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Class/Subcl.: A01N

German Patent and Trade Mark Office

Date: 18th October 2005

DE - Comments — C 432

Comments on the rapporteur proposal of Annex 11
In principal we agree with the new proposal and the systematics used therein, but in our

opinion an order which in addition includes Lichenes, Bryophyta and multi-cellular fungi

(Basidiomycota) is essential. Lichenes and Basidiomycota should not just mentioned in the

main group title of A01N65/00, but should represent a one-dot subgroup. We also believe

that the groups Ferns and Fern allies should not be summarised.

Furthermore we do not agree with the family names itemized in parentheses; this is as far as

we know not established.
Regarding further subdivisions we also support a less detailed breakdown which we hope

would result in nine major groups: Algae, Lichenes, Bryophyta, Basidiomycota, Fern allies,

Ferns, Gymnosperms, Dicotyledons and Monocotyledons. We recommend that each

subgroup should be accompanied by current Latin family names in parentheses to provide

further explanation.

Martina Fritzsche-Henke

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