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Bbsrc summer School 2006, p

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BBSRC Summer School 2006, p.

BBSRC Summer School on Molecular Evolution & Diversity

Monday July 17th (starting at 2pm)— July 21st (ending at noon)

Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh

Organisers Deborah Charlesworth and John Brookfield

Programme, version 4 (may be subject to small changes)

Theme A: Genetic diversity within populations

Monday July 17th, afternoon

2.00 Introduction to the summer school. The neutral theory and coalescence. D. Charlesworth

2.40 Detecting natural selection from gene genealogies. Gil McVean
3.40 Tea
Student talks

4.00 Carolin Kosiol (EMBL - European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton) Markov models for protein sequence evolution

4.15 Adam Auton (Oxford University) Assessment of the properties of recombination hotspots using population genetic data
4.30 The effects of genomic context on molecular evolution and variation. Brian Charlesworth

Posters on Theme A

Joanna Parmley (University of Bath) Recombination-induced mutational events and their impact on genomic evolution.

Lukasz Jasnos (Jagiellonian University. Krakow) Statistical and functional analysis of genetic interactions between detrimental effects of gene deletions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Andrea Harper (University of Birmingham) The origin and evolution of sex chromosomes in Silene latifolia (Caryophyllaceae).

Maxim Kapralov (University of Birmingham) Adaptive and purifying selection in island and mainland plant species.
Posters to be put up
6.30 Dinner
Tuesday July 18, morning
9.00 LD and recombination detection Susan Ptak

Student talks

10.00 Meike Thomas (University of Cologne) A systematic assessement of signatures of positive selection events in natural populations of the house mouse

10.15 Amy Sherborne (University of Liverpool) Causes and consequences of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) variation; linking the individual to the population
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Evolution of non-coding sequences. Peter Keightley

12.00 Gene finding from association and LD mapping Toby Johnson

1.00 Lunch
Tuesday July 19, afternoon

2.00 – 4.00 First computer class, MEGA (Pollock Halls Micro Lab)
4.00 Tea
Theme B: Genetic variability in subdivided populations

4.45 Genetic variation between populations John Brookfield
6.30 Dinner
Wednesday July 19, morning

Student talks

9.00 Noel Thomson (University of Glasgow) Estimation of fluctuating population sizes and migration rates from DNA haplotype data

9.15 Richard Buggs (University of Oxford) Ecology and evolution of sexual systems and polyploidy in Mercurialis annua (Euphorbiaceae)

9.30 Bruno Moreira (University of Reading) Use of multilocus genotypes to infer pedigrees, genealogies, and demographic parameters in a Moran model.

Discussion and Overview of Genetic Variation within and between populations
Posters on Theme B

Silvia Perez-Espona (University of Edinburgh) Population structure and gene flow of red deer (Cervus elaphus) in the Scottish Highlands

Amy Llewellyn (University of Sheffield) The genetics of male sterility in a hybrid zone

Paris Veltsos (Queen Mary University, London) A tool to better understand early sex chromosome evolution.

Suzanne Lavelle (University of Leicester) Autosomal haplotypes as markers for the histories and structures of human populations

Elie Dolgin (University of Edinburgh) The effects of mating system on genetic architecture

Louise Hathaway (Lund University) Geographic differentiation, hybridization and speciation in Silene Section Elisanthe.
10.00 Coffee
Theme C: Macroevolution and variation between species

10.30 Sequence Alignment: Jaap Heringa

11.30 Reconstruction of Phylogenetic Trees, Paul Sharp
Student talks

12.30 Giulia Riccioni (University of Ferrara) Molecular diversity at the

CYP2D6 locus

12.45 Roger Kouyos (ETH Zurich) Genetic Systems and Retroviral Evolution

1.00 Lunch
Wednesday July 19, afternoon

2.00 – 4.00 Second computer class, DNAsp
4.00 Tea
4.30 Structural genomic variation: John Armour

5.30 Discussion of macroevolution
6.30 Dinner
Thursday July 20, morning

9.00 Gene duplication and gene families: John Brookfield
Student talks

10.00 Harriet Hunt (University of Cambridge) Origins and spread of domesticated broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum L.)

10.15 Angela McCann (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) Phylogenetic methods for detecting bacterial genome fusions.
10.30 Coffee
Posters on Theme C

Satoko Kaneko (Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Sokendai) Molecular evolutionary and population genetics studies on regulatory Makorin1-derived processed pseudogenes

Magnus Lundmark (University of Copenhagen) Evolution and phylogeny of asexual animals.

Neville Cobbe (University of Edinburgh) Combining in silico and in vivo approaches to analysis of invadolysin function.

Theme D: Evolution of development
11.00 Evolution and development: M. Akam

Student talks

12.00 Sarah Saminadin-Peter (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universiy, Munich) Evolutionary and functional genomics of Drosophila gene expression

12.15 Alex Tattersall (Oxford University) Control of dissected leaf form in the Arabidopsis thaliana relative Cardamine hirsuta.

12.30 Katie Tindall (University of Hull) The role of regulatory genes in cichlid adaptive radiation.

12.45 Bárbara Negre de Bofarull (University of Cambridge) Evolution of cis-regulatory elements: the Drosophila achaete-scute complex as a model.

Posters on Theme D

Reinmar Hager (University of Manchester) QTL analysis of genomic imprinting.

1.00 Lunch
Thursday July 20, afternoon

2.00 – 4.00 Third computer class, PAML
4.00 Tea, then free time
7.00 Summer School Dinner, St. Trinnean's Room

Friday July 21, morning

Theme E: Evolution in microorganisms

9.00 am Evolution in microorganisms Tim Anderson
Student talks

10.00 Angeliki Harissiou (University of Warwick) Evolution of respiratory syncytial virus

10.15 Guislaine Refrégier (Lab. d' Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution. Dépt Génétique et Ecologie Evolutives. UMR CNRS-UPS-ENGREF) Molecular signature of specialisation and speciation in the fungal species complex Microbotryum violaceum
10.30 Coffee
Student talks

11.00 Rachel Jones (Oxford University) The evolution of niche specificity and type III secretion in plant pathogenic pseudomonas

11.15 Anastasios Tsaousis (The University of Newcastle) Evolution of Microsporidia and Microsporidian mitosome

11.30 John Archer (University of Manchester) Origin and Diversification of HIV-1

11.45-12.00 Discussion of microbial evolution
Posters on Theme E

Maria Anisimova (University College London) Evolution of coding regions in Streptococcus genomes

Richard Emes (University College London) Adaptive evolution of parasite species

Alex McCarthy (University of Leeds) The genetics of host susceptibility in an emerging morbillivirus infection

12.00 End of the course
Lecturer list

D. Charlesworth (University of Edinburgh)

B. Charlesworth (University of Edinburgh)

Toby Johnson (University of Edinburgh)

Peter Keightley (University of Edinburgh)

Gil McVean (Oxford University)

John Armour (University of Nottingham)

John Brookfield (University of Nottingham)

Paul Sharp (University of Nottingham),

Michael Akam (Cambridge, Zoology

Jaap Heringa (Centre for Integrative Bioinformatics, Free University, Amsterdam)

Susan Ptak (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig)

Timothy J.C. Anderson (Department of Genetics, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, San Antonio)

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