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Bag height approx. Acer beuergeranium – Trident Maple

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Acer beuergeranium – Trident Maple –

Small bushy tree. Good autumn display of yellow to red leaves. Bark peels in

scaly plates leaving a dappled trunk. Hardy. 5m+

Acer freemani ‘Jeffers Red’ 25L 2-2.5m

Medium sized tree with a dense crown, vibrant shades of red, orange and scarlet 35/45L 2.5-3m

over autumn. One of the most sought after specimen trees. Wind tolerant. Moderately

drought tolerant. 10m.

Acer ‘Gracefield’ - Snake bark Maple 25L 2-2.5m

An introduction by Frank’s Trees. A smaller selection of snake bark maple, with

mottled pink new growth. Bright orange autumn foliage.

Acer griseum – Paper bark Maple 35/45L 180+

A beautiful small tree with great individuality and brilliant red autumn foliage.

Lovely rich reddish/brown peeling bark stands out in a winter landscape. Likes

fertile, moist conditions (but not water logged) and not much wind. Slow growing. 5m+.

Acer japonicum ‘Green Cascade’ 25L tub

A cascading shrub that requires staking when young to encourage weeping.

In autumn the green leaves turn to scarlet, yellow and orange and are very

appealing. Also has winged seed.

Acer japonicum vitifolium ‘ Vine-leafed Maple’ 25L tub 2-2.5m

Known for its fantastic autumn colour, the leaves are a distinctive apple- 35/45L

green in spring/summer and similar to those of a vine. Leaves turn rich red

and bright orange in a good, crisp autumn before falling. In spring it has

small red flowers. One of the best maples for bright autumn colour. 5 x 3m.

Acer palmatum ‘Beni komachi’ 12L tub

The name means red beautiful little girl and aptly describes this attractive maple.

Emerging foliage in spring is red but turns to a dark purple fairly quick. In summer

the small crinkled leaves turn a very nice dark green but edged in purple giving this

plant one of the most unique textures in the garden.

Acer palm. ‘Beni Otaki’ 12L tub

Deeply dissected narrow lobed foliage of deep burgundy/wine. Small spreading tree.


Acer palm. ‘Bloodgood’ 35/45L 2m+ 3yr

American cultivar with deeply divided leaves that are deep red-fringed, turning scarlet

in autumn. 3m.

Acer palm.- Japanese Maple 25L 2m

Small tree well known for its fine autumn colour. Deep green over summer, turning to 35/45L 2-2.5m

glorious autumn shades of fiery crimson and scarlet. Excellent courtyard shade tree. 4m.

Acer palm. ‘Burgundy Lace’ 12L tub 180

American cultivar with deeply divided leaves that are deep red, fringed, turning scarlet

in autumn. 3m.

Acer palm.‘Crimson Princess’ 12L tub

Broad-rounded habit with layered branches. Narrowly lobed leaves dissected, creating 35/45L

a lacy appearance. Vigorous weeping habit. Cut leaf foliage emerges red, turning bronze

in summer. 2.5 x 2.5m.

Acer palm. ‘Crimson Queen’ 12L tub

A lovely weeper with rich crimson spring foliage turning a deeper purple/red over

summer. Brilliant autumn colours of scarlet red. Probably the most popular smaller

growing red weeper. 1m x 1m.

Acer palm. ‘Kamagata’ 12L tub

Dwarf. Small delicate looking leaves first appear in spring edged in purple. By

summer a nice bright green. Autumn colour is usually yellow to orange.

Acer palm. ‘Koto Ito Kamachi’ 12L tub

Narrow green lobed leaves 3-5 lobes are elongate and thread-like. Low, bushy, shrub

looks extremely wispy. Ideal for containers or rockery.

Acer palm. ‘Lion Heart’ 35L

Cut leaf maple with crimson new growth and an upright spreading habit. Crimson

autumn colour.

Acer palm. ‘Osakasuki’ 25L tub

Wide, bold leaves of bronze green over summer turn to the most intense, glowing

crimson in autumn. One of the best known Japanese Maples. 4m+.

Acer palm. ‘Senkaki’ – Coral Bark maple 12L tub

Elegant tone of bark in winter months. Small light green leaves turn to bright 35L

yellow in autumn, outstanding year round appeal. Upright form. 4m.

Acer palm.‘Shaina’ 25L tub

Grows upright and vigorous at first, slowing with age to become a slightly

congested small shrub with bright red new growth, mature maroon red

foliage. Excellent small maple. 1m.

