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Curriculum Vita I. Personal Information Name : Mahmood Noori- shadkam Work Office

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Curriculum Vita

I . Personal Information

Name : Mahmood Noori- Shadkam

Work Office : (+ 98 – 351 ) 8113277

E.Mail : Mahmood_ 707 2005 @ Yahoo . Com
II . Academic Background :







Shahid SadoUghi University Of Medical Sciences , Yazd , Iran





Tehran University Of Medical Sciences , Tehran , Iran


Public Health




ُ shahid Sadoghi University Of medical scinnces ;Yazd;Iran

Kerman university of medical sciences;Kerman;Iran







III . Work Eperiences :

1) 2006 – Present . Member Of Secretory Of Health Committee , Yazd , Iran
2) 2006 –Present.Member of Reaserch Commite of University
3) 2006 – Present . Member Of Cardiacc Diseases Reaserch Centre , , Shahid SadoUghi University Of Medical Sciences And Health Servicces . Yazd , Iran
4) 2006 – Present . Member Of Health Beahavior And Health Promotion Reaserch Center , Shahid SadoUghi University Of Medical Sciences And Health Servicces . Yazd , Iran
5) 2006- Present . Director Of Health Dept . , Shahid SadoUghi University Of Medical Sciences And Health Servicces . Yazd , Iran
6) 2005 – Peresent . Assistant Professor , Pediatric Department , School of Medicine , Shahid SadoUghi University Of Medical Sciences And Health Servicces . Yazd , Iran
7) 2005 – Percent .Member of Promotion Committee Of Shahid SadoUghi University Of Medical Sciences And Health Servicces . Yazd , Iran

8) 2005 – Precent . Member of Infected And Tropical diseases Research Center , Shahid SadoUghi University Of Medical Sciences And Health Services . Yazd ,Iran
9) 1997-2000 , Director of Medical & Health Dept . Meybod , yazd , Iran
10) Scientific chairman, Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome workshop. 8 October 2008, Yazd, Iran.
11)Scientific chairman, Strategies for reducing tobacco smoking, 29 October 2008, Yazd, Iran

Iv . Teaching Experience :

Teaching The Following Courses To Health and Medical Students , Shahid Sadoughi University Of Medical Sciences And Health Servicces . Yazd , Iran
1)Pediatric Diseases

2)Neonatal Diseases
V . Journal Papers or Original Article

1) Noori Shadkam M;Mazafari H;the effect of zinc supplementation on treatment of acute watery Diarhea in1-4 year old children.

Jornal of Rafsenjan university of Medical sciences . 2007 .voloum5,

No4 : 247 - 254
2) H.Aarafi; Z.islami ; M.Noori-Shadcam;comparison of the effectiveneess of oral sucrose and emla cream in reduction of acute pain due to heel sticks for blood sampling in neonates

journal of shaheed sadoughi university of medical scienes and health services .2007.
3) Noori Shadkam M , lotfi M.H , effect of low dose venous fentanyle in reducing the pain of lumber puncture in infants , acta medica iranica .2007 ,voloum45,no.3:189-193
4) ) Noori Shadkam M , lotfi M.H , Aarafi.h,comparison of pain reducing effect of local anesthetic cream with orally administered glucose to icteric newborns in venipuncture , iranian red crescent medical journal, 2007,
5)mozaffari-khosravi H, jalali-khanabadi BA,Afkhami-Ardakani M ,Fatehi F ,Noori-Shadkam M. The Effect Of Sour Tea(Hibiscus Sabdariffa) On Hypertension In Patients With Type II Diabetes. Nature publishing group;2009
6) Noori Shadkam M, etal.. The Effect Of Emla Cream On Reducing Pain Due To Vaccination In Children.Quarterly Iran Journal Of Nursing,2008;Vol 21 , Nu 53 ,85-89
7)Motavaselian M, Nasiriani Kh, Noori Shadkam M. Nasiriani F , The Assessment Of Hospital Food Services In Yazd City .Toloo-E-Behdasht, Journal Of Health School , 2007, Vol 6, No2 , 37-42

