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Denholm cemetery (Monumental Inscriptions)

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DENHOLM CEMETERY (Monumental Inscriptions)

(Compiled by John G Douglas, Randlea, DENHOLM in July 2006 and

updated July 2007)


1 Sacred to the memory of ISABELLA BROWN widow of JOHN McBURNIE who died at Denholm 4.5.1895 aged 89 years.

2 Large Celtic Cross: In memory of WILLIAM SANDERSON who died 1.8.1931 aged 89 also his wife MARGARET FRASER who died 15.4.1919 aged 77 their eldest son JOHN SANDERSON who died at Joppa 7.10.1954 aged 79 their daughter ELSIE GRANT SANDERSON who died at Joppa 16.7.1963 aged 84.
3 In loving memory of FLORENCE youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs FRED HARGREAVES who died from accident at Denholm 5.11.1920 aged 11 years.
4 Ornately designed stone: In loving memory of DAVID L. SCOTT Swiss Villa who died 10.1.1924 aged 75 years also his wife ISABELLA OLIVER who died 27.3.1933 aged 81 years WILLIAM OLIVER Builder who died 9.6.1923 aged 86 years.
5 Erected by her niece in loving memory of HELEN G. H. PRESSLY faithful nurse for 38 years in the family of Mr & Mrs GREENSHIELDS LEADBETTER Spital Tower died 21.11.1929 aged 75 years.
6 In loving memory of SCOTT ELLIOT Joiner who died at Westgate Cottage Denholm on 7.10.1936 in his 78th year also his wife MARGARET ELLIOT who died 15.8.1941 in her 72nd year also their daughter ESTHER ELLIOT who died 10.11.1980 in her 82nd year.
7 In memory of PETER SINTON WIGHT Farmer, Denholmhall who died 21.3.1927 in his 77th year also his wife JESSIE ELLEN DAVIDSON who died at Campfield 5.3.1933 aged 71 years and WILLIAM their son who died at Maxton 22.4.1898 aged 9 months also their son WALTER who died 19.4.1953.
8 Broken: Dr ALAN JAMES KILGOUR who died at Fernbank, Denholm 5.2.1927 aged 27 years.
9 Flat: Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH PRATT born 25.9.1862 died 14.7.1924 and his wife LAURA HINDLE who died 15.10.1944.
10 In memory of WILLIAM OLIVER Engineer & Millwright who died 24.11.1956 aged 87 and his wife MARY JANE BLAIR who died 8.9.1923 aged 53 also their daughter ELSIE who died 15.6.1981 aged 86.
11 In loving memory of JOHN SMITH, M.A. Minister of Denholm United Free Church for 36 years born 14.8.1859 died at the Manse 24.10.1928 also AGNES HUME his wife born 3.1.1870 died at Broomieknowe 21.8.1952 and their daughter AGNES T. N. SMITH, M.A. born 17.9.1902 died 18.1.1986.
12 ISABEL MARY BARR widow of HENRY CLARKE HULLAND who died at Denholm 26.11.1926.
13 Lying flat: In loving memory of MARGARET SCOTT beloved wife of CHARLES LITTLE who died 7.11.1921 aged 78 years also the above CHARLES LITTLE who died at Denholm 18.12.1950 aged 89 years.
14 In loving memory of HELEN BEATTIE Thorncroft Denholm who died 9.10.1946 ANDREW DOTT BEATTIE her brother who died 17.10.1948 CHRISTINA BEATTIE her sister who died 15.3.1952 and CATHERINE FANNY BEATTIE her sister who died 26.9.1953.
15 In loving memory of MIMA RAMAGE beloved daughter of JOHN & ELIZABETH RAMAGE who died at Denholm 8.8.1919 aged 28 years also the above JOHN RAMAGE who died 23.11.1928 aged 85 years also the above ELIZABETH RAMAGE who died 4.12.1932 aged 80 years.
16 In memory of ANDREW HADDON Lieut.Col. V. D., O. B. E. (Mily) for 36 years tenant of Honeyburn born at Honeyburn 1.5.1863 and died there 3.12.1936 and beloved wife MAY LAING BROWN 2.6.1864 - 28.12.1954 also their son ANDREW HADDON, O.B.E., M.A., LI.B. Farmer & Lawyer of Honeyburn 21.2.1904 - 26.6.1993 and his beloved wife DOROTHY BLANCHE HALL 28.8.1910 – 4.8.2002.