Acer palm. ‘Shishigashira’ 12L tub

This slow growing maple has somewhat glossy leaves that are curled and/or

kinked up. One of its outstanding features is its compact arrangement of leaves.

The leaves are deep green that last until autumn, autumn tones of gold, rose and

crimson. Shishigashira means “Lion’s heart” or ‘Lion’s Mane”.

Acer palm.‘Tamuyekyama’ 30L tub

Very attractive, mushroom-shaped weeper with darkest purple/red spring

colouring, turning lighter over summer. Fiery scarlet autumn colours.

Vigorous. 1.5 x 2m.

Acer palm.‘Toyama Nishiki’ 12L tub

In spring and summer this variety has bronze leaves interspersed with green

and white variegations. Crimson autumn colour. 2m.

Acer palm. ‘Tsumagaki’ 25L tub 2-2.5m

A beautiful slow growing bushy maple with spreading branches. Opens a soft

lime yellow with the tips of the tapering lobes shaded attractive wine red. A

striking combination in spring with the soft shaded lobes and red tips becoming

greener and muted in summer, with orange and yellow tones in autumn. A lovely

variety preferring a cool dappled, sheltered site. 3m.

Acer palm. dissectum ‘Virdis’ 12L tub

One of the best green weeping maples. Virdis has amazing soft fresh green

foliage which is a wonderful contrast to any garden. The finely serrated lace-like

leaves turn to yellow and orange in Autumn making this an excellent choice for year

round interest. 1.5 x 1m.

Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’ – Purple Norway Maple 25L 180

Dense rounded maple tree with an attractive shape and dark purple foliage that turns

orange, copper and gold in autumn before falling. 10m+.

Acer plat. ‘Drummondi’ – Variegated Norway Maple 25L 180

This strikingly variegated tree has its deep green leaves strongly margined with creamy

white. This is particularly prominent over spring and summer before changing to yellow

in autumn. A beautiful, large specimen tree to 10m.

Acer rubrum – Red Maple 25L 2-2.5m

A vigorous tall tree with large dark, green leaves. Beautiful autumn tones of red and

scarlet. Hardy. 10m+
Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Glory’ (October Glory) 12L tub 180+

An American selection. One of the best red maples with upright growth, smooth 25L

silvery/grey branches. Has excellent autumn colour that lasts longer than many 35/45L

other red maples. 10m.

Acer saccharum – Sugar Maple 25L

Green leaves turn to spectacular deep red, scarlet, orange and yellow in autumn. Good

specimen tree. 6 x 5m.

Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Seiryu’ 25L

Upright growing with finely dissected green foliage clothing gracefully arching 35/45L

branches. Autumn colours are soft yellows to gold. 3 x 2.5m.

Acer serrulatum – Taiwan Maple 35/45L

A very rare maple from Taiwan. Palmate leaves resembling Japanese Maples,

except it has finer tooth and more leathery leaves, therefore more resistant to

sunburn in hot summer. An elegant small tree. Autumn colour from crimson to

gold. Changes colour later – usually mid-winter. Suitable for lawn specimens,

along driveways. 6m+

Aesculus hippocastunum – Horse Chestnut 25L

Stately spreading tree, large round head, bold heavily veined compound foliage. 35L

Stout candles of white flowers providing the familiar ‘conkers’ in autumn. 7 x 6m.

Albizia julibrissin ‘Rosea’ – Silk Tree 12L tub

Fern-like foliage, pink fluffy flowers in summer. Spreading deciduous tree. 35L 2.5-3m

Perfect shade or screen for outdoor living areas. Grows quickly, easy,

hardy. Revels in hot and dry locations once established. 5 x4m.

Alectryon excelsus – Titoki 25L 2m

Evergreen tree. Ideal as a specimen or for street planting. Glossy green leaves, 35L

rust red flowers in early summer, followed by scarlet berries. Protect from 80L

heavy frosts. 7 x 4m.

Alnus glutinosa imperialis – Cut Leaf Alder 45L 3-4m

Pyramidal shaped tree with deeply and finely cut feathery leaves. Tolerates wet and

windy areas. Smaller size than other alders. Hardy. 7m+

Alnus Jorulensis – Evergreen Alder 35L

A strong upright tree with pale, papery grey bark with birch-like serrated foliage and

graceful drooping branches. Tolerates damp soil. An excellent shelter tree, specimen

that can be clipped. 6 x 4m. Evergreen.

