sized dab on each anointing area, to call the Dark Goddess into your life to actively work with her energy.

About Divine Archetypes

Candice Covington, creatrix of Divine Archetypes, is an aromatherapist, body and energy worker, and long-time student of ancient alchemical traditions. She travels the world seeking knowledge to inform and enrich Divine Archetypes product lines.

For any questions concerning products, to purchase the Tattvas oils or the Tattvas amulets, or for information about on-going classes, including practitioner training, or to book a session with Candice, please contact her at:

Phone: 503.895.7570


Agarwood (Aquilaria filaria) 10ml. $22.00

Betel Leaf (Piper betle) 10ml. $26.00

Galangal (Alpinia galangal) 10ml. $20.00

Kaffir Lime Leaf (Citrus hystrix) 10ml. $22.00

Massoia Bark (Cryptocarya massoia) 10 ml. $28.00

1 Pronounced (thŏn'ĭk)

2 If any disturbances occur of major concern, immediately consult your health care provider.

3 According to the Kernerman English Dictionary, the word Amen is said to express a wish that a prayer or affirmation be fulfilled. The Online Etymology Dictionary indicates that Amen derives from the Hebrew meaning “truth.” In Egyptian mythology, Amen was a deity representing the personification of air or breath (Random House Unabridged Dictionary).

i Whitmont, Edward C. The Symbolic Quest: Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychology. New York: Putnam, 1969. p. 246

ii Tiwari, Maya. Ayurveda: A Life of Balance. Rochester: Healing Arts Press, 1995. p. 9

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iv Satyasangananda, p. 56

v Chopra, Deepak. The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2003. p. 38

vi Landaw, Jonathan and Andy Weber. Images of Enlightenment. Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion Publications, 1993. p. 185

vii Satyasangananda, Swami. Tattwa Shuddhi. Munger, Bihar, India: Yoga Publications Trust, 1984. p. 24

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