  1. Tomb and rails: Sacred to the memory of GEORGE SOMERVILLE born 1.7.1841 died 10.8.1898. Sacred to the memory of EUPHEMIA ECKFORD widow of GEORGE SOMERVILLE born 24.8.1840 died 29.8.1928.

18 Broken - In loving memory of ANDREW BEATTIE who died at Denholm

11.6.1899 aged 65 years.
19 In memory of JOHN BARRIE Farmer who died at Thornbank Denholm

30.12.1906 aged 82 years also THOMAS BARRIE Farmer who died at Thornbank

21.8.1908 aged 86 years and WALTER BARRIE Baker who died in London 1849

aged 31 years and is buried in Brompton Cemetery

20 In loving memory of ARCHIBALD PHAUP Farmer who died at Dykes on 6.7.1919 aged 76 years also his wife JANET GRIEVE who died 5.8.1930 in her 77th year also their daughters MARGARET who died 21.1.1943 and JANET who died 3.12.1978.
21 In loving memory of MARGARET ROBSON wife of ROBERT AMOS who died at The Hollys 22.4.1897 aged 78 years also the above ROBERT AMOS who died 26.9.1900 aged 88 years also their daughter ELIZABETH who died 12.6.1935 aged 80 years.
22 Broken urn: Sacred to the memory of BARBARA MURRAY beloved wife of WILLIAM TAYLOR Farmer who died at Ashybank 22.6.1911 aged 62 years also the above WILLIAM TAYLOR who died at Ashybank 25.4.1916 aged 68 years also their son Pte.GEORGE B.TAYLOR 25th R.F. killed in action at Mahiwa, British East Africa 18.10.1917 aged 29 years also their daughter CHRISTIAN R. TAYLOR who died 10.5.1926 aged 41 years, WILLIAM TAYLOR died 13.12.1954 aged 70 years, JAMES MURRAY TAYLOR died 10.1.1955 aged 80 years, ISABELLA MURRAY TAYLOR died 20.1.1955 in her 75th year, ELIZA LITSTER TAYLOR died 11.1.1958 in her 77th year, ROBERT TAYLOR died 3.4.1959 in his 82nd year.
23 Stone with inset cross: Dr ROBERT M. BROWN died 15.10.1914 aged 51 years and ELIZABETH JANE AYTON his wife died at Kippax Leeds 6.10.1950 aged 82 years.

Attached smaller heart shaped stone: NEILL A. BROWN born 30.10.1902 died 8.4.1903.
24 Granite cross: In memory of LYDIA VEITCH who died at Denholm 16.1.1922 wife of FRANK NICHOLSON and daughter of the late WILLIAM VEITCH Engineer, Paradise Vale Jedburgh.
25 Grey granite: In loving memory of THOMAS FAIRBAIRN died at Baittens, Jedburgh 8.8.1939 aged 71 years and his wife AGNES NEIL died at Carnessie, Ancrum 7.11.1958 aged 78 years also their infant daughter died Oct 1909.
26 In loving memory of our mother MARY REDPATH widow of JAMES DODDS who died at Denholm 5.4.1916 aged 75 years also their son GEORGE who died at Calgary, Canada 13.7.1928 aged 56 years and ANNE sister of the above MARY REDPATH who died at Denholm 1.3.1926 in her 96th year.
27 In loving memory of MARGARET HENRY wife of JOHN MILLER who died 26.8.1912 in her 76th year also the above JOHN MILLER who died 15.5.1919 in his 86th year and their son JAMES H. MILLER who died at Keilder 5.4.1917 aged 56 years ANN born 1872 died 1930 THOMAS born 1862 died 1945 ELIZABETH born 1879 died 1955 AGNES born 1877 died 1957.
28 Celtic cross: In loving memory of MARGARET B. MILLER wife of ROBERT HENDERSON who died 21.12.1910 also ROBERT HENDERSON who died 30.6.1923 and their son THOMAS H. M. HENDERSON who died 15.2.1931.
29 Large stone with urn: In loving memory of ROBERT STEIN Designer late of Wakefield beloved husband of MAGGIE ARMSTRONG who died at Rubersvale 22.6.1915 aged 62 years also the above MAGGIE ARMSTRONG who died at Edinburgh 5.8.1946 aged 89 years.
30 In loving memory of JESSIE SCOTT wife of the late WILLIAM MACDONALD died 10.11.1927 aged 86 also JESSIE WILSON daughter aged 14 months also MARGARET SCOTT daughter died 26.1.1931 aged 56 also ALEXANDER FRASER son died 27.12.1940 aged 73.
31 In loving memory of CATHERINE THALLON beloved wife of WILLIAM HEATLY who died at Burnside Cottage 17.6.1917 aged 84 years also the above WILLIAM HEATLY who died at Denholm 11.4.1926 in his 87th year.
32 In loving memory of our dear son WILLIAM ARMSTRONG who died at Eastcote on 14.4.1917 aged 16 years also THOMAS ARMSTRONG who died at 24 Ettrick Terrace Hawick on 30.12.1954 aged 85 years and his wife JESSIE BLACK who died at 24 Ettrick Terrace on 27.7.1955 aged 84 years.
33 In memory of MARY STUART beloved wife of THOMAS SCOTT who died at Newmill, Jedburgh 7.1.1923 aged 72 years also the above THOMAS WILSON SCOTT who died at Newmill, Jedburgh 5.3.1924 aged 71 years MARGARET OLIVER SCOTT their eldest daughter who died at Newmill 22.1.1938
34 In loving memory of WILLIAM BORTHWICK who died at Spittal-on-Rule 5.5.1917 aged 83 years also BARBARA LITTLE his wife who died at Linthill Lodge 28.11.1918 aged 78 years.
35 Grey/black granite urn: In loving memory of JANE McKENZIE wife of JOHN BORTHWICK who died at Gilliestongues 22.3.1928 aged 60 years also the above JOHN BORTHWICK who died at Braidhaugh Cottage 14.1.1940 aged 79 years.
36 Flat stone: In loving memory of my mother JANE MABEN died 26.1.1918.

