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December 7, 2015 Please include with your

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December 7, 2015

Please include with your

Notices. Thanks,

Joe Johnson

On Saturday, December 5, 35 members of our school Art Club and 2 of our former students who attend Central High School visited Countryside Manor Health Care Center in Bristol. They arrived at 8:00 AM and worked until 1:30 PM spreading holiday cheer and good will throughout the facility. Fifty windows were painted with festive scenes in the dining room, recreation room and the A Wing. Their creative ideas and brilliant colors transformed each room into a winter wonderland. Students also sang carols as they walked throughout the facility and hand delivered holiday greeting cards to all the patients, residents, and workers at the center. They treated each individual they encountered with dignity, respect and compassion. It was a deeply moving and rewarding experience for everyone involved and will be long remembered. The entire staff and everyone at Countryside Manor were very appreciative and especially impressed with the behavior of our students.
We would like to thank the entire Art Club for an outstanding effort creating over 190 greeting cards, including cards in 14 different languages, and for making this event possible. Thank you to Mr. Cullison, Mrs. Maria Johnson, Ms. Laura Johnson, Mrs. Narvesen, Mrs., Ortiz, Mr. Ross, Mrs. Santana, and Mr. Sloate for their tremendous help and support and to all the parents who took the time to transport their child to this event. A special thank you to each of the students who donated their time on a busy Saturday to participate, for their outstanding window paintings, and most of all, for their Acts of Kindness. They represented Greene-Hills School proudly. They are:

Jadyn Bauer Emily Levesque

Andrew Beaucar Lexi Michaud

Matthew Beaucar Sierra Narvesen

Nathan Bentivengo Nicole Novosalski

Mandy Besaw Erica O’Connor

Yarimet Calixto Morgan Patnode

Danielle Carey Morgyn Perkins

Crystal Cleveland Samantha Plourd

Taylor Colvin Gabby Poniat

Camille Cullison Natalia Popielarz

Ryan Cunningham Stephanie Poulin

Madison Dube Jomar Rodriguez

Katy Hammell Jamie Santana

Liz Hintz Madison Secor

Kiara Jacobs Emely Sosa

Martina Jagielski Lauren Warner

Georgia Labutis Jasmine Weeks

*Central High School Students: Jada Lollar, Marina Lollar

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