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13A. Boards of Examiners:

Ph.D (28 : 1978 - 2008)

M.Sc (45 : 1978 - 2008)

13B. Moderator for University of Nairobi Examinations

i. Public Health - (5 years)

ii. Animal Production - (4 years)

iii. Medical Pathology - (5 years)

iv. Medical Microbiology (4 years)
13C. External Examiner
i. Egerton University 1989/90; 1990/91; 1991/92.

ii. Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania 1992-95 .

iii. External Examiner, MVM . Thesis Sokoine University of Agriculture,

Yongolo M.G.S.(1996).

iv. External Examiner, PhD Thesis Sokoine University of Agriculture,

Yongolo M.G.S.(2004).

v. External Examiner, MSc Thesis, Kenyatta University, Mamo Umoro (2005).

vi. External Examiner, MSc. Thesis, Kenyatta University, George Gachara (2007)

vii External Examiner, MSc. Thesis, Kenyatta University Joseph Kimiru (2008)

viii. External Examiner, MSc. Thesis, Kenyatta University Francis M.Mbugua (2008)

13D. External Professorial Reviews:
I have been external reviewer for publications used in the professorial appointments for Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania (1996; 2001, 2007; 2008); University of Botswana (2005).
14. Grants Received

  1. Diseases of wildlife transmissible to livestock (1977-80): Co-investigator (2

papers published). Amount US$ 14,000 (Dean/NORAD).

ii. Role of Marabou Stock (Leptotilos crumeniferus) in the spread of disease pathogens (1976-79). Principal Investigator. Amount: US$ 6,000.00 (Deans Committee), - 2 papers published.

  1. Study of Antiviral and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy using traditional medicinal and toxic plants in domestic animals. Principal Investigator. Amount: Kshs.259,000 (awarded 1st year,1987: Kshs.50,000 by (Deans Committee); 2nd year awarded. 1988 Kshs.141,426 awarded.

  2. Antiviral chemotherapy in bovine herpes viruses. Amount: Kshs.320,000

(Drugs; Wellcome Foundation [1987]).

  1. Epidemiology and aetiology of Acute Respiratory infections among under fives in a rural community. (Consultant virologist). Sponsor: National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. Value: US$150,000 (1985-87) ; co-investigator.

  2. Mechanisms of intereference in Yellow Fever virus infections with other flaviviruses: Ph.D student Ndumu (Kshs.405,000. Commonwealth Secretariat).

  3. Antigenic and functional properties of Haemagglutinin neuramidase glycoprotein of avian paramyxoviruses, Co- investigstor; AWARDED US$ 200,000(1991/92) for the period 1991-1996 , USAID – CDR with M.A Lipkind as PI. ).

  4. Collaborative American - African Graduate training Symposium.24-28th Feb, 2000. And 6 -10th April, 2001; US $ 100,000 funded by USAID. P.N Nyaga as Co investigator and Kenyan participant with Orlando Taylor (Principal Investigator), Wayne Patterson.

  5. Improving the health and productivity of rural poultry in Africa CO-INVESTIGATOR; AWARDED 5,685 Million Danish Kroners for Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi: 1999-2002.Sponsor DANIDA.

  6. Productivity and Health of Smallholder Livestock. CO-INVESTIGATOR; AWARDED 5,400 Million Danish Kroners for Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi: 2003-2006.Sponsor DANIDA.

  7. Safe poultry production and the control of avian influenza through training.

2008. FAO US$ 15,000.00
15. Significant Development of Biologicals

  1. Fowl typhoid Vaccine: Dr. L.C. Bebora and I together have developed a potent

attenuated vaccine against Salmonella gallinarum infection in poultry. It has

been tested in the laboratory for protection and shown to be better than the

currently used live vaccine. It is awaiting field trials.

  1. Camel Pox vaccine : Studies have been done and a field trial has already been

carried out on a camel herd.

  1. Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (caseous lymphadenitis in goats) : Studies on the pathogenesis and epidemiology are ongoing; a vaccine based on local strains is under study.

  2. New Castle Disease Virus: Properties of local strains were studied and candidate vaccine clones identified. These are being processed further. We expect a heatstable vaccine soon (Ongoing programme).

  3. Anthrax vaccine: Here we studied the immunosuppresive effect on Trypanosoma congolense on the vaccination with spore Anthrax vaccine in goats. The results have been reported in a thesis form (1987) and a paper published (1990) .

vi. Leptospirosis in Cattle: We studied seroprevalence of leptospiral serovars in Kenya and later isolated local strains. Vaccine prepared using most

commonly occurring serovars (1983-85).

