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Call for evs volunteers in Romania Name of the project: Be responsible, Be green! Stage dates

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Call for EVS volunteers in Romania

Name of the project: Be responsible, Be green!

Stage dates: 1st of September 2015 – 1st of September 2016 (12 months)

Place: Milcoveni, Romania (Marabu Camp)

Nevo Parudimos Association from Resita, Romania is searching for volunteers eager to learn more about the environment and to promote an ecological lifestyle. Nevo Parudimos Association it’s a noprofit apolitical organisation which was founded by a group of teachers, roma activists and roma students from Caras-Severin county, in the south-west part of Romania in 2008. Due to it`s involvement in numerous projects concerning education, youth and voluntary work, Nevo Prudimos has decided to develop a project that can combine all these three. That`s how “Be responsible, Be green!” was born.

Altough the association is situated in a nice small town from Romania (Resita, Caras-Severin County), the volunteers will stay and will most of the activities in Milcoveni, at Marabu Camp. Marabu Camp is a youth camp that offers all the necessary utilities (kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms), were beside the camp in the back we have a small farm.. Of course, that the volunteers will be able to visit the region and Resita city.

Marabu camp was created by Nevo Parudimos in partnership with a private donor to host youth events and contribute at the same time to the development of the village were its located and the development of the villages near the camp. The place have 60 accommodation places and a cantina and host youth events. Also there is one farm whit animals (chickens, pigs, cows, horses, pigeons, rabbits, ducks, and other animals) and a garden.

Number of volunteers: 4

Eligible countries : all Erasmus plus eligible countries

Profile of the volunteer:

The volunteer should be:

  • aged between 18 and 30 years;

  • enthusiastic and eager to learn more about the environment, ecological agriculture and also to get involved in environmental and ecological activities living in the rural area from Romania;

  • english knowledge, at least the minimum bases, to be able to communicate with the staff and the other volunteers;

  • ability to work in teams;

  • to be open minded and sociable;

  • minimum knowledge about agriculture, or at least to not be afraid of working in agriculture and with animals

  • minimum knowledge about voluntary work

  • have minimum knowledge about responsible consume

  • respect the environment and have knowledge about recycling

  • want to work with youngsters and take part to trainings and youth exchanges


Main activities:

As we said before, the activities will be held at Marabu Camp from Milcoveni and they will be as it follows:

  • the 4 volunteers will be split in 2 groups, each group will have it`s responsabilities (beside the work in the farm, one of the groups will be in charge with environmental protections events, whit promoting the camp in order to have more volunteers and visitors, promoting voluntary work in the village; while the other group will be in charge with the camp farm, taking care of the animals, gardening and agriculture, with promoting ecological agriculture, responsible consume and maintaining the green parts of the camp). Also they will have the responsibility to help their colleagues to their activities

  • once at 3 months, all the volunteers will have a commun activity – they will have to promote Erasmus + activities in the community of Milcoveni and in the region. Also, they will have to promote nonformal education and outdoor activities between the ypungsters from the vilages from the area.

  • Also the volunteers will be involved in preparing diferent fruit compote, pickles and jam.

  • Once a week the volunteers will organize a workshop about how to create handmade objects from recycled materials for the youngsters from the vilage and also for the visitors.

  • When groups are coming into the camp the volunteers will be the host and guide the visitors

All in all, the volunteers will help at the development of Marabu Camp, at the development of the farm, but also they will raise awareness concerning the importance of the responsible consume, voluntary work, the environmental activities that we can all do and the alternative ecological agriculture.

Have in mind that the activities of the project can be adapted also according to your proposals if they fit whit the project objectives and they are feasible to do in Marabu camp and surrounding.

Acomodation conditions: the volunteers will be accommodated into the camp in single or double rooms were will have bathroom and access to the camp kitchen. Also they have TV and internet.

Transportation: the Erasmus plus transportation rules will be respected.

Food: the volunteers will have access to a kitchen and each week they will receive an amount of money for food.

You can apply online for one of the stages sending your CV and motivation letter for the first round until 15 December 2014

at the email

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