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College Bound Reading List

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College Bound Reading List

This was compiled from several prominent lists. I suspect that some entries are based on the preferences of the original list composer rather than universal agreement (I certainly don’t agree with all entries and would have added others), but this is a beginning for those interested in advanced reading.
Abelove, Joan Go and Come Back

Achebe, Chinua Things Fall Apart

Ackerman, Diane A Natural History of the Senses

Adams, Douglas A Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Adams, Henry The Education of Henry Adams

Adams, Richard Watership Down

Addison, Joseph Commerce of Everyday Life

Adler, Sabine Lovers in Art

Aeschylus The Oresteia, Eumenides, Lysistrata, Prometheus Bound

Aesop Fables

Agee, James A Death in the Family, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

Albee, Edward Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Zoo Story, The Sandbox

Albom, Mitch Tuesdays with Morrie

Alcott, Louisa May Little Women, The Inheritance

Alexander, Caroline The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition

Alexie, Sherman The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, Reservation Blues…

Alighieri, Dante The Inferno, The Divine Comedy

Allende, Isabel House of the Spirits, Daughter of Fortune

Allison, Dorothy Bastard Out of Carolina, Two or Three Things I Know for Sure

Alter, Peter Genesis

Alvarez, Julia How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, In the Time of Butterflies

Ambrose, Stephen E. D-Day, Undaunted Courage, Citizen Soldiers…

Amis, Kingsley Lucky Jim

Amis, Martin Money

Anaya, Rudolfo Bless Me, Ultima, Serafina’s Stories

Anderson, Laurie Halse Speak

Anderson, M. T. Feed

Anderson, Sherwood Winesburg, Ohio

Angelou, Maya I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, And Still I Rise

Anonymous Beowulf

Ansary, Tamim West of Kabul-East of New York

Anzaldua, Gloria Borderlands

Apollo Concrete Candy

Armstrong, Karen The Battle for God

Arnold, Matthew Culture and Anarchy

Arnow, Harriet The Dollmaker

Aronson, Marc Witch Hunt: Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials

Ashe, Arthur Days of Grace

Attenborough, David The Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth

Atwood, Margaret The Handmaid’s Tale, The Blind Assassin, Cat’s Eye, Alias Grace,


Auden, W. H. Poems

Auel, Jean M. Clan of the Cave Bear

Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Mansfield Park

Azimov, Isaac I Robot, Foundation series

Baca, Jimmy Santiago Cry

Bach, Richard Illusions

Bagdasarian, Adam Forgotten Fire

Bahrampour, Tara To See and See Again

Baker, Russell Growing Up

Baldwin, James Go Tell It On the Mountain, The Fire Next Time, Another Country

Ballard, Allen Where I’m Bound

Balzac, Honore de Pere Goriot

Bambara, Toni Cade Gorill, My Love

Banks, Russell Cloudsplitter, Continental Drift, Rule of the Bone

Baraka, Amiri Dutchman

Barker, Pat Regeneration

Barth, John The Sot-Weed Factor

Bates, Karen Grigsby Plain Brown Wrapper

Beckett, Samuel Waiting for Godot

Beerbohm, Max Zuleika Dobson

Bell, William Forbidden City

Bellamy, Edward Looking Backward: 200-1887

Belloli, Andrea P. Exploring World Art

Bellow, Saul Seize the Day, The Adventures of Augie March, Henderson the Rain King, Humboldt’s Gift, Herzog

Benet, Rosemary Johnny Appleseed

Bennett, Arnold The Old Wives’ Tale

Berenbaum, Michael The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust as Told in the US

Berg, A. Scott Lindbergh

Berger, Thomas Little Big Man

Bernstein Carl & Woodward All the President’s Men

Berry, Wendell Life is a Miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition

Best, Joel Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from Media…

Bird, Isabella A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains

Bishop, Elizabeth The Complete Poems

Bissinger, H. G. Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream

Blake, William Songs of Innocence and Experience, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Tiger Tiger

Bloch, Ariel and Chana The Song of Songs

Bolt, Robert A Man for All Seasons

Borges, Jorge Luis Labyrinths

Boswell, James The Life of Samuel Jonson, Boswell’s London Journal

Boulle, Pierre Bridge Over the River Kwai

Bowen, Catherine Drinker Miracle at Philadelphia

Bowen, Elizabeth The Death of the Heart

Bowles, Paul The Sheltering Sky

Boyle, T. C. Tortilla Curtain

Bradbury, Ray Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Illustrated Man

Bradford, Richard Red Sky at Morning

Bradshaw, Gillian The Sand Reckoner

Bradstreet, Anne Works of Anne Bradstreet

Brassai Brassai: Letters to My Parents

Brathwaite, Edward Kamau Roots

Brecht, Bertolt Mother Courage and Her Children

Bronowski, Jacob The Ascent of Man, Science and Human Values

Bronte, Charlotte Jane Eyre

Bronte, Emily Wuthering Heights

Brooks, Gwendolyn Selected Poemjs

Brown, David Inventing Modern America: From Microwave to the Mouse

Brown, Dee Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Browning, Robert My Last Duchess

