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Denis Cambruzzi President Cambruzzi Marketing Inc. Biography

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Denis Cambruzzi


Cambruzzi Marketing Inc.
Mr. Cambruzzi has more than 28 years of experience in market research and business media in the entertainment category. He launched Cambruzzi Marketing in 1992 to provide world-class sales and marketing and media services to business media and their clients. He has launched, published, repositioned and marketed, market research companies, business-to-business media companies, web sites, magazines and conferences. At Adams Media Research he has successfully repositioned the company from a report driven business to a re-occurring market research data/report subscription service. Adams was acquired by Screen Digest Ltd.. At The New York Times Company Baseline StudioSystems he was responsible for creating the scalable ad business model. At Hanley Wood he was a key component to the launch of multi media platform Architect. At Advanstar he grew sales from $1.8mil to more than $5.0 mil. for multi-platform Home Media Entertainment.
Cambruzzi Marketing provides sales and marketing solutions for business-to-business media companies in the areas of market research, advertising, sponsorship, custom publishing and new business development. Its clients include The New York Times Company Baseline/Studio Systems, Adams Media Research Inc, Screen Digest Ltd., Nielsen Business Media, Advanstar Communications, Questex Media, Hanley Wood LLC.
The key to Denis’s success is a combination of intense work ethic and intensely ethical work. He sells and markets what he believes in, and brings to each client a close partnership designed to provide solutions. He provides world-class customer service to existing customers, and the discipline to develop new, profitable business.
Denis specializes in developing new and creative consultative plans for his clients’ customers, complete with sample executions. And as a result, he dominates his competition in terms of market share and yield.
Selected Major Clients

  • Time Warner Inc.

  • Walt Disney Company

  • Sony

  • Paramount Pictures

  • Twentieth Century Fox Pictures

  • NBC Universal Studios

  • DreamWorks SKG

  • Intel

  • Apple

  • Redbox

  • Microsoft

  • Netflix

  • BMO Capital

  • Earnst and Young

  • DivX

  • LionsGate

  • DGA


  • Televisa

Select Career Highlights
1992 to present

Cambruzzi Marketing


  • Vice President and Senior Analyst Screen Digest Inc/Adams Media Research

  • Market research analyst, consultant and sales and marketing

  • Created and launched Adams Media Research Total Access Research Service including annual fees for ongoing business

  • Created and implemented the ad sales business plan for the New York Times’ Baseline StudioSystems

  • Participated in launch of ARCHITECT and DIGITAL HOME for Hanley Wood LLC

  • Develop custom media projects for The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and Nielsen Business Media e-media properties

  • Business development for Adams Media Research, Inc.

  • Created and executed business plan for the reposition of Video Store Magazine from a monthly to a weekly tabloid

  • Launched emedia for home entertainment

  • Developed creative digital solutions and multi platform packages

  • Managed and grew major studio account territory from $900,000 to more than $4.8 million in annual revenues

  • Grew average yields from $2,500 to $9,800

  • Created and launched launch Video Store’s VSDA Convention Television

  • Created new revenue streams via web, supplements and event advertising

  • Senior Adviser to GRID Media LLC, a publication management company

  • Investor in the launch of two newsletters/news services for streaming media and post-theatrical filmed entertainment

1988 to 1991

Executive Vice President, Principal and Publisher

VSD Publications, Inc.

  • Repositioned Video Software Magazine, growing revenues from $1 million to $3.5 million

  • Acquired Animation Magazine

  • Won 3 Maggie Awards (Most Improved Publication, Best Entertainment Trade Magazine, two times)

  • Full P&L and cashflow responsibility, negotiated with banks, accountants, vendors and attorneys

  • Sold VSD Publications to Reed Business Information



Video Store Magazine

  • Grew the magazine from $280,000 to $4 million in annual revenues

  • Launched Entertainment Merchandising magazine

  • Launched VSTV-News, A convention television video daily


National Sales Manager

Spa & Sauna magazine
Personal Notes
Proud father, avid mountain biker, former professional motocross racer and active in charitable work with the Children’s Hope Chest and Partners Relief.
Professional references upon request.

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