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CityApp Kathmandu 2014

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CityApp Kathmandu 2014

CITYNET Secretariat

Summary Report

March 25, 2014

CityApp Kathmandu 2014

Dhulikhel and Kathmandu, Nepal

March 13-15, 2014

CityApp 2014 is the flagship program of the CityNet Secretariat, created in partnership with Microsoft and local government organizations. This innovative project fits closely with the mission of building people-centered cities by exchanging knowledge and best practices across governments, civil society, and the private sector.
CityApp Kathmandu brought together government officials, developers, and citizens to conceptualize, build and implement innovative mobile and web applications to increase communication and transparency between citizens and government.

Summary of Accomplishments:

CityApp is an ongoing project, with the potential to be replicated in CityNet member cities in the future. As of March 24, 2014, the CityApp program has:

  • Incorporated information and communications technology (ICT) in an innovative way, firmly establishing CityNet’s status as a contemporary, proactive organization that offers cutting-edge programs

  • Connected 103 developers with 20+ Kathmandu officials to create homegrown solutions to urban problems, empowering local citizens to improve their surroundings through technology

  • Created 5 demo applications to be developed further over the next 2 months, with 29 applications developed in total, bringing a wide range of possible application solutions into reach

  • Raised the international profile of CityNet through extensive print, video, and social media coverage with over 15 articles in print, 8 video segments, and hundreds of retweets and mentions

  • Grew the capacity of Kathmandu Municipal Government by providing new tools for communication, civic engagement and city management, while increasing the awareness of technological solutions

  • Renewed the Secretariat’s focus on creating practical solutions reflecting real problems identified by government, NGO, and civil society stakeholders

  • Strengthened the Secretariat’s partnership network both in Kathmandu and internationally

Next Steps:

CityApp 2014 will continue to grow and develop throughout the year. Following the success of the first CityApp initiative, the top 5 applications are currently being incubated through the resources and expertise of Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal (MIC). Microsoft and CityNet have agreed to bring the top team to the World Cities Summit in Singapore, June 1-4. 2014, to showcase the CityApp program to a global audience.
CityNet and Microsoft are also holding conversations to determine the location of the next CityApp initiative. Cities discussed have included Jakarta, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Mumbai, and Bangkok. As applications reach market-readiness, they will be presented to the entire CityNet network, multiplying the impact of this program.

CityApp Report Annexes:

  1. Program Highlights

  2. CityNet’s Role

  3. Winners Bios and Solutions description

  4. Blueprint Challenge Winner

  5. Media Coverage list

  6. Looking Ahead

Annex 1:

Program Highlights
Thursday: March 13, 2014

Opening Ceremony – Post-Opening Meetings – Developers Begin
The Opening Ceremony was held at Dhulikhel Lodge resort, and was well-attended by CITYNET and Microsoft representatives and partner organizations. The Vice President of Microsoft Public Sector, Asia Pacific, Mr. Stefan Sjöström welcomed all participants, followed by remarks from the Advisor of UN-Habitat Nepal, Mr. Prafulla Man Singh Pradhan, and MuAN Vice President, Mr. Ashok Byanju. The CEO of Kathmandu, Mr. Laxman Aryal, delivered the keynote speech, and Microsoft Innovation Center Director, Mr. Allen Tuladhar introduced the event.
After the Opening Ceremony, the organizers and partners were asked to attend a closed-doors meeting to discuss both the CityApp program and future collaborative possibilities. The meeting included discussions of collaboration between Kathmandu Municipal Government and Microsoft, with the coordination of CITYNET. Participants in the meeting also included UN-Habitat, NGO and CBO representatives.
The 103 developers divided into teams of 2-5 and began working on their application development, with assistance and input from Kathmandu Government IT officials and Microsoft representatives.
Friday: March 14, 2014

Welcome Dinner
The participants and organizers were invited to a Welcome Dinner hosted by the Kathmandu Municipal Government and CEO, Mr. Laxman Aryal. The participants and organizers joined together in a celebration of the program. This was a rare opportunity for young citizens to engage with city and Microsoft global officials. This cross-generational and cross-sector event should be repeated at the next CityApp initiative. Within two hours, the developers were back at work, finalizing their applications.
Saturday: March 15, 2014

Pitch Fest – Closing Ceremony
A panel of 28 distinguished judges met at Dhulikhel Lodge resort to assess the finished demo applications and hear the reasoning and ideation behind each team’s efforts. The panel consisted of many local Kathmandu and Lalitpur government officials, a MuAN representative, representatives from the IT private sector as well as representatives from Microsoft and CITYNET. With 29 teams to assess, the panel had a difficult choice to make for the best app.
The participants moved to the Shankar Hotel in Kathmandu for the final closing ceremony. The Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, Honorable Mr. Prakash Man Singh, was in attendance as an honored guest, along with the Vice President of Microsoft Public Sector Asia, Mr. Stefan Sjöström and Special Advisor to CITYNET, Ms. Mary Jane Ortega.
The Closing Ceremony presented awards to the top three finalists and two honorable mentions. Each team was awarded a cash prize of 50,000, 25,000, and 10,000 rupees respectively. The top five teams will be incubated for two months at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Kathmandu. Please read below for winning team details.