8)Mozaffari-khosrai H;Noori-shadkam M;Fatehi F;Naghiaee Y;Once weekly low-dose Iron supplementation Effectively Improved Iron status in Adolescent Girls;Biol Trace Elem Res;2009;
9) Lotfi M, aminian a , Noori Shadkam M, Etal .To Evaluate The Psychological Status Of New Entering Students Of Shahid Sadoughi University Of Medical Sciences From 2003-2007 , teb va tazkiyeh, 2007, no 66-67 , 39-56
10)Morovati M.A, Noori Shadkam M, Amrollahi Sharif Abadi M, Mirkhalili S.Mj , The Effect Of Health Sector Experts Attendance In Yazd Broadcasting Programs On Health Knowledge S Of Citizens , Toloo-E-Behdasht, Journal Of Health School , 2007, Vol 6, No1 , 11-19
11) lotfi M.H, Aminian A. H, Noori Shadkam M , Ghomizadeh A., Zare M..To Evaluat The psychological status of New entering students of Shahid Sadoughi University from 2003 – 2007. Teb va Tazkeih,2007; Vol. 16, issue 66-67, Pages: 49 – 56.
12) Noori Shadkam M, Jafarizadeh M, et al. Prevalence of congenital hypothyroidism and transitional increase of TSH in Yazd provience. Journal of Shaheed Sadoughi University of medical Sciences.2009; Vol 16, Issue 3, Pages:15-20
13)Mozaffri-khosravi H;Noori-shadkam M;Prevalance of Iron deficiency anemia in High-school girl students of yazd;2009;vol7;No3
14)Noori-Shadkam M;Mozaffari-Khosravi H;et al;A comparison of the effect of honey,dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine on nightly cough and sleep quality in children and their parents;journal of alternative and complementary medicine;2010 jul;16(7);787-93
15)Mohammad Hossein Baghianimoghadam;Mahmood Noori-Shadkam;et al;Immunity to hepatitis B vaccine among health care workers;Vaccine;2011;Vol 29;;2727-30

1) Mozafari..H ,Noori shadkam.M, the effectiveness of complemently iron replacement in girls high school in yazd province .2007-2008.YAZD .
2) Noori shad kam.M, protocol for a trial of the effectiveness of physical examination self – examination of the breast in screening for breast cancer in yazd .2007-present.WHO.yazd
3)karimi m.noori shadkam.Effect of Starting Consult Ntrition Center on The growth Condition of Children.2007-present.yazd
4) Mirshamcy M,Noori shad kam M .Comparsion of The Tow Ways of Five day Dressing and One Day Dressing on State Healing of The Wounds of Stitching.2006-present.yazd
5)Noori shad kam M, Nasiriani k.Effect of Jewellery on The surface Bacterial counts of Nurses Hand In Icuand NICU, 2005-2007.Yazd
6)Noori shad kam M, Nasiriani k .The Assessing of Effective Factors on Influenza Vaccination In The Nurses and Midwife, 2005-2007 .Yazd
7)Noori shad kam M, shakiba M,study of Emla cream for

Pain Reducing During DTP vaccination In 4th Month children, 2005-2006 . Yazd

8)RahimdeL , Zainali , Noori shadkam M,The effect of methylprednisolon plus mitaxantrone in treatment of progressive multiple sclerasis


9) Shajari ,shekiba M, Noori shadkam M. Evaluation of urine Dipstik results in the first primary school children yazd)IRAN)1386

10) Noori shadkam M, zare.H F, Mozafari.H. To evaluate the effect of nutritional supportive plane for promotion of children growth status under 6 years in khatam hometown
11) Ezaadinni . Noori shadkam M. Effect of miswak ( salvadora) in prevention of dental caries and plaque index
12) aflatoniyan A, kzlantar M.M , Noori shadkam M. Survey on function of primary health services on screening and refer of infertile couples
13) ) shekiba M, Noori shadkam M. To evaluate the effect of various dosages of vitamin D supplementation on the serum levels of vitamin D in infants.
14) Fatahi A,Noorbala , Noori shadkam M, Evalvaton of cell immunity response against ESA&LLA lesnmania purified from lesmania )L) major

15) Noori shadkam M. The study of iron supplementation programme in girl high schools of yazd

VII.List of papers presented in congresses and seminars

1) Noori shadkam M. Naghiai .Y . Fish consumption about islamic recommendation and scientific view points . Conference of Health in the Instructions of the Greatest prophet.2008-Rafsenjan.Iran . (poster)
2) Jafarizade.M , Noori shadkam M., vakili .M, burden of breast cancer in yazd province female 2007 , 3th –international breast canser congress tehran -2008 (oral)
3) Noori shadkam M. Jafarizade.M, Mirzaei .M, prevallance of congental hypothyroidism in infants of yazd province in 2006- 2th Iranian congress of ped iatric endocrinology –isfahen-iran ,2007 (oral)

4)Mirzaei .M, Noori shadkam M. Frequency death selected to diabetics and estimate years of life lost in yazd province since 2000-2005 esfahan-iran ,2007 (oral)
5) Noori shadkam M. Jafarizade.M, assessment of community participation in reduction of road traffic fatality (maybod safety communityy ). 16th international conference on safe communicaties ,tehran, iran11-13june 2007(poster ).
6) Noori shadkam M. Naghiai .Honey:Advices of The Prophet of Islam and Its Role In Health. Conference of Health in the Instructions of the Greatest prophet.2007-Rafsenjan.Iran

