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City of Battle Lake City Council Minute–November 10, 2015

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City of Battle Lake - City Council Minute–November 10, 2015


Approve Battle Lake Boathouse permits

Consent agenda

LQ Report

Police Report

Rescue Report
FD Report


Motor Patrol Report
he Battle Lake City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Battle Lake City Hall.
Mayor Chuck Reeve called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with Council members Don Maslow, Marjorie Quammen, and Ryan Christensen present. Absent was Janet Ruhland. Also present was City Attorney, JJ Cline; Clerk/Treasurer, Val Martin; Police Chief, Kent Kortlever; Rescue Squad Vice-Captain, Nic Drusch; Alex Morical, Fire Chief; Adam Freyholtz, Liquor Store Manager. Visitors: Jeremy Anderson, Design Tree Engineering, & Teri and Brad Gruss from Battle Lake Boathouse.
Maslow made a motion to approve the agenda. Christensen seconded. MCU
Brad and Teri Gruss from Battle Lake Boathouse were in attendance to request the approval of a zoning permit for a new restaurant in the old hardware store building at 112 Lake Ave. Their plan is to serve organic, home-made, thin-crust pizzas with a number of tap beer selections and wine. They complimented the City on the help they have received and felt very welcomed in the community. They are planning on remodeling the interior but need the zoning permit for the addition of a deck on the back side of the property. A site visit was conducted by Martin and Olson and it was noted the area where the proposed deck will be constructed is already impervious. Olson signed the application giving his approval. Quammen moved to approve the zoning application as presented. Maslow seconded. MCU Christensen moved to approve an on-sale and Sunday liquor license for the restaurant contingent on the proper paperwork being submitted. Maslow seconded. MCU They hope to open in April of 2016.
Maslow moved to approve the consent agenda:

Treasurer’s Report, Minutes from Previous month, Claims List, and Extra Hours Report. Bills totaled $152,829.13.

Christensen seconded. MCU
Adam Freyholtz presented his report on the liquor store. October sales are up 18% from last October and overall sales for the year are up 11.7% over last year. A food drive was held with a number of financial and food donations collected for the local food shelf.
Police Chief Kent Kortlever reported on September activities, mileage and training. The Chief’s squad has been in for a number of repairs, all under warranty. The Dodge squad was in for repairs last week.
Nic Drusch reported on Rescue Squad activities.
Alex Morical reported the number of runs and training over the last several months. Christensen moved to approve the following officers for the Fire Department for 2016: Chief – Alex Morical; 1st Assistant Chief – Owen Christensen; 2nd Assistant Chief – Mark Christensen; Training Officer – Bo Durbin; Secretary – Tim McCarte and Trustee – Tom Minten. Maslow seconded. MCU
No public works report.
Jeremy Anderson was at the meeting to report on the Safe Routes to School project. We are waiting on approval from MnDOT to re-bid.
Committee Reports: BL Motor Patrol – Christensen reported that a new driver has been hired besides Brad Grewe. They are still hiring another person to fill the 3rd position. Hoffman Building will meet with them and bring some plans for examples of a new building. Once a plan has been chosen, they can advertise for bids. A salary and benefit increase was approved for Brad Grewe. They will sell the old trucks on sealed bids which are due November 30th and will be opened December 1st.

