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  1. He _____________some books _________ me. He hasn’t return them yet.

  2. Professor Zhang will ________________________us on __________.

  3. You eat _____________. You’d better be on diet.

  4. Everyone is here ___________ Li Ming.

  5. It’s time for rest . ___________ the light.

  6. He ______________________drawing pictures.

Unit 3



1.____________speak English and French .( Canada)

2.Thank you for _________ (ask) me.

3. Thanksgiven Day is_______________(celebrate) on the ___________(two) Monday in October in Canada and on the ____________(four) Thursday of November in the USA.

4. How about___________(mail) the letter?

5. Christmas tree is _________(decorate) with some shining stars.



  1. They __________________(给… 热烈的拥抱) to welcome the guests.

  2. His sister owns a ________________(服装店).

  3. Both ________________( 中秋节) and ____________________(感恩节) are traditional festival.

  4. He went to America _______________________(二月底) and returned to China_________________(四月初).

  5. Will you please help me ______________________(写 感谢信) .

  6. _____________(少年 ) are our future.

  7. Let’s hold a ___________(宴会) to celebrate the New Year’s Day.

  8. The style is _____________(时尚) here in China.

  9. That flat is my _________________________(爷爷奶奶的).

  10. North Americans often eat ____________(火鸡) and ____________(甜点).



Get together, get from, try on, blow out , huge, watch the moon, moon cakes, fit well, best, wishes to , lots of

  1. The shoes look nice. __________ them ___________. They_________ you___________.

  2. Families ________________to have dinner on the eve of the Spring Festival . They say ___________________each other to welcome the new year.

  3. After the birthday song , the little boy_____________the candles.

  4. Chinese people sit outside,________________,____________on the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival.

  5. He met_____________ troubles in his work.

  6. That is really a ___________square. It can hold more than 70,000 people.

  7. He __________some presents___________ his friends.

Unit 4



  1. Do you often go to the b__________to buy some bread?

  2. R____________to bring your homework to school tomorrow .

  3. Walk along the street , take the second t_________on the right.

  4. Don’t c_________the street here . It’s dangerous .

  5. We’ll wait for you u___________you come back.

  6. Would you give a p__________ of paper?

  7. There is a school a__________ from the shopping centre.



  1. Just______________(在… 对面)our house there is a bookshop.

  2. I want ________________(两片)bread.

  3. He has crossed the street. He is walking______________________(沿着人行道).

  4. When I saw the teapot I felt______________(渴).

  5. _________________(一直走)down the street.

  6. You will______________(经过)a grocery store.

  7. Michael is a ________________________(曲棍球运动员).Hw is good at ____________________(打曲棍球).

  8. His mother works in a ________________(购物中心).

  9. In my ________________(居住区) there are many shops, such as _________________(音响店)_____________(书店)____________(巧克力店)_______________(电影院).



On one’s way ,to one’s surprise, alone/lonely, get lost, pay attention to, over there

1._____________________theyfound the little boy was cooking himself.

2.The old man lives_____________. He feels _____________.

3. You need to ___________________writing mistakes, try to correct them.

4.After he got off the train , the man couldn’t find his way . he______________.

5. The children were playing ____________.

6._____________________home . Danny bought lots of donuts.

Unit 5



1.I have some problems. Could you give me some a_________?

2. My a_________ is to be an actor.

3. A y___________ has picture of everyone in your class.

4.I can s__________ my name.

5.Fast is the o_________ of slow.

6. My brother is a l___________. He is very rich.

7.Lin Junjie is a h___________ singer.

8. Please i___________your English or you will fall behind.

9. There are lots s___________ in the sky.

10 His g___________ is to be a gardener.

12. He loves science. He wants to be a s___________.



Fold into, I hope so , in the newspaper, be famous, make …. Come true, in the future, look inside, in ten more days, give advice to, between

  1. What would you like to be _____________________?

  2. There are many differences ____________eastern cultures and western cultures.

  3. ___________ the advice diamond, what can you see?

  4. Your teacher will show you how to _________ it_________ an advice diamond.

  5. There is an interesting report ________________>

  6. Yan’an is ______________ Yan’an spirit.

  7. If you work hard . You can ___________your dream___________.

  8. Will it be sunny tomorrow? ________________________.

  9. H e is in trouble. You need to ________________________ him.

  10. _______________________we will have a sports meeting.