Azara microphylla- Vanilla tree 35L 2m+

An upright small tree with fine buxus-like foliage. Gold blooms in winter, in small

clusters, nicely fragrant. A dainty and graceful specimen. Evergreen. 4-5m.

Beilschmiedia tarairi – Taraire 35L

Grand specimen tree. New growth olive green. Flowers in spring with large date-like

fruit in June. Grows straight and tall, trunk has smooth brown bark. Attracts

wood pidgeons. Frost tender. Evergreen. 10m x 10m

Betula pendula- Silver Birch

Stately tree with prominent white trunk and delicate lacy leaves. Good as group

plantings. 12 x 6m.

Betula platyphylla japonica – Japanese White Birch 35L 2.5m+

One of the earliest birch to leaf up in spring. Large, glossy green diamond shaped

leaves combined with a white trunk. Narrow, conical growth. Nice ornamental

specimen. Hardy. 9m+.

Betula ‘White Spire’

Grafted variety with pure white bark. Erect upright habit makes it a good tree

for avenues. Hardy. 6m x 3.5m

Betula ‘Summer Cascade’

Elegant weeping form of Birch. Attractive peeling bark. Fresh green foliage, showing

great autumn foliage colour in cooler parts. Ideal as a specimen tree or focal point.

2m x 1.5m

Betula utilis ‘Jermyns’

A highly ornamental hybrid with shining white bark that peels to reveal a salmony/

orange bark. Long greenish catkins in spring.

Betula utilis jacquemontii ‘Dazzler’ 35/45L 2.5m+

A deciduous hardy tree. This is a superior selection with amazing white bark –

among the best. Larger green leaves. 8 x 5m.

Camellia ‘Early Pearly’ 35L 2m

Small rose form double with white blush to central petals. Early flowering with

upright willowy habit. An excellent hedging plant as it is fast growing. It has

vibrant new growth turning to lush green. 3m.

Camellia ‘Lemon Drop’ 35L

Miniature to small rose form. Double white with lemon centre. Mid-season

blooming. Average upright growth habit. 2m.

Camellia ‘Les Jury’ 35L

Medium to large peony to formal double, rich red, mid season blooms, vigorous

upright habit. Creates an excellent hedge as it is fast growing, holds it’s columnar

shape well without trimming, has brilliant new foliage of soft tans and flowers

profusely. Very hardy. 4m.

Camellia ‘Moshio Flame’ 35L

Flowers deep red, medium semi-double with prominent golden stamens. Flowers

mid-season. Upright compact growth habit.

Camellia ‘Roger Hall’ 35L

Medium formal double of clear red, early to late blooming, vigorous compact

upright growth. 2.5m.

Camellia ‘Ruby Wedding’ 35L

Excellent mix of currant and ruby red flower tones, medium to full peony blooms.

Outer collarette of waxy petals, full centre mixed with a few white petaloids. Blooms

mid-season, upright, bushy habit. Very popular as a celebrant. 2.5m.

Carpinus betulus fastigiata – Upright Hornbeam 25L 2-2.5m

Pyramidal habit. A small to medium sized tree. Ideal avenue tree, very Hardy. 5m.

Cercis Canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ 25L

Deep reddish/purple large showy leaves. Fuschia pink, pea-shaped flowers in spring.

Prune lightly for colour. 3.5m

Cornus Alt. ‘Argentia’ - Variegated Dogwood 25L tub

This cornus brings an outstanding structural element to a garden with its tiered form and

bright variegation. Has white-edged green leaves, white flowers in late spring and

bluish-black berries. Reddish-purple twigs contrast wonderfully with the foliage. Prefers

even moisture and well-drained soil and performs best in light shade.

Cornus controversa – Table Dogwood 25L

Tiered small tree. Clusters of cream coloured flowers in summer. Red/purplish leaves

in autumn. 5m+

Cornus ‘Eddies White Wonder’ 25L

Brilliant creamy white large flower bracts cover the tree during summer followed by

clusters of small red fruits. Superb autumn colour. 4m.

Cornus nuttali – Pacific Dogwood 25L

Large soft green leaves are carried on a tall majestic tree. Large, very showy, white

(occasionally flushed pink) six bracted flower heads are produced in November. The

foliage turns yellow, sometimes red in autumn. Similar to Eddies White Wonder.

Cornus pluribracteata 12L tub

A particularly lovely, vigorous and free flowering variety with pure white double

flowers produced in profusion over spring. A very neat tree with a broadly branching,

sculptural habit. 3-4m.