  1. Black marble: In loving memory of GEORGE CAIRNS Timber Merchant who died 27.2.1915 aged 74 years also his wife CHRISTINA MURRAY who died 24.7.1929 in her 80th year.

38 In loving memory of ISABELLA CHRISTOPHER BORTHWICK wife of WILLIAM PARK Shepherd who died at Auchope Yetholm 9.3.1956 aged 72 years also the above WILLIAM PARK who died at Morebattle Mains 10.6.1951 aged 86 years also their son WILLIAM S. PARK died 24.4.1987 aged 84 years.

39 Red Granite: Sacred to the memory of JAMES ROBSON who died at Denholm 29.9.1923 in his 71st year also his wife JANET OLIVER who died 25.11.1932 in her 81st year also their eldest daughter MARY who died 16.11.1957 in her 71st year.
40 Sacred to the memory of EMILY wife of WILLIAM MURRAY who died 12.5.1924 also the above WILLIAM MURRAY who died 29.10.1960.
41 Grey stone with clasped hands: In memory of BARBARA BORTHWICK dearly beloved wife of ANDREW DAVIDSON who died at Fernieherst Mill 12.4.1929 aged 55 years.
42 In loving memory of MARGARET TURNBULL beloved wife of WILLIAM RUTHERFORD Cogsmill who died 4.3.1925 aged 74 years also the above WILLIAM RUTHERFORD who died at Cogsmill 30.1.1937 aged 87 years also MARGARET L.MURRAY wife of WILLIAM J.RUTHERFORD who died at Old Melrose 28.7.1962 aged 71 years also the above WILLIAM J.RUTHERFORD who died at Old Melrose 18.2.1976 aged 84 years.
43 Sacred to the memory of MARY LITTLE beloved wife of ANDREW TAYLOR who died at Denholm Mill 11.8.1927 aged 48 years the above ANDREW TAYLOR died at Swinside Townhead 30.12.1961 aged 83 years.
44 Small chunky horseshoe: PATRICK DONALD GRAY only beloved son of JOHN & ISABELLA GRAY who died at Lanton 16.8.1927 as the result of an accident aged 13 years also JOHN GRAY the above died 20.5.1949 aged 66 years and ISABELLA DONALD his wife died 31.3.1948 aged 63 years.

  1. In loving memory of THOMAS RAMAGE who died 5.5.1946 aged 56 years also

his wife JESSIE M. RAMAGE born 4.9.1889 died 27.4.1950 also their

daughter ELIZABETH ELLIOT who died 6.3.1962 aged 31 years.

