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Complete Bibliography of Lonergan Studies

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Complete Bibliography of Lonergan Studies

Extracted from the Lonergan Studies Newsletter


The Lonergan Studies Newsletter is an attempt to provide an informal forum of contact and exchange of data among all persons interested in Bernard Lonergan’s work. Father Lonergan celebrated his 75th birthday on December 17, 1979. To mark this occasion, the editors dedicated the Newsletter to him in gratitude for his work.

Terry Tekippe first discussed the idea of a Lonergan newsletter with Frederick Crowe during the Lonergan Workshop at Boston College in June 1976. The desirability of a newsletter was evident, but no consensus could be reached on he scope and management of such a project. At the 1979 Boston workshop, Michael O’Callaghan, who had just complete a dissertation at Tübingen on Lonergan, met Terry Tekippe and asked him about the projected newsletter. Together they sketched a concrete proposal and presented it to the Workshop speakers and participants, who favorably responded and added several valuable suggestions concerning the project.

In September 1979, Michael O’Callaghan sent the proposal to those who had attended the 1979 Boston Workshop, inviting them to subscribe to the Newsletter. A further mailing list was compiled with the assistance of Fred Crowe at Regis College in Toronto, and people on this list received the proposal in November. Sponsored by the Lonergan Research Institute in Toronto, the first issue appeared in January 1980.

Terry and Michael worked together until Michael’s death in 1986. Terry continued as editor until June 1988, when Fred Crowe took over. With the assistance of Bob Croken, Bob Doran, and Mike Shields, Fred stayed the course until December 1998, when Tad Dunne accepted his invitation to be editor. With the assistance of Henry Toenjes, who, as former librarian at the Detroit Public Library, had all back copies of the newsletter, Tad converted the set to digital format and provided the full set of published LSNs online. With the irreplaceable assistance of Danny Monsour as Research Associate, he continued to provide the Lonergan Research Institute with both hard-copy and web-based versions of the newsletter.

The present document is intended for researchers. The aim is simply to provide a manageably small file to facilitate searches of specific terms and names. It includes all the bibliographic citations of published works as well as all reviews and dissertations that have appeared in the Lonergan Studies Newsletter. Omitted are the materials on upcoming conferences, unpublished papers and web-based materials, news about people in studies related to Lonergan’s work, and all graphical materials. For fonts, the entire document uses only Ariel for headings and Times New Roman for text.

This online version will be updated quarterly with each new issue of the LSN.

-Tad Dunne,
Editor, Lonergan Studies Newsletter

Lonergan Studies Newsletter 1/1 January 1980


Lonergan, Bernard, Insight: A Study of. Human Understanding. Paperback edition. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1978. (xxx, 785 p. 20 cm.)

Reprint of the revised students' edition of 1958. Unchanged except that pp. ix-xv of the 1958 edition have now become pp. x-xvi (note that changes have not been made in the Index to correspond to this new pagination); with p. xvii the original pagination is resumed.

Lonergan, Bernard, Method in Theology. New York: Seabury Paperback edition, 1979.

Unchanged from 2nd edition.

Lonergan, Bernard, Pour une méthode en théologie Traduit de l'anglais sous la direction de Louis Roy, O.P. (Collection de Theologies Héritage et Projet, 20). Montreal: Fides, 1978. (471p. 20 cm.)

Translation of Method in Theology. With Indices, and a "Glossaire rédigé par Louis Roy, O. P."

Lonergan, Bernard, "Aquinas Today: Tradition and Innovation." Pp. Sl-S17 in "Celebrating the Medieval Heritage: A Colloquy on the Thought of Aquinas and Bonaventure," The Journal of Religion 58(1978), Supplement.

Reprinted from The Journal of Religion 55(1975); with "Response to Lonergan," by Langdon Gilkey.

Lonergan, Bernard, "The Dimensions of Conversion," in Walter E. Conn (ed.), Conversion: Perspectives on Personal and Social Transformation, pp. 15-21. New York: Alba House, 1978

Reprinted from Method in Theology, pp. 237-43.

Lonergan, Bernard, "The Human Good," in Humanitas (Duquesne University) 15(1979), pp. 113-26.

This issue of Humanitas is devoted to the papers at the Institute of Human Values, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, 1976.

This seems to be a transcript of a recording of Lonergan's paper. The general theme of the 1976 conference was "Beyond Relativism."

Lonergan, Bernard, "Religious Experience," in Thomas A. Dunne and Jean-Marc Laporte (eds.), Trinification of the World (A Festschrift in honour of F. E. Crowe in celebration of his 60th birthday), pp. 71-83. Toronto: Regis College Press, 1978.

The first in a series of three Donald Mathers Memorial Lectures, Queen's Theological College, Kingston, Ontario, 1976.

Lonergan, Bernard, "Religious Knowledge," in Fred Lawrence (ed.), Lonergan Workshop, v. I, pp. 309-27. Missoula: Scholars Press, 1978.

The second in the series of three Donald Mathers Memorial Lectures, Queen's Theological College, Kingston, Ontario, 1976.

Lonergan, Bernard, "Theology in its New Context," in Walter E. Conn (ed.), Conversion: Perspectives on Personal and Social Transformation, New York: Alba House, 1978, pp. 3-15.

Reprinted (with minor editorial changes, e.g., on pp. 8 and 12) from L. K. Shook (ed.), Theology of Renewal, v. I: Renewal of Religious Thought, Montreal: Palm, 1968, pp. 34-46.

Lonergan, Bernard, "Foreword," in Matthew L. Lamb, History, Method, and Theology: A Dialectical Comparison of Wilhelm Dilthey's Critique of Historical Reason and Bernard Lonergan's Meta-Methodology, pp. ix-xii. American Academy of Religion Dissertation Series 25. Missoula: Scholars Press, 1978.

