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Chairman: Lev M. Lerman

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Preliminary schedule

Monday, July 1.

9-00 – 10-00 (регистрация и кофе-брейк)

Открытие: 10-00 – 10-30

Утреннее заседание: Chairman: Lev M. Lerman

10-30 – 11-10 V.V. Kozlov «Statistical irreversibility of dynamical systems with measures».

11-15 – 11-55 V.S. Anishchenko “Poincarè recurrences and their applications in nonlinear dynamics “

12-00 – 12-40 A.S. Dmitriev “Dynamical chaos for telecommunications”

13-00 – 14-30 Lunch

Section 1Bifurcations and strange attractors

Chairman: Sergey Zelik

Section 2 Dynamical systems with additional structures (Hamiltonian, time-reversible, etc.)”

Chairwoman: Vered Rom-Kedar

Section 3Applications of dynamical systems


S.Yu. Dobrokhotov


V.N. Belykh “Multidimensional Lurie systems and Henon maps:

Smale’s horseshoes and bifurcations”

Lev M. Lerman “On some problems related to the Shilnikov’s saddle-focus”

Alexey Davydov “Optimal stationary cyclic exploita-tion of renewable resources“


Igor Belykh, Vladimir Belykh, Martin Hasler “Ghost attractors in randomly switched dynamical systems”

Vassili Gelfreich “Asymptotics beyond all orders near a Hamiltonian bifurcation”

N.V. Derendyaev “Quantum-hydrodynamic analogy”


V.F. Butuzov “On peculiarities of asymptotics of solutions to singularly perturbed boundary value problems with a multiple root of the degenerate equation”

Sergey Bolotin “Shilnikov lemma for a nondegene-rate critical manifold of a Hamiltonian system”

N.V. Vakulenko, N.N. Ivaschenko, V.M. Kotlyakov, D.M. Sonechkin “On bifurcations that implied the elongation of glacial epochs cycles during pleiocene/pleistocene”


R. Johnson “Bifurcation in nonautonomous differential systems”

Marina Gonchenko "Exponentially small splitting of separatrices for 2D and 3D invariant tori"

R. Barrio, F. Blesa, S. Serrano, A. Shilnikov A.

Homoclinic spirals and branch adding bifurcations

16-30 – 17-00 Coffee break

Chairman: S.A. Kashchenko

Chairman: Sergey Bolotin

Chairman: Alexey Davydov


S.D. Glyzin, A.Yu. Kolesov, N.Kh. Rozov “Blue sky catastrophy in relaxation systems”

A.N.Sharkovsky, V.V. Fedorenko “Types of homoclinic trajectories in one-dimensional dynamics”

S.Yu.Dobrokhotov, D.A.Lozhnikov, V.E.Nazaikinskii “Cascade of bifurcations of space-time caustics and wave trains over elongated underwater banks”


S. D. Glyzin “Relaxation oscillations in neuro-dynamic systems with delays”

G.L. Alfimov “Discrete spectrum of nonlinear modes: a mechanism to emerge”

D. Fournier-Prunaret “Allee effect and dynamics behaviour in Richards’ growth models”


L.A. Kalyakin “Stability of dynamical system under random perturbations”

A. B. Batkhin ”Bifurcation of double symmetric periodic solutions of a Hamiltonian system”

A.A. Potapov “The global fractal method and the fractal paradigm in fundamental radar problems”


Yumagulov M.G. “Operator methods in the problem of constructing Arnold tongues”

A.Yu. Anikin “Librations of Hamiltonian systems and tunnelling in quantum double well”

A.S. Vaganyan “Contact transformations and normal forms in thermodynamics of non-ideal media”

19-00 – 21-00 Welcome party

Tuesday, July 2.

Morning session: Chairman: Dmitry Treschev

9-00 – 10-00 V.S. Afraimovich «L.P. Shilnikov: scientific heritage»

10-00 – 10-40 C. Simo “Non-integrability of the Swinging Atwood’s Machine using higher order

variational equations”

10-40 – 11-20 E.A. Sataev “Perturbations of singular hyperbolic attractors”

11-20 – 11-50 Coffee break

11-50 – 12-30 R. Markarian, M. J. Pacifico, J. L. Vieitez “Exponential speed of mixing for skew-

products with singularities”

12-30 – 13-10 Dimitry Turaev “Lorenz attractors for flows and diffeomorphisms”

13-10 – 14-30 Lunch

Section 1Bifurcations and strange attractors

Chairman: Dimitry Turaev

Section 2 Dynamical systems with additional structures (Hamiltonian, time-reversible, etc.)”

