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Culture: the State, Business and Society

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Second International Applied Research Conference

Culture: the State, Business and Society.

Principles of Cooperation on the Preservation

and Development of Cultural Heritage

in an Informational Society

St. Petersburg, Russia. October 8-10, 2013.

We invite directors and leading experts in the field of preservation and development of cultural heritage in an informational society, representatives of governmental and commercial structures and institutes of civil society to take part in the conference “Culture: the State, Business and Society (Principles of Cooperation on the Preservation and Development of Cultural Heritage in an Informational Society),” which will be held from October 8-10, 2013 at the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (NRU ITMO).

The conference will be conducted as a separate event of the 16th United Conference “The Internet and Modern Society” and the 15th International Conference “Law and the Internet”

Organizers of the event include the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, the film studio “Lenfilm” and St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, UCLA, Universities of Tallinn and Tartu, the Interregional Public Organization “Information for All” with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg, the Fund of Support of Education, and the International Juridical Firm Denton.

Representatives from St. Petersburg and Moscow, Pskov and Novgorod, different regions of Russia as well as guests from abroad, near and far, will take part in the conference on problems with the cooperation of the state, business, and institutes of civil society in the field the preservation of cultural heritage and its entrance into the public domain under the conditions of an informational society and knowledge society.

The goal of the conference is the discussion and development of a unified stance on the formation of national and international politics regarding the preservation and development of the cultural heritage of St. Petersburg, Russia, member states of the CIS, and other countries by using the opportunities provided by modern informational and innovative technologies. Further goals of the conference include the presentation and launch of a new algorithm of collaboration between humanities-focused and technical institutes of higher education, scientific centers, theaters, museums, and other institutions in the cultural, educational, communications, youth politics, scientific and tourism sectors as well as core socially-oriented nonprofit organizations operating in the relevant subject areas of the conference.

At the plenary and first breakout sessions, the results of the collaboration between the Aleksandrinsky Theater, NRU ITMO and the St. Petersburg State Theater Arts Academy on the realization of the project “National Laboratory of Innovative Theatrical Media Technologies and Teaching Methods” will be presented. One of the results of this project was the formation of an informational-technological platform, the opening on May 15th of this year of a new scene, educational complex and the Aleksandrinka media center. One of the questions raised at the session will be the development of theatrical components at the portal as well as theatrical tourism in Russia and beyond.

At the conference there will also be breakout sessions on the themes of film and television, tourism and the study of local history, development and cooperation of museums and educational, scientific and mass communication systems in the context of realizing the state programs of the Russian Federation “Informational Society 2011-2020,” “Development of Culture and Tourism” (2013-2020) and “Development of Education” (2013-2020).
In the frame of this conference there will be conducted a plenary session, breakout sessions such as “Multimedia Technologies in Theatrical Art, Film, and Television,” “Culture and Tourism in an Informational Society,” “Open Educational Resources and Informational-Library Support.” As a separate measure the conference “Law and the Internet – 2013” will also be held. This year’s theme is: “Problems with intellectual property law and the formation of an informational-legal culture during the development and realization of the program “Preserved Culture” as well as the development of networks of core legal clinics and centers of legal information.”

The conference will also include recurring presentations of the results of the project “Preserved Culture,” replicas of works of art, and print publications as well as the presentation of the international conference “Silver Necklace – Meetings on the Borders: A New Dimension in the Development of Border Tourism: Russia – Finland – Estonia (Perspectives on the collaboration of institutes of higher education with the authorities, tourism business and core NGOs in the development of border tourism and intercultural communications).”

We ask that you send applications and papers on participation in the conference to the electronic address before October 5, 2013. Fulfillment of all fields in the application is necessary (application form is attached).

Along with the application we request a full-text version of the paper. The main text of the article (no more than six pages) should be in Word format, Times New Roman 14, single-spaced, all fields two centimeters with annotations in Russian and English and with indication of key words.

In the three-day period from the moment of receiving the registration application, the organizational committee of the conference will send either an official invitation or a reasoned rejection to potential participants.

The organizational committee retains the right to refuse applications not corresponding to the theme of the conference. A publication of all full-text papers presented at the conference is planned.

Expenses connected with travel and stay in St. Petersburg will be paid by participants of the conference either independently or by the directing side.

Information about the conditions of participation, the organization of arrival and accommodation, services fees and other information may be found posted on the portal of NRU ITMO

We kindly request beforehand that you attend to all issues regarding reservations and service fees related to accommodation and participation in the conference. The arrival of the participants with accommodation is planned to begin on October 7, and departure – by October 11.

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