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Carpe Textus Don’t just surf the Web. Seize it! Company Background

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Don’t just surf the Web. Seize it!

Company Background

Company History

The original version of what is today Maxthon was created in China by a man named Changyou, who wanted to customize Internet Explorer. Changyou routinely posted his code on his BBS for others to develop. He left the code posed when he left abruptly for five years, some say because of political differences.
Jeff Chen, then a software engineer in Singapore six years out of college, noticed the code lying untouched and began expanding it. For a long time, the browser continued under its original name, MyIE. But in 2003, Chen, realizing that most of the program was made up of code he had written, decided to change the name to Maxthon.
The popularity of Maxthon grew, and although it is still a free program, Chen has received contributions of money, plug-in code, debugging information and skins from users all over the world. Chen’s company has received seed funding from the first Skype investor, Morten Lund, and the WI Harper Group in 2005. In 2006 Maxthon received further investment from the venture capital group Charles River Ventures, and the following year from Google.
Today, 30 people, mostly engineers, work on Maxthon Beijing. Much of the work on such projects as a wiki, forum, and skin and plug-in develop continues to be done by volunteers. Chen estimate Maxthon has 10 million users in China, and 2 million in the rest of the world. With the release of version 2.0 of Maxthon in 2007, Chen hopes Maxthon will make greater inroads into the international market.

Business Opportunities

Maxthon welcomes business cooperation and currently offers the following services:
Custom Build

For business users who require a custom-branded browser with custom features or usage limitations, we can provide specialized build of Maxthon browser tailored to their needs.


We welcome PC hardware manufacturers and software vendors pre-installing Maxthon on their products. Please contact us for authorization.


We authorize any website to provide downloads for Maxthon browser for free. We welcome an exchange of links with any website that provides legal and healthy contents.

CD Distribution

The distribution of Maxthon browser on magazine and newspaper CD is authorized for free.

Other Business Cooperation

We also welcome other business cooperation. Please contact us for your suggestion.


Google Inc.

Baidu Inc.

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