Bryant, William C. Thanatopsis

Bryson, Bill A Short History of Nearly Everything

Buck, Pearl S. The Good Earth

Bulosan, Carlos America is in the Heart

Bunyan, John Pilgrim’s Progress

Burgess, Anthony A Clockwork Orange

Burnett, Frances Hodgson The Secret Garden

Burroughs, William S. Naked Lunch

Butler, Octavia Parable of the Talents, Kindred

Butler, Samuel The Way of All Flesh

Byatt, A. S. Possession

Caesar, Julius Gallic Wars

Cain, James M. The Postman Always Rings Twice

Caldwell, Erskine Tobacco Road

Calvino, Italo Invisible Cities, The Baron in the Trees

Campbell, Joseph The Power of Myth

Camus, Albert The Stranger, The Fall, The Plague

Canada, Geoffrey Fist Stick Knife gun

Cao, Lan Monkey Bridge

Capote, Truman In Cold Blood

Card, Orson Scott Ender’s Game, Sarah

Carlyle, Thomas French Revolution: A History

Carroll, Jim Basketball Diaries

Carroll, Lewis Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Carson, Rachel Silent Spring, The Sea Around Us

Carver, Raymond Cathedral

Castellanos, Rosario The Nine Guardians

Castillo, Ana So Far from God

Cather, Willa My Antonia, Death Comes for the Archbishop, O Pioneers

Catullus Poems

Cervantes, Miguel de Don Quixote

Chambers, Aidan Postcards from No Man’s Land

Chandler, Raymond The Big Sleep

Chang, Jung Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

Chaucer, Geoffrey The Canterbury Tales

Chbosky, Stephen The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Cheever, John The Wapshot Scandal, Stories of John Cheever, Falconer

Chekov, Anton The Cherry Orchard

Chesteron, G. K. The Innocence o Father Brown

Chevalier, Tracy Girl with a Pearl Earring

Chin, Frank Donald Duk

Chopin, Kate The Awakening

Christie, Agatha The Mousetrap and Other Plays, Mysterious Affair at Styles

Churchill, Winston The Crisis, The Gathering Storm

Chute, Marchette Shakespeare of London

Cisneros, Sandra House on Mango Street, Caramelo

Clancy, Tom The Hunt for Red October

Clark, Walter van Tilburg The Ox-Bow Incident

Clavell, James Shogun

Clift, Eleanor Founding Sisters and the Nineteenth Amendment

Coelho, Paulo The Alchemist

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Collins, Wilkie The Moonstone

Colon, Jesus The Way it Was and Other Writings

Colton, Larry Counting Coup: A True Story of Basketball and Honor on the …

Congreve, William The Way of the World

Connell, Evan Deus Lo Volt: Chronicle of the Crusades

Conover, Ted Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing

Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim, Victory, The Secret Agent, Nostromo

Conroy, Pat Prince of Tides, The Water is Wide

Conway, Jill Kerr The Road from Coorain

Cooke, Alisair Alistair Cooke’s America

Cooper, James Fenimore The Last of the Mohicans, The Deerslayer

Corio, David The Black Chord

Cormier, Robert The Chocolate War, After the First Death

Corso, Philip The Day After Roswell

Corwin, Miles And Still We Rise: The Trials and Triumphs of Twelve Gifted…

Crane, Stephen The Red Badge of Courage, Maggie: Girl of the Streets

Craven, Margaret I Heard the Owl Call My Name

Crichton, Michael Jurassic Park

Criddle, Jan D. To Destroy You Is No Loss: The Odyssey of a Cambodian Family

Crow Dog, Mary Lakota Woman

Crutcher, Chris Whale Talk

Cummings, E. E. Complete Poems 104-1962

Cuomo, Kerry Kennedy Speak Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing…

Curie, Eve Madame Curie

Dai, Sijie Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

Dana, Richard Henry Two Years Before the Mast

Dangarembga, Tsitsi Nervous Conditions

Danticat, Edwidge Breath, Eyes, Memory, The Farming of Bones

Darwin, Charles The Origin of Species

Davies, Robertson Fifth Business, The Cunning Man, Cornish Trilogy

Davis, Wade Light at the Edge of the World: A Journey Through the Realm of …

de Crevecoeur Letters from an American Farmer

Defoe, Daniel Robinson Crusoe, Moll Flanders

Delany, Sara and A. Elizabeth Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years

de Lint, Charles Trader, Memory and Dream, Yarrow, Someplace to be Flying…

DeLillo, Don White Noise

Dershowitz, Alan M. Why Terrorism Works: Understanding the Threat, Responding to …

Diamant, Anita The Red Tent

Diamond, Jared Guns, Germs, and Steel

Dick, Philip Man in the High Castle

Dickens, Charles Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, Bleak House, David Copperfield, Hard Times, Our Mutual Friend…

Dickey, James Deliverance

Dickinson, Emily The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson

Didion, Joan Essays, Play It As It Lays

Dillard, Annie Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

DiLampedusa, Giuseppe The Leopard

Dinesen, Isaak Out of Africa

DiPrima, Diane Recollections of My Life as a Woman: The New York Years

Doctorow, E. L. Ragtime

Donleavy, J. P. The Giner Man

Donne, John The Complete Poetry of John Donne

Doolittle, H. D. Hilda Helen in Egypt

Dostoevsky, Feodor Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov

Dorris, Michael A Yellow Raft in Blue Water

Douglass, Frederick Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Dove, Rita On the Bus with Rosa Parks