Lonergan, Bernard, reviews Frances Moore Lappe and Joseph Collins with Cary Fowler, Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarcity, in Theological Studies 39 (1978) , pp. 198-99.

Lonergan, Bernard, participates in The Question as Commitment. A Symposium, Montreal: The Thomas More Institute, 1979. Edited by Elaine Cahn and Cathleen Going, with Introduction and Conclusion by Elaine Cahn.

The third volume to be published in the series entitled Thomas More Institute Papers, and reproducing the discussions at a 1977 Symposium held at the Thomas More Institute for Research in Adult Liberal Studies, 3421 Drummond Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1X7.

Breault, Joseph, A. Transformed Mind and Heart, Ann Arbor: Servant Books, 1978.

A chapter (p 168-82) relates Lonergan's cognitional theory to fraternal correction: the process of coming to know, sin distorting judgment, self-formation by decisions, guidelines for making judgments.

Conn, Walter E. (ed.), Conversion: Perspectives on Personal and Social Transformation, New York: Alba House, 1978.

An anthology on the nature of religious conversion, especially as central to contemporary theological reflection. Writings from Bernard Lonergan, Karl Rahner, Reinhold Niebuhr, Robert Thouless, Rosemary Haughton, Bernard Häring, Karl Barth, Thomas Merton, et al.

Conn, Walter, E., "The Ontogenetic Ground of Value: On Bernard Lonergan's Transcendental Analysis of the Human Subject and the Developmental Perspectives of Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, and Lawrence Kohlberg," in Theological Studies 39(1978), pp. 313-35.

Crowe, Frederick E., "Dialectic and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises," in Science et Esprit 30 (1978), pp. 111-27.

Crowe, F. E., Theology of the Christian Word: A. Study in History. New York: Paulist Press, 1978.

See pp. 4-5: "In this work I have tried to follow the division of tasks set forth in Bernard Lonergan's theological method." The book is meant to be an exercise of the third functional specialty, history.

Crowe, F. E., list of his writings can be found in Dunne/Laporte (below), Trinification... pp. 328-29. List complete to 1977.

Doran, Robert M., Subject and Psyche: Ricoeur, Jung and the Search for Foundations, Washington: University Press of America, 1977.

The advertisement from the UPA states: "The power of Bernard Lonergan's method is demonstrated in this use of it to generate categories for a science of the psyche. At the same time, it is shown how this science will complement Lonergan's method, moving it closer to its goal." Bernard Lonergan is then quoted "The search for foundations aims at complementing (Lonergan's) threefold conversion (intellectual, moral, religious) with a fourth psychic or aesthetic conversion that opens up free communications between the appropriated existential subject and his or her roots in the imaginal, in Heidegger's Befindlichkeit, in Progoff's cognitypes and dynatypes. With this purpose I fully agree."

Dunne, Thomas A. and Laporte, Jean-Marc (eds.), Trinification of the World, Toronto: Regis College Press, 1978. A Festschrift in honour of Frederick E. Crowe in celebration of his 60th birthday.


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Stanley, D., "The purpose of the Fourth Evangelist and the 'Trinification' of the Christian," pp. 259-78.

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Crowe bibliography to 1977, pp. 328-29.

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Gelpi, Donald L., Experiencing God: A Theology of Human Emergence, New York: Paulist Press, 1978.

Notes cover has "Human Emergence" but title page has "Human Experience." See pp. 1-4, 13, 17, on the relation of the book in general to Lonergan's thought; pp. 41-8 are specifically on Lonergan.

Gilkey, Langdon, "Response to Lonergan," in The Journal of Religion 58 (1978), Supplement, pp. S18-S23.

The response in question is to Bernard Lonergan's paper, "Aquinas Today: Tradition and Innovation," published in the same volume.

Johnston, William, The Inner Eye of Love: Mysticism and Religion, San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1978

See p. 10: "I followed the method of Bernard Lonergan." Also chapters 4, 5, and especially 6. Bernard Lonergan is quoted on the dust jacket: "A work of exceptionally broad significance. Opens the way to a restoration of the intimate relations between mysticism and theology. The Inner Eye of Love teaches much about prayer."

Lamb, Matthew L., History, Method, and Theology: _A Dialectical Comparison of Wilhelm Dilthey's Critique of Historical Reason and Bernard Lonergan's Meta-Methodology. American Academy of Religion Dissertation Series 25. Missoula: Scholars Press, 1978.

Lawrence, Frederick (ed.), Lonergan Workshop, v. I, Missoula: Scholars Press, 1978.

Papers given. at the 1976 workshop held at Boston College. Contributors:

Crowe, F. E., "Dialectic and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises," pp. 1-26.

Doran, R.M., "The Theologian's Psyche: Notes Toward a Reconstruction of Depth Psychology,"
pp. 93-141.

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Tyrrell, B., "On the Possibility and Desirability of a Christian Psychotherapy," pp. 143-85.

McShane, Philip. Lonergan's Challenge to the University and the Economy. Washington: University Press of America, 1979.

Dr. McShane, visiting Fellow of the Lonergan College, Montreal, published this book on the occasion of Lonergan's 75th birthday.

Meynell, Hugo, "On Objections to Lonergan's 'Method,' " in The Heythrop Journal 19(1978), pp. 405-10.

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pp. 175-84.

Parker, James V., "Bernard Lonergan and Doctrinal Pluralism," in Bijdragen (Nijmegen) 39(1978), pp. 152-72.

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On Lonergan, see especially pp. 22-27.

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pp. 257-78.

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Teske, Roland J., "Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Divine Transcendence," in The New Scholasticism 53(1979), pp. 277-94.

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