Annex 2:


CityApp sprung out of a partnership between Microsoft and CITYNET that was formalized in the 2013 CITYNET Seoul Congress with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This agreement focused on bringing the resources of Microsoft to the cities of the CITYNET network.

CITYNET played a large role in this project through mobilizing the network to participate in the following ways:

  • Captured commitment from the Kathmandu and Lalitpur city governments

  • Engaged local partners, namely UN-Habitat Nepal, Guthi, MuAN, CIUD and more

  • Motivated officials to contribute precise problem statements in a timely manner

  • Liaised with Kathmandu and Lalitpur representatives throughout the event

  • Coordinated endorsing partner coverage from UN-Habitat Nepal

  • Drafted and distributed press releases in coordination with Microsoft

  • Engaged SNU ITPP Professor Hwang’s participation

CITYNET also contributed heavily during the event in the capacity of a local resource, panelists during the judging process, blueprint solution judging, and in many speaking roles. Special Advisor Mary Jane Ortega delivered a very well-received address during the Closing Ceremony and served as a media resource after the event.

As CityApp moves forward, the Secretariat will continue to play a key role in mobilizing and engaging local government officials on the ground. The greatest strength of CityApp is the role it plays in identifying and addressing real, tangible challenges that the government and citizens face in their urban lives, and connecting these with innovative technology-based solutions. CITYNET can ensure that the problems addressed are of major importance, and that after the CityApp program concludes, governments and citizens are aware and able to use the fruits of the program.

Annex 3:

Winner’s Bios and Solution Description
Full details and photos of the winning teams can be accessed here:

First Place: Team Conscientious

App: Safety Whistle

Solution Summary:

Safety Whistle focuses on public safety. If an individual is attacked or in a conflict situation, they can press a panic button to send a message to a pre-determined emergency contact number. The application will then send an SMS, email and GPS information to the contact and locale police station.

  • Anish Ansari: Anish Ansari is Microsoft Student Partner 2014 nominated from Birgunj Institute Of Technology. He aims to be a developer so have been involving in developing windows,windows phone applications.

  • Gopal Kandoi: Gopal Kandoi from Birgunj studies BCA at National Infotech College. Currently he is in his 4th semester. His interests are programming, surfing and doing some research in technology.

  • Rumi Shakya: Rumi Shakya, resident of Kathmandu is a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) 2014 nominated from Prime College. Currently studying BSc CSIT.

  • Yashasvi Raj Pant: Yashasvi Raj Pant resident of Kathmandu is a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) 2014 nominated from IOE Pulchowk. Currently studying Bachelor in Computer engineering. He is Interested in Development like Windows Apps, Web etc.

Second Place: Whitespace

App: LifeZine

Solution Summary:

LifeZine is a patient-centric application that captures interactions between a health care provider and a patient. LifeZine has a built-in intelligent decision support system that carries out the general diagnosis process for a patient under the direct supervision of a trained medical professional. The decision support system of the LifeZine is built using the medical diagnosis algorithm developed and tested by Nick Simon’s Institute but does not contain of any medical treatment procedures (treatment should be under the direct supervision of doctors). It is designed to manage patient data longitudinally, linking multiple interactions over time into a single patient chart to maintain patients’ medical history over time.

  • Aashish Acharya: Aashish Acharya is a recent graduate on Computer Engineering from Pulchowk Campus. He is currently involved in, a startup he co-founded with his two other friends. He passed his Proficiency Certificate Level in Physics from St. Xavier’s College. He’s also the Microsoft Student Partner of the Year 2012. He did his internship as Data Analyst in Yomari Inc.

  • Ayush Manandhar: Ayush Manandhar is a recent graduate on Electronic Engineering from Pulchowk Campus. He is currently involved in He passed his Proficiency Certificate Level in Physics from St. Xavier’s College.

  • Supritam Shrestha: Supritam Shrestha is a recent graduate in Computer Engineering from Pulchowk Campus. He passed with Diploma in Computer Engineering from Thapathali Campus. He did his internship as Data Analyst in Yomari Inc.

