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International Conference of the South Asian & Regional Countries, at Islamabad-Pakistan on June 11-12, 2014


International Conference of South Asian and Regional Countries on

MDGs-4, 5 & 6 in the Perspective of DHS Evidence-based Best Practices

To Reduce MMR, IMR and PGR

At Islamabad-Pakistan on June 11-12, 2014

The state of demography and health of the South Asian and other Regional countries, though diverse in nature yet have some commonalities. The overall objective of the proposed International Conference of the South Asia and Regional Countries is to learn from the DHS evidence-based best practices (policy reforms, strategies and pragmatic interventions) to reduce population growth rate-PGR, reduce child mortality-IMR, improve maternal health-MMR and other demographic and health indicators in the face of overall economic and socio-cultural development.

Key objectives of the International Conference include:

  • Knowledge sharing on country-specific DHS data and its analysis for deriving evidence-based guidelines to improve demographic and health indicators;

  • Learn country-specific experience to utilize DHS data by the stakeholders, especially the public sector and the development partners;

  • Identify DHS based efficient and effective policy options and best practices to enhance use of modern contraceptives-CPR and curtail high population growth, minimize maternal morbidity & mortality-MMR and child mortality-IMR;

  • Develop concrete recommendations and action plans to reduce population growth rate-PGR, maternal mortality ratio-MMR, infant mortality rate-IMR and improve health status of families and communities for sustainable development in South Asia and Regional counties.

List of Countries to be Invited:

Sl. No.

South Asian Regional Countries

Sl. No.

South-east Asian Regional Countries






DHS is carried out in all these countries except for China and Iran










Sri Lanka







Pakistan is the Host Country for the Conference

The International Conference will be convened by the National Institute of Population Studies-NIPS under the auspices of the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination-NHSR&C, Government of Pakistan, in collaboration with the National University of Sciences & Technology-NUST and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities-UNFPA.
Dates, Place and Program

The 02-Days International Conference has been scheduled to be organized at the Auditorium at the School of Social Sciences & Humanities at NUST at Islamabad-Pakistan, during June 11-12, 2014, as per the tentative program attached herewith. Two persons, one Technical Expert (DHS Project Director/ Principal Investigator) and one Policy-maker (Population/ Health/ Planning & Development Department) will be invited to attend the Conference from each of the participating countries.

Expected Outcomes:

This International Conference, will provide opportunities for participating countries to share their current status, issues and challenges, and learn successful approaches (best practices); their mechanism for implementation including appropriate capacity building, institutional strengthening, alignment of national/ provincial policies and strategies, and creation of enabling environment for provision of acceptable, accessible and affordable healthcare and family planning services to improve upon MMR, IMR and stabilize population growth to remain consistent with the limited resources of the countries. The expected outcomes of the Conference include:

  • Exchanging information on demographic and health indicators of the participating countries

  • Participants and stakeholders are expected to learn about:

    • Utilization of DHS data to develop efficient and effective policy reforms and strategic planning

    • Regional best practices, their implementation mechanisms and lessons learned from the role of family planning and other health interventions to improve maternal and child morbidity and mortality (MDGs 4 and 5) and reduce population growth

  • Key recommendations and an action plans to reduce maternal mortality ratio-MMR and infant mortality rate-IMR and enhance contraceptive prevalence rate-CPR thereby reducing population growth rate-PGR and improve health status of families and communities for sustainable development.

Participants’ Logistical Arrangements:

UNFPA will cover the cost of the participation of the nominees– round-trip airfare (economy class and most direct route), accommodation and DSA as per UN applicable rate. For any further queries, the following Focal Persons at the National Institute of Population Studies-NIPS may be contacted:

Mr. Abdul Basit Khan

Executive Director

Phone: +92-51-9262 753


Dr. Nasser Mohiuddin

Director (Technical)/ Technical Editor

Phone: +92-51-9262 757

Mailing Address: National Institute of Population Studies-NIPS

Capital Center, Block:12-A, Markaz G-8, Islamabad-Pakistan

National Institute of Population Studies-NIPS, Islamabad-Pakistan Page

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