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Autograph List No. 46 Artists & Authors Charles Addams

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Autograph List No. 46

Artists & Authors
Charles Addams (1912-1988) US cartoonist; creator and eponym of the Addams Family. Autograph letter signed, 30 April '74, 4 1/2 x 7 1/4, discussing his relation to notables of the same name, including Jane Addams.….$75.00

Hervey Allen (1889-1949) US author; wrote novel "Anthony Adverse" 1933. Typed letter, December 4, 1943, returning a signed book to a fan, mailing folds, very good.….$30.00

Jeffrey Archer British author - with sales of over 120 million books worldwide, Archer has taken the art of thriller writing to a new bone-chilling level. Book: "The Collected Short Stories", c.1997, leather bound in slipcase, signed and numbered 954, beautiful and mint condition….$80.00

Carl Bernstein US journalist; with Bob Woodward, uncovered Watergate scandal; co-wrote "His Holiness: John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time" 1996. Typed letter, February 18, 1977, answering a request for a photo, boldly signed.….$30.00

Sir John Betjeman (1906-2006) British poet; wrote poetry collections "New Bats in Old Belfries" 1945, "A Few Late Chrysanthemums" 1954, "Collected Poems" 1958; British poet laureate 1972-1984. Typed letter, boldly signed, 11th July, 1973, recounted his experiences with the Boy Scouts.….$70.00

Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) US (German-born) landscape painter. Bold fountain pen signature and "New York - February 28th, 1878" on a vintage album page.….$90.00

Mel Blanc (1908-1989) Famous American voice actor for many animation studios, primarily the Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera studios. Wonderful 8 x 10 color photo surrounded by his characters, inscribed "Eh..What's up Sisterhood Sholam? Bugs Bunny gang - Mel Blanc, 1-21-80"….$120.00

Edward W. Bok (1863-1930) Dutch-born American editor-in-chief of Ladies Home Journal". TLS, 1 1/2 pages, November 23rd, 1928, quick thank you, signed in fountain pen, fine condition with envelope incl.….$40.00

Daniel J. Boorstin (1914-2004) Former Librarian of Congress - wrote more than 20 books, including a trilogy on the American experience and one on world intellectual history. "The Americans: The Democratic Experience" (1973), the final book in the first trilogy, received the 1973 Pulitzer Prize in history. He was also a lawyer and university professor. Typed letter, boldly signed, September 27, 1971, briefly answering a question re: Boy Scouts.….$35.00

Ray Bradbury US science fiction author; wrote short story collections "The Martian Chronicles" 1950, "The Illustrated Man" 1951, "Quicker Than the Eye" 1996, novels "Fahrenheit 451" 1953, "Dandelion Wine" 1957. Great 8 x 10 matte-finish photo, boldly signed and dated "June 1976", lt. paper clip impression at upper left. No big deal.….$60.00

Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973) Nobel Prize winning author for her novel, The Good Earth. Typed letter signed, January 16, 1973, offering thanks and discussing some mutual health issues.….$60.00

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) US (German-born) author and poet; wrote novels "Post Office" 1971, "Factotum" 1976, "Hollywood" 1989. 8 x 10 b&w matte-finish photo of his sculpted bust, boldly signed.….$75.00

Charles Livingston Bull (1874-1932) was the premier wildlife artist of his time in America, perhaps the best of his kind in the world. Fountain pen signature on a 3 x 5 card - excellent!….$30.00

Erskine Caldwell (1903-1987) His most famous works are the novels Tobacco Road and God's Little Acre. Typed letter, boldly signed, 13 December 73, stating he is not related to George A. Caldwell, 7 x 6.….$50.00

Bruce Catton (1899-1978) US historian and US Civil War expert; wrote "A Stillness at Appomattox" 1953 (Pulitzer Prize for history 1954). Typed letter signed, November 16, 1970, American Heritage Publishing letterhead, re: Boy Scouts, fine.….$35.00

Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933) An American artist and writer, illustrator to Life, Truth, and Vogue magazines. Fountain pen inscription and signature on a linen card, 1924.….$30.00

Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker - Book: "Poodle Springs", c.1989, hd. bd., signed "RBP" on the title page, fine.….$30.00

Paddy Chayefsky (1923-1981) US dramatist; wrote television screenplays "Marty" 1953, "The Bachelor Party" 1954 and movie screenplay "Network". Typed letter signed, April 22, 1976, short note declining a photo request, fine.….$60.00

