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Date of birth: 19/05/1953 Place of birth: Azerbaijan, Baku Education

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Name: Gamidova Lidiya Matveyevna

Date of birth: 19/05/1953

Place of birth: Azerbaijan, Baku

Education: Higher; University of Languages (1971-1976)

Current Occupation:

Khazar University,

Department of English, Senior Lecturer

Thales Geosolutions (Caspian) B.V.

ESL İnstructor

Work experience (A):
1. University of Languages (1981-1992)

Department of English:

  • EFL teacher (practical English from beginner to advanced levels)

Department of English Grammar

  • Teacher of grammar

2. Khazar University

Department of English

  • Senior ESL Instructor (1993-1994)

  • School of Humanities (1994-1996)

Acting Head

  • ESL curriculum & materials devolopment for the school of

humanities in the context of classical & current approaches to

careers in teaching English as a second language.

  • Testing & evoluation prosedure

  • Seminars & work shops for in-servise teachers

Department of English (1996-2000)

Acting Head


  • Curriculum & materials devolopment for all KU schools.

  • Conducting research into current methodology to modify

curriculum to meet changing needs in education

  • Defining content standards taught via English for all KU schools

based on interdisciplinary approach

  • Grouping of students based on ability levels

  • Devoloping ESP modules for KU schools to expose students to

career-oriented issues

  • Arranging staff meetings to share experiense & discuss achievements & shortcomings in the process of instruction

  • Devoloping a formal assessment structure which reflects the goals of Khazar University educational philosophy & graduation requirements.

Courses taught :

  • English as a second language ESL (levels from elementary to advanced)

  • English grammar (elementary to advanced)

  • English to specific purposes (economics, engineering)

  • History of English and the British Isles

  • History of Writing

  • Writing for Mass Communications

  • Business Correspondence

  • TESL(methods of teashing English as a second language)

  • Academic Writing


  • Topics of Enduring Value for Discussion and Language Practice, textbook, Khazar University Press 1996.

  • ESL programs, Khazar University Catalogue

  • Laughter is the Best Healer, KU Press

Work experience (B):
McDermott, Baku Office (1993-1994)

  • ESL Instructor (local staff)

  • Translator / Interpreter

  • Teacher of Russian (expatriate staff)

CSM Caspian Holding, Baku Office (1995-1997)

Thales Geosolutions (Caspian) B.V. (1996-present)

Baker Hughes, Baku Office (2003-present)

  • ESL Instructor


  • Russian – native

  • English – near – native proficiency

  • Azeri – receptive - good, productive – moderately good for everyday communications

  • German & Spanish – lack of practice has reduced the ability in German & Spanish to low-intermediate level.

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