Chairman: E.A. Sataev

Section 3Applications of dynamical systems

Chairman: Yuri Maistrenko


O.B. Isaeva, S.P. Kuznetsov, I.R. Sataev, A. Pikovsky “Bifurcation mechanisms of the birth and destruction of hyperbolic chaos”

N. Miguel-Banos, C. Simo, A. Vieiro “Scaling properties and limit behavior of the largest islands in the Chirikov’s Standard Map far away from Greene’s limit”

U. Feudel, R. Vortmeyer, D. Bastine, K. Guseva “Transport barriers in time-dependent flows and their consequences for pattern formation”


S.V. Gonchenko “On universal scenarios of chaos appearance for three-dimensional diffeomorphisms”

Konstantin Khanin “Hyperbolicity of minimizers for a random forced Hamilton-Jacobi equation”

D.E. Pelinovsky “1:3 resonance of multi-site breathers in Klein-Gordon lattices“


J.C. Tatjer “Expanding Baker Maps as models for dynamics emerging for 3D homoclinic bifurcations”

M. Kloc, L. Lerman, V. Rom-Kedar “A saddle in a corner - a model of atom-diatom chemical reactions”

Michael A. Harper “US Office of Naval Research Global International Science Program”


S.V. Gonchenko, I. I. Ovsyannikov On Lorenz-like attractors birth under global bifurcations”

P. Grisins “Overview of the theoretical research and experimental realizations of one-dimensional many-body almost-integrable systems with cold quantum gases”

D.A. Burlakova, E.V. Kruglov “The model of economic dynamics with discrete time”

16-30 – 17-00 Coffee break

Chairman: J.C. Tatjer

Chairman: S. Yu. Pilyugin

Chairman: V.I. Nekorkin


Albert C. J. Luo “Analytical solutions of periodic flows to chaos“

P. Zgliczynski ”Shadowing of non-transversal heteroclinic chain”

A.O. Mikhaylov, M.A. Komarov, T.A. Levanova, G.V. Osipov “Sequential switching activity in ensembles of inhibitory coupled oscillators”


O.V. Stenkin “One parameter analysis of Homoclinic Ω-explosion: intervals of hyperbolicity and their boundaries”

A.P. Markova “On the existence of homoclinic orbits at periodic reversible Hamiltonian Hopf bifurcation”

M.V. Demina, N.A. Kudryashov “Point vortices and nonlinear polynomials of the Sawada–Kotera and Kaup–Kupershmidt equations”


Poster Session 1

William Giles “On structure and reduction in some Hamiltonian homoclinic bifurcation problems”

Benjamin Cambon, Xavier Leoncini “On the conservation of the magnetic moment in fusion plasma”


Poster Session 1

Sergey Tikhomirov “Shadowing in actions of abelian and nonabelian groups”

K.E. Starkov, A.P.Krishchenko, D. Gamboa, A. Villegas “Dynamical analysis of two models of cancer tumor growth with immunotherapy”


Poster Session 1

D.I. Todorov “Lipschitz inverse shadowing for nonsingular flows

Max Demenkov “Basin boundary bifurcations and hidden oscillations in multistable dynamics of controlled aero-elastic wing”

20-00 Concert of classical music (37 B. Pokrovskaya, Old University Hall)

Wednesday, July 3.

Morning session: Chairman: C. Simo

9-00 – 9-40 A.I. Neishtadt “On mechanisms of destruction of adiabatic invariance in slow-fast Hamiltonian systems”

9-45 – 10-25 D.V. Treschev “KAM-tori near a resonance”

10-25 – 11-00 Coffee break

11-00 – 11-40 V.Z. Grines “On dynamics of diffeomorphisms with hyperbolic nonwandering sets on 3-manifolds”

11-45 – 12-25 Francois Laudenbach “In memory of William P. Thurston, an evocation of his work on surfaces”

12-30 – 14-00 Lunch

15-00 – 18-00 Volga boat trip

19-00 – 22-00 Banquet

Thursday, July 4.