Crataegus ‘Paul’s Scarlet’ – Flowering Hawthorn 35/45L

Very hardy, dense rounded-headed deciduous tree, thorny branches, shiny deeply

lobed leaves. Branches will be smothered with clusters of clear bright red double

flowers in November, followed by bright red fruits in autumn. 6 x 5m.

Eucalyptus ficifolia – Red flowering gum

This popular beautiful flowering tree is cultivated throughout the world and has

adapted to a wide range of conditions, including coastal. It is frost tender when

young. Flowers can almost hide the foliage when fully out, a magnificent floral

display. Bird and bee attracting. Flowers Dec-Jan. 8-10m.

Eucalyptus leucoxylon – Winter flowering gum

Attractive medium sized tree planted for its winter flowering habit, which varies

from cream to red. Hardy tree tolerant of wind, drought and frost. Flowers attract

native birds and bees.

Fagus sylvatica – English Beech PB60

Noble large tree or hedge-line, needs room to show potential. Fan-shaped

branches. An ideal shade and specimen tree. 10m.

Fagus sylvatica purpureum – Copper Beech 35/45L

Same growth habit as the green beech, foliage copper when young, turning to

rich purple, almost black later in the season. 10m.

Fraxinus aurea pendula – Weeping Golden Ash 25L

A smaller, less vigorous weeper with an umbrella shaped crown and golden

yellow young growth. An attractive lawn specimen for the smaller garden.

Fraxinus griffithi – Evergreen Ash 12L tub

An evergreen – semi-deciduous tree. Grey bark, pale green leaves which are

silvery underneath. White flowers in spring in long panicles. Prefers warmer

and drier climate. 7m+.

Fraxinus pennsylvanica – Green Ash 25L

Bright, glossy, dark green leaves in the summer. Yellow autumn colour.

Bark goes corky with age. Hardy. 10m+

Fraxinus “Purple Spire” Ash

(Plant Variety Right applied for) 35/45L

This new introduction by us has an upright growth habit and stunning orange/

burgundy autumn colour. Ideal avenue/street tree. 8m+

Fraxinus oxycarpa raywoodi – Claret Ash 25L 2m+

Impressive with its plum/purple foliage, ideal for early colour. Bright green 35/45L 3m

leaves through spring/summer then gradually deepening to rich purple, claret/red

colours – holds well into winter. 8 x 5m.

Ginkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’ 12L tub

Male form (no fruit). Upright habit. Brilliant golden yellow foliage in early autumn.

7 x 4m.

Ginkgo ‘Ming Princess’ PB28

Outstanding maidenhair tree with a very miniature form. Very fine foliage.

Gleditsia ‘Emerald Cascade’ 35L

Thornless selection has arching pendant branches, and emerald green leaves which

turn to yellow in autumn.

Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Ruby Lace’ 15L 180

Aptly named finely divided ruby red spring growth turns bronze red in summer. 35/45L

Graceful round headed tree. 5m.

Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Skyline’ 25L

Straight trunk and a compact branching structure in pyramidal form. Dense, deep green 35L

finely divided foliage turning gold in autumn. Excellent shade tree or specimen tree.

6 x 5m
Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Sunburst’ – Golden Honey locust 25L

Medium sized tree with limey/yellow foliage in spring deepening to fresh green in 35/45L

summer, bronze/yellow in autumn. Suitable for hot, dry areas. Ideal shade tree for

the lawn. 5m.

Gordonia yunnanensis 25L

A smaller leaf form of gordonia. A handsome evergreen plant, with glossy dark

green leaves. Produces camellia-like flowers in late autumn-spring. Reddish new

growth and smaller habit makes an excellent hedge. 2-3m.

Hymenosporum flavum – Australian Frangipani

A graceful, erect growing, slender tree. Covered in sweetly scented yellow

flowers in spring/summer. Plant away from wind, free- draining. Pinch tips to

encourage branching. Evergreen. 6 x 3m.

Idesia ‘Kentucky Fry’ – Wonder Tree 35L

Produces very showy clusters of berries, green at first, then brown and finally waxy,

bright red resembling loose bunches of small grapes. Seen at their best after leaf fall.

Horizontal branch structure with a broad crown. Leaves are medium green with

reddish veins. Self-fertile. 7 x 5m

Ilex ‘Sky Pencil’ 12L tub

A spectacular landscape specimen. Small narrow, oval rich green leaves and 25L

stiffly upright narrow fastigiate habit. 3m. Evergreen. 35L

Jacaranda Mimisifolia

Lovely deciduous tree. Mauve blue flowers in spring/summer with ferny

foliage. Requires a sheltered, frost free, sunny position. 7 x 5m.