  • Sabin Bhandari: Sabin Bhandari is a recent graduate on Computer Engineering from Pulchowk Campus. He is currently involved in, a startup he co-founded with his two other friends. He passed his Proficiency Certificate Level in Physics from St. Xavier’s College. He did his internship as System Developer in United Nations’ World Food Programme.

Third Place: Yorbit Technologies

App: Track Mandu

Solution Summary:

Track Mandu uses vehicle tracking systems, including transmitters to determine high-traffic areas and provide users with information to choose their daily route. This solution requires dedicated hardware installed in private and public vehicles to provide consistent data.

  • Chandan Gupta Bhagat: A fourth year Computer Engineering Student at IOE Pulchowk Campus, who works on cloud computer.

  • Prajwal Rimal: A third year computing student at Islington, who focuses on server administration.

  • Prakash Aryal: A fourth year Computer Engineering student at IOE Pulchowk Campus who focuses on mobile application development across platforms.

  • Thakur Neupane: A fourth year Electronics and Communication Engineering student at IOE Pulchowk Camus who focuses on custom embedded sustems and robotics.

Annex 4:

Blueprint Challenge Solution
The Blueprint Challenge was a competition prior to the event that served to bring in a wider audience. The original problem statements from city officials were hosted online, and the general public was invited to create a detailed draft of an application solution in response.
With 58 submissions, there was obviously a lot of interest in this challenge. Responders touched on many challenges, including transportation, waste management, safety, health, and more. The winning solution was an application designed to create a geographically-based network of blood donors in Kathmandu.
Kathmandu has many traffic accidents, and blood banks are often overwhelmed with demand, especially for rare blood types. This application would empower the user to locate, contact, and speak to a potential blood donor that in their immediate locale. This could enable first responders to work more efficiently and effectively to save lives in Kathmandu.

Annex 5:

Media Coverage List

  1. Gorkhapatra Daily: Front Page article, March 15

  2. Rajdhani Daily: Front Page article, March 15

  3. Living with ICT magazine: Inside story article, March 14

  4. The Himalayan Times: Front page article, March 15

  5. The Annapurna Post: Feb. 6, 2014

  6. Gorkhapatra Daily: Feb. 6

  7. Nagarik News: Front page below the fold, March 15

  8. The Annapurna Post: March 15

  9. Rajdhani Daily: March 16

  10. Chosun Ilbo:


  1. Hamro Kathmandu Nepal Television Show

  2. Hamro Kathmandu Nepal Television Show

  3. Hamro Kathmandu Nepal Television Show

  4. Hamro Kathmandu

  5. Hamro Kathmandu

  6. Nepal Television

  7. Gorkha FM

  8. Image Channel



  2. Futures Magazine

  3. Futures Magazine

  4. UN Information

Tweet Sampling:


Annex 6:

Looking Ahead

CityApp is an ongoing and growing initiative, with immense possibility to empower local citizens across the CITYNET network. As the Secretariat looks forward to a period of renewed growth, CityApp will continue to be a cornerstone of programming in 2014.

Incubation Period

The five finalists have been invited to use the Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal facilities over the next two months. They have also been offered the following menu of items to help develop their application and presentation skills:

  • Help with business basics

  • Networking activities

  • Marketing assistance

  • High-speed Internet access

  • Help with accounting/financial management

  • Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs

  • Help with presentation skills

  • Links to higher education resources

  • Links to strategic partners

  • Access to angel investors or venture capital

  • Comprehensive business training programs

  • Advisory boards and mentors

  • Management team identification

  • Help with business etiquette

  • Technology commercialization assistance

  • Help with regulatory compliance and legal matters

  • Intellectual property management

World Cities Summit

At the end of the incubation period, a top finalist will be selected to attend the World Cities Summit (WCS). The attendees will be the team that has fully developed their application by the end of the allotted time period, and will be chosen with input from CityNet and Microsoft.

CityNet has been invited to attend the World Cities Summit, and Vijay Jagannathan, the Secretary General, will be attending as a guest speaker. Microsoft has also invited CityNet to join their pavilion, which will be in place during the entire WCS event. Additionally, they have offered to host a cocktail party for any CityNet member city representatives in attendance. The Secretariat will follow-up with the Centre for Liveable Cities and Microsoft in the coming weeks to solidify our attendance and participation.
Next Initiative

CityApp will definitely be replicated in another member city or National Chapter. Discusssions are currently being held to identify that chapter, and should be determined within the coming weeks.

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