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Derogatory adj expressing a low opinion. I resent your derogatory remarks descry

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begin_Word_List_14 ( derogatory-disgruntle)

derogatory ADJ. expressing a low opinion. I resent your derogatory remarks.

descry V. catch sight of. In the distance, we could barely descry the enemy vessels.

desecrate V. profane; violate the sanctity of. Shattering the altair and trampling the holy objects underfoot, the invaders desecrated the sanctuary.

* desiccate V. dry up. A tour of this smokehouse will give you an idea of how the pioneers used to desiccate food in order to preserve it.

desolate ADJ. unpopulated; joyless. After six months in the crowded, bustling metropolis, David was so sick of people that he was ready to head for the most desolate patch of wilderness he could find.

desolate V. rob of joy; lay waste to; forsake. The bandits desolated the countryside, burning farms and carrying off the harvest.

desperado N. reckless outlaw. Butch Cassidy was a bold desperado with a price on his head.

despise V. look on with scorn; regard as worthless or distasteful. Mr. Bond, I despise spies; I look down on them as mean, despicable, honorless men, whom I would wipe from the face of the earth with as little concern as I would scrape dog droppings from the bottom of my shoe.

despoil V. plunder. If you do not yield, I am afraid the enemy will despoil the countryside.

despondent ADJ. depressed; gloomy. To distress of his parents, William became seriously despondent after he broke up with Jan. despondency, N.

despot N. tyrant; harsh, authoritarian ruler. How could a benevolent king turn overnight into a despot? despotism, N.

destitute ADJ. extremly poor. Because they had no health insurance, the father’s costly illness left the family destitute. destitution, N.

* desultory ADJ. aimless; haphazard; digressing at random. In prison Malcom X set himself the task of reading straight through the dictionary; to him, reading was purposeful, not desultory.

detached ADJ. emotionally removed; calm and objective; physically separate. A psychoanalyst must maintain a detached point of view and stay uninvolved with her patient’s personal lives. To a child growing up in an apartment or a row house, to live in a detached house was an unttainable dream. detachment, N.

determinate ADJ. having a fixed order of procedure; invariable. At the royal wedding, the procession of the nobles followed a determinate order of precedence.

determination N. resolve; measurement or calculation; decision. Nothing could shake his determination that his children would get the best education money could buy. Thanks to my pocket calculator, my determination of the answer to the problem took only seconds of my time.

* deterrent N. something that discourages; hindrance. Does the threat of capital punishment serve as deterrent to potential killers? also ADJ.

detonation N. explosion. The detonation of the bomb could be heard miles away.

detraction N. slandering; aspersion. He is offended by your frequent detractions of his ability as a leader.

detrimental ADJ. harmful; damaging. The candidate’s acceptance of major financial contributions from a wellknown racist ultimately proved detrimental to his campaign, for he lost the backing of many of his early grassroots supporters. detriment, N.

deviate V. turn away from (a principle, norm); depart; diverge. Richard never deviated from his daily routine; every day he set off for work at eight o’clock, had his sack lunch at noon, and headed home at the stroke of five.

devious ADJ. roundabout; erratic; not straightforward. The Joker’s plan was so devious that it was only with great difficulty we could follow its shifts and dodges.

devise V. think up; invent; plan. How clever he must be to have devised such a devious plan! What ingenious inventions might he have devised if he had turned his mind to science rather than crime.

devoid ADJ. lacking. You may think Cher’s mind is a total void, but she’s actually not devoid of intelligence. She just sounds like an airhead.

devolve V. deputize; pass to others. It devolved upon us, the survivors, to arrange peace terms with the enemy.

devotee N. enthusiastic follower. A devotee of the opera, she bought season tickets every year.

devout ADJ. pious. The devout man prayed daily.

dexterous ADJ. skillful. The magician was so dexterous that we could not follow his movements as he performed his tricks.

diabolical ADJ. devilish. “What a fiend I am, to devise such a diabolical scheme to destroy Gotham City”, chortled the Joker.

diadem N. crown. The king’s diadem was on display at the museum.

dialectical ADJ. relating to the art of debate; mutual or reciprocal. The debate coach’s students grew to develop forensic and dialectical skill. Teaching, however, is inherently a dialectical situation: the coach learned at least as much from her students as they learned from her. dialectics, N.

diaphanous ADJ. sheer; transparent. They saw the burglar clearly through the diaphanous curtain.

