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Biographical data

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Biographical data

Name and first name: Mari Amos

Date and place of birth: 27.02.1977

Working languages: Estonian, English, Finnish (some level of German and Russian)

Current position/function: Advisor for the Estonian Chancellor of Justice with the specialization on basic right to health.
Main professional activities: In the course of my work I have to deal mainly with two issues – complaints and own/initiatives within the mandate of the Chancellor of Justice as an ombudsman as well as within the mandate as a supervisor of constitutionality of all legal acts.

Additionally I have been dealing actively with building up our institution as the National Preventive Mechanism under the UN OPCAT instrument. Within the framework of NPM I have carried out numerous inspections to health establishments (psychiatric hospitals, centers for infectious diseases) where people are kept against their will. I have participated as specialist on basic right to health also in other inspections to prisons, expulsion centers etc. On the field of prevention I have given lectures to the personnel of the places of detention as well as issued several articles in media.

Educational background: 1995-1999 Institute of Law, Tallinn Estonia – BA (Law)

2002-2003 Lund University, Lund Sweden – MA (European Affairs)

2007-2009 University of Tartu, Tartu Estonia – MPH (Public Health with the specialization on mental health)
Other main activities in the field relevant to the mandate of the treaty body concerned:
Since autumn 2007 I am an Estonian contact person for the Council of Europe National Human Right Structures network.
From November 2009 I was nominated as the UN contact person for the national preventive mechanism established under the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture.
Since 2010 I am Estonian liaison officer for the European Ombudsman.
Additionally I am member of expert panel of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

List of most recent publications in the field:
1. On permissibility and extent of the violation of the fundamental rights of persons in the organisation of involuntary treatment. Eesti Arst 12/2007.

2. Obligations of health care service providers in establishing torture, inhuman and degrading treatment. Eesti Arst 5/2008.

3. The role of ombudsmen in the fight against torture. European Ombudsmen Newsletter nr 11, October 2008.


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