Doyle, Arthur Conan The Hound of the Baskervilles, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Doyle, Roddy Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

Doyle, William An American Insurrection: The Battle of Oxford Mississippi 1962

Dreiser, Theodore An American Tragedy, Sister Carrie

Dry, Richard Leaving

du Beavoir, Simone The Second Sex

DuBois, W. E. B. The Souls of Black Folk: Essays and Sketches

Dumas, Alexandre The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask, Count of Monte Cristo

Du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca

Dunn, Katherine Geek Love

Durant, Will Story of Philsophy

Durrell, Lawrence The Alexandria Quartet

Ebenstein, Alan Today’s Isms

Eddison, E. R. The Worm Ouroboros

Edmonds, E. G. Trickster Stories

Eggers, Dave A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Ehrenreich, Barbara Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

Eliot, George The Mill on the Floss, Adam Bede, Middlemarch, Silas Marner

Eliot, T. S. The Waste Land, Murder in the Cathedral, Notes Toward…

Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Elliott, Stephen A Life Without Consequences

Ellis, Joseph J. Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

Ellison, Ralph Invisible Man

Emecheta, Buchi Bride Price

Emerson, Ralph Waldo Self Reliance and Other Essays

Enzensberger, Hans The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

Epstein, Norrie Friendly Shakespeare

Erdrich, Louise The Beet Queen, Tracks, Love Medicine, Antelope Wife

Escandon, Maria Amparo Esperanza’s Box of Saints

Esquivel, Laura Like Water for Chocolate

Euripedes Medea

Fadiman, Ann The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

Fagan, Bryan The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History 1300-1850

Farrell, James T. The Studs Lonigan Trilogy

Faulkner, William As I Lay Dying, The Sound and the Fury, Light in August, Bear,

Absalom-Absalom, The Unvanquished, Intruder in the Dust, Go Down

Moses, The Reivers

Faulks, Sebastian Birdsong

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence Endless Life

Feynman, Richard What Do You Care What People Think?

Fielding, Helen Bridget Jones’s Diary

Fielding, Henry Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews

Fitch, Janet White Oleander

Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, Babylon Revisited

Flagg, Fannie Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café

Flannery, Sarah In Code: A Mathematical Journey

Flaubert, Gustave Madame Bovary

Flexnor, Eleanor A Century of Struggle: The Woman’s Rights Movement in the US

Ford, Ford Madox The Good Soldier, Parade’s End

Ford, Richard The Sportswriter

Forster, E. M. A Passage to India, Howard’s End, A Room with a View

Foster, Thomas How to Read Literature Like a Professor

Fowles, John The French Lieutenant’s Woman, The Magus

Fox, Paula Borrowed Finery

Frank, Anne The Diary of a Young Girl

Frank, E. R. Life is Funny

Frank, Frederick What Does It Mean to be Human?

Frank, Mitch Understanding September 11, Answering Questions about the Attacks on America

Frank, Pat Alas, Babylon

Franklin, Benjamin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Frazier, Charles Cold Mountain

French, Ablert Billy

Friedan, Betty The Feminine Mystique

Friel, Brian Dancing at Lughnasa

Frost, Robert The Poetry of Robert Frost

Fuentes, Carlos The Death of Artemio Cruz

Fugard, Athol Master Harold…and the Boys

Gaarder, Jostein Sophie’s World

Gaddis, William The Recognitions

Ghandi Non-violent Resistance

Gaiman, Neil American Gods

Gaines, Ernest The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, A Lesson Before Dying,

A Gathering of Old Men

Galarza, Ernesto Barrio Boy

Galeano, Eduardo Open Veins of Latin America

Galsworthy, John The Forsyte Saga

Garcia, Cristina Dreaming in Cuban

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel One Hundred Years of Solitude

Gardner, John Grendel

Garfunkel, Trudy On Wings of Joy: The Story of Ballet from the 16th Century to Today

Garland, Alex The Beach

Gates Jr., Henry Louis The Bondwoamn’s Narrative by Hannah Crafts

Geras, Adele Troy

Ghosh, Amitav The Glass Palace

Gibran, Kahlil The Prophet

Gibson, William Neuromancer

Ginsberg, Allen Howl and Other Poems

Giovanni, Nikki My House

Glancy, Diane Stone Heart: A Novel of Sacajawea

Glaspell, Susan Trifles

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Faust

Gogol, Nikolai The Overcoat, Dead Souls

Goldberg, Myla Bee Season

Golding, William Lord of the Flies, The Inheritors

Goldman, William The Princess Bride

Goldsmith, Oliver She Stoops to Conquer, The Vicar of Wakefield

Gordimer, Nadine July’s People

Gordon, George (Lord Byron) Lord Byron: Poems

Gordon, Neil The Company You Keep

Gordon, Sheila Waiting for the Rain

Gould, Stephen Jay The Hedgehog, The Fox, and the Magister’s Pox: Mending the…

Gourevitch, Philip We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will be Killed…

Grass, Gunter The Tin Drum

Graves, Robert I Claudius

Green, Henry Loving

Greenberg, Jan Heart to Heart: New Poems Inspired by Twentieth Century Am. Art

Greenberg, Joanne I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Greene, Graham Brighton Rock, The Heart of the Matter, The Power and the Glory, The Third Man