* diatribe N. bitter scolding; invective. During the lengthy diatribe delivered by his opponent he remained calm and self-controlled.

* dichotomy N. split; branching into two parts (ecpecially contradictory ones). Willie didn’t know how to resolve the dichotomy between his ambition to go to college and his childhood longing to run away and join circus. Then he heard about Ringling Brothers Circus College, and he knew he’d found his school.

dictum N. authoritative and weighty statements; saying; maxim. University administrations still follow the old dictum “Publish or perish.” They don’t care how good a teacher you are; if you don’t publish enough papers, you’re out of a job.

didactic ADJ. teaching; instructional. Pope’s lengthy poem An Essay on Man is too didactic for my taste: I dislike it when poets turn preachy and moralize. didacticism, N.

die N. device for stamping; mold. In coining pennies, workers at the old mint squeezed sheets of softened copper between two dies.

* diffidense N. shuness. You must overcome your diffidense if you intend to become a salesperson.

* diffuse ADJ. wordy; rambling; spread out (like a gas). If you pay authors by the word, you tempt them to produce diffuse manuscripts rather than brief ones. also V. diffusion, N

* digresion N. wandering away from the subject. Nobody minded when Professor Renoir’s lectures wandered away from their official theme; his digressions were always more fascinanting than the topic of the day. digress, V.

dilapidated ADJ. ruined because of neglect. The dilapidated old building needed far more work than just a new coat of paint. dilapidation, N.

dilate V. expand. In the dark, the pupils of your eyes dilate.

dilatory ADJ. delaying. Your dilatory tactics may compel me to cancel the contract.

dilemma N. problem; choice of two unsatisfactory alternatives. In this dilemma, he knew no one to whom he could turn for advice.

dilettante N. aimless follower of the arts; amateur; dabler. He was not serious in his painting; he was rather a dilettante.

diligence N. steadiness of effort; persistent hard work. Her employers were greatly impressed by her diligence and offered her a partnership in the firm.

dilute V. make less concentrated; reduce in strength. She preferred her coffee diluted in milk.

diminution N. lessening; reduction in size. Old Jack was as sharp at eighty as he had been as fifty; increasing age led to no diminution of his mental acuity.

din N. continued loud noise. The din of the jackhammers outside the classroom window drowned out the lecturer’s voice. also V.

dinghy N. small boat (often ship’s boat). In the film Lifeboat, an ill-assorted group of passengers from a sunken ocean liner are marooned at sea in a dinghy.

dingy ADJ. dull; not fresh; cheerless. Refusing to be depressed by her dingy studio apartment, Bea spent the weeekend polishing the floors and windows and hanging bright posters on the walls.

dint N. means; effort. By dint of much hard work, the volunteers were able to control the raging forest fire.

diorama N. life-size; three-dimensional scene from nature or history. Because they dramatically pose actual stuffed animals against realistic painted landscapes, the dioramas at the Museum of Natural History particularly impress high scool biology students.

dire ADJ. disastrous. People ignored her dire predictions of an aproaching depression.

* dirge N. lament with music. The funeral dirge stirred us to tears.

* disabuse V. correct a false impression; undeceive. I will attempt to disabuse you of your impression of my client’s guilt; I know he is innocent.

disaffected ADJ. disloyal. Once the most loyal of Bradley’s supporters, Senator Moynihan found himself becoming increasingly disaffected.

disapprobation N. disapproval; condemnation. The conservative father viewed his daughter’s radical boyfriend with disapprobation.

disarray N. disorderly or untidy state. After the New Year’s party, the once orderly house was in total disarray.

disavowal N. denial; disclaiming. His disavowal of his part in the conspiracy was not believed by the juty. disavow, V.

disband V. dissolve; disperse. The chess club disbanded after its disastrous initial season.

disburse V. pay out. When you disburse money on the company’s behalf, be sure to get a receipt.

discernible ADJ.distinguishable; perceivable. The ships in the harbor were not discernible int the fog.

