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Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type

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Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type

Farmer Brown has a problem.  His cows like to type.  All day long he hears, "Click, clack, moo.  Click, clack, moo."  At first, he couldn't believe his ears.  Cows that type?  Impossible!  "Click, clack, moo.  Click, clack, moo."  Then he couldn't believe his eyes.  "Dear Farmer Brown, The barn is very cold at night.  We'd like some electric blankets.  Sincerely, The Cows."

It was bad enough the cows had found the old typewriter in the barn, now they wanted electric blankets!  "No way," said Farmer Brown.  "No electric blankets."

So the cows went on strike.  They left a note on the barn door.  "Sorry.  We're closed.  No milk today."

"No milk today!" cried Farmer Brown.  In the background, he heard the cows busy at work.  "Click, clack, moo.  Click, clack, moo."

The next day, he got another note.  "Dear Farmer Brown, The hens are cold, too."  They'd like electric blankets, too.  Sincerely, The Cows."

The cows were growing impatient with the farmer.  They left a new note on the barn door.  "Closed.  No milk.  No eggs."

"Cows that type.  Hens on strike!  Whoever heard of such a thing?  How can I run a farm with no milk and no eggs!"  Farmer Brown was furious. 

Farmer Brown got out his own typewriter.  "Dear Cows and Hens, There will be no electric blankets.  You are cows and hens.   I demand milk and eggs.  Sincerely, Farmer Brown."

Duck was the neutral party, so he brought the ultimatum to the cows.  The cows held an emergency meeting.  All night long, Farmer Brown waited for an answer.  Duck knocked on the door early the next morning.  He handed Farmer Brown a note.  "Dear Farmer Brown, We will exchange our typewriter for electric blankets.  Leave them outside the barn door and we will send Duck over with the typewriter.  Sincerely, The Cows."

Farmer Brown decided this was a good deal.  He left the blankets next to the barn door and waited for Duck to come with the typewriter.  The next morning he got a note.  "Dear Farmer Brown, The pond is quite boring.  We'd like a diving board.  Sincerely, The Ducks."

"Click, clack, quack.  Click, clack, quack."  Farmer Brown heard.

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