Grey, Zane Riders of the Purple Sage

Griffin, John Howard Black Like Me

Guest, Judith Ordinary People

Gunther, John Death Be Not Proud

Guterson, David Snow Falling on Cedars, East of the Mountains

Haddon, Mark The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Hagedorn, Jessica Dogeaters

Halaby, Laila West of the Jordan

Haley, Alex Roots, The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Hamilton, Alexander The Federalist, Federalist Papers

Hamilton, Edith Mythology

Hamilton, Jane A Map of the World, The Book of Ruth

Hamilton, Laurell K. Guilty Pleasures

Hammett, Dashiell The Maltese Falcon, Red Harvest

Hamper, Ben Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line

Hansberry, Lorraine A Raisin in the Sun

Hanse, Drew D. The Dream: Martin Luther King Jur. and the Speech that Inspired a…

Hardy, Thomas Tess of the D’Urbervilles, The Return of the Native, Jude the

Obscure, Mayor of Casterbridge…

Harjo, Joy How We Became Human

Harper, Henn Give Me My Father’s Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo

Hart, Elva Trevino The Barefoot Heart: Stories of a Migrant Child

Hart, H. L. A. The Concept of Law

Hatch, John Mississippi Swamp

Hawking, Stephen A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, The Universe in a Nutshell

Hawthorne, Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables

Hayden, Torey L. Ghost Girl, Somebody Else’s Kids

Hays, David My Old Man and the Sea: A Father and Son Sail Around Cape Horn

Hazlitt, William Table-Talk: Essays on Men and Manners

Heame, Vicki Adam’s Task: Calling Animals by Name

Heaney, Seamus The Cure at Troy: A Version of Sophocles’ Philoctetes, Opened Ground

Heat-Moon, Williams Least Blue Highways, Columbus in the Americas

Hedges, Chris War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning

Heilbroner, Robert Worldly Philosophers

Heinlein, Robert Strangers in a Strange Land, The Door into Summer, Puppet Masters

Hellenga, Robert The Sixteen Pleasures

Heller, Joseph Catch-22

Hellman, Lillian The Little Foxes, Watch on the Rhine, The Children’s Hour, Pentimento

Hemingway, Ernest A Farewell to Arms, The Old Man and the Sea, The Sun Also Rises,

For Whom the Bell Tolls, Islands in the Stream

Henry, O. Stories

Herbert, Frank Dune

Herbert, George The Complete English Poems

Herriott, James All Creatures Great and Small

Hersey, John Hiroshima, A Single Pebble

Hesse, Hermann Siddhartha, Demian, Steppenwolf

Hillengrand, Laura Seabicuit

Hilton, James Good-bye Mr. Chips, Lost Horizon

Himes, Chester Yesterday Will Make You Cry

Hoffer, Eric True Believer

Holdstock, Robert Mythago Wood

Holliday, Laurel Children of Israel, Children of Palestine: Our Own True Stories

Holthe, Tess Uriza When Elephants Dance

Homer The Iliad, The Odyssey

Hongo, Garrett Yellow Light: Poems

Hornby, Nick High Fidelity

Horvitz, Leswlie A. Eureka! Scientific Breakthroughs that Changed the World

Hosseini, Khaled The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns

Howe, Peter Shooting Under Fire: The World of the War Photographer

Hoyt, Erich & Ted Schultz Insect Lives

Hudson, W. H. Green Mansions

Hughes, Richard A High Wind in Jamaica

Hughes, Langston Selected Poems, Short Stories, The Ways of White Folks

Hugo, Victor The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables

Hulme, Keri The bone People

Hurston, Zora Neale Their Eyes Were Watching God, Dust Tracks on a Road, Mules and Men

Huxley, Aldous Brave New World, Point Counter Point

Hwang, David Henry M. Butterfly

Ibsen, Henrik A Doll’s House, An Enemy of the People, Hedda Gabler, Ghosts, Wild

Duck, Peer Gynt

Irving, John A Prayer for Owen Meany, The World According to Garp

Isherwood, Christopher The Berlin Stories

Ishiguro, Kazuo The Remains of the Day, Never Let Me Go

Jackson, Phil Sacred Hoops

Jackson, Shirley The Haunting of Hill House, The Lottery

Jacobs, Harriet Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

James, Henry The Portrait of a Lady, The Turn of the Screw, Daisy Miller, The American, Washington Square, The Aspern Papers, Wings of the Dove,

The Ambassadors, The Golden Bowl

Jen, Gish Typical American

Jewett, Sarah Orne Country of the Pointed Firs and Other Stories

Jin, Ha Waiting

Johnson, Charles Middle Passage

Johnson, James Weldon Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

Jones, James From Here to Eternity

Jones, LeRoi Blues People

Jonson, Ben Volpone

Joravsky, Ben Hoop Dreams

Joyce, James A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, Dubliners, The Dead, Finegan’s Wake

Kafka, Franz The Trial, The Metamorphosis, The Castle, The Caretaker

Kaplow, Robert Me and Orson Welles

Karlsen, Carol The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England

Karr, Mary The Liar’s Club: A Memoir

Katz, Jonathan Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet Out of Idaho

Katzenberger, Elaine First World, Ha Ha Ha: The Zaptista Challenge

Kaufman, Bel Up the Down Staircase

Kawabata, Yasunari Snow Country

Kay, Guy Gavriel Tigana

Kaysen, Susanna Girl, Interrupted

Kazantzakis, Nikos The Last Temptation of Christ

Keats, John Complete Poems

Keegan, John The Face of Battle

Keller, Helen The Story of My Life

Kendall, Martha E. Failure Is Impossible: The History of America Women’s Rights

Keneally, Thomas Schindler’s List

Kennedy, John F. Profiles in Courage

Kennedy, Robert Thirteen Days

Kennedy, William Ironweed

Kerouac, Jack On the Road

Kesey, Ken One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Sometimes a Great Notion

Keyes, Daniel Flowers for Algernon

Khue, Le Minh The Starts, The Earth, The River

Kidd, Sue Monk The Secret Life of Bees

King, Martin Luther Jr. A Testament of Hope

King, Ross Brunelleschi’s Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Archit.