* discerning ADJ. mentally quick and observant; having insight. Though no genius, the star was suficiently discerning to distinguish her true friends from the countless phonies who flattered her. discern, V. discernment, N.

disclaim V. disown; renounce claim to. If I grant you this privilege, will you disclaim all other raights?

disclose V. reveal. Although competitors offered him bribes, he refused to disclose any information about his company’s forthcoming product. disclosure, N.

discombobulated ADJ. confused; discomposed. The novise square dancer became so discombobulated that he wandered into the wrong set.

discomfit V. put to rout; defeat; disconcert. This ruse will discomfit the enemy. discomfiture, N. discomfited, ADJ.

disconcert V. confuse; upset; embarrass. The lawyer was disconcerted by the evidence produced by her adversary.

disconsolate ADJ. sad. The death of his wife left him disconsolate.

discord N. conflict; lack of harmony. Watching Tweedledum battle Tdeedledee, Alice wondered what had cause this pointless discord.

* discordant ADJ. not harmonious; conflicting. Nothing is quite so discordant as the sound of junior high school orchestra tuning up.

discount V. disregard. Be prepared to discount what he has to say about his ex-wife.

discourse N. formall discussion; conversation. The young Plato was drawn to Agora to hear the philosophical discourse of Socrates and his followers. also V.

* discredit V. defame; destroy confidence in; disbelieve. The campaign was highly negative in tone; each candidate tried to discredit the other.

* discrepancy N. lack of consistency; difference. The police noticed some discrepancies in his description of the crime and did not believe him.

* discrete ADJ. separate; unconnected. The universe is composed of discrete bodies.

discretion N. prudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances. Use your discretion in this matter and do not discuss it with anyone. discreet, ADJ.

discriminating ADJ. able to see differences; prejudiced. A superb interpreter of Picasso, she was sufficiently discriminating to judge the most complex works of modern art. discrimination, N.

discursive ADJ. digressing; rambling. As the lecturer wandered from topic to topic, we wondered what if any point there was to his discursive remarks.

disdain V. view with scorn or contempt. In the film Funny Face, the bookish heroine disdained fashion models for their lack of intellectual interests. also N.

disembark V. go ashore; unload cargo from a ship. Before the passengers could disembark, they had to pick up their passports from the ship’s purser.

disenfranchise V. deprive of a civil right. The composition of the poll tax effectively disenfranchised poor Southern blacks, who lost their right to vote.

disengage V. uncouple; separate; disconnect. A standard movie routine involves the hero’s desperate attempt to disengage a railroad car from a moving train.

disfigure V. mar the appearance of; spoil. An ugly frown disfigured her normally pleasant face.

disgorge V. surrender something; eject; vomit. Unwilling to disgorge the cash he had stolen from the pension fund, the embezzler tried to run away.

disgruntle V. make discontented. The passengers were disgruntled by the numerous delays.
begin_Word_List_14 (derogativan-)
derogativan PR. izražavati nisko mišljenje. Vređaju me tvoje derogativne opaske.

descry GL. ugledati nešto. Jedva da smo mogli u daljini opaziti neprijateljska vozila.

desecrate GL. profanisati; narušiti svetost nečega. Razbijanjem oltara i gaženjem svetih objekata pod nogama, osvajači su profanisali svetilište.

*desiccate GL. isušiti. Obilaskom ove sušionice steći ćete ideju kako su pioniri konzervirali hranu sušenjem.

desolate PR. nenaseljen; pust; neveseo. Posle šest meseci u gužvama užurbane metropole, Dejvidu su se ljudi toliko smučili da je bio spreman da ode u najnenaseljenije parče divljine koje je mogao naći.

desolate GL. rastužiti; opustošiti;napustiti. Banditi su opustošili okolinu, pljačkajući farme i odnoseći žetvu.

despise GL. prezirati; smatrati nešto bezvrednim ili neukusnim. Gospodine Bond, ja prezirem muve; Gnušam se tih zlobnih, podlih ljudi bez časti, koje bih zbrisao sa lica zemlje bez imalo obzira, kao što bih sastrugao pseći izmet sa đona svoje cipele.

despoil GL. pljačkati; raznostiti; razrušiti. Ako ne popustiš, bojim se da će neprijatelj razrušiti okolinu.

despondent PR. depresivan; sumoran; utučen; snužden. Vilijam je naneo veliki bol svojim roditeljima postavši zabrinjavajuće snužden pošto ga je Jan ostavila.

despot IM. tiranin; surov, autorativan vladar. Kako je moguće da tako milosrdan kralj preko noći postane tiranin? despotizam IM.

destitute PR. veoma siromašan. Pošto nisu imali zdravstveno osiguranje, očeva skupa bolest je dovela porodicu do prosjačkog štapa.

