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8-13TH MAY 2010

1. The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Executive Committee Meeting will be held in Happy Valley Resorts & Casino, Kingdom of Swaziland from 8th to 13th May 2010 and the Swaziland Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association is delighted to extend a cordial welcome to all Executive Committee Members and their spouses.
2. Meeting Dates and Venue

Meeting sessions will take place from the 8th to 13th May 2010 at the Happy Valley Resorts and Casino.

3. Programme

A draft programme is attached.

4. Registration

Please register by completing the enclosed forms and faxing/emailing them to both Swaziland Conference Secretariat and the CPA International Secretariat.

The Chairman

CPA Swaziland Branch

Houses of Parliament

P.O. Box 37



Telephone Number: (+268) 4162407/8

Fax Number: (+268) 4161603

Email addresses:

The Assistant Director (Events Organisation)

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

CPA Secretariat

Suite 700

Westminster House

7 Millbank


United Kingdom

Telephone Number: (+4420) 7799 1460

Fax Number: (+4420) 7222 6073



Key Dates
a. Deadlines for completing the enclosed forms:

Biography or bio notes 28 February 2010

Travel and accommodation 28 March 2010

b. Official arrival and departure dates

Official arrival date: 8 May 2010

Official departure date: 13 May 2010

5. Website

The Mid-year Executive Committee Website will be located at:

6. Flights to Swaziland

There are regular flights to Swaziland via Johannesburg by South African


7. Meeting of the Executive Committee

Meeting of the Executive Committee is closed to all but the Officers of the Association, Regional Representatives and Members of the CPA Headquarters Secretariat staff. Member’s spouses/partners, assistants, secretaries, advisors etc are NOT permitted to attend the proceedings.
8. Alternates: If the President, the Vice-President or any Regional Representative is unable to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee held at a time other than during a plenary Conference his/her Branch shall be entitled to nominate an Alternate from among its Members. If the Branch of a Regional Representative is unable to nominate an Alternate for such a meeting the “stand-by” Branch shall be entitled to nominate one of its Members as a Alternate.
9. Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

The CPA Headquarters will contribute towards the cost of the most economical and cheapest Business Class fare available locally by the most economic route to the meeting venue on journeys over four hours. This may be commuted to two Economy Class fares for the Members and spouse up to the value of the cheapest Business Class fare by the most economic route. Three quotations, together with the invoices/receipts, should be sent to CPA Headquarters specifying the cheapest Business Class fare paid (if relevant). Any upgrade will be at the expense of the Member or his Branch.

Responsibility for a Members travel arrangements and making necessary arrangements for an officer or secretary, is entirely the responsibility of the Members own department. The host Branch may be prepared and able to include an officer in some parts of the hospitality arranged, it should not be assumed that this will be either possible or convenient, or that it would be without costs. Travel arrangements for Members of the Executive Committee and their spouses must be made well ahead to attract special fares.
Although the practice is not encouraged, a Member of the Executive Committee may find that duties as a Minister, Presiding Officer or Speaker may sometimes oblige him to attend with a department officer or private secretary. The costs are entirely their own responsibility not that of the host Branch or the CPA Headquarters Secretariat.
10. Arrivals/Customs/Immigration

The official date for arrival in Swaziland is 8th May 2010. All Members will be met at the Matsapha Airport upon arrival to facilitate their clearance through Immigration and Customs. They will be met by officials who will escort them to the hotel. Members are requested to advise the CPA Swaziland Branch on the attached forms of their travel arrangements by 28th March 2010.

11. Entry Requirements/Visas

All overseas visitors are required to apply for an entry visa travel document to the Immigration Department. Members should contact the nearest Swaziland High Commission to make the necessary arrangements. Visas may also be necessary in respect of other transit stops and Members are advised to check if this is the case.

12. Luggage

The handling, care and prompt delivery of baggage will be greatly facilitated if Members ensure that the special baggage labels, which will be forwarded at a later date, are attached to each piece of baggage prior to arrival in Matsapha. The Host Branch will not be responsible for any luggage that is lost, damaged or misplaced.

13. Departure

The official day of departure from Swaziland is 13th May 2010.

14. Settling of Members’ Accounts

Upon check-in at the Happy Valley Resorts and Casino, a credit card imprint or cash deposit, will be handled against Members’ personal account for incidents such as bar tabs, overseas telephone call/faxes, laundry and other general expenses incurred. The hotel accepts all major credit cards.

15. Accommodation and Meals

Members will be the guests of the CPA Swaziland Branch during the period of the meeting, i.e. 8th to 13th May 2010. The Host Branch will be responsible for the costs of hotel accommodation and meals (excluding alcohol) served at the hotel. However, hotel meals (including room service meals) taken in lieu of meals provided as part of official functions will be for the Member’s account. The cost of any item consumed from the mini bar provided in the hotel room will be the responsibility of the Member concerned.

The Swaziland Branch will assist in finding suitable accommodation for persons other than Members and spouses at the expense of those individuals. The Branch should be informed of this by 28th March 2010.
16. Spouses/Accompanying persons

Members are welcome to bring their spouses to Swaziland and double rooms will be made available. Members who will be accompanied by their spouses should inform the Swaziland Branch by the 28th March 2010.

Spouses/partnes will be included in the Opening Ceremony and all social functions. In accordance with CPA policy, no provision will be made for children of any age.

Expenses incurred by accompanying persons will be entirely the responsibility of the participant concerned. The cost of hotel accommodation will be the responsibility of those individuals. Bookings for rooms for accompanying persons (other than spouses/partners who will share your room) should be made through the Swaziland Branch in order to achieve special meeting rates.

All Exco Committee Members are kindly informed that the Swaziland Branch will not have a separate spouses’ programme.

17. Transportation

The Swaziland Branch will be responsible for all transportation to and from official functions and meetings. Hire cars/taxis are available and can be arranged upon arrival. Cost of hire is the responsibility of the Member.

18. Identification

Members, spouses and accompanying persons will be issued with identification badges on arrival. For security purposes it is requested that these badges be worn at all times.

19. Power Supply

The power supply in Swaziland is 240 volts. The round three-pin plug sockets are used. Transformers and adapters will be necessary.

20. Currency

The official currency of Swaziland is Lilangeni. Other major foreign currencies can be exchanged at local banks. One (E1.00) Lilangeni currently is equivalent to one (R1.00) South African Rand.

21. Weather

The temperature in May is normally between 8°C (46.4F) and 22°C (71.6F). Light but warm clothing will be in order during the day. Warm clothing could be necessary in the evenings.

22. Dress

For the Opening Ceremony, men are requested to wear a suit and a tie or national dress and women should dress appropriately. For social functions, lounge suits or national dress may be worn. Women may wish to wear cocktail dresses or national costume. Casual wear will be appropriate for Members’ working sessions and tours.

23. Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will be held on 10th May at 9.00 a.m.

24. Direct Contact – CPA Swaziland Branch Office

Branch Chairman: +268-6060326

Branch Secretary: +268-6064031

Asst. Brach Secretary: +268-6703358

Telephone No.: (+268-416-2407/8/9

Fax No.: (+268-4161-603

Email address:
25. Hotel

Happy Valley Resorts and Casino

P. O. Box 5

Ezulwini H106



Telephone No.: (+268) 416-1898

Fax Number: (+268) 416-1050

Email address:


All delegates will be accommodated at the Happy Valley Resorts and Casino. The Swaziland Branch will be ensuring that participants are allocated rooms which considers appropriate for their needs, taking account of matters such as whether or not they are traveling with a spouse or a partner. Members who wish to upgrade to a more expensive room will be responsible for meeting any additional costs.

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