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Beach Seine Net Fishing

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Beach Seine Net Fishing
Beach seine nets are employed in small scale artisanal fisheries in the Indian Ocean, West Africa and South America. These artisanal beach seine fisheries typically use traditional methods based on manpower alone, the net is deployed from a rowing boat and hauled ashore by teams of 10-50 crew. More commercial and mechanised beach seine fisheries that may use equipment such as spotter planes, all terrain vehicles, outboard powered boats and electric winches, operate in North America, Australia, parts of South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal) and elsewhere. In South Africa, the small scale commercial beach seine fisheries are concentrated in the Western Cape Province where approximately 100 permit holders operate. Permit conditions stipulate that, with the exception of all terrain vehicles used to transport the gear on sandy beaches, traditional Manpower based methods are to be used. The legal target species is mullet Liza richardsonii, but up to 30 by-catch species also occur in catches and in some areas are targeted by fishers. As many of these by-catch species are also targeted by commercial and recreational line fishers, user-conflict has and continues to present numerous challenges for fisheries management authorities. Anchor Environmental Fisheries Observers record various catch and effort data for the beach seine fisheries as part of the Shore-Based Observer Program.  Further details for this program can be found on found here.   

SW Cape beach seine fishing operation with catch of yellowtail Seriola lalandi

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