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Canada love meet teach library Jenny is from. She is

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Canada love meet teach library

  1. Jenny is from _________. She is _________.

  2. Have a __________ day.

  3. Ms Li ___________us English . She is a very good English __________.

  4. Our school has two __________. One is big. The other is small .There are more than 45_______ working in them.

  5. He ________his friend on the street yesterday. He said they would have a _______ the next day.


Late marker close open they cut write draw

  1. Lu Xun was a famous ______. He________ a lot of books.

  2. See you ________.

  3. It’s too late . The shop is________ at 7:30 a.m. and _______at 3p.m.

  4. ________picture is my hobby.

  5. The master said help ________to the food to the children .



  1. The_______(dress) in the shop are made of silk. All the women like them.

  2. Do you know ________(who)bicycle is over there?

  3. I need to go shopping this afternoon . I’m going to buy _______(一条)shorts, _______(一双) socks_______(一把 )scissors__________(三双)shoes________(一副)glasses.

  4. This pair of gloves ________much too expensive. But the red gloves ________not so expensive.

Unit3-Unit 4



Arm foot happy shake little friend

  1. We are very________ to our neighbours

  2. He lives with his parents________. It’s a kind of ________ to live his parents.

  3. It’s good manners_______ hands with other people.

  4. My brother joined the_______ two years ago. He has ______ a solider for two years.

  5. There is______ water. He has _______money than me. I have the ______money.


1.Danny stand on your ________(foot).

2._________(this) buildings were built hundreds years ago. _________(those)building is our apartment.

3.He_______(头疼)yesterday. He doesn’t ________(想) go to school.

4. There are lots of fresh_________(peach) and___________(strawberry) in the market in autumn.

5.After supper he needs to ______________(做作业)quickly.

6. We often have ___________(希饭) for breakfast. But Canadians like to have________(麦片粥) with_________(糖) for breakfast.

7.Are you ready to________(点菜) ?

8. My sister is a _________(服务员) . She works in a big__________(餐厅).

9.____________(该干….时间) lunch. ____________(该干….时间) for me cook hamburgers and pizza..



  1. She is a h_______ girl. She always smiles.

  2. Her mother is in hospital She feels s_______.

  3. Everyone has a mouth and a n________.

  4. I see with my e ________and listen with my e________.

  5. We often use our r________ hand to write.

  6. My hair is l________. Your hair is short.

  7. —Do you k ________his name?

    • Yes, his name is Tom.

  8. We should have b________ in the morning.

  9. I’m h _________I want to eat some cakes.

  10. I like f _________such as apples oranges and pears

  11. Tom goes to s________ on foot.

  12. I drink a bottle m_______ every morning.

Unit5—Unit 6



No….or , live in . take a shower, brush teeth, make dumplings

  1. During the Spring Festival the Chinese______________ to welcome the new year.

  2. He is the only child in his family. He has________ brothers_______ sisters.

  3. You’d better ________ your _________twice a day.

  4. Jenny and Brian _________Canada.

  5. It’s good for us to _________every five days.


By bus , far from, follow me, grocery shop, comb hair, above , on sale

  1. Are they expensive or _________?

  2. You can buy almost everything from that ___________.

  3. He lives _________school, so he has to go school ________every day.

  4. —Excuse me! Where is the gym?

—It’s not far.___________.

  1. Look at your hair . you don’t ______________ this morning.

6.There is a big clock _________the desk.


Name drive office break build bear

  1. I have friend ______Jenny Smith.

  2. She was_ ______in 1970.

  3. It was too late. My father ________ me to school this morning.

  4. His bicycle is _________. He needs to get it mended.

  5. His brother is an police_________. He works in a police station.

  6. The workers are _______an apartment_________.



  1. Let’s go to the cinema to __________________(看电影).

  2. Thirty –five plus twenty_____________(等于)fifty-five.

  3. Go down this road and ________________(向右转).

  4. Dongxing Supermarket in______________(在……对面).

  5. They are ____________________(在电话上交谈).

  6. Animals live _________________(在森林)

  7. Don’t _________________(玩电脑).

  8. We go to school ____________________(在星期一早上).



  1. I have a happy f_____. We live in China.

  2. His father takes a shower on F________ evening.

  3. My aunt is a bus d________. She often takes me to school.

  4. Today is my birthday. I will have a birthday p_________.

  5. This is Jack. He is my aunt’s son . So he is my c__________.

  6. Some of the boys like s________ in the river.

  7. The girl is e__________ an apple.



  1. January 1 is_________________(新年).

  2. ________________(春节)is in January or February.