  1. Canine parvovirus enteritis: Here we recovered and studied the causal viral agent, and developed effective therapy biologics to treat exposed puppies.

16. Publications
P1. J.S. Kaminjolo, P.N. Nyaga, and J.N. Gicho. Isolation, cultivation and characterization

of a poxvirus from horses in Kenya. Zebl. Vet. Med. B21., 1974: 592-601.

P2. J.S. Kaminjolo, P.N. Nyaga, J.K. Omuse, and E.R. Mutiga Infectious bovine rhinotracheatis infectious bovine pustulo - vulvo-vaginitis viral isolates from cattle with

epididymitis and vaginitis. Amer. J. Vet Res. 36 (1975): 123-125.

P3. P.N. Nyaga, Epidemiology of Equine influenza, risk by age sex and breed.

Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of M.P.V.M. Degree,

University of California, Davis, July, 1975.
P4. P.N. Nyaga. In vitro cell-virus interations associated with bovine herpesvirus - and

peripheral bovine blood cellular components. Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for

the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, University of California, Davis,

December, 1975.

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A paper presented to the Annual meeting of Kenya Association of Paediatricians at

Serena Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya on 7th April, 2006.

    1. P.N. Nyaga (2006). Bird Flu: Can we stem the tide of the pandemic ?

A public lecture presented at Taifa Hall of the University of Nairobi on the 12th May, 2006.



  • 23rd-25th May, 2006, Avian influenza Workshop, Entebbe, Uganda(P)

  • 14-16th June, 2006: ILRI-IFPRI Research Communities Consultation on research on Avian Influenza and its impact on the developing countries (RP/P).

  • 26-30th June, 2006: WHO-CDC Inter-country training on surveillance and

Laboratory diagnosis of Avian Influenza H5N1;

KEMRI Kenya (F/RP).

  • 17ht -21st July, 2006: FAO-ILRI Training on the diagnosis of Avian Influenza(P).

  • 30th July -2nd August ,2006: ECSA ( East, Central and Southern Africa Health

Consortium Workshop on H5N1 preparedness, Dar Es Salaam.

Tanzania (P/RP).

  • 11-14th September, 2006: CDC-Kenya Inter-country Rapid Response Team Training for

Africa Region (RP/F).

  • 25th -29th September, 2006: WHO-CDC Inter-country training on surveillance and

Laboratory diagnosis of Avian Influenza H5N1; KEMRI, Nairobi, Kenya for on the bench H5N1 Laboratory workers (RP/F).

  • 2nd -3rd October, 2006: IATA Awareness Course on packaging, shipping and

documentation for infectious and Diagnostic specimens(RP/F).

  • 4th -15th December, 2006: ILRI-GTZ course for Anglophone African Countries training on Avian influenza surveillance and serological diagnosis, Nairobi, Kenya (RP/F).

  • 28th March, 2007: Scientific Research in Finding Solutions to Problems in the 21st Century. A keynote Address given at Kenyatta University on the occasion of their Annual Graduate Seminar.

  • 30th May – 11th June 2007: ILRI-GTZ course for Anglophone African Countries

training on avian influenza molecular diagnosis, ARC-OVI,

Pretoria, South Africa (RP/F).

  • 25th June – 6th July, 2007: Francophone African Countries training on Avian influenza molecular diagnosis, ARC-OVI, Pretoria, South Africa (RP/F).

  • 24th - 27th July, 2007: Workshop - Avian Flu School and Poultry Health. An

International Train –The Trainer Program. Conducted jointly by

the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California and

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi


  • 17th - 19th December, 2007: Avian Flu and Poultry Health Training Workshop for field

personnel and Stakeholders; Embu, Kenya (RP/F).

  • 27th April - 7th May, 2008: Makerere University Walter Reed Project Workshop on the avian Influenza-Pandemic Influenza training for Sub- Saharan Africa (RP/F).

  • 22nd - 23rd May ,2008: Highly Pathogenic avian influenza integration workshop for the FAO/GOK/DIFD sponsored project at the Ministry of Livestock, Government of Kenya (RP/F).

  • 16-18th September, 2008: Biennial Faculty of Veterinary Medicine scientific conference. 3 papers presented.

Signed: Philip Njeru Nyaga Date: 27th November, 2008

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