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  • You can get a lot of i_____________ on the Internet.

  • The d_____________ between the two villages is 35 kilometres.



    Connect to, turn on , make a noise , welcome to , receive message , click on, a list of , finish doing , not any more, hear from, by hand ,

    1.Before the printing press people wrote books _______________.

    2.The new road has__________ the village __________ the big city.

    3. It’s time to watch TV. Please ______________ it __________.

    4. He is _______________. Tell him to be quiet.

    5. We are __________ children _____________.

    6. Do you often _________________ your friends?

    7. If you want to search on the Internet ,you need to _________ the word INTERNET.

    8. They have already ____________________ their homework.

    9. ______________ Yan’an.

    10 . That is ________________ new products.

    11. People use the mobile phone to______________.



    1. Very few people can be rich _________________( 在很短的 时间内).

    2. Please __________________(输入) your username.

    3. We can fine many new stars_____________________(在屏幕上).

    4. You need to hand in your math homework _______________(马上) .

    5. They did__________ leave _________ they saw the result. (直到…才)

    6. Would you like to ____________________(为…捎个口信) for me?

    7. He _____________(干…失败) pass the exam.

    8. You’d better ___________________(照顾好) grandfather.

    9. Do you often _____________________(与….联系 ) your classmate?

    10. You’d better _____________ your pants __________(洗).

    11. His mother didn’t ___________him ________ go out at night.(允许)

    Unit 7



    1. He______________( 出国) three years ago.

    He _______________(出国)for three years.

    2. May I speak to Li Ming ? _______________(别挂断).

    3.She would like to have a meeting with her favourite star____________(某一天) .

    4.Yesterday I ________ him _____ . But there was no answer.

    5. _____________________(在….. 尽头) of the road you can see the shop.

    ____________________(在….底) of last month , they held a sports meet.



    1. G____________is the study of world’s places and population.

    2. The boy doesn’t know the main g___________ f______________ of China.

    3. There are seven c______________ on the earth . They are Af___________, A_________, Aus_________, E__________, N___________, S___________ and An____________. A__________ is d__________ and c___________ in the world.

    4. Thee are four main o_________ the Pacific Ocean the Atlantic Ocean the A____________ the India Ocean and the A______________.

    5. Deserts cover twenty p________ of the earth’s s___________.

    6. The Yangtze River in China is the t__________________ river in the world.

    7. Asia covers more than 44million s______________ .

    8. The Great Wall is w__________________.

    9. Tokyo is the c____________ of Japan.

    10. E___________ come from Europe .They speak different l_______________.

    11. A t_______ is bigger than a village but small than a c_______.

    Unit 8



    1. R___________ means how people in England say g__________.

    2. Let’s work together to make our e______________ clean.

    3. What is the w___________ of the big box?

    4. This pen is made of m_________ and p_________.

    5. We’d better s___________ the garbage before we throw it away.

    6. His job is to f__________ cars.



    1. Almost all of the garbage can be ___________(reuse) or ________(recycle).

    2. ______________(throw) away the paper is not good.

    3. They have___________(empty) two bags of the garbage onto the floor.

    4. He cut his foot on a piece of ______________(break) glass.

    5. Can you __________(explain) it again. Your _____________(explain) is not clear.

    6. Please send for a repairman to repair the__________(leak) sink.



    Get repaired , have a tear, join the club, a bit of , throw away, take a walk, sort into, pick up, the least, school yard