  1. I wouldn’t make my students ___________(do) homework on Sunday.

  2. They need_____________(bring) some books and exercise books.

  3. Are you good at _____________(sing)?

  4. Share your ____________________(predict) of your future with other students.

  5. Do you ____________ know his ___________ (real) name?

  6. We have two dogs three_____________(sheep).

  7. I have to stay at home ___________(do) the housework.

  8. It smells___________(terribly).

Unit 6



  1. People in different countries speak different l____________

  2. I know Bruce’s telephone number. I p_______ him , but he wasn’t in.

  3. He isn’t from this country. He is a f___________.

  4. Li Ming has many English-s_________ friends.

  5. He e___________ Wang Mei not to scared.

  6. I will live in an a______________ with my mother and father.

  7. We’ll go to the c_____________ to see a film.

  8. All the members of my family get t_____________ on weekends.



  1. He asked me___________ the passage_____________________(把…译成汉语).

  2. I don’t know the words. Please __________ it ____________(查字典) in the dictionary.

  3. We have friends ______________________(边及全世界).

  4. There are _____________(多于) 800 students in our school.

  5. Our English teacher has new___________(技巧) of teaching languages

  6. Do you have any ____________(困难) in learning English.

  7. Jenny and Li Ming ____________________(对… 感兴趣) guitar.

  8. If you study hard, you will ______________________(有机会) find a good job.

  9. People who work _______________________(在联合国) work for all the nations in the world.

  10. __________________(外交官) represent his or her country.

  11. If you speak English , you can_______________________(交流)people from other countries.

  12. ______________________(电脑程序编写员) make computer work.

  13. My _____________(舌头) is tired speaking English all day.

  14. Her mother is a ____________________(记者). And works at a ______________________(国际广播电台).

  15. ______________(墨西哥人) speak ___________( 西班牙语).

  16. How do you _____________ it? Do you know the __________________of it?( 发音).

Unit 7



  1. I like living with my friends. I don’t like living a___________.

  2. Hip hop is very p_______. Yong people like it very much.

  3. Brian enjoys collecting stamps , so collecting stamps is his h__________.

  4. Mary is a good gardener . She has written many popular books on g__________.

  5. I’m going to show my stamp c_______ to the class.

  6. Just a m______________. I am coming .

  7. Please c___________the car red.

  8. The teacher tell us we might o___________ a stamp collecting club.

  9. The p__________ lot is a place where people park their cars.



  1. I like popular music. It’s very ______________(enjoy).

  2. The flowers smell _____________(wonderfully).

  3. I need __________(show) my hobby to my classmate.

  4. _________(learn) a foreign language is fun.

  5. Flowers can help people more___________(colour).

  6. Playing basketball is my favourite ____________(active).

  7. Workers fight for the ____________(free).

  8. He is from ___________. He is___________(Sweden).

  9. WTO is an ___________________(organization).

  10. Please explain the _____________(instruct) of washing machine.



Trade with take an active part in , go through , get out of , write back to ,a roll of film, the best time, be proud

1, Every student _____________________ the class activity.

2. I received a letter from my best friend . I need to ____________ to him.

3. Spring is__________________ to make a plan of a year.

4. Danny bought a ____________ to take photos.

5. They __________________of their motherland.

6. Countries often ____________products___________ other countries.

7. You need to _________________ the text quickly to pick out the language points.

8.At last they____________ the trouble.

Unit 8



  1. It’s a little difficult to __________ the peaceful night. Maybe you can give us a vivid ____________(describe).

  2. Do not talk bout private things . wages ages health are ____________thing in western countries(person)

  3. The man is from__________. He speaks_________(Greece).

  4. ___________ is a strong country, but __________ is difficult to learn(German).

  5. Have you __________down these new words( write)?

  6. He felt ___________ He is _________of it. He has___________( confident).



1.______________________(顺便提一下), would you like to have dinner with me?

2. He has_______________________(特殊才能).

3. It took me ____________________(两天半时间) to read the novel.

4. Are they ____________________(少先队员)?

5 . Don’t ______________ about it( 紧张).

6. The scientist _________________(正从事)science research.

7.Zheng Yueji _____________________(在….有才能) writing children stories.

8.Yong people _____________(擅长) learning new things.

