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Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry

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9, Iskar Str., 1000 Sofia, tel: 02/987 26 31, fax: 02/987 32 09, e-mail:


Accompanying the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Eng. Mirek Topolánek

in the R. Bulgaria 7-9.11.07, Sofia







Association for Transport Telematics of the CZ

Ohradní 65, 140 00 Praha 4

tel.: +420 261 066 211,

fax: +420 261 066 212


Ing. Roman Srp, Vice President

Professional association, more than 70 ordinary member companies

Information dissemination, networking, consulting, training, marketing, business support, projects co-ordination and management in the area of transport telematics.


AŽD Praha, s.r.o.

Žirovnická 2/3146, 106 17, Praha 10,

tel.: +420 267 287 201,

fax: +420 272 656 142

Ing. Zdeněk Chrdle, General Director

Signaling, telecommunication, information and automation technologies for transportation sector

  • railroad transport

  • metro and factory line operations

  • telecommunication, information and radio systems

  • telematic applications

  • road, signalization and parking systems

  • new telephone and telecommunication systems for controlling railroad transport and for informing passengers

Looking for partners or co-operation on Bulgarian market:

on the field of signalling, telecommunication, information and automation technologies for rail and road transport.


Mikroelektronika spol.s r. o

Kpt. Poplera 55, 566 01, Vysoké Mýto

tel: +420 465 467 111,

fax: +420 465 467 191


Ing. Jindřich Nádvorník, General Director

Fare collection systems

Fare management PC software, contactless card terminals, ticket validators, ticket vending machine (stationary/mobile), information kiosks, on-board computers, ticket processors, contactless card revers, time and zone displaying systems, devices for operational data transmission, devices on demand.

On the sector of public transport and fare collection systems


SPEL spol. s r.o.

Třídvorská 1402,280 00 Kolín V

tel.: +420 321 579 048,

fax: +420 321 579 040

Ing. Petr Svoboda Phd., Technical Director

Engineering – automation in the industry, traffic control, tunnel control, MV drives applications production

Low voltage cabinets, emergency call boxes, project management and application software for energy, food industry, environment, automotive, building control.

In the field of traffic control, tunnel control, traffic telemetric, automation in the industry.


Delex Group s.r.o.

Edvarda Beneše 56, 301 00, Plzen, Czech Republic

tel.: +420 377 421 531,

fax: +420 377 421 531

Bc. Jiří Hanzliček, Director Emerging Markets

Supplier of technologies for various sectors of industry.

Basic part of activities are machines and technologies (new and overholded) for construction and maintenance roads, line producing ostagonal lighting pools, line producing crash road barriers, construction of minibreweries, technological support and services.


SIMEX spol. s r.o.

Nad Buďánkami III/7, 150 00Praha 5,

tel.: +420 244 462 482,

fax: +420 244 062 452

Ing. Todor Kraevski, Director

Supplies for power engineering, electrical vehicles, railways, excavators

Supplies shovel excavators UNEX and equipment for them.

Supplies machines and equipment for Bulgarian State Railways.

Supplies for power engineering, mines, heating plants, power plants and electrical vehicles sectors.

Parts and equipment for excavators, shovel excavators and service.

In the field of power engineering, electrical vehicles, railways.


Metrostav a.s.

Koželužská 2246,

180 00 Praha 8

tel.: +420 266 709 331,

fax: +420 266 709 188

Ing. Pavel Pilát, Head of Foreign Department

Universal company, operating in all segments of construction market in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Carries out operations in the field of construction materials and intermediate products, testing engineering and development projects.

METROSTAV a.s. operates in all segments of construction market, comprising: transport constructions, industrial constructions, civic constructions – new building and reconstructions, underground constructions, subway, housing and other constructions.

In the field of underground constructions and transport constructions.


ČEZ a.s.

Duhová 2/1444, 140 00 Praha4

tel.: +420 211 042 288,

fax: +420 211 042 001

Dr. Martin Roman, Chief Executive Officer

Production and sale of electricity, CEZ Group also deals in telecommunications, informatics, nuclear research, planning, construction and maintenance of energy facilities, mining raw materials, and processing energy by-products.


Environment Commerce CZ s.r.o.

Papírenská 6b/199, 160 00 Praha 6,

tel. +420 224 311 462

fax. +420 224 311 463

Dr. Ivan Bidenko, General Director, CEO

Company focuses its activities on advanced water management technologies, waste water treatment plants. Involved in delivering waste water treatment plants on European and Middle East markets for more than 15 years.


Karim s.r.o.

Wolkerova 1279, 768 24 Hulín,

tel. +420 573 350 586,

fax. +420 573 351 856

Kateřina Jandová, Chief Executive Officer

Production program of KARIM consists in play elements for children's playgrounds and small architecture elements, the so-called urban mobiliary.


BLOCK a.s.

Stulíková 1392, 198 00 Praha 9,

tel.: +420 571 670 602,

fax: +420 571 670 699


Mr. Oldrich Matula, Member of the Board

Supply of the capital equipments in the sphere of clean rooms, laboratories and technologies for pharmacy, health, electrical industry and other industries.

The complete system FORCLEAN is intended for the construction of premises with very high demands on working environment.

The FORLAB system represents a variable system of furniture elements and equipment by means of which premises with the most different operation demands may be equipped.

Offer of cooperation within Forclean, Forlab and Formedical systems utilization. Search for the partner in the scope of BLOCK a.s. operation (capital equipment deliveries in the scope of clean-rooms, laboratories and technologies for pharmacy, health care, electrotechnics and other industries).



Razov 472, Vizovice,

tel.: +420 577 686 120,

fax: +420 575 452 777

Ing. Pavel Dvořáček, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Production of fruity distillates. Products and Services:

  • fruity distillates (Slivovitz/white, gold/, special distillates, kosher products, whisky, liquers…)

- commercial activities

Partner to develope the business activities in Bulgaria – production and distribution of fruity distillates.


PP Agency s.r.o.

Myslíkova 25, 110 00 Praha 1,

tel.: +420 221 406 666,

fax: +420 224 930 016


Ms. Pavla Podskalská, Director General and Owner

Media Agency for the promotion of exports

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