    1. I like the green one ________________ of all.

    2. Can you play football in the ___________?

    3. We __________ all the rubbish.

    4. Don’t _____________ all the waste paper . It can be reused.

    5. Let’s______________ to have a discussion.

    6. The librarian ______________ books_____________ different kinds .

    7. Can I __________ the basketball _________?

    8. Your trousers _________.You need to mend it.

    9. There is _________________ water, please get more.

    10. You’d better ________ your bike ____________ tomorrow.

    BOOK 5



    1. At the Olympics athletes c_________ for medals.

    2. I can’t read books w_________ glasses.

    3. The Chinese people are p__________ of the excellent athletes.

    4. Fu Mingxia was the youngest Olympic c__________ in diving in1991.

    5. North American countries i______________ Canada and America.

    6. At the Olympics if you are third, you got a b_________medal.

    7. She often practice s___________ English with her friends.

    8. The m_________ Olympics started in Athens Greece in 1896.

    9. At the Olympics , a_________compete for medals.

    10. Higher, Faster, Stronger is the s___________ of the Olympics.



    1. Zhuang Yong_________________(使…吃惊)everyone.

    2. He won the gold medal ________________________(在百米比赛中).

    3. Jenny Thompson is an American ___________________(游泳运动员) .

    4. There are many ____________(观众) watching the game on TV.

    5. I heard that you got a gold medal._________________(祝贺) to you.

    6. I __________(相信) I can drive by myself.

    7. They are ____________(能) work out the problem.

    8. Who is the _______(教练) of Chinese football team?

    9. Who won the first place in the running __________(赛事)?

    10. It is a______________(胜利) for the Chinese that the Olympics will be held in Beijing in 2008.



    The same as, at the same time, give up, believe in, forty, break … record, catch up with , result, jump over, good luck, compete for , as soon as

    1. Luo Xuejuan____________________ the first swimmer and got gold medal.

    2. Don’t make ____________ mistake __________- you did yesterday.

    3. The two runners arrived at the finishing line ___________________.

    4. Liu Xiang____________ the world___________in 110-metre hurdles.

    5. The boy is too short to__________ the stone.

    6. ______________ to you. I wish you get good marks.

    7. The athlete_______________ medals at the sports meeting.

    8. Please call me_____________________ you go back home.

    9. He has to_______________ the big apartment because of no money.

    10. If you ___________________ yourself you can do everything better.

    11. Do you know the ___________ of the long jump?

    12. On the__________ day the old man got out of the hospital.

    Unit 2



    1. O__________ people can also break the world record.

    2. The river is about twenty metres w___________ and a hundred kilometers l_________.

    3. I’m too tired . I can’t go any f_____________.

    4. Everyone wants to give a hand to the poor family, I ___________ me.

    5. How many c___________ is the monkey’s tail?

    6. H__________ cannot live without plants.

    7. Shanghai is one of the b____________ cities in China.

    8. Which is the l____________ structure in the world? Do you know?

    9. Michael f__________ to Sydney on business yesterday.

    10. T____________ is a country which is next to China and India.

    11. The highest dam is the T_____________________.



    1. Eating fruit and vegetables is good for your __________. Remember to keep_____________(health)

    2. Do you know the __________(long) of your hair?

    3. Don’t be _________ for school. See you ________(late).

    4. They ___________help each other .It’s an ___________ day yesterday, because I had a fight .( usual)

    5. It’s __________ (possible) to keep awake for a week without rest.

    6. That is a piece of ___________ news. Everyone is_________( amaze)

    7. Bicycles are _____________(wide) used in the world.


    根据 汉语提示完成句子

    1. Yan’an ______________(位于) the north of Shaanxi.

    2. They______________( 轮流) to look after the old man.

    3. If you were three metres tall you’ll ____________________(创世界纪录) .

    4. The average blue whales is about__________________(四倍大) the biggest elephant.

    5. We ________________(希望) see you soon.

    6. ____________(平均) children is three centimeters taller than those in the past.

    7. Work hard, you can______________(保持纪录) in our class.




    1. He is a __________. He ___________twenty ___________( employ).

    2. Edwin Moore tired his best to be______________. At last he ____________in making push-pins. If you work hard, you can have ________________ in every thing (success)

    3. We can see lots of____________ on TV. Most of them are ___________ medicines costumes and so on (advertise).

    4. That factory has_________ many washing____________(product).

    5. It’s not easy for __________ to write in English .( begin)

    6. After graduating from high school , I’d like to learn ____________ English( advance).

    7. I was__________ to take part I his birthday party last week. ( invite)



    1.___________(小学) has six grades from one to six. __________(初级的) high school has grades from seven to nine. ____________(高级的)high school has grades from ten to twelve.

    2.At that time he _______(租) a small room.

    3. We can push a push-pin into a wall or a ____________(布告牌).

    4. What will be your_____________(价格)?

    5. The young man’s job is to ________________(推销产品)

    6.Have you got ready for the coming___________________(期末考试)?

    7.After you finish three-year study in junior high school , you can get a _________________(文凭,证书) .

    8.Please pay for course ____________(用支票). Please do no mail___________(现金) .

    9.Some clothes have ___________( 口袋),but some have.

    10. He sits __________(旁边) me.

    11 What would do on next______________________(周四和周六)?

    12.You can buy some _____________(生活必需 品) in the ____________(商场) .