Small flat stone in front: In loving memory of JOHN ELLIOT RAMAGE born 9.6.1922 died 18.6.1993.
46 Grey/black granite with urn: In loving memory of LIZZIE beloved wife of GEORGE MURRAY who died at Newcastleton 17.2.1930 aged 56 years also the above GEORGE MURRAY who died 25.4.1959 aged 80 years.
47 In loving memory of ISABELLA LITTLE died at Melrose 19.1.1931 aged 69 years.
48 In loving memory of MARY COWAN beloved wife of JAMES HOULISTON died at Denholm Lodge 5.2.1936 aged 36 years also the above JAMES HOULISTON died at Western General Hospital, Edinburgh 9.11.1959 aged 59 years.
49 In loving memory of JOSEPH THOMPSON LAING late Farmer Butchercote died at Highchester Mill 30.3.1937 aged 79 years also his wife HELEN HALL died at Highchester Mill 15.9.1936 aged 79 years.
50 In loving memory of WILLIAM WATERS died at The Cottage Denholm 4.12.1937 aged 84 years also his wife CATHERINE CARRUTHERS who died 20.1.1948 in her 87th year also JAMES their son reported missing 12.7.1915 aged 26 years also their daughter MARY CARRUTHERS died in infancy.
51 In loving memory of ANDREW SUDDON who died at Blawearie 24.12.1937 aged 68 years also his wife MARY HEATLEY who died at Barries Cottage Denholm 20.8.1948 aged 76 years.
52 JOHN McGILCHRIST, M.A.(Edin) born 16.1.1881 died 28.11.1938 Grandson of the late JOHN TURNBULL (Spittal-on-Rule).
53 Square pink granite: THOMAS PRETSELL, M.B. C.M.(Edin) died 7.11.1939 aged 71years.
54 In loving memory of THOMAS KEDDIE WOOD died 8.12.1944 aged 65 years and his wife ELIZABETH HELEN FOX died 31.3.1957 aged 81 years.
55 Large capital C: In loving memory of WILLIAM COLLINS husband of SARAH CAIRNS who died 9.4.1945 aged 36 years also their 2 daughters who died in infancy.
56 In loving memory of JANET FORBES McGILL died 12.8.1995 a dearly loved mother and beloved wife of JAMES FERGUSON died 22.2.1998 a dear father.

  1. In loving memory of EDWARD SCOTT died 17.7.1970 aged 59 years also his

wife ELIZABETH JANE RICHARDSON died 20.12.1989 aged 81 years.
58 In loving memory of MARK EDWARD ARNOTT born & died 29.6.2004 much loved baby son of Angela & Graeme dearly loved by all the family.

  1. Broken slabs-pieces: In loving memory of ELIZABETH BERNARD

ROBERTSON died 29.5.1954 aged 68 years.

60 In loving memory of IAN C MacTAGGART Deanburn who died 13.12.1965 and his late wife JESSIE S. BORLAND who died 7.10.1974.

61 In loving memory of ROBERT MacSORLEY died 30.10.1965 aged 78 years and his wife MINNIE FUNSTON died 24.9.1966 aged 75 years. Erected by their son KENNETH.
62 In loving memory of RONALD HENDERSON died 15.7.1971 dear husband of

ELSIE TOPPING died 24.6.2003.

63 Set Back: In loving memory of WALTER GRIEVE CHISHOLM died 28.8.1982 aged 78 years also his wife ELSIE PEARSON died 31.12.1992 aged 88 years.
64 Set Back: In loving memory of MONICA G. PURVES born 18.10.1927 darling

wife and soulmate of ARCHIE went to heaven on 30.11.2003.

64(a) Set Back: In memory of THOMAS WEIR CAMPBELL W.S. “Tom”

14.09.34 - 08.01.07 Dearly loved and loving husband of AUDREY.