7)Noori shadkam M,Mozafari H.The effect of zine supplementation on treatment of acute watery Diarhea in 1-4 yeur old children, nineteen nutritional conyress 2006-tabriz.Iran (poster)
8)Noori shadkam M. child abuse and neglect, pediatric diseases

Congress .2006- Yazd . Iran (oral)
9)Noori shadkam M.Epidemiology of hemorrhagic Fever, CCHF congress

10)Noori shadkam M.Neonatal Resucition,Neonatad diseases

Congress. 2005-Yazd . Iran (oral)
11)Noori shadkam M. Riekets in children. Pediatric disease

Congress.2005-Yazd .Iran (oral)
12) Mirzaei .M, Jafarizadehmalamiri.M , Noori shadkam M,Shojaeefar H, Diabetes Mellitus Mortality In Yazd-1385

Poster Presentation: VIII)

1) Noori Shadkan M, Sedghi H, Noorani F, Mozaffari M.H, Anvari Tafti S. Honey for pediatrics cough. Quran and Health congress, April 2009, Yazd. Iran.
2) Noori Shadkam M, Naghiyaii Yf, Mozaffari H, Dehghani. Prevalence of Obesity in the students of primary schools in Yazd, Iran.10th congress Nutrition , October 2008, Tehran, Iran.

3) Naghiyaii Y, Noori Shadkam M, Riyahi M, Minoosepehr M. Assessment of Natrium intake in urban population of Yazd., 10th congress Nutrition, October 2008, Tehran, Iran.
4) Noori Shadkam M, Naghiyaii Y, Mozaffari H, Dehghani A. KAP study of secondary school students towards meal planning in Yazd , 10th congress Nutrition, October 2008, Tehran, Iran.

.IX) books
1)baby growth and development from birthday to five years , noori shadkam m. Aarafi h , 2007 . yazd .
2)Translation of Nelson Text book of Pediatrics (Digestive system) , Noori shad kam M,Aarafi H. 2004 . Theran

3)Translation of Nelson text book of pediatrics (urologic Disorders) ,

Noori shadkam M,Aarafi H. 2004 . Theran
4) The Holy Koran and Novel Medicine , Noori shad kam M.1999. Theran
5)How to Have a Healthychild ? , Noori shadkam M, 1998,Theran
6) Baby Growth And Development From Birthday To Five Years, Noori Shadkam M,2007,Yazd
7) Book Translation:

Nelson Text Book of Pediatrics 18th Edition – Chapter “Urologic Disorders in Infants and Children” – Published by: Hayyan Press, Tehran, Iran, 2008

X).Post Graduated Education
2) production process of molti media and animation in medical traning,.yazd , iran , 2007
3) recent pedratic medicine,.tehran , iran , 2007.

4)infant restoration - yazd - iran ,2007
5) prevention iodine insufficiency disorders - yazd - iran ,2007.
6) breast foody consultation - yazd - iran ,2007.
7-family doctors as a pivat of health team improvement , yazd - iran ,2007.
8) brucellosis , yazd - iran ,2007.
9- family doctors and health system , yazd - iran ,2007
10-combine supervisions in healthy children , yazd - iran , 2007
11 ) Image of Health In The Islamic world.Esfehan , Iran – 2006
12)ٌWorkshop on New Finding In The Science of Diagnosis and Treatment of Special deseases. Tehran .Iran 2006
13) Blood Diseases In Chlderen . Yazd . Iran 2006
14)Clinical Genetic Consulting . Yazd . Iran . 2006
15) Prevalent Diseases In Childeren . Yazd . Iran 2005
16) Viral Infected Diseases In Hemorrhagic Fevers Seminars . Yazd . Iran 2005
17 ) Good Clinical Practice Educational Workshop . Tehran . Iran . 2005
18)Disaster Managment In unPredicotable Event Seminar . Yazd . Iran 2004
19) Neontal Resusitation Workshop . Yazd . Iran 2001
20) Educational Reasearch Method WorkShop . Yazd . Iran 2000
21)Breast Feeding Promotion Work shop . Yazd . Iran . 1999
22) Medical Emergency Seminar . Yazd . Iran 1997

23) Strategies for reducing tobacco smoking, October 2008, Yazd, Iran
24)National seminar on Airway management in emergencies, November 2008,

Yazd, Iran
25)National seminar on Quran and Medicinem. April 2009, Yazd , Iran.

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