Koelreuteria paniculata – Golden Rain Tree 25L

Summer foliage topped with large heads of yellow flowers followed by papery

capsules resembling small chinese lanterns. 4m.

Laburnum Vossii – Golden Chain Tree 25L

A graceful specimen. Graceful wisteria-like, golden yellow flowers in abundance

creating a beautiful effect, Excellent trained over a pergola or frame. 4m.

Lagerstromia Indica ‘D Puard’ – Crepe Myrtle 35L tub

Large panicles of mauve-lilac blooms with delicately crimped petals. Long

flowering season from mid-summer. A vigorous variety of great merit. Attractive

exfoliating bark. Ideal small garden tree.

Laurus nobilis – Bay Tree – Topiary 12L tub

Dark green leaves, aromatic when crushed. Used in cooking. A display of yellow/

green flowers in autumn, followed by dark purple berries. Very hardy. Evergreen.

Leptospernum nitidum ‘Copper Sheen’ 35L

Very popular shrub with attractive foliage of bronze red leaves and bearing

white flowers in the summer. Excellent specimen, garden and screen plant.

4m+. Evergreen.

Liquidambar ‘Aurora’ 45L 2m+

Slower growing deciduous tree with large maple like leaves with brilliant autumn 60L

displays of yellow, red and orange shades. Hardy. 4 x 3m in ten years.

Liquidambar sty. ‘Gumball’ *available on 1m, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8m

Dwarf, slow growing, compact, bushy form. Does not form a leader. Autumn standards.

colours of red, orange and yellow often occurring very late in the season. Ideal 25/35L

small garden tree. 2-3 ball in ten years. Hardy. * grafted on standards at various


Liquidambar ‘Lane Roberts’ 80L

Selected clone from England and most reliable for its autumn colour, which is a

rich, black crimson/red. Smooth fine bark. Upright conical form. 5m.

Liquidambar ‘Moonbeam’ 400L

The main feature of this Liquidambar if the pale yellow new leaves. 8m

Liquidambar ‘Palo Alto’ 250L 3.5-4m

A narrow, upright form of this ‘must have’ autumn tree. The rich green summer

leaves turn bright red in autumn and gradually intensify to a fiery scarlet.

breathtaking beauty if given room to mature. 7m

Liquidambar sty. Rotundiloba 25L 2-2.5m

Round lobes on leaves, green through summer and a long display of reds and

purples. No seed set, so very suitable for a lawn specimen. 6 x 4m.

Liquidambar sty. Worpelsdon 25L 2-2.5m

Upright pyramidal tree. Graceful, drooping, finely cut leaves. Autumn shades 35/45L

of yellow, orange and apricot turning pinky/purple. 8 x 5m. 80L 400L

Liriodendron tulipifera aureomarginatum 80L

One of the finest colour foliage trees. Variegated leaves with various

shades of green margined yellow, bright in spring and autumn. Fragrant

orange/green/yellow flowers in spring. Often hard to get. 10m.

Liriodendron tulipifera fastigiata Upright Tulip Tree 25L

Erect, broadly columnar habit that is popular where height is required space is a 35/45L

premium. Excellent avenue/street tree. Hardy. 10m.

Magnolia ‘Careahays Belle’ 35/45L

Flowers very young and has broad petalled flowers of bright salmon pink in great

profusion. 4m.

Magnolia denudata – Yulan Magnolia 12L

A small to medium sized tree with pure white fragrant flowers. 6m.

Magnolia grandiflora DD Blanchard 35/45L

Hardy, evergreen tree with dark glossy green leaves with coppery undersides.

Large white/cream flowers in summer. Compact, pyramidal form. 5m.

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Ferruginea’ 80L

Evergreen, upright growing compact habit with highly polished rich, deep green
foliage with rust underfelt. Creamy white flowers, globe shaped and fragrant. 6m+

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ 25L

Evergreen, small, compact, narrowly columnar tree. Dense foliage with glossy 35L

green leaves, with rust coloured felt underneath. Creamy white flowers produced

freely during summer. 5 x 4m.

Magnolia ‘Ian’s Red’ 12L tub

Beautiful large, rich claret red flowers (similar to Vulcan). An upright, bushy 30L tub

tree to 6m.