Frederick S. Church Superb ALS, 2pp with integral leaf on 1st & 4th leaves, 5"x61/2", New York Carnegie Hall, Jul 30, 1918. To Dr. Dudley Tenney Jr. Church gently chides, "I want to send a couple of drawings and very nice notice that I got in the Evening World the other day to your dear old Father. Where is he? F. S. Church. Now that you have become a member of That Club I suppose you will let your hair and Beard grow to be in style." In the margin, he has drawn a balding man with long hair and beard. At the top margin of the concluding page, he has drawn a second sketch. Church writes beneath, "I am painting a picture I call Affection. It's a cupid with a Lorgnette looking at a strutting pheasant. I am going to change the title to 'The Strutters' and dedicate it to Jim Ford and you. Why did you leave the N.Y. A Club - the most exclusive club in N. Y. It suits Dr. B__tt and me. F.S.C." Fine example. Accompanied by neatly inlaid addressed transmittal cover.….$850.00

John Ciardi (1916-1986) US poet - among his numerous works is an acclaimed translation of "Dante's Inferno", and for a time he served as poetry editor for the Saturday Review. Rare autograph letter signed, Oct. 26, 1972, good content about his experience in the Boy Scout organization and almost making Eagle.….$70.00

Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) English author and pioneer mystery novelist; wrote novels "Antonina" 1850, "Basil" 1852, "The Woman in White" 1860, "Armadale" 1866, "The Moonstone" 1868. Beautiful, bold fountain pen signature, dated "26th July 1871" on a slightly smaller sheet mounted to a 3 x 5 card.….$80.00

Alistair Cooke (1908-2004 ) US (British-born) essayist, journalist, and television host; chief US correspondent for The Guardian 1947-1973; hosted television program "Masterpiece Theatre" 1970-1993. Inscribed and signed 7 x 4 1/4 b&w glossy.….$30.00

Salvador Dali (1904-1989) name synonymous with surrealist art and quite flambouant personality. 10 x 12 color print reproduction of his painting of him painting a woman, while being reflected back, boldly signed in black marker by Dali. The print has been matted and framed under glass to an overall 15 3/4 x 18, ready to hang.….$325.00

Ed Dodd (1902-1991) Was a 20th-century American cartoonist known for his Mark Trail comic strip. Typed letter, January 18, 1971, good content re: his experiences with the Boy Scouts, including working with founder Daniel Beard, boldly signed, fine.….$50.00

Will Durant (1885-1981) US historian; wrote 11-volume "The Story of Civilization" 1935-1975 (including volume 10, "Rousseau and Revolution" 1967 (Pulitzer Prize for nonfication 1968). Short typed note re: Boy Scouts, 12-16-74, signed in blue ink.….$25.00

Ralph Ellison (1914-1994) US author; wrote novel "Invisible Man" 1952, essay collections "Shadow and Act" 1964, "Going to the Territory" 1986. Typed note signed beneath a letter inquiring about his relation to Andrew Ellison, folds, fine, 1974.….$40.00

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) US essayist and poet. "The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson", c.1883 and 1903 by Edward W. Emerson, 12-volume leather-bound set, Concord Edition, includes watercolor images and original signed and dated quotation tipped into the 1st volume "Let the river run which way it will, cities will rise on its banks. R. Waldo Emerson, Syracuse, 14 Feb. 1851". Another quotation by William Lloyd Garrison appears on the back. The books show various signs of aging and some cracking of the spines, still a pretty nice set. Will ship via UPS.….$795.00

Stan Goldberg (1933- ) Since 1968, Stan has drawn a number of titles for 'Archie'. Comic book, Veronica, c.2003, boldly signed on the cover.….$40.00

Johnny Hart US cartoonist; created comic strips "BC", "The Wizard of Id" - Typed letter, boldly signed, April 14, 1971, personal letterhead with characters at upper left, discussing his dropping the Boy Scouts after one meeting as he thought it was "silly", later regreting the decision.….$70.00

Al Hirschfeld (1903-2003) US artist and theatrical caricaturist; known for hiding daughter's name Nina in all drawings. TIME Magazine cover featuring his characature of Mario Cuomo, with Hirschfeld in lower right corner, later hand-signed by him at central right, very fine.….$125.00

Peter Hurd (1904-1984) American artist from New Mexico - Hurd first attained national fame in the late 1930s, and over the next four decades he earned many awards and distinctions. He served as a war-correspondent artist of Life magazine during World War II and received the European Theater Medal for Service Overseas in 1947. In 1959 he was appointed to the Commission on Fine Arts by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and in 1966 he painted the official portrait of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Typed letter, neatly signed, 20 August 1970, recounting his happy experiences as a Boy Scout.….$160.00

Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) US illustrator and painter. Neatly signed 3 x 5 card.….$40.00

Stephen King (pseudonyms Richard Bachman, John Swithen) US horror novelist and screenwriter. Book: "Needful Things", c.1991, hd. bd., signed on the title page, acquired in-person.….$255.00

Stephen King (pseudonyms Richard Bachman, John Swithen) US horror novelist and screenwriter. Book: "Desperation", c.1996, hd. bd., signed on the first free page, acquired in-person.….$255.00
For more books signed by King, please visit my website and click on “Enter Catalog” at upper-left.
John Liney Original signed ink sketch of Henry kissing a girl on an off-white 7 3/4 x 11 sheet, inscribed above and signed below the sketch. In fine condition, with light toning from previous display and some scattered light creases. Some advertising material is included as a bonus.….$100.00

Walter Lippman Pulitzer Prize winning journalist - Black ink signature on a vintage 3 x 5 card.….$20.00

Jack London (1876-1916) US adventurer, author, sailor, and socialist; wrote novels "The Call of the Wild" 1903, "The Sea-Wolf" 1904, "White Fang" 1905, "The Iron Heel" 1907, "Martin Eden" 1909, "The Cruise of the Snark" 1911. Document signed - check, Dec. 31, 1906, from the Central Bank of Oakland, boldly completed and signed in fountain pen.….$295.00

Ian MacLaren (1850-1907) His first sketches of rural Scottish life, "Beside the Bonnie Briar Bush" (1894), achieved extraordinary popularity. Foutain pen signature on a small card.….$25.00

W. S. Maugham (1874-1965) English playwright and novelist - "Of Human Bondage" - Wonderful fountain pen signature and dated 1948 on a vintage album page.….$55.00

James A. Michener (1907-1997) US author; wrote "Tales of the South Pacific" 1947 (Pulitzer Prize for fiction 1948), "The Source" 1965, "Centennial" 1974, "Chesapeake" 1978, , "Space" 1982, "Recessional" 1994, more. Book: "The Covenant", c. 1980, hd. bd., dj., neatly signed on the title page, very fine.….$100.00

Joan Miro (1893-1983) Joan Miro is known for his playful art. His emblematic images make a naive, childlike impression at first sight. French cover, 1974, featuring one of his works, signed in the center with excellent contrast.….$200.00

Christopher Morley (1890-1957) US author and journalist - Fine inscription, signature and date March 2, 1936.….$30.00

Grandma Moses (1860-1961) Anna Mary Robertson - US folk painter. Fountain pen signature on a 5 1/4 x 2 slip, small piece of tape on the back shows through slightly.….$110.00

Harry O'Neill Cartoonist - "Bronco Billy" (ca.1940's) - original character sketch on a 2 3/4 x 5 card, signed with his stylistic signature, fine.….$60.00

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) American painter and illustrator, known for his work involving American themes, many of which appeared on Saturday Evening Post covers. TLS, February 1, 1977, fairly routine content, signed in black ink, perfect for display.….$135.00

Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000) US cartoonist; created comic strip "Peanuts" 1950-2000 (orig. "Li'l Folks"); co-wrote memoir "Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Me" 1980. Awesome 8 x 10 b&w photo, boldly signed and adding a sketch of Snoopy sitting on his shoulder.….$300.00

Irvin Shaw (1913-1984) US dramatist, novelist, screenwriter, and short story author; wrote novel "The Young Lions" 1948. 10 x 8 b&w glossy photo, neatly signed.….$40.00

Lillian de la Torre (1902-1993) Mystery writer - typed letter, December 12, 1946, 2 separate pages, excellent content to a fan, discusses in depth advice on writing mysteries, fine.….$70.00

Gary Trudeau American cartoonist, creator of Doonesbury. Book: "Talk To the Hand", c.2004, soft cover, boldly signed on the title page.….$70.00

Mort Walker cartoonist, 3 x 5 unlined card with hand-drawn sketch of Beetle-Bailey and signed "Best Wishes! Mort Walker".….$40.00

Robert Penn Warren (1905-1989) US novelist and poet; leader of New Criticism school; wrote novel "All the King's Men" 1946 (Pulitzer Prize for fiction 1947), poetry collections "Promises: Poems, 1954-1956" 1957 (Pulitzer Prize for poetry 1958), "Now and Then" 1978 (Pulitzer Prize for poetry 1979); 1st US poet laureate 1986-1987. 10 x 8 b&w glossy photo, accepting an award, signed in the lower margin.….$50.00