9. I have to stay at home ________________(因为) illness.

10. I wish you ________________________________________(圣诞节快乐,新年快乐)。

11. They _____________________(返回) the camp.

12. I’d like to_____________(帮)you with your math.


Unit 1


  1. It’s getting________ and_________( warm) in April.

  2. The sun ___________(shine) brightly in summer.

  3. If it ______________(not rain) tomorrow, we___________(visit) the Summer Palace.

  4. John __________ his hair___________(cut) once a month.

  5. What about ____________(move) the stone away from the road?

  6. Listen!Can you hear a baby ___________(cry)?

  7. She is a __________girl. She speaks___________(gentle).

  8. Danny would like to be a _________ to ____________his cousin( babysit).



  1. Here is__________________(天气预报)for the next 24 hours.

  2. The temperature is quite low. It’s about __________________(零下八度).

  3. Let’s _____________(骑自行车)。

  4. The ball________________________(打在我的背上).

  5. In spring the temperature__________(上升). The weather ______________(变暖) the snow___________( 融化), sometimes there are ______________(阵雨).

  6. Debbie is___________________________(在攀爬器上).

  7. I’m scared of____________________(雷阵雨).

  8. The sunrise is a _________________(迷人的) picture.

  9. _________________________(这是我第一次当保姆).



In, not until, one by one, wake up , think about , hurt oneself, read a story, give sb a push, get on/off, make a loud noise , daylight, come up, go down

  1. Babysitter is ____________________ to my son.

  2. The sun__________________in the morning and ____________in the evening.

  3. — How soon will the sun set?

    • ____________ 15 minutes.

  4. When the bell rang, the students walked out of the classroom ______________.

  5. Lightning always______________________.

  6. The little boy wants to play on the swing . Let’s _______________.

  7. He fell off the bike and _______________.

  8. _____________quickly, ______________ is coming.

  9. Let’s __________________ at the next stop.

  10. We’ll __________ start the party__________ all the guests come.

  11. The boy is___________ his visit to Yan’an.




  1. Your new dress is really p_________.

  2. All the plants take e__________ from the sun.

  3. Take care ! There is a h________ in the ground.

  4. You need to put more i________ in your pen to write.

  5. Beds chairs and desks are f___________.

  6. Sheep f__________ on grass.

  7. Rice and wheat feed b____________ of people in the world.

  8. Plants use s___________ to make food.

  9. The garden around the city is f____________ of plants.

  10. A___________ is about growing plants and raising animals.



  1. There are many apples ___________________(在树上).

  2. There is a hole ______________________( 在地上).

  3. People use _________(谷物) to make ____________(面粉) .

  4. I’m going to ___________(照看)my sister.

  5. We need _______________________(一件家具) .

  6. Books are ______________(用…制成)wood.

  7. May I have a ______________________(草帽) .

  8. They grow_____________(玉米)and __________(小麦) .

  9. The dead leaves ______________________(覆盖地面).

  10. With the help of the trees , water ___________________________(不能把土壤带走).

  11. He took a test _____________________(在树荫下).

  12. My seed has _____________(发芽).

13.A plant has four parts. They are_________ ____________ ___________ __________.(根 叶 干 花)

14.Pandas feed on __________(竹子). A big panda eats 18____________ (千克)of bamboo every day.

15.When you are ill , yon need to take ___________(药).



In the sun/ sunlight , turn into , in different ways , be able to , make a poster, pass to , bring … , carry … from … to ,clean the air, use … to do

  1. Roots __________ water __________ the ground_________ the plant.

  2. The stem____________ the water _________ the roots _________ the leaves and flowers.

  3. All the plants___________ the sunlight ____ make food.

  4. Plants __________ the energy from the sun _______ food.

  5. Forests can________________.

  6. Reading _____________________ is bad for you eyes.

  7. They __________________ for their products.

  8. People use wood ______________________.

  9. The disabled person ________________________ look after himself.

  10. In autumn flowers _____________ seeds

  11. Please___________ the book __________ me.

Unit 3



Be famous for , tell sb to do, play a joke on, have fun doing , make friends with, up and down, wait a minute, have a very good day, slow down, get out of

  1. She ___________ Wang Fang ________ turn off the radio.

  2. We often ___________________ on Wang Hua.

  3. China _____________ the Great Wall in the world.

  4. The children ___________________ visiting the zoo.

  5. We’d like to______________________ the people from all over the world.

  6. They _____________________ in the park last Wednesday.

  7. Danny hears that a bear _____________ the zoo yesterday.

  8. __________________ , I have something important to tell you.

  9. The drive__________________ his car at the crossing.

  10. My father is rather worried , walking_____________________.



  1. They____________________( 结婚)last year. They _____________(结婚) for one year.

  2. Jenny____________(同) Danny is from Canada.

  3. Don’t __________ small fish ___________ dolphin(抛向).

  4. __________you ____________ Xian’an? No, never.(去过).

