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Chair called the meeting to order at 7: 04 pm

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Senate Minutes

Student Government Association

Northeastern University


Present: 37

Absent: 31

Excused: 19

Quorum: was met.

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.
Executive Vice President, Mike Karolewski

  • Tonight, we will be having a breakout session, and we will be confirming a Parliamentarian. There will also be a motion to establish a new OSCCR Assessment Committee.

Mary Wegman, Director of the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, addressed the Senate.

President, Noah Carville:

  • The Committee for Socially Responsible Investment will be moving forward in the next several weeks. A model proposal will be submitted to VP Laura Wankel tomorrow. If anyone is interested in getting involved in this initiative, please notify me.

Vice President for Student Services, John Finn:

  • There will be no committee tomorrow.

Comptroller, Krista deMello

  • Yields

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Eric Tyler:

  • Met with Tony Armelin last week regarding the co-op system, MyNEU COOL. The current system is going to be replaced, and the new system will be in place next year. There will be opportunities to test the new system in November.

  • Faculty Senate met last week. Peter Roby addressed them.

  • Library Student Advisory Council met last week and voiced concerns about the absence of locations for Skype or phone interviews on campus.

  • More recycling bins were put out on the third floor of Snell.

  • College of Science student advisory council is looking for students to attend their meetings.

  • Investigating Blackboard issues.

  • Undergraduate Provost search committee forum is next week.

Vice President for Student Affairs, Morgan Helfman:

  • Mission Hill Breakfast club last week was great, and it will happen again this weekend.

  • Committee will be tomorrow at 8pm.

  • Sexual Assault Sub-committee is meeting this Thursday.

Vice President for Student Involvement, Selmon Rafey:

  • Student Involvement Board met for the first time last week. Interviewing Board members this week. Please talk to me if you are interested in additional spots on the Board.

Chief of Staff, Zach Shaw:

  • If you need a placard, talk to me. If you are not getting emails from the SGA ListServ, talk to me.

  • SGA Office is looking for a work-study. Please talk to me if you are interested in the position.

  • The Senator Training and Education Program will begin next week at 6pm in the Senate chambers. Come!

Executive Director of Communications, Marie Schulte-Bockum

  • Yields

The Senate moved into Special Addresses.


  • Yields

Elections Committee Chair, Keith Harrigian:

  • Committee met last week, and this week we will start talking about elections promotions.

The Senate moved into Question Time.

Senator Milton: Did Comptroller deMello receive my application for Finance Board?

Comptroller deMello: Yes. I am currently reviewing applications.

Senator Hay: Is there any more information on the committee that will be working on MyNEU website?

Elections Committee Chair Harrigian: We are looking for someone to propose a referendum in the Spring election to overhaul MyNEU. If you are interested in that, please contact me.

The Senate moved into New Business.
The Senate moved into a breakout session for members to get to know one another.
Parliamentarian Confirmation
Cameron Eide, candidate for Parliamentarian, was appointed by cabinet to be confirmed by the Senate.
Candidate Eide addressed the Senate regarding his views on the role of Parliamentarian.

  • He sees the role of Parliamentarian as two fold: first, to chair the Operational Appeals Board, and second, to help members abide by Robert’s Rules of Order and help the group function efficiently.

The Senate moved into Question Time on Candidate Eide:

Elections Committee Chair Harrigian: Where did you get your tie?

Candidate Eide: Gilt Group – original Penguin.

Senator Kearns: Are there any other candidates?

Candidate Eide: I was the only candidate that cabinet appointed.

Comptroller deMello: Where have you gained experiences with Robert’s Rules?

Candidate Eide: I have had experience at national and international conferences with the International Relations Council. I have no problem with telling people when they are wrong.

The Senate moved into Debate on Candidate Eide.
With a supermajority vote, Candidate Eide is confirmed as Parliamentarian.
Student OSSCR Assessment Committee
VP Tyler moved to introduce the legislation to Senate. Seconded by Senator Hay. With no objection, the legislation will be brought before Senate.
VP Helfman presented the legislation to Senate:

  • VP Helfman gave a background on the Code of Conduct and review process.

