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Bang & Olufsen launches BeoSystem 4 video engine for integrated home entertainment systems

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Bang & Olufsen launches BeoSystem 4 video engine for integrated home entertainment systems
BeoSystem 4 provides more crystal-clear proof that Bang & Olufsen is making important inroads into the growing market for system integration in home entertainment and home automation systems. In essence a Bang & Olufsen high-definition smart TV without the screen, BeoSystem 4 was designed for customised cinema setups with central installation and advanced sound configurations with non-Bang & Olufsen screens. Outstanding connectivity and placement flexibility now make breath-taking Bang & Olufsen video and audio clarity a compelling option for even more homes.
Struer, Denmark 4 February 2014
Bang & Olufsen opens the door to the integrated home’s AV tech room with a powerful new video engine, BeoSystem 4, that is sure to earn its place on many a rack. BeoSystem 4 connects to any screen in the home – Bang & Olufsen’s own BeoVision 12 or other non-Bang & Olufsen flatscreen or projector.
The video engine is nearly identical to that driving Bang & Olufsen’s latest TV launches, and includes all the features the demanding family can ask for: 2D and 3D, a wide range of HDMI inputs, access to Bang & Olufsen Smart TV, hybrid broadband TV (HbbTV), multiple picture formats including CINEMASCOPE A and B for projectors, VisionClear picture technologies and dedicated picture modes for film and gaming.
The integrated surround sound module features a powerful new design with 400% more processing power than previous generations for unprecedented acoustic performance when combined with any of the active speakers from the Bang & Olufsen speaker range.

In addition to a digital sound decoder that orchestrates up to 12 channels in full surround, the acoustic powerhouse also features TrueImage™ technology to dynamically handle up- and down-mixing of audio signals to match the number of audio channels in the incoming signal with available speakers, yielding audio performance unparalleled by any other system; this is an acoustic godsend in setups with different speaker configurations. The powerful digital signal-processing algorithm also switches seamlessly between dedicated sound modes when it detects music, sports, drama, movies, etc.

Outstanding connectivity and flexibility

BeoSystem 4 is engineered to connect with just about everything a custom installer can think of for the automated home.

Connect an Atlona HDMI switch matrix for distributes of HD video all over the house simply and brilliantly. DLNA capability makes access to films and music a cinch. The BeoLink Gateway bridges seamlessly to a broad range of home automation systems and devices, but you can also connect up to four devices – e.g., projector, screen, curtains, lights, etc. – directly to BeoSystem 4.
By connecting both a TV screen and a projector to BeoSystem 4 you get intelligent and smooth transformation of your room from simple TV watching to a magical home cinema experience on a large projection screen – with the touch of one button only.
Like other Bang & Olufsen Smart TVs, BeoSystem 4 lets you switch easily between television channels, Apple TV and the internet or keep an eye on everything at the same time with the Picture and Picture function. You can choose between popular apps such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, or surf wherever else you want to go. Convenient control is an important part of the Bang & Olufsen experience, and BeoSystem 4 is no exception. Both of Bang & Olufsen’s remotes, Beo4 and Beo6, provide simple and intuitive control of all TV functions – as well as any other connected device in the automated home. But these are also available on smartphones and tablets. Use the BeoLink App for control of the entire home, setting scenes that include home integration systems, or for more dedicated TV control use the BeoRemote App.
BeoSystem 4 is on sale exclusively at Bang & Olufsen stores.

For more information please contact:

Jette Nygaard, PR Consultant

Bang & Olufsen a/s

Phone: +45 9684 1122


Bang & Olufsen was founded in Struer, Denmark, in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, two innovative, young engineers devoted to high quality audio reproduction. Since then, the brand has become an icon of performance and design excellence through its long-standing craftsmanship tradition and the strongest possible commitment to high-tech research and development.
Still at the forefront of domestic technology, Bang & Olufsen has extended its comprehensive experience with integrated audio and video solutions for the home to other areas such as the hospitality and automotive industries in recent years. Consequently, its current product range epitomizes seamless media experiences in the home as well as in the car and on the move.

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