*desultory PR. besciljan; haotičan; nepovezan; skretati naslepo. U zatvoru je Malkolm X postavio sebi zadatak da pročita rečnik od korice do korice; čitanje je za njega bilo smisleno, ne besciljno.

detached PR. emocijalno udaljen; otuđen; nepristrasan; izdvojen. Psihoanalitičar mora po svaku cenu zadržati nepristrasan stav i ostati neupleten u lični život pacijenata. Za dete koje odrasta u stanu ili u povezanim kućama, živeti u izdvojenoj kući bio je nedostižan san. otuđenost IM.

determinate PR. determinisan; nepromenljiv; tačno određen; fiksiran . Na kraljevskom venčanju, procesija plemstva se pridržava tačno određenog redosleda starešinstva.

determination IM. procena; mera ili kalkulacija; odluka. Ništa nije moglo da uzdrma njegovu odluku da mu deca dobiju najbolje moguće obrazovanje, bez obzira na cenu. Zahvaljujući mom vernom digitronu, za izračunavanje rešenja problema mi je trebalo svega nekoliko sekundi.

*deterrent IM. nešto što obeshrabruje; zastrašujuća sila; prepreka. Da li pretnja smrtne kazne služi kao prepreka za potencijalne ubice? isto PR.

detonation IM. detonacija;eksplozija. Detonacija bombe se mogla čuti miljama daleko.

detraction IM. kleveta; ogovaranje; omalovažavanje. Uvređen je tvojim čestim klevetama na račun njegovih sposobnosti kao vođe.

detrimental PR. štetan. Prihvatanje velikih novčanih priloga od poznatog rasiste se pokazalo kao veoma štetno za njegovu kampanju, jer je izgubio podršku svojih najstarijih pristalica. šteta IM.

deviate GL. skretati; zastranjivati; razilaziti. Ričard nikad nije skrenuo od svoje dnevne rutine; svakog dana polazi na posao u osam sati, ruča nešto što je poneo u podne i kreće kući tačno u pet.

devious PR. devijantan; pogrešan; zaobilazan; kompleksan. Džokerov plan je bio toliko zaobilazan da smo sa velikom teškoćom pratili njegova skretanja i vrdanja.

devise GL. smisliti; izmisliti; planirati. Kako pametan samo mora on biti kada je smislio tako komplikovan plan. Kakve je samo genijalne izume mogao izmisliti da se okrenuo nauci umesto kriminalu.

devoid PR. lišen. Mogao bi pomisliti da je Čerina glava sasvim prazna, ali ona zapravo nije potpuno lišena inteligencije. Ona samo zvuči kao dilea.

devolve GL. preći; pripasti; pasti na nekoga. Palo je na nas, preživele, da dogovorimo uslove mira sa neprijateljem.

devotee IM. odani sledbenik; zaljubljenik. Pošto je bila iskreni zaljubljenik u operu, svake godine je kupovala godišnju kartu.

devout PR. pobožan. Svakog dana molio se taj pobožni čovek.

dexterous PR. okretan; umešan; spretan. Mađioničar je bio toliko umešan da nismo mogli da pratimo njegove pokrete dok je izvodio trikove.

diabolical PR. đavolski. Kakav sam ja samo zlotvor, kad smislih tako đavolski plan za uništenje Gotam grada, likovao je Džoker.

diadem IM. dijadema; kruna. Kraljeva kruna je bila izložena u muzeju.

dialectical PR. dijalektički; koji se odnosi na veštinu govorništva; međusoban ili uzajaman; obostran. Njegovi studenti su postepeno razvili govorničku veštinu i veštinu rasuđivanja. Predavanje je, međutim, samo po sebi obostrano: predavač uči od svojih studenata najmanje onoliko, koliko oni uče od njega. dijalektika IM.

diaphanous PR. providan; transparentan. Jasno su videli provalnika kroz providnu zavesu.

*diatribe IM. oštra kritika; karanje; grdnja. Posle opširne kritike od strane njegovih protivnika, ostao je smiren i pod punom kontrolom.