    13. He took out a __________________(一百美元纸币) from his purse.



    Make money, pay for, come up to , for sale, go over, give back, do with, deal with

    1. You need to ________________ what you have done.

    2. After a while the old granny __________________ the little girl.

    3. You’d better _________________ the book on time.

    4. What are you going to___________________ the plastic bottles?

    5. These books are____________.

    6. Before the test let’s_______________ the lesson.

    7. The more knowledge you learn the more ___________ you will__________.

    8. How do you____________ he waste paper?




    Get dressed, as long as, get sick, breathe, recover, take medicine, be unable to, stay healthy, be weak in , plenty of, be on holiday

    1. The boy held his___________ and went into the room silently.

    2. When the bell rang, they all _____________ and ran to the playground.

    3. I’ll tell the secret ______________ you don’t tell anyone else about it.

    4. Don’t worry . You will ____________________ soon.

    5. If you ____________, you’d better______________.

    6. He is too young and he________________ look after himself.

    7. Don’t call the Smiths. They are______________.

    8. We need ____________________workers and money to build this road.

    9. He___________________ spirit. He needs to have rest.

    10. It is important to ______________.



    1. He ______________________(咳嗽) and coughed day and night.

    2. Please take the medicine____________________(一日三次) .

    3. My class teacher didn’t stop work until__________________(深夜)

    4. The boy ______________________(发高烧).

    5. My mother didn’t___________ me __________ go out at night(允许)。

    6. They__________( 不敢) go out at night.

    7. —How are you feeling now?

    —I’m _____________________(感觉更糟) .

    1. Put on your coat or you will ______________(感冒).

    2. He ________________________( 已离开) for a month.

    3. We ______________________(过着幸福的生活).

    4. We all need a _____________________(平衡的膳食).

    5. I have _____________________(十二岁的) son.

    6. Don’t speak loudly _____________________(在公共场合) .



    1. Eating foods from grains gives you v____________ m___________ and f______________.

    2. C____________ is one of my body’s needs.

    3. Fresh means not c____________.

    4. C___________ b________ and y________ contain calcium.

    5. A salad almost always has l__________ and t___________ . It usually has c___________ c_______ o____________ and others.

    6. Tofu soy milk are b__________________(豆制品).

    7. A balance diet will give you lots of e__________.

    8. His mother is a disabled person and always sits on a w____________.

    9. His sister is a nurse . She always looks after p___________ well .

    10. After a short rest , they c_____________ working.



    1 . Norman Bethune ______________ in Shijiazhuang.

    2. Yuan Longping _____________________ the name of “ Father of Hybrid Rice”.

    3. Dr. Bethune ______________ the wounded soldiers and _____________.

    4. Chairman Mao ______________on December 26,1893.

    5. Helen Keller was a well-known _____________and ___________ . She dies __________________88.

    6. Helen Keller lost ___________ and ____________ when she was 19 months old.



    1. My uncle _______________ in doing business ( success).

    2. The Great Wall is a ___________ in the world( wonderful).

    3. The old man is still ___________. He lives with his_____________ grand daughter.( live)

    4. ____________ way can help you save lots of time and money. ( science)

    5. The__________________ in South China was fast a few years ago . But now northwest of China ___________ quickly (develop).

    6. He is the ___________ of village and________ the villagers to work for rich life .(lead)

    7. Red Crossing is an ____________ to help the sick people.(organize)

    He __________ an evening party . He is the _________ (organize).



    1. My brother _________________(毕业) ___________________( 西北农业大学) in2000.

    2. Einstein _______________(著名) ______________________(相对论) .

    3. Our monitor ________________________(树立好榜样) for us.

    4. My father _________________________(献身) education.

    5. Many Chinese people _____________(死于) ________________________(抗日战争).

    6. Children should be taught some knowledge about_______________(急救) .

    7. His parents _______________(离婚) last year.

    8. We’ll try our best to ___________________(解决问题).

    9. It’s not easy to get_________________(诺贝尔奖).

    10. If humans give up ______________(核武器) the world would peaceful.



    Come up with, day after day , It is said that , during one’s life, because of , besides , benefit from, in one’s spare time, care about , in a difficult situation

    1.___________ the opening-up policy , many people ______________ it.

    2.Lu Xun wrote a lot of articles _________________.

    3. I often play volleyball____________.

    4. The Eskimos are very strong . They can ____________________.

    5. He _____________ nothing but his money.

    6. ______________________ the policemen have found out the criminals.

    7. Suddenly , Rose ______________________ with a good idea.

    8. ______________ they live a peaceful life.