Morning session: Chairman: A.I. Neishtadt

9-00 – 9-40 S.P. Kuznetsov “Hyperbolic chaos in physical systems

9-45 – 10-25 S.Yu. Pilyugin “Nonhyperbolic shadowing”

10-25 – 11-00 Coffee break

11-00 – 11-40 Bernold Fiedler “ODE meanders and PDE global attractors: a Sturmian view”

11-45 – 12-25 Lorenzo Diaz “Rich model cycles in skew-product dynamics: From totally

nonhyperbolic dynamics to fully prevalent hyperbolicity via heterodimensional cycles”

12-30 – 13-10 Yulij S. Ilyashenko “New types of attractors”

13-10 – 14-30 Lunch

Section 1Bifurcations and strange attractors

Chairman: Jeroen S.W. Lamb

Section 2 Dynamical systems with additional structures (Hamiltonian, time-reversible, etc.)”

Chairman: Vladimir Belykh

Section 3Applications of dynamical systems

Chairman: G.V. Osipov


Michael A. Zaks “On the origin of birhythmicity in ensembles of coupled oscillators”

A. Delshams “Global instability in the elliptic restricted three body problem using two scattering maps”

V.I. Nekorkin, A.S. Dmitrichev “Heteroclinic contours and self-replicated wave patterns in neural networks with complex-threshold excitation”


Sergey Zelik “Counterexamples to the regularity of Mane projections and global attractors”

A. Delshams, S.V. Gonchenko, V.S. Gonchenko, J.T. Lazaro, O. Stenkin “Mixed dynamics in two-dimensional reversible maps “

N.N. Nefedov “Asymptotic comparison principle and its application for reaction-diffusion-advection equations with fronts


I. Baldoma, O. Castejon, T.M. Seara “Shilnikov bifurcations in the Hopf-zero singularity”

Laura Gardini, Iryna Sushko, Viktor Avrutin “Critical homoclinic orbits, appearance of snap-back repellers and Ω-explosions in piecewise smooth maps”

Yuri Maistrenko and Volodymyr Maistrenko “Chimera states for repulsively coupled phase oscillators


Olga S. Kostromina, Albert D. Morozov “On resonances and chaos in the system with a homoclinic ”figure-eight”

V.S. Medvedev “Morse-Smale flows with three nonwandering points on closed n-dimensional manifolds”

Chunqing Lu “Chaos generated by a dynamic system alike Duffing equation”

16-30 – 17-00 Coffee Break

Chairman: Lorenzo Diaz

Chairman: V.Z. Grines

Chairman: V.I. Nekorkin


M.I. Malkin “Bifurcations and universality for rotation sets of Lorenz type systems”

Jeroen S.W. Lamb “Additive noise does not destroy a pitchfork bifurcation”

P.V. Kuptsov, S.P. Kuznetsov, A. Pikovsky “Ensemble of globally coupled periodic oscillators with a noise demonstrates hyperbolic chaos”


A.S. Gonchenko “On existence of Lorenz-like attractors in a nonholonomic model of celtic stone “

N.I. Zhukova “Transverse equivalence of complete conformal foliations”

I.S. Kashchenko “Dynamics of a system with two large delays”


V.P. Kruglov “Ring systems with hyperbolic attractors”

L.S. Efremova “L.P. Shil’nikov’s paper "On the work of A.G. Maier on central motions"and dynamics of skew products”

A.A. Kashchenko “Stability of auto-model cycles in a differential equation with large delay”


V. Zh. Sakbaev “Explosion phenomena for solutions to differential equation”

Е.V. Zhuzhoma “On bifurcations of solenoid-type invariant sets”

Alexey V. Borisov, Ivan S. Mamaev, Ivan A. Bizyaev “The hierarchy of the dynamics of a body rolling without slipping and spinning on a plane”


I.V. Podvigin “The rate of convergence in Birkhoff theorem for non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems”

Todd Young “Models of Cell Cycle Dynamics and Clustering

Alexey O. Kazakov, Alexey V. Borisov “Chaotic phenomena in the rubber rock’n’roller problem on a plane”

18-50 -19-10

D. Volk “Dynamics of Piecewise Translations”

N. Shekutkovski “Structure of components of chain recurrent set”

R.I. Bogdanov “Theory of direct measurements in quantum mechanics”

Friday, July 5.