65 In loving memory of JOHN SCOTT ELLIOT who died 2.1.1965 aged 69 years and his wife ELMA GIBSON who died 2.3.1975 aged 74 years.
66 In loving memory of ADAM WAUGH MILLAR who died 21.9.1964 and his wife MARY ALBERTA TAIT who died 18.10.1956.
67 In loving memory of AGNES WYLIE MILLS beloved wife of DAVID W. DICKMAN who died 14.10.1956 aged 81 years also the above DAVID W. DICKMAN, J.P. who died 21.11.1959 aged 84 years.
68 In loving memory of AGNES TURNBULL beloved wife of ROBERT ARMSTRONG Eastcote who died 1.8.1952 aged 66 years also the above ROBERT ARMSTRONG who died 16.9.1963 aged 82 years.
69 Small stone: In memory of JOHN LAW, B.Sc. Schoolmaster, Denholm born 19.7.1906 died 19.1.1959 and his wife MARGARET JANET ROBERTSON M.A. born 7.11.1907 died 23.9.1976.
70 In loving memory of our dear mother MARGARET OLIVER YOUNG who died 24.11.1943 in her 76th year also our father DAVID YOUNG who died 7.11.1928 in his 64th year and their Grandson DAVID 1934 – 2002.
71 In memory of my dear father ROBERT TOFTS who died at Hawick 10.11.1923 aged 86 years also my dear mother GEORGINA LEITHEAD who died at Appletreehall 14.7.1929 aged 90 years.
72 Wood surround on stone: In loving memory of WILLIAM KERR SMITH who died at Jones Sawmills 9.3.1923 aged 73 years also his wife CATHERINE LAW who died at Stonehaven 11.3.1953 aged 89 years also their daughters JESSIE died 9.11.1918 aged 26 years and CATHERINE died 6.2.1896 aged 6 months.
73 Black marble – Headed “ MITCHELL” In loving memory of ISA died 1950 her husband JOHN died 1951 and their daughters LIZZIE died 1918, MARY died 1964, ANNIE died 2002 in her 95th year dear mum of SYBIL and JANICE.
74 In loving memory of BETSY WYLIE beloved wife of EDWARD B. LAUDER who died at Millheugh Jedburgh 19.4.1952 aged 63 years also the above EDWARD B. LAUDER who died at Palace Cottages 25.12.1973 aged 84 years also ALEXANDER who died in infancy.
75 In memory of WILLIAM FERGUSON late of Juniper Green beloved husband of ELIZA LOW who died at Denholm on 10.1.1918 aged 77 years also his wife ELIZA LOW who died 29.3.1939 aged 95 years.
76 In loving memory of ANDREW TELFER late of Falstone North Tyne beloved husband of MARGARET SISTERSON who died at Rubersvale Denholm on 4.11.1917 aged 75 years also the above MARGARET SISTERSON who died at Rubersvale Denholm on 26.10.1929 aged 77 years.
77 In loving memory of Pte. WILLIAM LAW 3rd Gordons died in the City Hospital Aberdeen 29.5.1915 aged 25 years also Lce. Sergt. JAMES LAW 8th Black Watch killed in action at Loos 25.9.1915 aged 23 years erected by their mother and sister.
78 In loving memory of JAMES eldest son of WILLIAM & MARY SMITH who died at Police Station Denholm 29.12.1914 aged 14 years also the above WILLIAM SMITH who died at Staerough View, Kirk Yetholm 21.9.1934 in his 57th year and his wife MARY SUTHERLAND TAIT who died 12.2.1942 aged 64 years.
79 In memory of HELEN GEORGINA TURNBULL wife of THOMAS TURNBULL who died at Royal Infirmary Edinburgh 7.11.1912 aged 35 years also their daughters GEORGINA who died at Lees Hawick 12.5.1913 aged 13 years HELEN HALL who died at Wells 9.4.1916 aged 12 years.
80 In loving and unfading remembrance of ROBERT YOUNG Farmer who departed this life at Thornielaw, St Boswells on 22.11.1902 also his sisters JANET who died 5.4.1921 and ALISON who died 5.12.1921.
81 In loving memory of JOHN ROUTLEDGE Farmer who died at Spittal Tower 30.3.1892 aged 68 years also ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG his wife who died at Longtown 28.2.1908 aged 86 years.
82 In loving memory of ISABELLA YOUNG wife of JOHN RIDDELL who died at Rubersvale, Denholm on 13.10.1909 aged 65 years also the above JOHN RIDDELL who died on 17.7.1916 aged 70 years.
83 In loving memory of FRANK beloved son of CHARLES and CATHERINE RENWICK who died at Denholm 25.4.1910 aged 27 years also CHARLES aged 7 years who was interred in Legerwood Churchyard also the above CATHERINE HOGARTH RENWICK who died 1.3.1913 aged 67 years also the above CHARLES RENWICK who passed away at Lindean on 22.10.1923 aged 78 years also AGNES HARDIE RENWICK daughter of the above who resided at Lindean died 15.5.1953 aged 85 years.
84 In loving remembrance of JOHN BARRIE Farmer, South Berryfell who died 23.12.1907 aged 59 years and his wife MARGARET LILLICO BARRIE who died 26.8.1926 aged 78 years also CHRISTINA daughter of the above who died at South Berryfell 18.8.1907 aged 35 years also 2nd Lt. WALTER BARRIE 3rd Batt. K.O.S.B. their son killed in action at Messines 7.6.1917 aged 37 years interred in Irish House Cemetery, Kemmel, France also their daughters HELEN TURNBULL who died 4.6.1966 aged 90 years MARGARET ANN HALL who died 17.8.1972 aged 90 years.

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