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Contact: Judy Iannaccone May 11, 2010 Director, Communications media alert phone

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Contact: Judy Iannaccone May 11, 2010

Director, Communications MEDIA ALERT

Phone: (714) 480-7503

Santa Ana College Kicks Off Green Computer Lab on May 13
WHAT Santa Ana College’s (SAC) Department of Computer Science is hosting a kick-off to introduce its new Green Lab. The mission of the lab is to enhance student learning in computer science using green technologies. At first blush, the lab looks the same as any other computer lab that seats 20 students. Below the surface, this lab represents an innovative approach to hands-on learning.
How will students learn using the new lab? The lab will be used for new learning modules that will allow the students to apply what they have learned in the classroom in a hands-on format. While SAC students study how to network in their classes, until now, they have not had hands-on opportunities to use different kinds of cabling to connect local area networks. Additionally, by using VMware one computer will be able to run multiple operating systems maximizing student learning by permitting them to install operating systems themselves. The Green Lab will facilitate learning that will translate into better employees for industry.
What makes it green? Normally, each workstation would include a keyboard, a monitor, hard disk, and a CPU (central processing unit). By incorporating NComputing’s desktop virtualization system, the lab will enable multiple users to share the processing power of a single computer.
The kick-off will also highlight how SAC students benefit from hands-on internships. In addition to internship placements outside the college with business partners such as MainTech, VOLT Information Sciences, and GST, SAC computer science students benefit from on-site internships through the college’s own Information Technology Department.

WHERE Santa Ana College: A-112/126 1530 W. 17th St., Santa Ana, CA 92706
WHEN Thursday, May 13  11:00 a.m. to Noon
WHO The Green Lab kick-off will feature presentations by:

  • Jim McHugh, vice president of marketing, NComputing

  • Cherylee Kushida, SAC Computer Science Department chair and computer science professor

WHY The college is committed to reducing carbon footprints one step at a time. The Green Lab accomplishes this by:

  • Reducing energy cost by 81 percent;

- m o r e -


-The Green Lab will emit approximately 3 metric tons of carbon dioxide over five years.

-A comparable non-green computer lab would emit approximately 14 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the same timeframe.

  • Reducing e-waste;

-The Green Lab will produce approximately 0.05 metric tons of e-waste over five years.

-A comparable non-green computer lab would likely produce approximately 0.2 metric tons of e-waste in the same timeframe.

  • In these hard economic times, the Green Lab’s purchase price is 69 percent lower than a traditional computer lab.

HOW The Green Lab is funded in part by a National Science Foundation Convergence Technology Grant. In collaboration with Collin College in Texas, SAC is reaping benefits as a mentored college in the Green IT program. For more information, contact Cherylee Kushida, (714) 564-6750.
About Rancho Santiago Community College District

The mission of the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) is to respond to the educational needs of an ever-changing community and to provide programs and services that reflect academic excellence. Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College are public community colleges of RSCCD, which serve the residents of Anaheim Hills, East Garden Grove, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin and Villa Park. Both colleges provide education for academic transfer and careers, courses for personal and professional development, customized training for business and industry, and programs to train nurses, firefighters and law enforcement personnel.
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