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Directions from Junction 12 M4

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Directions from Junction 12 M4

Exit towards A4 Theale, straight over at first roundabout.

You are now on a dual carriageway.

At the next roundabout take right exit towards Pangbourne (A340), shortly afterwards, turn left signposted to Bradfield, Ashampstead.

Continue straight on (approx 3miles) until you descend a hill to Bradfield College crossroad, go straight over.

After about 1/4 mile, turn 1st right into Dark Lane.

Travel about 1/4 mile and Barn Elms Farm and Fly Fishery is on your right.

Take the second entrance on the right, past farm buildings on the right and bear left.

Shortly afterwards bear right and you will see the lake car park, go into the lodge where someone is always available to assist you

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