King, Stephen The Stand

Kingston, Maxine Hong The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts

Kincaid, Jamaica Annie John

Kingsolver, Barbara Bean Trees: A Novel, Pigs in Heaven, Poisonwood Bible, Animal Dreams

Kingston, Maxine Hong Woman Warrior

Kipling, Rudyard Kim, The Light that Failed

Knowles, John A Separate Peace

Koestler, Arthur Darkness at Noon

Kogawa, Joy Obasan

Kosinski, Jerzy N. Being There, The Painted Bird

Kotlowitz, Alex There Are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing up in…

Kovic, Ron Born on the Fourth of July

Kozol, Jonathan Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools

Krakauer, John Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster

Krauss, Lawrence Atom: An Odyssey from the Big Bang to Life on Earth and Beyond

Krich, John El Beisbol: Travels Through the Pan American Pastime

Kundera, Milan The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Kureishi, Hanif Gabriel’s Gift

Ladd, Florence Sara’s Psalms

Lahiri, Jhumpa Interpreter of Maladies, The Namesake

Lamb, Charles Charles Lamb: Selected Writings

Lamb, Wally I Know This Much is True, She’s Come Undone

Lambrecht, Bill Dinner at the New Gene Cafe

Lamott, Anne Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

Lang, Ji Li Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution

Lanier, Shannon Jefferson’s Children: The Story of One American Family

Lara, Adair Hold Me Close, Let Me Go: A Mother, a Daughter, and…

Larkin, Philip Collected Poems

Larson, Edward J. Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing…

Latifa My Forbidden Face: Growing Up Under the Taliban

Laurence, Margaret The Diviners, Stone Angel

Lawrence, D. H. Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, Women in Love

Lawrence, Jerome Inherit the Wind

Lawrence, Lee The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail

Laye, Camara Dark Child

LeCarre, John The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

Lederer & Burdick The Ugly American

Lee, Chang-Rae The Native Speaker, A Gesture Life

Lee, Gus China Boy

Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird

LeGuin, Ursula Lef Hand of Darkness

Leopold, Aldo A Sand County Almanac: And Sketches Here and There

Leroux, Gaston The Phantom of the Opera

Lessing, Doris The Golden Notebook

Levine, Robert A Geography of Time

Lewis, C. S. The Screwtape Letters

Lewis, Sinclair Main Street, Babbitt, Arrowsmith

Li Po and Tu Fu Li Po and Tu Fu

Lightfoot, Sara Lawrence Balm in Gilead: Journey of a Healer

Lindburgh, Anne Morrow A Gift from the Sea

Livingstone, Lili Cockerville American Indian Ballerinas

Livio, Mario The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi the World’s Most Astonishing Numb.

Llewellyn, Richard How Green Was My Valley

London, Jack Call of the Wild, Klondike Tales

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth The Poetical Works of Longfellow

Lopez, Barry Arctic Dreams

Lord, Bette Bao Spring Moon

Lovecraft, H. P. At the Mountains of Madness

Lowell, Robert Life Studies, For the Union Dead

Lowry, Malcolm Under the Volcano

Machiavelli, Niccolo The Prince

MacLean, Alistair Ice Station Zebra

Maclean, Norman A River Runs Through It and Other Stories, Young Men and Fire

MacLeish, Archibald J. B.

MacLennan, Hugh The Watch that Ends the Night

Mah, Adeline Chinese Cinderlla

Mailer, Norman The Executioner’s Song, The Naked and the Dead, Armies of the Night,

The Spooky Art: Thoughts on Writing

Malamud, Bernard The Fixer, The Natural, The Magic Barrel, The Assistant

Malcom X The Autobiography of Malcom X

Malory, Sir Thomas Tales of King Arthur

Mann, Thomas Death in Venice, The Magic Mountain, Buddenbrooks

Maraire, J. Nozipo Zenzele: A Letter for My Daughter

Markandala, Kamala Nectar in a Sieve

Markham, Beryl West with the Night

Marlowe, Christopher Doctor Faustus

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia One Hundred Years of Solitude

Marrin, Albert Terror of the Spanish Main—Sir Henry Morgan and His Buccaneers

Marshall, Paule Brown Girl, Brownstones, Praisesong for the Widow

Martel, Yann Life of Pi

Martinez, Manuel Luis Drift: A Novel

Martinez, Ruben Crossing Over: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail

Marvel, Andrew To His Coy Mistriss and other poems

Mason, Bobbie Ann In Country

Massie, Robert Nicholas and Alexandra

Masters, Edgar Lee Spoon River Anthology

Mathabane, Mark Kaffir Boy: The True Story of a Black Youth’s Coming of Age…

Maugham, Somerset Of Human Bondage

Maybury-Lewis, David Millenium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World

McBride, James The Color of Water

McCall, Nathan Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America

McCarthy, Cormac All the Pretty Horses, Blood Meridian

McCarthy, Mary Memories of a Catholic Girlhood

McCourt, Frank Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir

McCullers, Carson A Member of the Wedding, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

McCullough, David John Adams

McEwan, Ian Atonement

McGreevey, Tom & J. Yeck Our Movie Heritage

McKinley, Robin Beauty

McPhee, John The Control of Nature

McPherson, James Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era

Mead, Margaret Coming of Age in Samoa

Melville, Herman Moby Dick, Barleby the Scrivener, Typee, Benito Cereno, Billy Budd,


Mencken, H. L. Treatise on the Gods

Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, All My Sons, A View from the Bridge

Miller, Henry Tropic of Cancer

Mill, John Stuart On Liberty and Other Essays

Mills, Kay This Little Light of Mine: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer

Milton, John Paradise Lost

Mishima, Yukio Sound of Waves

Mistry, Rohinton A Fine Balance

Mitchell, Margaret Gone with the Wind

Moliere Tartuffe, The Misanthrope

Momaday, N. Scott House Made of Dawn

Monroe, Mary God Don’t Like Ugly

Monsarrat, Nicholas The Cruel Sea

Moody, Ann Coming of Age in Mississippi

Moore, Alan Watchmen

Moore, Marianne The Poems of Marianne Moore

Morrison, Toni Sula, Beloved, The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon

Mosley, Walter Workin’ on the Chain Gang: Shaking Off the Dead Hands of History

Moyers, Bill The Power of Myth

Myers, Walter Dean Monster

Mukerjee, Bharati Jasmine, Desirable Daughters, Tree Bride

Murakami, Haruki Kafka on the Shore

Murdoch, Iris Under the Net

Murray, Albert Train Whistle Guitar

Nabokov, Vladimir Pale Fire, Pnin, Lolita, Pale Fire

Nafisi, Azar Reading Lolita in Tehran

Naipul, V. S. A Bend in the River, Middle Passage, A House for Mr. Biswas

Nash, Madeline El Nino: Unlocking the Secrets of the Master Weather Maker

Naylor, Gloria Bailey’s Café, The Women of Brewster Place, Mama Day, Linden …

Nazer, Mende Slave

Neruda, Pablo Selected Poems

Ng, Fae M. Bone: A Novel

Nichols, John Treadwell Milagro Beanfield War

Ninh, Bao The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam

Nolen, Stephanie Promised the Moon: The Untold Story of the First Women in Space

Nordhoff, Charles Mutiny on the Bounty

Norris, Frank The Octopus

Norris, Pamela Eve: A Biography

Nye, Naomi Shihab 19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East

Oates, Joyce Carol We Were the Mulvaneys, A Garden of Earthly Delights

O’Brien, Flann At Swim-Two-Birds

O’Brien, Patrick Master and Commander

O’Brien, Tim Going After Cacciato, The Things They Carried, In the Lake of the Woods

O’Connor, Flannery A Good Man is Hard to Find, Wise Blood, Everything that Rises Must Converge

O’Connor, Patricia Woe is I: The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English

Oe, Kenazburo Nip the Buds-Shoot the Kids

O’Hara, John Appointment in Samarra

Okada, John No No Boy

Oliver, Mary New and Selected Poems

Ondaatje, Michael The English Patient, Coming Through Slaughter

O’Neill, Eugene Long Day’s Journey into Night, The Emperor Jones, Mourning Becomes

Electra, The Hairy Ape, The Iceman Cometh

Orwell, George Animal Farm, 1984, Homage to Catalonia, A Collection of Essays

Otto, Whitney How to Make an American Quilt

Ovid Metamorphses

Ozick, Cynthia Heir to the Glimmering World

Paine, Thomas The Crisis

Panuk, Orhan My Name is Red

Parks, Gordon The Learning Tree

Passos, John Dos USA (trilogy)

Pasternak, Boris Doctor Zhivago

Patchett, Ann Bel Canto

Paton, Alan Cry, the Beloved Country

Paul, Jim Catapult

Paz, Octavio Labyrinth of Solitude

Pears, Iain An Instance of the Fingerpost

Peck, Richard A Long Way from Chicago, A Year Down Yonder

Peck, Robert A Day No Pigs Would Die

Pepys, Samuel Diary of Samuel Pepys

Percy, Walker Love in the Ruins, The Moviegoer

Petronius Satyricon

Petry, Ann The Street

Pham, Andrex X. Catfish and Mandala

Pielmeier, John Agnes of God

Pinter, Harold The Homecoming, The Birthday Party

Pipher, Mary Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, The Middle of

Everywhere: The World’s Refugees Come to Our Town

Pirandello, Luigi Six Characters in Search of an Author

Pirsig, Robert Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Plath, Sylvia The Bell Jar

Plato The Republic

Poe, Edgar Allan Great Tales and Poems

Pollan, Michael The Botany of Desire

Pope, Alexander The Rape of the Lock

Porter, Katherine Anne Ship of Fools

Porter, Roy Madness: A Brief History

Postman, Neil Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of …

Potok, Chaim The Chosen, My Name is Asher Lev

Powell, Anthony A Dance to the Music of Time (series)