*dichotomy IM. dihotomija; podvajanje; rascep; grananje u dva dela (međusobno suprotna). Vili nije zna kako da razreši rascep između ambicije da ide na koledž i svog sna iz detinjstva da pobegne i pridruži se cirkusu. A onda je čuo za Ringling Brother Circus koledž, i znao je da je pronašao svoju školu.

dictum IM. izreka; poslovica; navod. Fakultetska administracija se i dalje pridržava stare izreke, objavi 'il nestani. Nije im važno koliko si dobar predavač, ako ne objavljuješ dovoljno radova, gubiš posao.

didactic PR. didaktičan; koji podučava; poučan. Papina dugačka poema Esej o čoveku, je previše poučan za moj ukus: ne volim kada poete propovedaju. didaktika IM.

die IM. matrica za štampanje; modla; kalup. Prilikom kovanja novčića, radnici u staroj kovnici su pritiskali table omekšanog bakra izmedju dva kalupa.

*diffidense IM. sramežljivost; stidljivost. Moraš prevazići svoju stidljivost ako želiš da postaneš prodavač.

*diffuse PR. difuzan; rečit; brbljiv; raširiti se poput gasa. Ako plaćaš pisce po reči, izazivaš ih da proizvode previše rečite rukopise umesto sažetih. isto GL. ,difuzija IM.

*digresion IM. digresija; udaljiti se od teme. Niko se nije žalio kada predavanja profesora Renoara odlutaju od njihove oficijelne teme, njegove digresije su uvek bile zanimljivije od zadane teme. digresirati GL.

dilapidated PR. razoren usled nemara; ruiniran. Ruinirana stara zgrada je zahtevala mnogo više rada od samo krečenja.

dilate GL. dilatirati; širiti. U mraku se zenice tvoga oka šire.

dilatory PR. odlažući; onaj koji odugovlači. Tvoja taktika odugovlačenja će me na kraju primorati da raskinem ugovor.

dilemma IM. dilema; problem; izbor između dve alternative. U ovoj dilemi, nije znao kome da se obrati za savet.

dilettante IM. diletant; amater; besciljni ljubitelj umetnosti. Nije ozbiljno slikao, radije je bio diletant.

diligence IM. vrednoća; marljivost. Bili su veoma impresionirani njenom marljivošću, te su joj ponudili mesto partnera u firmi.

dilute GL. razrediti; razblažiti. Volela je svoju kafu razblaženu mlekom.

diminution IM. smanjivanje; opadanje; redukcija veličine. Stari Džek je bio bistar sa osamdeset isto kao i sa pedeset; sa godinama nije bilo nikakvog opadanja oštrine njegovog uma.

din IM. buka; larma. Buka hidrauličkih čekića ispred učionice, pokrila je glas predavača. isto GL.

dinghy IM. mali čamac (često brodski čamac). U filmu Čamac za spasavanje, nesložna grupa putnika prekookeanskog broda je bačena u more u malom čamcu.

dingy PR. mutan; prljav; tmuran. Pošto je odbijala da je smori njena tmurna garsonjera, Bi je provela vikend polirajući pod i prozore i kačeći svetle postere po zidovima.

dint IM. sredstvo; trud; napor. Posredstvom mnogo napornog rada, dobrovoljci su uspeli da šumski požar stave pod kontrolu.

diorama IM. diorama; prirodna veličina; trodimenzionalna scena iz prirode ili istorije. Zbog uzbudljivog postavljanja pravih punjenih životinja nasuprot realistično naslikanih pejzaža, diorame u muzeju nacionalne istorije naročito impresioniraju studente biologije.

dire PR. katastrofalan; porazan. Ljudi su ignorisali njena katastrofalna predviđanja nadolazeće depresije.

*dirge IM. pogrebna misa, pesma; u pravoslavaca parastos. Pogrebna misa nas je pokrenula do suza.

*disabuse GL. popraviti pogrešan utisak; razotkriti obmanu. Pokušaću da ispravim vaš pogrešan utisak o krivici mog klijenta; znam da je nevin.

disaffected PR. nelojalan; nenaklonjen; neprivržen. Nekad najlojalniji Bradlijev pristalica, Senator Mojnihan je postajao sve više nenaklonjen.

disapprobation IM. neodobravanje; osuda. Konzervativni oci su gledali na momka njegove ćerke sa neodobravanjem.

disarray IM. poremećenost; neuređeno ili neuredno stanje. Posle novogodišnje zabave, nekad sređena kuća je bila potpuno poremećena.

disavowal IM. odricanje; poricanje. U njegovo poricanje učešća u zaveri niko iz porote nije poverovao.

disband GL. rastvoriti; razići; rasturiti se. Šahovski klub se rasturio posle katastrofalne početne sezone.

disburse GL. isplatiti; trošiti. Kada trošiš novac na ime kompanije, obavezno uzmi račun.

discernible PR. uočljiv; opažljiv; razlučiv. Brodovi nisu bili uočljivi u magli.