  5. Plants can_____________ the wind ___________blowing the earth away.(阻止…干) .

  6. I have many good friends in my ____________________(居住区).

  7. You can find many wild animals in the zoo. Such as ___________(大象)___________(长颈鹿)__________( 大猩猩)_________( 骆驼) _________( 老虎) __________(狮子)etc.

  8. ____________________(西伯利亚虎) are the biggest cat in the world.



  1. April First is A________________________.

  2. You need to go through the e_____________ to go into the park and go through the e_______________ to go out of the park.

  3. There are a lot of red apples on the b__________.

  4. The little dog likes c___________squirrels.

  5. Every year there are lots of plants and animal are g________________.

  6. There are n______________ 70 students in each class.

  7. E___________ is a country in Africa and it is famous for p_________.

  8. They got married yesterday and we all attended their w_________.

  9. Danny has an i_______________ pet . It is called donut.

  10. My granny like k___________ some chickens and other animals.

Unit 4



  1. A theory p___________ what will happen in the future.

  2. An e__________ will tell us what happen.

  3. Let’s do the experiment and o________ What will happen.

  4. Are you s_________ when you see a snake?

  5. The force if the air is strong e__________ to hold the water in bottle.

  6. Water above zero is l____________.

  7. When the temperature is below zero , water will becomes s__________.

  8. The fruit t___________ so delicious.

  9. This piece of music s_________ good.



  1. Danny and Jenny are ______________________(做实验).

  2. Brian wants __________the jar________ (颠倒) .

  3. I’m sure that the ____________(力量)of the air will keep the water in the jar.

  4. He__________ the bottle __________ water( 装).

  5. The air has been____________(用完) .

  6. ____________(五分之一) of the air is___________(氧气) .

  7. We look for egg___________________( 在复活节) 。

  8. Danny would like to wear ________________(游泳衣) to do the experiment.

  9. When the degree is below zero water can ______________(变成) ice.



Look into, take away, a piece of cardboard, put into, force sb to do, invite sb to do, make eggs, hide, candleholder, observe

  1. Hens(母鸡) _________________.

  2. It’s better to put candles on the ______________________.

  3. Little Tom needs_____________________________ to make a rocket.

  4. He_________ his little brother ____________ wash socks.

  5. Please ________ the rubbish __________ the dustbin.

  6. He _________ all his books___________.

  7. My best friend is coming , I’ll_________________ have dinner.

  8. My deskmate has_____________ delicious food.

  9. The police are__________________ the accident.

Unit 5



  1. Mark Twain is a h_____________ writer. He had sense of h__________.

  2. Be careful! It’s d___________ to swim here. Or you will be in d__________.

  3. A s____________ road leads to my hometown.

  4. Everything goes s_____________.

  5. There are 60 s___________ in a minutes.

  6. There is no e_________________ We cannot use e_________ lights

  7. Edison was an i__________ .He i________ a lot i__________ in his life.

  8. His father is an e___________ . He works on steam e__________.



  1. What’s your favourite ______________(交通)?

  2. Be quick ! We’re ________________( 匆忙).

  3. The children are full of ______________(想象力).

  4. Coal oil and natural gas are important______________(燃料) .

  5. It’s Sunday today . You can see people ______________(到处 ).

  6. It _________________(花了我好长时间) to wait for No.16 bus this morning.

  7. He was only seven years old _________________( 在那个时候).

  8. _______________________(学生数量) is5000 . After school _____________( 大量) of students play basketball on the playground.

  9. My deskmate helps others ____________( 一直) .

  10. ____________(大约) half of the students are from China.

  11. The bus is running _________________( 高速) .

  12. Spaceships fly _________________( 太空)。

  13. There is a blackboard __________________(在前面) of the classroom.

  14. Some boys like _____________(滑板 ) very much.

  15. ______________(飞翔器)is a new type of transportation in the future.

  16. You can catch up the others _______________(只要) you study hard.

  17. When I am old . I prefer to ______________________(周游世界) .

  18. ______________________( 乡村) is a quiet place to live.

Unit 6



  1. M__________ is like a TV. She is m__________ of Class Five.

  2. The k_________ has many keys.

  3. I click on the picture with m__________ .

  4. There were many m_________ in the house last year . That cat was always catching m___________.

  5. I saw her on TV s_________.

  6. S___________ he heard a loud knock on the door.

  7. Yue Fei was a national h__________ in the history.

  8. The p______________ is a machine that can make lots of books in short time.
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