H. G. Wells English author, historian, and utopian; pioneer of science fiction. ALS, one page, 7 x 9, personal letterhead, July 31, 1929. Wells writes to the author of an unspecified work. In part: “Your book is very interesting both as an experiment & in its math and treatment. I think we want a great range of such books telling the same story to different sorts of people. The important thing … is not that it should be one book but one story & one attitude.” In fine condition, with mailing folds, a few small scattered spots, slightly irregular top edge, and small adhesive remnant at lower left, none of the flaws materially affecting the visual appeal.….$395.00

Rudolph Wendelin (1910-2000) Cartoonist - creator of the most popular version of Smokey the Bear. Forest Conservation FDC, 1958, neatly signed with added Smokey stamp, mint!….$100.00

Gluyas Williams (1888-1982) One of the early American comic artists, whose work appeared around the 1920s. Autograph letter signed, Jan. 8, 1971, discussing the Boy Scouts, playing touch football as a kid, etc.….$35.00

Korczak Ziolkowski (1908-1982) US sculptor; began sculpting Crazy Horse Memorial 1948. 6 x 9 promotional brochure with the cigar-smoking sculptor on the cover, boldly signed - an interesting piece.….$35.00
Classical Musicians & Opera Stars
Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) US composer and conductor; conducted New York Philharmonic Orchestra 1958-1969; composed "Jeremiah Symphony" 1942, oratorio "Kaddish" 1963, musicals "On the Town" 1944, "Candide" 1956, "West Side Story" 1957. Bold ink signature on a 6 x 6 piece of graph paper, dated above Jan. 9, 1963, aged, signature can be matted.….$65.00

Composers Over a period of years, a dedicated collector assembled these musical greats on a single 3 x 5 card, including: Henry Mancini, Irving Berlin, Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein, Sammy Cahn and Ira Gershwin.….$250.00

Kirsten Flagstad (1895-1962) Operatic soprano. Bold fountain pen signature on a vintage album page, one vertical fold, still fine.….$60.00

Amelita Galli-Curci (1889-1963) US (Italian-born) soprano opera singer. Excellent ink signature on a salmon-color card.….$50.00

Mack Harrell (1909-1960) His voice was one of remarkable lyrical beauty. Among his operatic roles were Papageno, Kothner, Amfortas, Jochanaan, Wozzeck, and Nick Shadow in The Rake’s Progress, which role he created in its USA premiere at the Metropolitan Opera in February 1953. Original 1952 program from the Illinois State Normal University, boldly signed in fountain pen.….$30.00

Robert Heger (1886-1978) Opera conductor - bold fountain pen signature on a large album page, adding "Wien June 1920" - excellent display piece.….$40.00

Percy B. Kahn (1880-1966) Autograph musical quotation on 7 1/2 x 5 1/2 sheet - Ave Maria - boldly penned and signed in fountain pen, adding Nov. 7th 1922.….$60.00

Jan Kiepura (1902-1966) Russian actor and opera singer. Bold fountain pen signature and date "1938" on a vintage album page.….$30.00

Clemens Krauss (1893-1954) He began his career with the Vienna Boys Choir, eventually becoming General Director of the Vienna State Opera in 1929. beautiful fountain pen signature on a large album page.….$50.00

Mary McCormic Metropolitan Opera star - signed postal cover, stamp cancelled in "Metropolitan, Mich." (1939) and in "Star, Texas" (1940) - unusual.….$35.00

Lauritz Melchior (1890-1973) US (Danish-born) tenor singer - fantastic vintage 8 x 10 matte-finish ISP - very impressive close-up.….$140.00

Roberta Peters Metropolitan Opera - Publicity b&w glossy photo, boldy signed, fine.….$25.00

Lily Pons (1904-1976) Metropolitan Opera Coloratura Soprano lovely vintage 6 1/4 x 9 photo lightly signed in fountain pen, still impressive.….$90.00

Camela Ponselle Opera star, sister of Rosa Ponselle - ink signature and date - 1932 - on 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 slip, will matte nicely.….$25.00

Andres Segovia (1893-1987) Spanish Classical Guitarist. From 1924, he received international acclaim and was regarded as foremost in modern guitarists. Book: "The Segovia Technique" by Vladimir Bobri, hd. Bd., dj. a bit worn on edges, else very fine, c.1972, Boldly inscribed and signed with his unique style, adding "1979" - cool!….$225.00