*discerning PR. promućuran; mentalno brz; imati moć zapažanja. Iako nikakav genije, zvezda je bila dovoljno promućurna da razlikuje prave prijatelje od nebrojenih hvalisavaca i poltrona. promućurnost IM.

disclaim GL. odricati se; poricati prava na. Ako ti odobrim ovu privilegiju, hoćeš li se odreći svih ostalih prava.

disclose Gl. obelodaniti; otkriti. Iako su mu konkurenti nudili mito, odbio je da otkrije bilo kakve podatke o novom proizvodu njegove kompanije.

discombobulated PR. zbunjen; uznemiren. Igrač početnik je bio toliko uznemiren da je zalutao u pogrešnu scenu.

discomfit GL. poremetiti; uznemiriti; poraziti; pomesti. Ovo lukavstvo će pomesti neprijatelja.

disconcert GL. zbunjivati; uznemiravati; ometati. Advokat je bio uznemiren dokazima koje je izneo njegov protivnik.

disconsolate PR. neutešan; tužan. Smrt njegove žene ostavila ga je neutešnim.

discord IM. razdor; nesklad; konflikt; nesloga. Posmatrajući Tvidldama i Tvidldija, Alisa se pitala šta je razlog ovog besmislenog razdora.

*discordant PR. neharmoničan; neskladan; nesložan. Ništa nije tako neskladno kao zvuk orkestra osnovne škole kako se zagreva.

discount GL. zanemariti; ne uzeti u obzir. Budi spreman da zanemariš ono što on ima da kaže o svojoj bivšoj ženi.

discourse IM. diskurs; razgovor; beseda; izlaganje. Mladog Platona je privlačila Agora gde je mogao da sluša besede Sokrata i njegovih sledbenika. isto GL.

*discredit GL. diskreditovati; uništiti poverenje u. Kampanje je u svom tonu bila veoma negativna, svaki kandidat je pokušavao da diskredituje drugog.

*discrepancy IM. nedoslednost; nekonzistentnost; različitost. Policija je uočila neke nekonzistentnosti u njegovom opisu zločina i nije mu poverovala.

*discrete PR. diskretan; odvojen; nepovezan. Univerzum je sastavljen iz diskretnih čestica.

discretion IM. diskretnost; prilagođavanje akcija okolnostima. Upotrebite Vašu diskreciju u ovoj stvari i ne poveravajte se nikome.

discriminating PR. diskriminatorski; koji vidi razlike; koji ima predrasude. Izvanredni tumač Pikasa, bila je dovoljno diskriminativna da sudi o najkompleksnijim delima moderne umetnosti. diskriminacija IM.

discursive PR. digresivni; koji skreće sa teme. Dok je predavač skakao sa teme na temu, pitali smo se da li uopšte imaju smisla njegove digresivne opaske.

disdain GL. prezirati; gledati sa prezirom i osudom. U filmu Funny Face, heroina štreberka je prezirala manekene zbog nedostatka intelektualnih interesovanja. isto IM.

disembark GL. iskrcati se; istovariti. Pre nego se iskrcaju, putnici su morali da podignu svoje pasoše iz brodskog sefa.

disenfranchise GL. lišiti civilnih prava; ukinuti franšizu. Kompozicija glasačkog poreza je efektivno ukinula franšizu jadnim crncima, koji su izgubili pravo da glasaju.

disengage GL. rastaviti; odvojiti; razdvojiti. Standardni filmski zaplet pretpostavlja očajničke pokušaje heroja da razdvoji vagon od voza u pokretu.

disfigure GL. unakaziti; izobličiti; deformisati. Njeno inače prijatno lice se izobličilo pošto se namrštila.

disgorge GL. povratiti; predati nešto; izbaciti; bljuvati. Pošto nisu bili voljni da povrate novac koji su ukrali iz penzionog fonda, proneveritelji su pokušali da pobegnu.

disgruntle GL. iritirati; činiti nezadovoljnim. Putnici su bili iritirani brojnim odlaganjima.


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