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Chair called the meeting to order at 7: 06 pm

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Senate Minutes

Student Government Association

Northeastern University


Present: 55

Absent: 18

Excused: 9

Quorum: was met.

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.
Executive Vice President, Mike Karolewski

  • Tonight, we have a representative from Catalyst will address us.

Valerie Paquette, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations, addressed the Senate regarding the Catalyst program at Northeastern.

President, Noah Carville:

  • Undergraduate Provost Search Forum happened just before Senate. Attendance was low, but if you want to give your feedback on the ideal candidate for a Provost, visit Give your feedback totally anonymously.

Comptroller, Krista deMello

  • The Finance Board will be meeting on Wednesday to hear new requests.

  • Congratulations to new Board members, Student-at-Large Nicole Thomas and Senator Neel Desai.

  • Student organizations should now submit all budget reallocation requests via orgsync.

  • One more SAF workshop this semester next week on October 6th at 6pm in 106 West Village G.

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Eric Tyler:

  • Started academic policy review last week.

  • College Expectations met last week to finalize list of expectations. Still looking for members.

  • Provost search committee forum was held tonight. The students who did attend provided great feedback.

Vice President for Student Affairs, Morgan Helfman:

  • Established the OSCCR assessment committee last week.

  • There will be another Mission Hill Breakfast Club meeting next week.

  • Everyone should register to vote using TurboVote.

Vice President for Student Involvement, Selmon Rafey:

  • Four new members to the Student Involvement Board: Senators Kerns, Tenenbaum, Haberli, and Van Der Wielen. There is one more senator spot available on the board.

Vice President for Student Services, John Finn:

  • Yields

Chief of Staff, Zach Shaw:

  • We had our first session of STEP. Thank you to those who attended. We will be meeting again next week at 6pm.

  • SGA Retreat will be October 11th and 12th. Teambuilding and fun will ensue.

Executive Director of Communications, Marie Schulte-Bockum

  • Yields

The Senate moved into Special Addresses.

Parliamentarian, Cameron Eide

  • Gave an overview of his position to members who were not present last week.

  • Looking for justices of the Operational Appeals Board, but if you want to be a justice, you cannot be a member of Senate or committee.

Elections Committee Chair, Keith Harrigian:

  • Yields

The Senate moved into Question Time.

Senator Kerns: How many spots are on the Operational Appeals Board.

Parliamentarian Eide: Six.

Senator Johnson: When will we start talking more about the advocacy hour?

EVP Karolewski: Tonight!

The Senate moved into New Business.
The Senate moved into a breakout session to discuss problems on campus.
Advocacy Hour Presentation
EVP Karolewski presented the SGA Advocacy Hour requirement for senators.

  • The hour is used to gain feedback from your constituents so that you can speak on their behalf in Senate.

  • Special Interest Senators and Board Members are exempt from the requirement.

  • The hour will be tracked by the chief of staff and communications and events committee.

  • The primary way that the advocacy hour will be completed is the SGA Ambassador Program.

    • VP Helfman and Senator Haas presented the SGA Ambassador Program. It is a communication tool used to gain feedback from student organizations around campus, and then bring that feedback back to the student senate.

    • President Carville listed the student organizations who are currently interested in having an SGA Ambassador.

  • The requirement can also be fulfilled through participating in outreach events via Communications and Events committee.

  • The requirement can also be fulfilled via email communications with your college.

The Senate moved into Question Time on the presentation
Senator Hamp: If the presentation to a student organization only takes 15 minutes, do I need to do four of them to fulfill the advocacy hour?

President Carville: You will have to follow up on the requests of the student organization, interface with SGA so that we can track their requests, and ultimately, report back to the student organization. You may only spend 15 minutes with them in person, but the total work involved should average out to an hour per week.

Senator Kerns: Do you go to the same group every week?

EVP Karolewski: No, it would be monthly.

Chief of Staff Shaw: Can I fulfill the requirement differently each week?

EVP Karolewski: Yes. You can do the SGA Ambassador program one week and then an outreach event the next week.

President Carville: If I have suggestions on how to improve the parameters we just outlined, would SGA be open to those suggestions?

EVP Karolewski: Yes.

Vice Chair Nominations
EVP Karolewski detailed the responsibilities of vice chair.
President Carville moves to open nominations for vice chair. Seconded by Senator Middleton. Without objection, this passes.
Elections Committee Chair Harrigian nominates VP Rafey. Seconded by VP Tyler. VP Rafey accepts.
Senator Goldstein nominates Senator Carlin. Seconded by Senator Johnson. Senator Carlin accepts.
Senator Rosenfeld nominates VP Helfman. Seconded by Senator Michunovich. VP Helfman accepts.
Senator Murdock nominates Elections Committee Chair Harrigian. Seconded by Senator Hamp. Elections Committee Chair Harrigian accepts.
Nominations will remain open until the election during the next Senate.
Parliamentarian Eide moves to table nominations. Seconded by Senator Kerns.
The Senate moved into Open Discussion
VP Tyler: Poll of the room: is anyone in the undeclared program?
VP Rafey: One thing that SGA can work on building community and engagement at Northeastern. Need to work on helping students feel connected, publicizing events, and then attending these events.
VP Helfman: Curry Student Center essay competition is still open. Also, attend the opening of the CSC Time Capsule on October 7th.
Senator Armstrong: I want to introduce myself. I am representing Northeastern Athletics this year, and we are very excited to get involved with SGA.
EVP Karolewski: Sigma Delta Tau is putting on an Empowerment Day event on Wednesday. We should support them.
Chief of Staff Shaw: Go on the senator retreat next, next weekend. There will be an opportunity to camp on the quad next week with the outing club.
President Carville: We want open discussion to be a time to give feedback on how to improve Northeastern. For example, there should be a better map system in the tunnels.
Senator Sheth: There are a lot of free certifications and trainings that you can get in your academic program. It would be great to reach out to our colleges to find out how we can better promote these programs.
Senate adjourned at 8:03 pm.
Respectfully Submitted to the Senate by Noah Carville.

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