Morning session: Chairwoman: J.M. Pacifico

9-00 – 9-40 Mark Levi “Pursuit curves, the stationary Schrodinger’s equation and forced vibrations”

9-45 – 10-25 Tingli Xing, Jeremy Wojcik, Roberto Barrio, Andrey Shilnikov “Symbolic tools for

exploration of deterministic chaos”

10-30 – 11-00 Coffee break

11-00 – 11-40 A.R. Champneys “Homoclinic snaking: localised pattern formation in Hamiltonian and

reversible systems”

11-45 – 12-25 S.A. Kashchenko “Normal and quasi-normal forms for difference and

difference-differential equations”

12-30 – 13-10 Guanrong Chen “Constructing a Simple 3D Autonomous Chaotic System

with Arbitrary Numbers of Equilibria or Attractor-Scrolls”

13-15 – 14-30 Lunch

Section 1Bifurcations and strange attractors

Chairman: Bernold Fiedler

Section 2 Dynamical systems with additional structures (Hamiltonian, time-reversible, etc.)”

Chairman: V. Fedorenko

Section 3Applications of dynamical systems

Chairman: S.P. Kuznetsov


A.J. Homburg “Synchronization in iterated function systems”

V. Afraimovich, L. Glebsky, M. Courbage “Directional Complexity and Entropy for Lift Mappings”

A. Pikovsky “Complex collective dynamics in oscillator populations”


R. Lozi “Various strategies of coupling and undersampling of chaotic sequences to improve their unpredictability”

Alexandra Antoniouk, Karsten Keller, Sergiy Maksymenko “On computation of Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy”

V.V. Vedenyapin, M.A. Negmatov “On H-theorem for Liouville Equation, Vlasov Dynamics and Boltzmann extremals”


A.D. Morozov “On bifurcations in resonance zones”

Yohann Duguet “Lagrangian and Eulerian chaos in confined two-dimensional convection”

D. Turaev, A.G. Vladimirov, S. Zelik “Interaction of oscillating dissipative optical solitons”


E.P. Kubyshkin “Domain effect in the dynamics of distributed kinetic system”

C. Simo, A. Vieiro “Study of an electro-mechanical device with figure-eight homoclinics in a domain with dissipation”

A.P. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsov, E.P. Seleznev, N.V. Stankevich “Set of generators of quasi-periodic oscillations”

16-30 – 17-00 Coffee break

Section 1Bifurcations and strange attractors

Chairman: V. Afraimovich

Section 2 Dynamical systems with additional structures (Hamiltonian, time-reversible, etc.)”

Chairman: A. Delshams

Section 3Applications of dynamical systems

Chairman: Michael A. Zaks


A.Yu. Zhirov “Branched coverings and pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms”

O.V. Pochinka “On simple isotopic classes of Morse-Smale diffeos on 3-sphere”

Fernandez Bastien “Breaking of Ergodicity in Expanding Coupled Map Lattices”


Poster Session 2

A.V. Savin, D.V. Savin “Multistability and transition to chaos in the web map with weak dissipation”

A.P. Kuznetsov, I.R. Sataev, L.V. Turukina “Invariant tori and complex dynamics in low-dimensional ensembles of oscillators”


Poster Session 2

V.V. Fedorenko “Orbits of intervals for one-dimensional dynamical systems”

T.A. Gurina “Cascade of homoclinic bifurcations in an ecologic system”

18-20 – 19-00 Closing


1. A.B. Adilova, A.P. Kuznetsov, A.V. Savin “On some features of coupled discrete Rossler oscillators dynamics”

2. I.A. Bashkirtseva, T.V. Ryazanova, L.B. Ryashko “Method of confidential domains in the analysis of noise-induced transitions for Goodwin model”

3. N.I. Biryukova “Statistical Characteristics of Poincare Return Times within the Local Approach under External Force and Noise Conditions”

4. N.V. Demina, O.B. Isaeva, A.Yu. Jalnine, V.I. Ponomarenko “The synchronization of systems with robust chaos and related communication schemes “

5. E.V. Derunova “Bifurcational analysis of extremals of Fredholm functionals with circular symmetry in presence of double resonances”

6. V.M. Doroshenko, L.V. Turukina “Synchronization in the phase model of three coupled oscillators: from a chain to a ring”

7. T.N. Dragunov, A.D. Morozov “On numerical visualization of invariant sets of dynamical systems”

8. Yu.P. Emelianova, V.V. Emelyanov “Effect of broadband synchronization in the systems of two delay-coupled oscillators with cubic-type and Bessel-type nonlinearities”

