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Esmeralda Evercreech, Candy Covitt, Gloria Grubb, Kim Boggs, Dance Captain
Rachel trained at the Laban Centre.
Her stage credits include: for New Adventures: Edward Scissorhands original cast and Dance Captain (London, UK, US, Japan, Korea 2005-07), Highland Fling (London, UK, Japan 2005), and Nutcracker! (London, UK, Japan, Korea, US 2002-05); for AMP, The Car Man original cast (London, UK, USA, Japan, Europe 2000-2002 and UK tour 2007), and Cinderella (LA 1999).
Other credits include: research projects with Protein Dance Company (2003-04), for First Person Dance Company (1996-2002), Transitions Dance Company (1996), and National Youth Dance Company (1994). TV/Film credits include: Nutcracker!, Sandra in The Car Man, Short Order, Trauma, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, and Stage Beauty.
Rachel continues to teach workshops for New Adventures to all age groups and abilities.
Zoe began her training at the age of 6 attending Dorothy Marshall School of dance and drama and then furthering it at Performers College in Essex, where she received a Diploma in Dance Theatre.
Upon graduating Zoe’s credits include: ITV’S X Factor shows, and for the winners Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, Performed at the 02 arena with Alexandra for Elton John’s New years eve concert 2009,capital summertime ball (Leona Lewis) top of the pops, GMTV, Royal variety performance and children in need, all for Leona Lewis.
Other credits include: T4 on the beach backing dancer to Tinchy stryder, Amelle (sugar babes) and Taio Cruz. David Gest ‘My Life’ tour, backing dancer to Beverly Knight (Adidas event in Hyde Park), Barbie dance tour for Barbie’s 50th anniversary.
Zoe has also appeared in: Ministry of sound ‘Garage classics’ CD advert, Pot Noodle commercial, Nokia phone commercial, Sky 1’s Got to dance commercial, Flash Mob at Westfield’s centre with Britain’s got talent winners ‘Diversity’ for SKY TV, Flash Mob for ‘Black Eyed Peas’ for the Launch of their Tour and new album. Zoe has also appeared in music videos such as: Jay Sean, Skepta, Sheya, will and the people and common people.
Zoe also teaches for Charlton Athletic on community projects for children and in schools around Kent, she has also choreographed for girl dance troupe ‘The Dolls’, and takes workshops such as ‘funk it up’.

Zoe is very pleased to be on board this project, and would like to thank everyone involved.

Helen Parlor trained at Northern School of Contemporary Dance before embarking on her professional career.
Helen has professionally performed nationally and. She began her career performing work made by Scott Ambler, Jonathon Lunn and Yael Flexor through a company called 'Dansconnect', run through Swindon Dance. Following this Helen became a performer and rehearsal director for Motionhouse Dance Theatre performing in 'Atomic, 'Fearless', 'Volatile' and 'Perfect'. During this time Helen was also Artistic Director for 'Full Force Dance Company', a professional all male dance company run through Hampshire Dance, and was guest choreographer for Surrey County Youth Dance and Swindon Dance.
In 2006 Helen moved to Norway to join Panta Rei Danseteater to perform work across Norway, Sweden and India made by Jamie Watton and Anne Ekenes. In 2008 Helen was Artistic Director for 'Forbidden; A tale of Love and War', a site specific held at Goodrich Castle. In 2009 Helen joined Mobius Dance Company and is currently performing in their new production 'Performing Monkey' and 'The Root Of It'.
Helen has been the contemporary choreographer for MKT RAW since 2006 and is happy to be onboard in its latest development.


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