Magnolia Iolanthe 35/45L

A vigorous, erect tree, with large, bowl-shaped blooms freely produced over an

extended period in late winter and early spring. Blooms of rich cream, flushed

rose-pink with purple undertones, deeper in bud and creamy white inside. A

wonderful hybrid, blooming heavily right from an early age. Upright, rounded

tree habit. 8m.

Magnolia lobneri ‘Spring Snow’ 12L tub

Cross between Magnolia Kobus and stellata/ This flowering shrub has large froths

of snow-white fragrant flowers in early spring. Flowers from a young age. Excellent

size for the the home garden.

Magnolia ‘Manchu Fann’ 25L

Heavy textured petals form a tulip shaped bloom of creamy white with small

smudges at their base. The blooms are pertly set on the upright tree.

Magnolia ‘Princess Margaret’

An outstanding Magnolia. Outside of the flower shades from rich purple. The

inside cream tinged with red/purple.
Magnolia ‘Ruth’ 35/45L

An upright slightly spreading tree with very dark pink cup-shaped flowers in

spring. Flowers over a long period. 5 x 4m

Magnolia ‘Serene’ 35/45L

Massive rounded bowl shaped slightly fragrant blooms. Deep rosy pink with

carmine towards the base and ivory white inside. 5 x 4m.

Magnolia ‘Sir Harold Hillier’ 80L

Lovely pure white, huge ‘cup and saucer’ shaped blooms of good texture and

form. Vigorous, upright growth habit, quickly forming a pyramidal shape,

becoming a large round crowned tree when mature. 8m.

Magnolia ‘Sprengeri Diva’ 35L

Compact tree, good for small gardens. Flowers are freely produced from a

young age. Blooms are pink and have a sweet fragrance. Growth is tight and

fastigiate. 3m.

Magnolia ‘Sprengeri Diva Diva’ 35L

The flowers are a deep pink with a rich scent. Upright growth.

Magnolia ‘Star Wars’

Buds pink with purplish flush opening to rose pink in a large star shape. Well

known and popular variety. 6m.

Magnolia stellata ‘Jane Platt’ 12L

Best of the dwarf stellata types. Rich pink flowers with many tepals on a

compact bush. 1.5m in 10 years.

Malus ioensis ‘Plena’ – Bechtel Crab 12L 1m

Largest flowered malus selection with large double soft pink blossoms. Orange

and red autumn foliage. 3m.

Malus ‘Jack Humm’ 25L

Brilliant fruiting crab-apple with bright red apples hanging right into winter. Single

white flowers. 4m.

Melia azedarach- Indian Bead Tree 25L

Shiny leaves. Wind hardy. Lilac, chocolate scented flowers in early summer, 35/45L

berries in autumn turning bright yellow (harmful if eaten). One of the best

suited trees to the Nelson climate. 7 x 5m.

Metasequioa glyptostroboides – Dawn Redwood 35/45L

Narrowly conical. Long fossil history. Cypress like timber is moderately durable.

Prefers damp to wet soils. Foliage bright green in summer, tawny gold in autumn.


Metrosideros excelsa ‘Maori Princess’ – Pohutakawa 35/45L

A selected more upright cultivar with distinctive large rounded leaves. Will 80L

tolerate very tough conditions including salt-laden winds, poor soil, dry

and full sun, an excellent street tree. Evergreen.

Metrosideros ‘Maungapiko’ 12L tub

Cross between Southern rata and pohutakawa. Flowers are bright crimson and appear

later than excelsa. More tolerant of frosts than the other pohutakawas. An excellent

container plant. Evergreen.

Metrosideros ‘Vibrance’ – Pohutakawa 45L

A spectacular form of the Pohutakawa, with large orange-red vibrant flowers in 60L

summer. Protect from heavy frosts when young. 4 x 3m. Evergreen.

Michelia ‘Bubbles’ 25L tub

Glossy green leaves and white blooms with pink margins. Very sweetly vanilla scented.

Semi-evergreen. 6m.

Michelia doltsopa ‘Silver Cloud’ 30L

Strong growing, pyramidal tree. Blooming from an early age with free flowering

magnolia-like flowers of creamy white with a delightful fruity fragrance.

Semi-evergreen. 5m.

Michelia Gracipes

Similar to Michelia Yunnannensis with white/creamy flowers. Leaves dark green, 25L

lobed. Good screening plant. Evergreen.

Michelia ‘Lemon Fragrant’ 25L

Interesting new hybrid with creamy large flowers. Dark green leaves. This looks to

be one of the best. Semi- Evergreen. 4 x 3m.