Lawrence Tibbett (1896-1960) fabulous 8 x 10 sepiatone portrait by David Berns of New York, fine condition.….$85.00
For a great collection of Academy Award programs, please visit my website and click on “Enter Catalog” at upper-left.
Willie Aames 70's - 90's actor - boldly signed AFTRA Engagement contract, 8/26/78 for "Hollywood Teen".….$30.00

Agnes of God” From my collection - 10 x 8 b&w scene - the dramatic moment in the courtroom when Agnes addresses the court, boldly signed by Anne Bancroft (deceased), Meg Tilly and Jane Fonda - a rare combination!….$150.00

Mariella Ahrens Russian Playboy Model and actress - Boldly signed 4 x 6 color nude photo.….$20.00

Alice” Based on the 1975 movie "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore", this TV sitcom enjoyed a long-running success. You enjoy this 8 x 10 color publicity photo for the series, boldly signed in-person by LINDA LAVIN, BETH HOWLAND and POLLY HOLLIDAY.….$45.00

Tori Amos Redheaded hipnotic beauty, talent without end, no commercial sell-out - can you tell I like her? Great 10 x 8 close-up color photo, boldly signed.….$50.00

Fiona Apple pop music Diva, pianist, great talent. 8 x 10 color close-up SP.….$40.00

Christina Applegate Actress and model, best known Kelly Bundy in "Married With Children". Playbill from the Al Hirschfield Theatre, for "Sweet Charity", boldly signed on her cover image, acquired in-person.….$27.00

Eve Arden (1908-1990) "Our Miss Brooks" - FDC for American Dance, 1978, boldly signed, very attractive.….$15.00

George Arliss (1868-1946) One of the oldest actors on the screen in the 1920's and 1930's. It was his role as British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in "Disraeli" (1929) that brought him his greatest success. Near perfect fountain pen signature on a vintage album page.….$40.00

Amy Arnell Singer with Tommy Tucker - very pretty vintage 8 x 10 glossy, neatly inscribed and signed.….$27.00

Lena Ashwell Actress in early films - vintage postcard image, boldly signed, fine.….$22.00

Ed Asner "Lou Grant" - sharp 8 x 10 color SP, in-person.….$25.00

Fred Astaire (1899-1987) the greatest dancing film star of this century with his famous partner, Ginger Rogers. Their best film was "Top Hat". Excellent 8 x 10 b&w glossy head and shoulders portrait from "Ghost Story", neatly signed in red.….$175.00

Mary Astor (1906-1987) Oscar winner for "The Great Lie". Inscription (will matte away) and signature on a vintage album page.….$25.00

Antonio Banderas close-up 8 x 10 color SP from an action film, pointing his weapon, face full of blood, acquired in-person.….$45.00

Moe Bandy Country music artist - 8 x 10 color SP, fine.….$20.00

Adrienne Barbeau Cute 8 x 10 color glossy, July 4 theme photo, boldly signed in-person.….$30.00

Ethel Barrymore (1879-1959) Screen, stage, and television actress. Bold fountain pen inscription and signature on a vintage album page.….$55.00

Richard Barthelmess (1895-1963) Oscar nominated actor in "The Noose" and "The Patent Leather Kid" TLS, no date (though it mentions his latest film "Adios" ??), horizontal and vertical mailing folds, very good.….$25.00

Henry Baynton (1892-1951) British star of the stage and early films - vintage postcard image, boldly signed and dated 1922, mounted to large album sheet, fine.….$30.00

Meret Becker German actress - Boldly signed 5 x 7 1/2 color nude photo.….$20.00

Janet Beecher (1884-1955) Character actress in Hollywood from the 30's through early 40's. Inscription an signature on a vintage album page.….$15.00

David Belasco (1853?-1931) US dramatist and stage producer; wrote plays "The Heart of Maryland" 1895, "Madame Butterfly" 1900, "The Girl of the Golden West" 1905. 8 1/2 x 10 album page with a small image mounted in the center, signed in dark fountain pen beneath, adding September 19th, 1925.….$40.00

Constance Bennett (1906-1965) once Hollywood's highest paid star, entered films in 1922. Large fountain pen signature on a vintage album page.….$22.00

Belle Bennett (1891-1932) Screen, stage, and vaudeville actress. Lengthy inscription an signature on a vintage album page.….$15.00

Polly Bergen Nominated as Best Featured Actress for role in Broadway revival of the Sondheim musical 'Follies,' (2001). Beautiful 8 x 10 color glossy close-up, neatly signed in-person.….$25.00
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