9. V.V. Emelyanov, Yu.P. Emelianova “Effect of the delay time in the coupling channel on synchronization regimes of two multi-mode oscillators”

10. E.V. Felk, A.V. Savin “The effect of weak nonlinear dissipation on the stochastic web”

11. A.S. Filchenkov “Boundary Conditions for Fiber Maps and the Topological Transitivity of Skew Products of Interval Maps”

12. E.E. Giricheva “Modelling of the influence of zooplankton activity on the ecosystem state”

13. D.V. Glazkov “Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation in delay differential equation with asymptotically large period cycle appearance”

14. A.R. Gufranov “Construction algorithms for the dynamic mode maps of the nonlinear dynamic systems”

15. E. Ya. Gurevich “On topological classification of Morse-Smale diffeomorphisms on a sphere of dimension four and higher”

16. V.A. Gustomesov “Description of cycles for quadratic maps from the position of the linear conjugacy”

17. N.R. Isanbaeva “Test of bifurcations for periodic solutions in the plane elliptic restricted three-body problem”

18. L.A. Kalyakin, O.A. Sultanov “Stability of autoresonance models”

19. S. Kapkaeva “Three-color graph for topological classification of gradient-like diffeomorphisms on surfaces”

20. M.Yu. Khavinson, M.P. Kulakov “Nonlinear dynamics of employment on the labor market”

21. N.A. Kudryashov, D.I. Sinelshchikov “Generalized Burgers equation for description of nonlinear waves in liquid with gas bubbles”

22. A.P. Kuznetsov, I.R. Sataev, L.V. Turukina “Invariant tori and complex dynamics in low-dimensional ensembles of oscillators”

23. A.P. Kuznetsov, L.V. Turukina, N. Chernyshov “Synchronization and dynamics of three reactively coupled oscillators”

24. Y.A. Levchenko “On topological classification of A-diffeomorphisms on M3 with 2-dimensional surface basic sets.”

25. E.N. Makhrova “The structure of dendrites admitting the existence of an arc horseshoe”

26. T.M. Mitryakova “On energy function for structurally stable diffeomorphisms on surfaces”

27. M.A. Obychev, O.B. Isaeva, S.P. Kuznetsov “Ring system with the complex analytical dynamics phenomena”

28. E.V. Pankratova, V.N. Belykh “Bifurcations and attractors in six-dimensional system of two dynamically coupled van der Pol-Duffing oscillators”

29. D.V. Savin, A.V. Savin, U. Feudel “Structure of the parameter plane for conservatively coupled H´enon maps at different dissipation levels”

30. V.V. Semenov “Experimental research of stochastic Andronov-Hopf bifurcation in self-sustained oscillators with additive and parametric noise”

31. A.V. Slepnev, T.E. Vadivasova, I.A. Shepelev “Coherence resonance and traveling waves regimes destruction in model of an active medium with periodic boundary conditions”

32. E.S. Suyundukova “Functionalization of a parameter in a saddle-node bifurcations”

33. N.A. Yakushkin “Dynamics of point-wise and diffusive models of the iodine-xenon oscillations”

34. А.В. Гасников, Ю.В. Дорн, Ю.Е. Нестеров, С.В. Шпирко “Об использовании теоремы Тихонова для вариационного описания равновесия в многостадийной математической модели транспортных потоков крупного мегаполиса”

35. Л.С. Ибрагимова “Признаки синхронизации субгармонических колебаний в консервативных динамических системах”

36. М.П. Кулаков “Кластеризация в моделях динамики пространственно распределенных популяций“

37. Е.В. Курилова, М.П. Кулаков, Е.Я. Фрисман “Синхронизация в системе миграционно-связанных сообществ «ресурс–потребитель»”

38. Г.П. Неверова “Режимы динамики двухкомпонентной популяционной модели, включающей промысловое изъятие”

39. В.И. Потапов “Бифуркации в прикладных диссипативных динамических системах”

40. А.Ю. Переварюха “Бифуркации и нелинейные эффекты, интерпретируемые в моделях воспроизводства популяций рыб”

41. К.В. Шлюфман “Уравнение Рикера с циклически изменяющимся параметром”

42. N.A. Kudryashov, P.N. Ryabov, T.E. Fedyanin “Mathematical modeling of the processes of formation of nanostructures on the semiconductor surfaces under ion bombardment”

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