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By using repeated basketball games Milos Forman is showing us

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By using repeated basketball games Milos Forman is showing us

For instance

This allows the audience to make links to other motifs to do with

Such as

In the end this reinforces our understanding of


By using such diametrically opposed characters as

Milos Forman sets the audience up to

The first therapy session sequence shows us characteristics of each central character that are then further reinforced or evolved in future therapy sessions.
Nurse Ratched’s need for control and her methods of maintaining this are clearly layed out in this first session
Mac’s response to this is equally telling

This initial characterization is then developed in later scenes especially in the other 4 therapy sessions.

The scenes where Mac and Nurse Ratched are separated are also important sequences for character development.

The fishing trip reveals much to us about Mac and reinforces the key ideas of the film.

By showing Mac in this situation and by revealing the patients’ responses to the outside world we are able to understand

By showing Nurse Ratched in the meeting with the Doctors we are also seeing her reveal her true self and become quite clear that these two characters are

Minor Characters

Minor characters also establish their traits in this important scene.





Directors job is to provide important audience cues – how to make you respond in the way he wants you to. Link your answers on film to this concept.

Use ‘by doing this’ statements within your answer.
Use details for evidence and explain their significance.
Make sure your comments about something link to the film in other places as well.

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