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Check sheet for acceptance of fresh lut/renewal of lut

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  1. Whether LUT is submitted in duplicate as per :

the prescribed format.
2. Whether draft LUT is vetted by Section :

  1. Whether LUT is submitted in Rs. 100 Non :

Judicial Stamp paper.
4. Whether LUT is duly signed by the Authorized :

signatory in all the pages-

  1. Proprietor in case of Sole Proprietorship

  2. Partners or Managing Partner as specified in the

Partnership Deed.

  1. In the case of Limited companies, two directors :

Authorized by the Board resolution or Managing Director

5. Whether common seal/company seal has been :

affixed at the end of LUT.

  1. Whether LUT is duly certified by the Notary :

Public in all the pages
7. Whether copy of Resolution of Board Meeting :

passed in favour of the authorized signatory is

8. Whether copy of LOA/LOP furnished :

  1. Whether copy of Partnership Deed/Memorandum:

of Articles submitted (In case of approvals

approved by SIA, Delhi)

  1. Whether copy of Application and project :

Report submitted (In case of approvals

approved by SIA, Delhi)

  1. Whether copy of the LUT accepted for the :

previous five year period furnished(in case of

LUT renewal cases)

12. Whether revised projections have been :

submitted and approved

  1. Whether the unit has submitted the reports :

(APR/QPR) for the period covered under the

LUT executed earlier (LUT renewal)
14. Date of completion of previous LUT period :

furnished (LUT renewal)

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