Preston, Richard The Demon in the Freezer

Proulx, Annie The Shipping News

Proust, Marcel Swann’s Way

Pynchon, Thomas The Crying of Lot 49, Gravity’s Rainbow, V

Quinn, Daniel Ishmael

Racine, Jean Paedre

Rand, Ayn The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, We the Living

Rawlings, M. K. The Yearling

Read, Piers Paul Alive

Remarque, Erich Maria All Quiet on the Western Front

Reynolds, Sheri A Gracious Plenty

Rhys, Jean Wide Sargasso Sea, Voyage in the Dark

Rice, Ben Pobby and Dingan

Rich, Adrienne The School Among the Ruins: Poems 2000-2004

Richardson, Samuel Pamela

Richler, Mordecai Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

Richter, Conrad Sea of Grass

Rigden, John S. Hydrogen: The Essential Element

Roach, Mary Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Robinson, Marilynne Housekeeping

Rochlin, Michael Jacob Away Game

Rogasky, Barbara Smoke and Ashes: The Story of the Holocaust

Rogosin, Donn Invisible Men: Life in Baseball’s Negro Leagues

Robert, Cokie Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised our Nation

Robinson, Edwin A. Richard Cory

Rodriguez, Luis Always Running

Rolvaag, O. E. Giants in the Earth

Roosevelt, Eleanor My Day

Rostand, Edmond Cyrano de Bergerac

Roth, Henry Call It Sleep

Roth, Phillip Portnoy’s Complaint, Goodbye Columbus, American Pastoral

Rulfo, Juan The Burning Plain

Rushdie, Salman The Moor’s Last Sigh, Midnight’s Children

Russo, Richard Empire Falls

Sacks, Oliver Seeing Voices, Awakenings

Sagan, Carl Contact, Cosmos

Said, Kurban Ali and Nino: A Love Story

Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye, Franny and Zooey

Salzman, Mark True Notebooks

Sandburg, Carl Complete Poems, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years…, Paul Bunyan

Sandler, Martin W. Photography: An Illustrated History

Sandoz, Mari Cheyenne Autumn

Santiago, Esmeralda When I Was Puerto Rican

Sapphire Push

Saroyan, William The Human Comedy

Sartre, Jean Paul No Exit

Satrapi, Marjane Perselpolis

Sayers, Dorothy The Nine Tailors

Schaefer, Jack Shane

Schlosser, Eric Fast Food Nation

Schumacher, E. F. Small is Beautiful

Scott, Sir Walter Ivanhoe

Sebold, Alice Lucky

Selvadurai, Shyam Cinnamon Gardens

Senna, Danzy Caucasia

Shaara, Michael The Killer Angels

Shaffer, Peter Equus

Shakur, Tupac A Rose that Grew from Concrete

Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, A Midsummer

Night’s Dream, As You Like It, Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar,

King Lear, Merchant of Venice, Much Ado about Nothing, Othello,

Richard III, Henry IV parts I and II, Henry V, The Tempest

Shaw, Bernard Man and Superman, Saint Joan, Pygmalion, Candida, Major Barbara,

Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Arms and Man

Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Poetry and Prose

Shelly, Mary W. Frankenstein

Sheridan, Richard B. The School for Scandal

Shields, Carol The Stone Diaries

Shute, Nevil On the Beach, A Town Like Alice, Trustee from the Toolroom

Silko, Leslie Marmon Ceremony, Storyteller

Simon, Rachel Riding the Bus with My Sister: A True Life Journey

Sinclair, Upton The Jungle

Singer, Isaac Bashevis Stories

Smiley, Jane A Thousand Acres

Smith, Anna Deveare Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights and Other Identities

Smith, Betty Joy in the Morning, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Smith, Huston Why Religion Matters, Illustrated World Religions

Smith, Lee Fair and Tender Ladies, Oral History

Smith, Zadie White Teeth

Sobel, Dava Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved…

Song, Cathy Picture Bride

Sophocles Oedipus Rex, Antigone

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksander One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Spark, Muriel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Spiegelman, Art Maus

Stark, Peter Last Breath: Cautionary Tales from the Limits of Human Endurance

Starkey, David Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII

Stead, Christina The Man Who Loved Children

Steele, Richard Commerce of Everyday Life: Selections from the Tattler and…

Steffens, Lincoln The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens

Stegner, Wallace Angel of Repose

Stein, Joseph Fiddler on the Roof

Steinbeck, John The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, East of Eden, Cannery Row

Steinberg, Jacques The Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College

Stendahl The Red and the Black

Stephenson, Neal Snow Crash

Sterne, Laurence Tristam Shandy

Stevenson, Robert Louis Treasure Island, The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,


Stoker, Bram Dracula

Stone, Irving Lust for Life, Love is Eternal, Men to Move My Mountains, Clarence Darrow for the Defense

Stone, Robert Dog Soldiers

Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Arcadia

Storm, Hyemeyohsts Seven Arrows

Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Straight, Susan Highwire Moon

Strindberg, August The Father

Stuart, Jesse The Thread that Runs So True

Styron, William Sophie’s Choice, The Confessions of Nat Turner

Susskind, Ron A Hohpe in the Unseen

Swift, Jonathan Gulliver’s Travels

Swofford, Anthony Jarhead

Sykes, Bryan The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science that Reveals our Genetic…

