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Canadian Frontiers and Homeland

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Canadian Frontiers and Homeland
Canadian Frontiers and Homeland exposes the students to a variety of literary genre that help to explain who we are as a nation and the impact Canada has had on the world around us. Students will look at world events from the early 1900’s to the present and see how these have been portrayed through the eyes of Canadian writers, poets, artists, songwriters/performers, and actors/actresses.

Questions for Deeper Understanding:

  • How do we define ourselves as ‘Canadian’?

  • How does being a Canadian influence writers, artists, actors, and other notable individuals?

  • How has Canadian history influenced the people who live in Canada as well as other people around the world?

Eras in Canadian History

  • 1900 – 1940 (WWI, WWII, Depression)

Vimy Ridge

  • 1950 – 1990 (Social revolution, Prosperity, Centennial)

Expo ’67

  • 2000 – Present (Terrorism, Technological Boom)

Water Pump

Eras in Canadian History is about events that shaped world and Canadian culture
Timeline websites:

Proud to be Canadian

Canadian Authors

In class Canadian short stories:

  • 1900 – 1940: Lucy Maud Montgomery - excerpt from novel: ``Emily`s Quest`` in Sightlines 10( page 66-67)

  • 1950 – 1990: Guy Vanderhaeghe -- ``What I Learned From Caesar`` in Man Descending (page 79-91)

  • 2000 – Present: Wes Fine Day—``The Hockey Game`` in Voices Under One Sky( page 54)
Independent Assignment: Students will analyze a Canadian short story of their own choice as modeled in class and write this up in a 5 paragraph essay

Canadian Poets

In class Canadian poems:

  • 1900 – 1940: Robert Service - ``The Shooting of Dan McGrew`` in Poetry In Focus (page 62-64)

  • 1950 – 1990: Glen Sorestad - ``Springtime High School Presentation`` in Blood and Bone, Ice and Stone ( page 56-57)

  • 2000 – Present: Anna Neuheimer-- ``A Letter To The Media`` in Sightlines 10( page 388)
Independent Assignment: Students will analyze three Canadian poems of their own choice as modeled in class by completing TPCASTT frames.

Canadian Artists

Historica Minutes Video Clips (Emily Carr, Paul Borduas, Ken Danby)

Canadian artists:

  • 1900 – 1940: Emily Carr

  • 1950 – 1990: Allen Sapp

  • 2000 – Present: Robert Bateman
Independent Assignment: Students will analyze a Canadian artist of their own choice and design a leaflet to highlight the artists work. The leaflet should include 3 pieces of work from the artist, a write-up on each piece, a personal reflection on the artists work, as well as a write up on the artists influences and inspirations.

Canadian Bands/Song Writers

Historica Minutes Video Clips (LaBoldus)
Canadian songwriters:

  • 1900 – 1940: Guy Lombardo (Auld Lang Syne)

  • 1950 – 1990: Joni Mitchell (Woodstock, Clouds)

Buffy Sainte-Marie (Universal Soldier, Up Where We Belong)

  • 2000 – Present: Michael Buble (Home, Everything)
Independent Assignment: Students will design a CD liner notes that includes a graphic to depict the theme/images of the song, a biography of the performer, and an interpretation of the song

Canadian Actors/Actresses

Historica Minutes Video Clips (Stratford)

Canadian actors/actresses:

  • 1900 – 1940: Mary Pickford (My Best Girl – 1927)

  • 1950 – 1990: Leslie Nielsen (Airplane – 1980)

  • 2000 – Present: Mike Myers (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – 1997
Independent Assignment: Students will create a dramatic oral presentation to inform the rest of the class about one of the assignments they have completed for this unit of work.

General: Well Known Canadians

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