  3. ________________(国际劳动节)is May 1.

  4. June 1 is___________________(儿童节).

  5. September 10 is____________________(教师节).

  6. When is____________________(国庆节)?October 1.

  7. ________________________(天安门广场) is in Beijing.

  8. ______________________(故宫) has a long history.

  9. ____________(渥太华) ib the capital of Canada.

  10. Niagara Falls is a famous_______________(瀑布).

  11. This is_____________________(自由女神像) It is in New York.

  12. This is___________________(白金汉宫) .________(国王) and ___________(王后) live in it.

  13. The capital city of Autralia is________________(堪培拉)

  14. America and Canada are________________(讲英语的) countries.



In red shorts, play with , a lot of , come from ,points down , look at , the same colour as

  1. The boy ________ is the first.

  2. Would you like to ______ badminton ______me?

  3. We had learned __________English words by the end of last term.

  4. Where do you _________?I’m from Yan’an.

  5. The UK’S flag has ____________the flag of the US.

  6. This is south. South __________.

  7. Let’s __________ the map.



Nine, west , know about, fly a kite, twelve, forty, leaf,

  1. The wind is blowing tree’s__________.

  2. September is the_________ month of year.

  3. My friend likes __________foods very much.

  4. We have ___________Canada.

  5. I saw the girl_____________ just now.

  6. Next week is his son’s _________birthday . But his ___________birthday is in January.


Unit 1(A)


Go/be on a trip to, too…to, far from, work hard at , go shopping, leave for , arrive in (at)

  1. We are _______ hungry ________ go any farther.

  2. May I ___________ Shijiazhuang?

  3. Is the shop ___________ our school or near to our school?

  4. Final examination is coming. All the students ________ every subject.

  5. Tomorrow is Saturday. Let’s go shopping.

  6. They will _____________ Beijing tomorrow.

  7. They __________the small town.



Invite , wonder, talk to, cheap, write home/ write to, forget, excite

  1. ­—Have you ____________ recently?

—No, but I ___________my friend yesterday.

  1. I received the_______ from Ann.

  2. It’s really a __________film . You’d better see it.

  3. How __________the children were when they got the __________news.

  4. Look! Our English is _________ the naughty boy.

  5. —Don’t _________ to bring the magazine here.

—I’’m sorry, I have ________ it all.

  1. A bus is much________ than an airplane



  1. How far is it________ Shijiazhuang_________ Beijing?(从……到)

  2. They _______________(乘公共汽车) to school yesterday.

  3. My mother is ______________(打点行装).

  4. Before traveling , we need to ______________(制定旅行计划).

  5. Students go to buy train tickets___________(在火车站).

  6. —We’ll leave for Hainan this afternoon.


Unit 2



  1. Boys and girls are c___________.

  2. Men women and children are p__________.

  3. A s__________ is a little food to eat.

  4. He would like a bottle of pop because he is t_______.

  5. Look! The children are playing c________ over there.

  6. There are fifty-six p________ in China.



Look out of, have fun (doing), loud , play cards with, sing a song to , point to (at)

  1. Most boys_____________ playing basketball.

  2. The boy is______________ his playmates.

  3. Let’s__________________ to our teacher to thank him.

  4. Jenny is___________________ the window of the train. She sees nothing.

  5. Take care! The man shouted ____________.

  6. It’s impolite to ____________other people’s noses.



  1. The boy is ____________________(看书).

  2. There are twenty-five_____________(男老师) and twenty__________________(女医生).

  3. Would you like ____________(一杯茶) or ____________________(一杯牛奶)?

  4. He wants_______________(少量的) snack.

  5. ______________(画画) is fun.

Unit 3



  1. When the teacher came in ,students became q___________.

  2. I’m writing some p___________ to my friends .

  3. Let’s go s____________ down this street.

  4. This is the b__________ of box.

  5. E__________ me, do you have a bandage?

  6. We need two e____________ to post these letters.



Take a taxi, go for a walk, feel scared, a short form of, take a picture

  1. It’s a sunny day. I’d like to _____________.

  2. That’s too late. I have to ____________to work.

  3. Let’s is _________________let us.

  4. The scenery is so beautiful, let’s ______________.

  5. The little girls_______________ to walk at night.



  1. We put the stamp______________________(在右上角) of the postcard.

  2. He hurt his finger and________________(贴上绑迪)on it.

  3. ___________________(沿着….走) the street . You can see a hospital on your right.