EM MGT Report
Health & Safety
Tri-City Report
Fire hall

Fire hall funding


Ashby to Battle Lake Corridor Study

EDA Advisory Committee

Hwy 78 Refund

Green Steps Cities
L Area Fire & Rescue
- Maslow reported on their last meeting – audit is complete. They spent some time discussing financial options.
LACC- No report
Emergency Management – minutes received from October 26, 2015 meeting.
Health and Safety Committee - minutes received from October 26, 2015 meeting.
Tri-City Housing – The group attended a workforce housing informational meeting presented by DEED on a grant program now available. They will meet again on Thursday.
Fire Hall Project – A bill was received from Cline/Larson for the attorney fees to transfer the property. This will be forwarded to BLAFRA.
Mike Nelson sent an e-mail to the group asking that each entity provide their own funding. He also indicated that a representative from the bank will be at the next meeting to discuss a loan available to the entities. Martin reviewed information from David Drown, Assoc. on funding options available for the fire hall. The City cannot legally borrow money from the bank and must go through a bonding process and in this case, a hearing will need to be held. JJ will forward the information to the townships and BLAFRA will discuss at their next meeting.
The airport discussion was tabled. More information was received from MnDOT Aeronautics and it appears that there are several issues that would need to be addressed before the airport could be considered by MnDOT for public use. Most of the issues cannot be easily remedied and it does not seem viable at this time.
Martin reported on the corridor study between Ashby and Battle Lake. A meeting was held with the trail group and Rick West, engineer from Otter Tail County. The group hopes to contribute funds to the County’s trail plan and work with the same consultant to get the study complete. The county commissioners will need to approve this plan.
Maslow moved to approve the Economic Development Advisory Committee:

  • Janet Ruhland

  • Don Maslow

  • Randy Dorn

  • Mike Henkenius

  • Sara Boyum

  • Leigh Shebeck

  • Jeff Drake

  • Milt Paulson

  • Val Martin

Reeve seconded. Christensen opposed. Motion carried. This advisory group will meet to make recommendations for changes to the EDA by-laws. Once the EDA is reorganized, this group may become the members of the newly formed EDA.
A refund on the Highway 78 project of $48,403.76 will be sent soon. JJ Cline and Steve Seufert have spoken with Design Tree Electrical and they will be working on the sidewalk and street light next week.
Council discussed the Green Step Cities program and decided to table this project until later as we have a number of projects going on right now.

CUP – Krenz Project

Ordinance 112-Peddlers

Kym Resignation

Brad Resignation

Hiring Karalee Brandner

Part-time Advertising-Clerical

Martin as Interim Zoning Officer
ew Business

Maslow moved to approve the Conditional Use Permit for John Krenz. The project is for grading, excavation, and landscaping for a new housing development. Plans were completed by Design Tree Engineering. Christensen seconded. MCU

The amendment to Ordinance 112 – Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants, the application and the special event permit were tabled. The ordinance committee will meet with Martin and Kortlever to come up with some recommendations.
Christensen moved to approve Resolution 2015-11-10A Accepting a $200 Donation from Deb Larson for Battle Lake Rescue in Memory of Maynard Larson. Quammen seconded. Roll call vote: those voting for – Quammen, Maslow, Reeve and Christensen. Those voting against – none. MCU
Maslow moved to approve the resignation of Kym Christiansen as Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant. Quammen seconded. MCU
Christensen moved to approve the resignation of Bred Grewe. Maslow seconded. MCU
It was noted that the Employee Relations Committee is recommending the council approve a promotion of Karalee Brandner to Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant. Brandner has been working as Clerical Assistant but has also been cross-training duties with the Deputy Clerk. Maslow moved to approve Brandner’s promotion to full-time Deputy Clerk-Treasurer/Administrative Assistant. She will start at $16.99/hour on November 16, 2015 through the end of the year and will be moved to $18.02/hour after January 1st. She starts work full-time on December 1, 2015. Benefit eligibility will begin December 1st and she will be eligible for health and dental benefits on January 1, 2015. Christensen seconded. MCU
Christensen moved to approve the advertising of a part-time clerical assistant. Maslow seconded. MCU
Christensen moved to approve Martin as acting Zoning Officer in the absence of Bert Olson. Quammen seconded. MCU
Council all voted for Lakes Country Service Coop board members.
Public sale of tax-forfeited will take place on December 16th in Fergus Falls.
A sanitary survey report for the water system was received with no issues noted.
A copy of the e-mail sent to the paper regarding the council’s decision to no longer print a condensed version of the minutes was reviewed.
The City’s Holiday party will be on December 11th at Stevelly’s. Staff and council will be invited and everyone will pay their own way.
Next council meeting is December 8, 2015.

Adjourn at 8:20 p.m.


Valerie J. Martin


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