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Cruise North Expeditions

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Cruise North Expeditions Inc. - CEAA Summary –Version 2

Non-technical Description of Cruise North Expeditions

Multiple voyages in the Canadian Arctic – Nunavut and Nunavik

All voyages are sponsored by Cruise North Expeditions on board the Lyubov Orlova

Dates: 03 July – 24 September 2008

Application prepared by:

Dugald Wells, President

Jason Annahatak, Expedition Leader

Cruise North Expeditions Inc.

1920 Avenue Road, Toronto ON M5M-4A1

There will be a series of eleven voyages on the Malta ice-strengthened passenger ship Lyubov Orlova. These voyages will include up to 120 people from many different nationalities. They will use the ship as a traveling hotel and will travel between the vessel and shore with inflatable landing craft called Zodiacs. We hope to make up to two landings a day. We will be traveling with up to 15 expedition staff / lecturers / guides, many of whom will be Inuit. Guides include an Emergency Room Physician and wilderness medical training. The physician carries on shore a large medical kit for emergencies. Our landings consist of short walks of less than 2 miles distance and are completed within 2 to 4 hours. Passengers are well outfitted with gear for cold and inclement weather. To prepare passengers for landings, printed information (Arctic Conservation Guidelines) are mailed to the passengers before leaving home. We review these general guidelines on ship before our first landing. In addition, prior to or during a particular landing we always have two briefings, one on ship and one on shore to explain the limits of the area and the guidelines for visiting a particular area. Passengers are guided at all times while on shore. Our daily plans are subject to weather or ice conditions. No structures will be constructed. Because there are no bathroom facilities on shore, if there is a need, passengers will be taken back to the ship. Our goal is to have no more than a minor or transitory impact on any site we visit. Our company philosophy practices wilderness etiquette in all areas we visit, therefore we do not touch, handle or remove any artifacts, and plant materials or wildlife.

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