  4. This digital__________(照相机) is made in Shanghai.

  5. How often do you play______________(电脑) games?

  6. We don’t know the UK_____________(缩写) the United Kingdom.

Unit 4



  1. My mother is a ______________(职员) in a supermarket.

  2. Chinese use______________(筷子) to eat.

  3. He is eating an____________(冰激凌)

  4. Do you know his e-mail ___________________(地址)?

  5. In Chinatown you can see many Chinese__________(餐馆).



  1. Who _________(want) to go shopping today?

  2. Danny _______________(do not) want to go to Beijing, either.

  3. Let her ____________(play) cards.

  4. Jenny _______________(shop) quickly yesterday.

  5. Please send____________(he) a letter.

  6. My mother ___________(buy) a pair of shoes for me .

  7. He___________(catch) a cold yesterday.

  8. He __________(go) out just now.

  9. We ____________(hear) the girl singing just now.

  10. He____________(teach) his little brother a lesson last week.

Unit 5



  1. I a__________ walk to school.

  2. What’s the t__________ today ?

  3. Can you answer my q___________?

  4. Lucy often takes an u____________ with her.

  5. They are watching TV in the l____________ room.

  6. My parents l________ English every day.

  7. What’s the shape of it? It’s a t________.

  8. Jenny s___________ walks to school.

  9. The r______________ is used to keep food fresh.

  10. Mum is in the k____________ cooking meal.



Go home , do one’s homework, get to. Make supper, It’s time, help sb. Have a new lesson , me

  1. They _____________yesterday.

  2. Father is________________. It smells so delicious.

  3. They need to__________________ every day.

  4. Can you __________ with my English ?

  5. We ‘ll ____________tomorrow .

  6. The dictionary on the desk is_________.

  7. They have _____________help the farmers.

  8. ___________________ supper.

________________________ go for a walk.

Unit 6



Get ready for, put on , make a snowman , go outside /inside, be going to, invite , help, ice

  1. L Ming _____________his scarf, hat and mitts

  2. In winter , Children like_____________.

  3. It’s too cold for us. Let’s ________________.

  4. They are __________________ the party.

  5. He __________ a friend__________ dinner.

  6. Yesterday I _________ Mr Smith _________ put up the Christmas tree.

  7. There_____________ a meeting tomorrow.

  8. Take care! The road is_____________.



  1. Santa Claus gave us some __________(scarf).

  2. In winter, it often _______________(snow) in my hometown. Look! It is a ___________(snow) day today. It _____________ (snow) heavily.

  3. Who __________(bring) us gifts yesterday?

  4. In fall, ________( wind) _____________(blow) __________(leaf) off trees.

  5. Today is a __________(wind) cold day.

  6. He _________(speak) English very well. Listen ! He ____________(speak) Chinese .yesterday he ____________( speak ) with me all day.



  1. We can get a lot of vitamins from__________________(胡萝卜).

  2. He says ____________________(圣诞快乐) to me .

  3. Each family puts up big red __________(灯笼) on the eve of the new year.

  4. Danny bought ___________________(中国式的东西) for Jenny.

  5. Would you like _________________(特殊的东西) for your girl friend?

  6. I would like a pair of____________(手套) without separated dingers.




  1. My son needs a new pair of ____________(跑鞋).

  2. Red Double Happiness is a brand of_____________(乒乓球拍).

  3. I don’t like _____________(洋葱)or__________(豌豆).

  4. He does exercise every day . He has strong___________(肌肉).

  5. We __________(欢呼) and ___________(喊叫)for Bob’s team.

  6. They go fishing ____________________(每逢星期天).

  7. I like your new _______________(T—恤).



  1. This math problem is____________. I can work it out ___________(easy).

  2. The wind is blowing__________(strong). It is raining__________(heavy).

  3. ________(ride )a bicycle is a good way to keep fit.

  4. He likes English ___________(well)of all the subjects.

  5. The________ _________(teach) us how to _______(catch) a ball yesterday. He ____________( think) we were good ________(play).

  6. I ___________(wake) up ay 7:00 . I was late .

  7. You’re too weak. You need to keep__________(health).



Need , be ready , each other , have fun , be good for, how often , after school

  1. Please wait for me at the school gate_______________.

  2. This bike ________ repairing.

  3. They____________ playing computer games

  4. —— ____________do you write home?

—— Once a week.

  1. To get up early __________your health.

  2. ___________you __________ for school work yet?

