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Curriculum Guide for Mechanical Engineering Majors (EN/M) Bachelor of Arts or Science

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niversity of Indianapolis - College of Arts & Sciences

Curriculum Guide for Mechanical Engineering Majors (EN/M)

Bachelor of Arts or Science updated 05/12

The Mechanical Engineering program is a five-year program resulting in a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Indianapolis and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IUPUI.

*See advisor for recent updates

First Year

Semester I

PHYS 110 Freshman Seminar (1)

MATH 190 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (4)

CSCI 155 Intro. to Programming Using C++ (4)

Semester II

PHYS 153 General Physics I, Calculus Based (4)

MATH 191 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II (4)
Spring Term is usually taken after Semester II or after Semester IV.
Second Year

Semester I

PHYS 163 General Physics II, Calculus Based (4)

PHYS 270 Physics and Engineering Seminar (.5)

MATH 270 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (4)

MATH 330 Differential Equations (3)

ENGR 196 Introduction to Computer Applications in Engineering (3) (IUPUI)

Semester II

  • PHYS 250 Modern Physics (5) [if offered]

  • PHYS 280 Scientific Computing I (3)

ME 270 Basic Mechanics I (3) (IUPUI)

MATH 280 Linear Algebra (3)

Third Year

Semester I

PHYS 270 Physics and Engineering Seminar (.5)

PHYS 360 Dynamics (3) (counts for ME 274 at IUPUI) or

PHYS 390 Electricity and Magnetism (3)

CHEM 150 General Chemistry I** (3) and CHEM 151 General Chemistry Lab I (1)**

ECE 204 Circuit Analysis (4) [counts for PHYS 320, Lab Instr.]


MATH 450 Probability and Statistics I (3)

Semester II

PHYS 250 Modern Physics (5) [if not taken earlier]

PHYS 415 Physical Measurements I (2)

PHYS 460 Quantum Mechanics (3)

IUPUI Select from the list on the reverse side of this sheet.
continued on reverse side

While at U of I, the student must also complete U of I’s general education core as stipulated in the U of I Academic Catalog, with the following additional restrictions due to requirements established by IUPUI.

  • ENGL 101 & 102, plus COMM 100, will count for ENG W131 plus COMM R 110 at IUPUI.

  • Modern Language 101 & 102 (8 hrs. total), plus a 2-hour or a 3-hour lecture/theory course in Fine Arts will count for one introductory level plus two upper level humanities courses at IUPUI.

  • At least two* of the cross-cultural, social inquiry, or religion courses selected to fulfill the U of I core must be 300-level courses, and must NOT be broad survey courses. (* Provided the student takes 8 hours of foreign language, only one of the cross-cultural courses needs to be a 300-level or higher course.)

  • The philosophy course needs to be PHIL 201 Ethics, which will count for ME 401 at IUPUI.

  • The student must take ECON E201 and TCM 360 at IUPUI.

The student may select the remaining courses in U of I’s general education core according to the regulations in the University of Indianapolis catalog. During the third year, the student must apply as a transfer student to IUPUI. Courses in which the student has earned grades lower than C will not transfer between universities.
During the remaining semesters of this program, the student will take the following courses at U of I:
Fourth Year

Semester I

PHYS 360 Dynamics (3) (if not taken earlier)

PHYS 390 Electricity and Magnetism (3)

Semester II

PHYS 460 Quantum Mechanics (3)

PHYS 415 Physical Measurements I (2) (if not taken earlier)
Fifth Year

Semester II

PHYS 490 Senior Research (3)

At IUPUI, the student will also take the following courses:

ENGR 297 Computer Tools for Engineering (1)

ME 200 Thermodynamics I (3)

ME 262 Mechanical Design I (3)

ME 272 Mechanics of Materials (4)

ME 310 Fluid Mechanics (4)

ME 314 Heat and Mass Transfer (4)

ME 330 Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems (3)

ME 340 Dynamic Systems and Measurements (3)

ME 372 Mechanical Design II (4)

ME 414 Thermal-Fluid Systems Design (4)

ME 462 Engineering Design (4)

ME 482 Control System Analysis and Design (3)

MSE 344 Introduction to Engineering Materials (3)

ECE 201 Linear Circuit Analysis I (3)

 Three ME electives, selected from courses specified by IUPUI

NOTE: Due to the complex nature of this program, the student should consult regularly (at least once a semester) with his/her faculty advisor.

NOTE: The Mechanical Engineering major requires a total of 170 credits.

NOTE: A grade of C- (1.7 on a 4.0 scale) or higher is required in all courses in the Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Indianapolis. A minimum of 124 hours is required to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Indianapolis.

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NOTE: A average grade of C or higher is required in all required Mechanical Engineering courses for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.

This program may require attendance in both day and extended programs classes.

See the College of Arts & Sciences General Education Core Guide/Bachelor of Arts or Science for additional course requirements.

REMEMBER: If you have any questions about the Mechanical Engineering Major requirements, contact a faculty advisor from the Physics & Earth Space Sciences Department (Dr. Timothy Duman: 788-3311, Lilly Science Hall, Room 232C) Krista Swisher, Key Advisor for the College of Arts & Sciences (788-3391, Esch Hall, Room 233). Courses and requirements sometimes change so keep in contact with your advisor.

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