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Central equipment kit

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c/o Alan Simpson

Butler’s Retreat, Wickeridge Mews,

Ashburton, TQ13 7JT

01364 654167

Mob 07754 086828

SI Equipment required by Planner
Aluminium toolbox of controls, numbered 31 – 90, plus clear, start, finish, etc

Aluminium or green plastic stakes, numbered 31 – 90, plus clear, start, finish, etc

2 heavy iron insertion tools for stakes

60 kites

1 start banner and 1 finish banner

bamboo canes with re and white streamers

Notes on using the SI equipment and the software on the club’s laptop computer are given in Alan Simpson’s series of “SI tutorials”, plus a full list of all the SI equipment.

Equipment required by Organiser
10 Road signs

2 Caution Runners signs

1 DEVON OC Sail Banner plus metal mounting stake
1 blue shelter tent

1 Coleman tent with three operating windows

4 Gopak Tables

4 Folding Chairs

1 Board for car keys

1 Registration Sign

2 Information Boards 27" x 20"

2 wooden boxes with 10 compartments for storing control description sheets, etc.

1 bucket for rubbish

Cash float £60:- 6 x £5 and 30 x £1

1 First Aid Rucksack

2 “Ask me for Help” yellow jackets

8 folding crates for maps, labeled White to Brown, including Short Green for Gallopen

1 Start Clock (not normally required if a punching start is used)

Equipment for Larger Events
Large pointing hands for car park marshals

Wooden stakes 40mm square

Roll of red and white tape + bag of used pieces

Numerous signs

Orange jackets for marshals

12 folding crates for maps, labelled 1 to 12, or A to M

1 large Start Banner, 4m x 60cm

1 large Finish Banner, 4m x 60cm

2 wooden posts, 2.4m high + metposts, for supporting 1 banner
String Kit for string course – “Thomas and Friends” – steam engines

Heritage Equipment from Non-SI Era
70 Kites

180 Canes (45 long, 83 medium, 52 short)

110 Punches in aluminium tool-case

80 Control numbers, numbers 201 - 280

29 Labels - competition in progress
100 Control Cards, of each colour:

brown, blue, green, light green, orange, yellow, white

2 Staplers + staples

1 pair scissors

1 roll of string

1 roll cloakroom tickets

DIY slips

1 Box for results envelopes (labelled 'RESULTS 30p')

200 Results envelopes
21 Master Map Boards, 24" x 16" (3 each white to brown)

4 Map Correction Boards 24" x 16"

7 Small boards, labelled White to Brown

1 To the Start Sign

4 Tarpaulins + Ropes for tarpaulins

1 Safety blanket

2 5 gallon water containers

Disposable cups

1 Small table
Make sure you wash out the drinks container immediately after use. Please return the Kit in the clean condition it was supplied in, and in one lot.

Orienteering\Equipment Alan Simpson

Central Equipment Kit.doc


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