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Dept of environmental science 2013 publications, reports, conferences

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Blore, M.L., Cundill, G. & Mkhulisi, M. 2013. Towards measuring the transaction costs of co-management in Mkambati Nature Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Journal of Environmental Management, 129: 444-455.
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Gladman Thondhlana and Edwin Muchapondwa. 2013. Environmental resources dependence and household welfare in the Kalahari drylands of South Africa. CEEPA Discussion Paper No. 56.

Abu-Basutu, K., Swallow, B. & Shackleton, C.M. 2013. Impacts of climate fluctuation and HIV / AIDS on individual and household consumption of wild foods, dietary intake, and food security in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. (Paper). Intn conference on "Linking Agriculture, Food & Nutrition Security & Health", 6-8 Feb, Saskatoon (Canada).
Cundill, G. 2013. Pursuing co-management as a resolution to land claims on protected areas in the Eastern Cape: Experiences and future directions. Thicket Forum. September.
Cundill, G. 2013. Social learning for resilience: toward a deeper understanding of the synergies. Presentation at the Resilience Alliance Science Meeting, Didima Camp, South Africa. 8-12 April.
Hamer, N. 2013. From knowledge sharing to community understanding: the use of Theatre for Development to share scientific knowledge in rural communities.Southern African Climate Change Adaptation Colloquium, 25-26 November, Cape Town.
Kannan, R., Shackleton, C.M., Uma Shaanker, R. 2013. Local adaptation and livelihood: combating plant invasion by traditional basket-weaving communities in the Western Ghats, India. Annual conf. of the Society of Ethnobiology, 15–18 May, Denton (USA).
Kruger, R. 2013.The social and ecological opportunities and trade-offs of deproclamation as an outcome of land claims on protected areas. Thicket Forum. September.
Kruger, R. 2013. The politics of storytelling: Lessons from a land claim on a protected area. 31 August. Literature & Ecology Forum, ELRC, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

Kruger, R. 2013. Deproclamation: An alternative to co-management in land claims on protected areas? Symposium on “Contemporary conservation practice”, 4-8 Nov, Howick (South Africa).

Shackleton, C.M. 2013. Inequalities in urban forestry and greening in the Eastern Cape. Institute for Environmental & Recreation Management Annual Convention “Leadership in Parks and Recreation: charting the way forward for vibrant sustainable communities”, 11-13 Nov, Stellenbosch (South Africa).
Shackleton, C.M. & Shackleton, S.E. 2013. Land and landscapes sustaining people: the importance of ecosystem services.  Land Divided: land and South African society in 2013 in comparative perspective, 24-27 Mar, Cape Town (South Africa).
Cundill, G, Shackleton, S.E. 2013. Building partnerships through social learning: findings from an action research project in rural South Africa on vulnerability and adaptation to multiple stressors. WG 12: Partnership for rural sustainable development in the era of Anthropocene, The Nordic Social Sciences (NESS) Conference, 11-13 June, Copenhagen.
Shackleton, S.E., Luckert, M., Cundill, G., Cobban, L., Clarke, C., Shackleton, R. and Ndlovu, P. 2013. Barriers, traps and transformation in the rural Eastern Cape. International Conference of Transformation and Climate Change. University of Norway, Olso, Norway, 17 - 21 June.
Shackleton, S. E. 2013. Exploring the links between biodiversity and human vulnerability in a changing world: perspectives from southern Africa. Keynote address 12. Biodiversity Southern Africa, Cape Town. University of Cape Town, Cape Town, 2-6 December 2013.
Shackleton S. 2013. (Panel organiser): Enablers of and barriers to adaptation in South African municipalities. Southern African Climate Change Adaptation Colloquium, 25-26 November, Cape Town.  
Shackleton. S. 2013. Are rural communities in the Eastern Cape trapped and unable to respond to future change and vulnerabilities? SAPECS Colloquium “Frontiers of social-ecological research”, 15-16 April, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town.
Shackleton. S. 2013. An exploration of the factors that affect local people’s ability to respond to multiple stressors in the rural communal areas of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Southern African Climate Change Adaptation Colloquium, 25-26 November, Cape Town.
Thondhlana, G., Cundill, G.,Sisitka, L and Shackleton, S. 2013. Land claims and collective management toward improved livelihoods in South Africa. Land divided: land and South African society in 2013, in comparative perspective. University of Cape Town, 24- 27 March.
Thondhlana, G. 2013. Dependence on environmental resources and household welfare:

evidence from the Kalahari Drylands, South Africa. Centre for Economic and Environmental Policy in Africa - CEEPA's 13th Research and Training Workshop, 2-6 February, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Thondhlana, G. 2013. Whose reality counts? Understanding shifting meanings of benefits for people in the Thicket Biome. Thicket Forum. September.
Thondhlana, G. 2013. Land acquisitions for biofuel production in Chisumbanje communal lands of Zimbabwe: Conflict between national and local interests. Connections and Flows: Water, Energy and Digital Information in the Global South. 10-21 June. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Gambiza, J., Fabricius, C. & Shackleton, C.M. 2013. A review of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) and Small Island States (SIDS) Portfolio Project (Africa Region): lessons for improving future effectiveness of sustainable land management (SLM) projects in rehabilitating ecosystems and improving resilience. UNDP. 32 pp.
L.Yanta, N. Donyeli, S.Yafele, P. Seti, S. Mlumkisi, S. Mtwa, N. Holoholo, A. Sutherland, P. Nqelenga, N. Hamer, M. Ntshudu, G. Cundill, S. Shackleton, C. Shackleton, M. Luckert. 2013. Vukani drama (Awaken), available as production, Xhosa/English script and DVD, August 2013, Grahamstown. 
M. Wilby, L.Yanta, N. Donyeli, S.Yafele, P. Seti, S. Mlumkisi, S. Mtwa, N. Holoholo, A. Sutherland, P. Nqelenga, N. Hamer, M. Ntshudu, G. Cundill, S. Shackleton,  M. Luckert. 2013. JPS project documentary DVD, November 2013, Grahamstown. 

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