  3. We need to ___________and learn from____________.

Unit 8



  1. D_________ is symbol of China.

  2. There are four o___________ in the world.

  3. Most people like to wear s___________ to keep their feet cool.

  4. You can buy some typical s___________ in the places of interest.

  5. The things in Yan’an d____________ are too expensive for common people to buy.

  6. He needs a c_____________ to take photos.

  7. I am very s__________ of snake.



  1. The evening party will be over____________________(再过十五分).

  2. Danny likes ____________(小甜饼)very much.

  3. He _______________________(告别)to his parents and left his home. On the way to school , he _________________(向… 问好) his friends.

  4. Look! The little girl is _____________________(摘花)in the garden.

  5. _______________________(暑假) is coming , What will you do?

  6. The boy is standing outside ______________(不高兴地).

  7. That is really a big_____________(意外)

  8. He has ____________(忘了)his friend’s net name.

  9. There is a big______________(游泳池).



Walk towards, faster and faster, run into , in the sky , go on a trip to, get ready to, ask for, how long , wake up ,lie

  1. He is____________ . Do not believe what he said.

  2. We can see some beggars on the street,________ the passengers_______ some money.

  3. Danny ___________Dinosaur School . There was little time left, he began to walk_____________, he ____________a tree.

  4. All the students have ____________ take the final examination.

  5. ______________ have you lived here?

  6. The boy has_____________ It’s time for his little sister to get up . He__________ his sister.

  7. K Day is coming. There are many kites ______________.

  8. They will_____________________ Shijiazhuang.


Unit 1



  1. Do you enjoy___________(live) here?

  2. He has a friend_______________(call) Li Ming.

  3. I’ m ____________(scare) that you may have a cold.

  4. The boy hate to be____________(lose) in the game.

  5. My mother _________________(be) a teacher for 20 years.

  6. Help __________(you) to these cakes, children.

  7. What are some of________________(different) between schools in China and Canada?

  8. Every grade has ten ___________(class).

  9. It’s fun _____________(get) e—mail from pen friends.

  10. Do you ___________(real) have a cold?



  1. I have never w_______ purple clothes.

  2. What are you i ____________ in? Playing or watching TV?

  3. I play the v__________. I love m_________.

  4. We often go out on the w_______________.

  5. My coat is made of c________.

  6. His room is clean and t___________.

  7. Let me i________________ this boy to you.

  8. Do you like playing the p___________.

  9. You don’t like playing the bagpipes. I don’t like them, e_______.

  10. There are fifty P__________ in our class.



  1. We are in ______________(九年级)now.

  2. Wait a moment, I need another ___________________(两大张纸).

  3. There are_______________________(许多不同种类)books in the book store.

  4. My daughter bought ________________________________(一条蓝色的牛仔裤).

  5. Kunming is surrounded by green trees and fresh flowers ________________(全年). So it is called the Spring City.

  6. My birthday is in________________(一月)

  7. It’s impolite to ________________(嘲笑) other people.

  8. Yao Ming and Mcgrday are _________________________(同一篮球队).


Also, too, either, interest, interesting , interested, be made of , be made in , be made from , be made into, be made by , marry, hate to do, silly , in front of, write down

  1. He has lots of____________. He is______________ in reading books. He says that reading books is__________.

  2. I don’t know, ___________. He wants to have a talk with me,_________. They __________ need some help.

  3. This medicine ____________________ Shanghai. It is ______________iron and plastic . It is ___________________workers in the factory. Paper __________________wooden . Cloth _____________cotton. The cloth ________________clothes.

  4. His aunt and uncle ____________________ for fifteen years. They are a happy couple.

  5. Some adults dislike net games. They _______________ play those games.

  6. Have you _______________________ what the teacher said?

  7. Don’t be____________ . It’s good for you.

  8. There is a big store _________________ our school.

Unit 2



  1. What time is it now? It’s________________________(三点差一刻)

  2. Tomorrow we’ll _________________________(进行数学考试).

  3. My mother is a _________________(图书管理员).

  4. ___________(物理学) is very interesting , but it is a little difficult.

  5. We____________(确实) have art.

  6. The second Sunday of May is______________(母亲节).The third Sunday of June is________________(父亲节).



  1. Math is the short form of ______________.

  2. Exam is the short form of_______________.

  3. P.E. is the short form of_____________.

  4. Zhang Daqian is a famous _____________. His _________________sells well .(paint)



Too much, except, give a talk to , be good at , turn out , borrow from, social studies
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