  • There will be a diverse group of students reviewing the Code of Conduct so that we can consider all perspectives when assessing the committee.

The Senate moved into Question Time on the legislation
Chief of Staff Shaw: Who will chair the sub-committee?

VP Helfman: I will chair the committee, and Emily Williamson will be the vice-chair.

Senator Rosa: How will the other members, outside of SGA, be represented?

VP Helfman: I will reach out to the presidents of those respective organizations to get representatives.

Chief of Staff Shaw: Do you mean that there can be different people representing these groups each week?

VP Helfman: Yes.

Senator Carlin: Is there any provision that the people serving on the committee must have gone through the OSCCR disciplinary process?

VP Helfman: There will be a representative from the Student Conduct Board, but that is the only requirement. We want a mix of perspectives.

Comptroller deMello: Will this group be drafting a formal recommendation based on their discussions?

VP Helfman: The committee has a lot of input on the edits in the Code of Conduct. The committee exists for the purposes of both discussion and implementation of changes.

Senator Sheth: Do you think that not having a fixed representative from each organization could hurt the process?

VP Helfman: The people in the room will be acting on behalf of their constituents. They will be thinking on behalf of their organization.

Senator Gugliemotto: How would you reach out to students at large to sit on the committee? Students who were not part of a specific organization?

VP Helfman: We have contacts with many other student groups on campus, and we want students who are involved on campus. We can reach out to many of the clubs on campus to get students at large.

Chief of Staff Shaw: With a membership that can change each week, how can we determine quorum?

VP Helfman: The ten representatives listed in the document have voting rights. They will count toward quorum.

The Senate moved into Debate on the legislation
Senator Horen: I speak in support of the motion. It is important that students know this opportunity to review the Code of Conduct is available to them. That said, I think the representative from each group should be fixed – otherwise, we might not get a stable, working relationship among the group.
Senator Horen and Chief of Staff Shaw moved to amend the legislation to make the representatives constant following the second meeting of the committee.
This amendment is deemed friendly.
Senator Sheth: The student leaders on the committee may not have experience with the OSCCR disciplinary process. As such, there should be an opportunity for all students to come and make their voices heard to the committee regarding all aspects of the Code of Conduct and disciplinary process. This will give guidance to the student leaders on the committee.
Parliamentarian Eide: We cannot bind the members of a committee to perform specific actions (like holding an open forum).
Senator Johnson: The committee is addressing many facets of campus life, not just alcohol or drug use policy.
VP Helfman: Even when the faculty committee makes its final recommendation, their recommendation is not binding.
Elections Committee Chair Harrigian and Senator Falkovich moved to amend the legislation to require an outreach component of the committee’s membership.
The amendment is not deemed friendly. The senate moved into debate on the amendment.
Senator Middleton: It would be very difficult for eleven students to properly represent 16,000 undergraduates. The committee itself should be larger.
VP Tyler: I would strongly suggest that we do not impose restrictions or requirements on the committee members.
Chief of Staff Shaw: I would recommend instead that the committee present its proposed changes to the student body. This could be via a public forum or the student senate.
The legislation is updated to reflect Chief of Staff Shaw’s recommendation that the committee report to the student senate. VP Helfman accepts this new language as friendly.
Senator Middleton: I am not certain that students would attend senate to hear the proposal of the committee, so the final proposal may not reach a body that is representative of the student body.
EVP Karolewski: Any member of the university is welcome to attend Senate. Therefore, if anyone has strong opinions, they can come and hear the proposal.
Senator Murdock: SGA at its core is a representative body. This is the most representative body on campus, so this is where the presentation should be made.
Senator Horen moves to vote by placard on the legislation. Seconded by Chief of Staff Shaw. The motion passes with a supermajority.
The Senate moved into Open Discussion
Comptroller deMello: Another Finance Board workshop will be held to accommodate those who could not attend the first two.
Elections Committee Chair Harrigian: Please come to Elections Committee on Thursday.
Senate adjourned at 8:17 pm.
Respectfully Submitted to the Senate by Noah Carville.

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