Tan, Amy The Joy Luck Club, The Bonesetter’s Daughter

Tarkington, Booth The Magnificent Ambersons

Tayer, Jeffrey Facing the Congo: A Modern-Day Journey into the Heart of Darkness

Tennyson, Alfred Lord Idylls of the King, In Memoriam

Terkel, Studs Race, Hard Times, The Good War…

Thackeray, William Vanity Fair

Thomas, Dylan Poems of Dylan Thomas

Thomas, Lewis A General Theory of Love, Lives of a Cell

Thoreau, Henry David Walden, Civil Disobedience

Thurber, James Essays

Tobin, James Great Projects: The Epic Story of the Building of American…

Tocqueville, Alexis de Democracy in America

Toer, Pramoedya Ananta This Earth of Mankind

Tolstoy, Leo Anna Karenina, War and Peace, The Death of Ivan Illych

Tolkien, J. R. R. The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Toomer, Jean Cane

Trollope, Anthony Barchester Towers, The Warden, The Way We Live Now

Truman, Margaret Women of Courage

Trumbo, Dalton Johnny Got His Gun

Tuchman, Barbara A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous Fourteenth Century, March of Folly, The Guns of August

Turgenev, Ivan Fathers and Sons

Turner, Nancy E. These Is My Words

Turner, Sugar Sugar’s Life in the Hood: The Story of a Former Welfare Mother

Twain, Mark The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pudd’nhead Wilson, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s…

Tyler, Anne Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, Searching for Caleb, The Accidental


Tyree, Omar A Do right Man

Undset, Sigrid Kristin Lavrandsdatter

Ung, Loung First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers

Updike, John Rabbit Run, Centaur, Gertrude and Claudius, Pigeon Feathers

Uris, Leon QB VII, Exodus

Valdez, Luis The Zoot Suit

Valenzuela, Luisa Clara

Verdelle, A. J. The Good Negress

Vidal, Gore Lincoln: A Novel

Villarreal, Jose Antonio Pocho

Virgil The Aeneid

Voltaire Candide

Von Drehle, David Triangle: The Fire that Changed America

Vonnegut, Kurt Slaughterhouse Five, Sirens of Titan

Vreeland, Susan The Passion of Artemisia

Walcott, Derek Collected Poems: 1948-1984

Walker, Alice The Color Purple, In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens, Meridian,

Temple of my Familiar

Walker, Margaret Jubilee

Wallace, David Foster Infinite Jest

Wallace, Lew Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ

Warren, Robert Penn All the King’s Men

Washington, Booker T. Up from Slavery

Watson, Larry White Crosses

Watson, Peter The Modern Mind: An Intellectual History of the 20th Century

Waugh, Evelyn Brideshead Revisited, A Handful of Dust, The Loved One, Scoop

Weatherford, Jack Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World

Weisel, Elie Night

Welch, James Winter in the Blood, Fools Crow

Wells, H. G. The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau

Wells, Rebecca The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Welty, Eudora Thirteen Stories, The Optimist’s Daughter, One Writer’s Beginnings, Delta Wedding

West, Jessamyn The Friendly Persuasion

West, Nathanael Miss Lonelyhearts, Day of the Locust

Wharton, Edith The House of Mirth, The Age of Innocence, Ethan Frome

Wheelen, Charles Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science

White, T. H. The Once and Future King, The Sword in the Stone

Whitman, Walt Leaves of Grass

Wideman, John Edgar Brothers and Keepers, Sent for You Yesterday

Wiesenthal, Simon The Sunflower

Wilbur, Richard Collected Poems: 1943-2004

Wilder, Thornton The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Our Town

Williams, Juan Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years, 1945-65

Wilde, Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wilder, Thornton Our Town

Williams, John A. The Man Who Cried I Am, Captain Blackman

Williams, Tennessee A Streetcar Named Desire, The Glass Menagerie, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,

Desire Under the Elms

Williams, William Carlos Poems

Wilson, August The Piano Lesson, Fences, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone

Wilson, Edward O. Diversity of Life

Winchester, Simon The Professor and the Madman, Krakatoa

Windling, Terri The Good Wife

Wodehouse, P. G. The Inimitable Jeeves

Wolfe, Thomas Look Homeward Angel, You Can’t Go Home Again

Wolfe, Tom The Right Stuff

Wolff, Milton Another Hill

Wolff, Tobias In Pharaoh’s Army: Memories of the Lost War, This Boy’s Life, Old


Woodward, C. Vann The Strange Career of Jim Crow

Woods, Donald Biko

Woolf, Virginia To the Lighthouse, Mrs. Dalloway, A Room of One’s Own, Orlando: A


Wordsworth, William William Wordsworth—the Major Works: Including the Prelude

Wouk, Herman The Caine Mutiny, Winds of War, War and Remembrance

Wright, Richard Native Son, Black Boy

Yates, Richard Revolutionary Road

Yeats, William Butler Collected Poems

Yolen, Jane Favorite Folktales from Around the World, Briar Rose

Yoshikawa, Eiji Murashi

Zacks, Richard The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd

Zarnation, Eugene We

Zindel, Paul The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

Zyskind, Sara Stolen Years

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