    9. We all love watermelon____________ him.



    1. I had a happy ____________________( 童年).

    2. In fall farmers are harvesting _______________(花生).

    3. They are having a rest in the _____________(荫凉).

    4. He had a toothache and went to see ____________(牙医)/

    5. He has no _____________(勇气) to go home.

    6. All the thing were _______________(毁坏) .

    7. Computer__________________(技术) is very useful.

    Unit 6



    1. Penguins live in the South P___________.

    2. It’s very dangerous to sit on the e____________ of window

    3. He began to collect stamps i__________ of collecting kites.

    4. The v____________ is the person who is hurt.

    5. There are some beautiful lights on the c_____________.

    6. His father is an a_________________ driver and always drives patients to hospital.

    7. He is the only w__________ to the accident . The police asked him some questions.

    8. Father Christmas has very long white b_________.

    9. Rudolph is the r_____________ reindeer.

    10. Father Christmas comes down the c_____________ to every house.

    11. My mother is a very good c______________. She always makes delicious food.



    1. Please don’t be c_____________( careful) when you ride your bike.

    2. Dad bought a new pen for me and it wrote __________(smooth).

    3. Mary’s leg are ___________(bad) hurt in the car accident.

    4. The boy is in _________(dangerous).

    5. My class teacher is a _________(seriously) person.

    6. Take care ! The floor is______________(ice).

    7. Do you know the ________________(pronounce ) of the word?

    8. The___________ on your sweater is very beautiful. Who helped you ___________it?( decorate)

    9. Mr. Wang is an excellent ___________(repot).

    10. He was badly __________in the accident. There were some ___________on his arm (injure).

    11. This place is not ________ Let’s take him to the ___________(safe).

    12. My father is very ____________. He shouted at me _________(angry).


    Be mad at , warn sb … to do , pretend to do , refuse to do , rush sb to , leave… alone, prevent… from

    1. We must __________the water_________ running away.

    2. The teacher __________ the boys ________ to play with the fire.

    3. The girl ______________ play football because she doesn’t like it.

    4. The baby is too young to be____________.

    5. Two cars crashed . Policemen ____________ the victims_________ the hospital.

    6. He__________ know nothing.

    7. The dog is ______________ the strangers.



    1. He fell off the chair and_______________( 伤了自己).

    2. It’s dangerous. _____________(下来) .

    3. They left the house ________________(急急忙忙).

    4. There are different kinds of ____________________(电器) in the store.

    5. He ______________(引起火灾) _____________(因为)his carelessness.

    BOOK 6

    Unit 1



    1. He is too sleepy to keep ___________(wake).

    2. The teacher speaks very _________(clear).

    3. The poem is a _____________(describe) of a small hill.

    4. Poetry is a beautiful way to express ____________(think) and___________(feel).

    5. They made a __________(decide) to write a limerick.

    6. The cat opened his eyes ,_____________( stretch).

    7. Do you know the ____________(weigh) of the car?

    8. Children run in the___________(direct) of south.

    9. Start each line with a word__________(relate) to the scene.

    10. Train runs_____________(swift) in the field.

    11. He is very ________________(please) with his final marks.

    12. Use your ____________(imagine) , you will create your__________(imagine).

    13. Xu Zhimo was a famous ___________.He wrote a lot of __________. Many people love his ___________.(poem.

    14. You can feel the ____________(warm) of the sun easily in winter.

    15. It’s impolite to___________ other people . No ___________ ,please. Let’s go on( interrupt).



    1. There are some _________(小)white flowers among them.

    2. She was very __________(勇敢) to learn to ski at fifty.

    3. You look __________(苍白) . Do you feel ill?

    4. A soft wind ___________(拂过) the tree tops.

    5. The _____________( 话题) is quite interesting.

    6. The ground was covered with rose___________( 花瓣) 。

    7. Well! Fancy seeing you here . This was really an______________(expect) pleasure.

    8. Waves__________(拍打) on the beach .

    9. Cherries have ____________(核) in them.

    10. He has been _____________(单身的) for years.

    11. Generation is a __________________(四音节) word.

    12. It’s too cold outside . you’d better put on your ____________(手套)



    Learn/ know by heart, prefer to do , be related to, express oneself, continue, a set number of , in the middle of, fill in , both and

    1. _________ Lucy _______ my deskmate are from Shiyan Middle School.

    2. If you read the poem again and again, you will __________it _____.

    3. I ________ stay at home rather than eat out.

    4. Think it over , you can ____________ clearly.

    5. These books ___________ Chinese history.

    6. Haiku follow a pattern. It has___________ syllables.

    7. He is sitting_______________ of the chair.

    8. You’d better ____________ doing your work.

    9. He__________ the form and handed it in.

    Unit 2



    1. There is no ______________(different) between the two words.
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