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Dauphin makes seating a matter for the boss

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Dauphin: FairPlay for the boss


Elegant, beautiful and top ergonomic functions: these are the unmistakable features of the new FairPlay family of executive chairs from Dauphin.

You could call the new range of FairPlay chairs for top management classics with a touch of futurism or as “tame cubism”. Naturally, Dauphin remains true to its principle of ergonomic seating in this series too: the chair manufacturers from Franconia don't refuse the bosses of this world the right to healthy seating.

This was not always so for executive chairs, on the contrary. The representation factor was clearly the only thing that mattered. With Dauphin's FairPlay, on the other hand, wellness and lifestyle are also taken into account without ignoring an elegant appearance.
However, the people who pull the strings behind big business only had themselves to blame that chair manufacturers were left out on a limb from an ergonomic point of view. Instead of paying more attention to healthy seating – a request they were happy to meet for their employees, even demanding it in some cases in co-operation with occupational physicians – their wishlists when it came to chairs were dominated by criteria such as elegance and leather, wood wherever possible and representative dimensions with an almost immovable opulence.
Word has now got around that even top managers often spend longer on their chairs than they would like to and that they are just as susceptible to spinal damage as their employees. Reason enough for Dauphin to provide the new, classically beautiful FairPlay with mechanisms demanded by the variety of functions in ergonomics.
These include seat height, seat tilt and seat depth adjustment with a sliding seat as well as height and tilt-adjustable headrests. Not forgetting the lateral spring resistance adjustment that allows an adjustment of the backrest counterpressure whilst seated. And a mechanical lock for the occasional static seating.
A must for executive chairs, and thus built especially for them: a synchron mechanism with large opening angle allowing the user to lean back into an almost reclining position. For a thinker's pose, relaxed phone calls and creative breaks.
The multi-award winning designer Martin Ballendat has never been at a loss when it comes to proving that “healthy” chairs can also be beautiful. He has once again cleverly combined ergonomics and design in the new FairPlay series. This substantiates Dauphin's reputation as not only an ergonomics but also design-oriented company. For example, the fully exposed stool mechanism is a deliberate design element that is demonstratively put on display. The rectangular-cubic backrest and a strictly classical, bauhaus-like base give FairPlay the discreet elegance that characterises a true boss.
The series consists of swivel chair and cantilever model. These are joint by perfect matching lounge seating elements and side tables. With FairPlay, Dauphin makes seating a matter for the boss in every respect.

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