Michelia maudiae 15L

Large pure white magnolia-like flowers, with a lovely sweet scent, are produced in

spring and autumn. A spectacular evergreen tree, reaching 4m in ten years, it has

an attractive blue-green foliage and is very hardy. Excellent as a specimen or

background planting. May be trimmed to maintain height and shape. Evergreen.

Michelia ‘Mixed up Miss’ – Topiary PB28

Semi-evergreen. Michelia hybrid with perfumed flowers. Small growing tree, 3m 25L

in 10 years. 45L

Michelia ‘Patons Pink’ 80L 2.5m

Lovely light pink or vase shaped flowers with slightly darker edges. Rich green foliage has

wavy edged leaves. 3.5 x 2m. Semi-evergreen.

Morus alba pendula – Weeping Mulberry 35L

With its large glossy deep green leaves this makes a striking small weeping tree of

dense habit. White mulberries turning pink during summer. 2x3m.

Nyssa sylvatica – Tupelo 12L tub

Showy, deciduous tree. Scarlet and red tones in winter with dark red bark. Leaves turn 25L

rich scarlet, orange and yellow in autumn. 7 x 5m.

Parrotia persica – Persian Ironwood 60L 3-4m

Broadly spreading tree with shedding bark. Small flowers with red stamens on bare

branches in winter. Brilliant autumn colours of yellow, orange and red. One of the

finest trees for autumn colour. 6m.

Photinia Red Robin 15L

An attractive evergreen shrub, bright red young growth. Clip regularly to maintain

shape and this will also encourage a flush of new leaves.

Podocarpus henkelii – Henkel’s Yellowwood 35L 1.8m

A South African species of conifer in the Podocarpacae family. It is grown 50L

ornamentally gardens for its strikingly neat, attractive form and its elegant,

drooping foliage. Slow growing but can be kept clipped, otherwise can

grow to 10m. Evergreen.

Podocarpus parlatorei - 25L tub

Very rare evergreen conifer native from Argentina. Easily controlled in gardens as it 35/45L 2m

trims well and re-shoots easily. Very dainty new growth of a pale green against the

old dark green growth. A tall tree or shrub. Grows to 5m in 10 years.

Prunus Awanui 25L

Upright, spreading tree with masses of single pale pink flowers in spring on bare stems.

Yellow/orange autumn foliage. 5m.

Prunus campanulata ‘Felix Jury’ 35/45L 2.5m

A special selection producing large, very deep claret red blossoms in early spring.

Very popular with Tui’s and Waxeyes. Upright habit. Stunning autumn foliage.

5 x 3m.

Prunus serrula – Paperbark Cherry 25L

Small but vigorous tree. Main feature is its polished mahogany-like peeling bark 35/45L 2.5m+

(looks like shiny copper). Small white flowers. 5m.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Aristocrat’ 25L 2.5m

Pyramidal with open spreading branches. Narrow, dark green glossy foliage. Autumn 35/45L

foliage of orange to red. White flowers in spring. Popular avenue tree in the US and NZ.


Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ 25L 2.5m

A well known variety in both the USA and Australia, less known in NZ. An

outstanding street tree and used widely overseas for that purpose. A vigorous medium

sized dense headed tree. Prolific flowerer that also has excellent autumn colourings in

scarlet and crimson tones. 10m.

Pyrus Ussuriensis – Manchurian Pear 35L

Medium sized tree that flowers very early in the spring. Glossy dark green, rounded

leaves turning to varying autumn tones of plum/red, scarlet and gold. Foliage is held on

the tree well until late autumn. Dense, rounded crown, pyramidal when young. Hardy.

9 x 7m.

Quercus coccinea – Scarlet Oak 35/45L

Large spreading tree with handsome green leaves turning bright scarlet in autumn.

Very hardy, withstands drought once established.

Quercus palustris – Pin Oak

Handsome glossy dark green leaves turning scarlet, yellow and bronze in autumn. 35/45L

Vigorous grower, strong central leader, layered branches. Withstands wet 60L

conditions. Hardy. 10m+

Quercus robur – English Oak

Wide open headed tree, ideal as a specimen. Deep green leaves turn to golden

yellow shades in the autumn. Hardy. 20m+.

Quercus robur fastigiate – Upright Oak

Vigorous columnar form like a Lombardy Poplar. Deeply rooted and wind

firm. Holds onto brown leaves in winter. 20-25m.

Radermachera Sinica – Canton Lace, China Doll 80L

Forms a small tree with erect stems bearing bipinnate leaves to 50cm with dark green

leaflets. Deep yellow bell shaped flowers in summer. Likes a frost-free situation in

full sun or part shade. Keep moist during dry periods.

Schinus Molle- Pepper Tree 35L

Wide spreading evergreen with dainty foliage and gnarled trunks, pale yellow flowers

in summer followed by clusters of red berries in autumn. Evergreen. 6 x 6m.

Sequioa sempervirens – Californian Redwood 35L

Narrowly concealed habit. Prefers damp soil in sheltered valleys. Valuable timber

tree. Evergreen. 35-45m.

Sophora microphylla – Kowhai 25L

A delightful NZ semi-evergreen tree. Produces a mass of golden yellow flowers

in spring. Birds love the flowers. 5 x 3m.

Sophora microphylla ‘Longicarinata’ – Kowhai 25L

A distinct Kowhai found in Takaka, different by its tiny leaflets and compact habit.

Pale yellow flowers 4-5cm long in Spring. Semi-evergreen. 3 x 2m.

Taxodium distichum – Swamp cypress 25L 2-2.5m

A strikingly beautiful tree – the most suitable conifer for wet soils. Forms a large

pyramidal tree with fibrous reddish/brown and strongly buttressed trunk. 20m+.

Thuja pyramidalis 25L

Pyramidal, compact form with ascending branches. One of the finest formal 35L

columnar trees. Excellent for low maintenance screen plantings. Evergreen.


Tilea x europaea – European Lime or Linden 80L

Tall specimen tree with large broadly oval leaves changing to rich golden brown

in autumn. Hidden in the foliage in spring are lime green flowers secreting an

abundance of nectar. 15m+

Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii’ – Weeping Elm 45L

A small, neat, compact weeping tree with pendulous branches forming a dome

shaped head on a standard. The branches fall to the ground. An excellent

specimen for lawn planting. 5m.

Ulmus carpinifolia variegata – Variegated Elm 25L 2.5m

A beautiful specimen tree with graceful, open pyramidal habit, tolerates windy

conditions. Foliage densely speckled cream. 7 x 5m.

Ulmus glabra lutescens – Golden Elm 25L

A very lovely specimen and shade tree with golden yellow foliage right through 35L

spring to autumn. Fairly wind tolerant and will stand heavy pruning in winter. 6x6m

Ulmus parvifolia – Chinese Elm 35L

Broadly spreading, wind hardy and quick growing. Small leaves which may persist 80L

into winter in mild areas. Used as a shelter tree on exposed sites. Can tolerate tar

sealed car parks. Medium sized tree.

Ulmus parvifolia ‘Frontier’ 35/45L

A Chinese Elm hybrid, with small rich green leaves that turn to glorious shades of 80L

purplish/red in autumn. Resistant to most pests and diseases. It is an ideal medium

sized street tree and will grow in almost any soil. 6 x4m.

Vitex Lucens – NZ Puriri 35/45L

NZ native, an elegant growing specimen tree. Forms a large spreading tree, with dark

green, glossy foliage. Pink flowers are produced for most of the year. Frost tender

when younger. Evergreen.

Zelkova Serrata 35/45L

Medium sized tree of graceful wide spreading habit forming a rounded crown with

smooth grey flaky bark, turning bronze in autumn. Often hard to get. Very hardy. 8m.

(prices & grades not confirmed)

Acer freemani ‘Jeffers Red’

Acer palmatum Shishigashira

Acer platanoides ‘Princeton Gold’

Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’

Camellias – selection of (root-balled)

Cornus ‘Andrea Hart’

Cornus ‘Cherokee chief’

Cornus ‘Cherokee daybreak’

Cornus ‘Cherokee princess’

Cornus ‘Cherokee sunset’

Cornus ‘Cloud Nine’

Cornus ‘Gold cup’

Cornus ‘Satomi’

Fraxinus raywoodi

Fraxinus ‘Purple Spire’ Ash 2yr

Ginkgo ‘Saratoga’ – 2-3 yr

Liquidambar Aurora 2yr

Liquidambar ‘Lane Roberts’ 2yr

Magnolia denudata

Magnolia ‘Ian’s Red’

Magnolia ‘Ruth’

Magnolia ‘Serene’

Magnolia ‘Star Wars’

Malus Ioensis plena

Quercus palustris

Prunus Awanui

Prunus campanulate ‘Felix Jury’

Pyrus Aristocrat

Pyrus Bradford

Pyrus Ussuriensis

Ulmus parvifolia

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