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Auspicious Incident Packet 1

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Auspicious Incident – Packet 1

Questions by Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Paul Litvak, Matt Lafer, Ben Heller

1.The introduction contains a famous discussion of the goals of ethnography. In the chapter, “Departure of an Oversea Expedition,” the author continues tracing a voyage from the Sinaketa to the Dobu that makes up a large part of this work. The author presents a seven-fold classification of gifts, which pertain to the mwali and the souvali, which are armshells and necklaces. Focusing on the Kula ring exchange, this work was later extended in the author’s Coral Gardens and Their Magic. Considered to be the first major work of economic anthropology, this is, FTP, what work concerning the Trobriand islanders, written by Bronislaw Malinowski.

Answer: Argonauts of the Western Pacific

2.A sculpture by Sansovino inspired the red cloaked, book bearing St. John to the left of the central figure. To the right, St. Francis holds a cross as he gazes over his shoulder. Smoke rises from the background and two putti can be seen grabbing the title figure’s legs, possibly helping to support her position on top of a marble structure that bears the opening words to the hymn Our Lady of the Assumption and the artist’s signature. A white veil covers the head of the title figure, who balances the Christ child on her hips in, FTP, what piece commissioned for the nuns at San Francesco dei Macci, a painting by Andrea del Sarto that takes its name from the images of monstrous mythical beings that decorate the enigmatic pedestal.

Answer: Madonna of the Harpies

3.Jean Froissart included an image of his death in his Chronicles. His followers killed Sir Roger Hales and around 150 foreigners living the City of London. He died of wounds received at Smithfield that were inflicted either by a squire named Ralph Standish or William Walworth, the Lord Mayor of London. This meeting followed one at Mile End where he requested “the abolition of serfdom and…a standard rent” before his men attack the Tower of London and executed Archbishop Sudbury. For 10 points, name this rebel from Kent or Essex who, along with John Ball, led the 1381 Peasants Revolt.

Answer: Wat Tyler

4.Sri Shankaracharya and some of his followers take Monism and Absolutism to be the central theme. The two oldest parts are the Brhadaranyaka, the “Great Forest text”, and the Chandogya. The main character is the sage Yajanavalkya, who teaches that truth can only be found through negation of all thoughts about it, called the doctrine of “neti neti.” Other parts of this work are the Isa, the Kena, and the Katha. The most important commentator on them is Sankara, and the teaching based on them is known as the Vedanta. FTP, identify this 108 part work, famously translated by Friedrich Max Muller, which is traditionally the end of the Vedas.

Answer: Upanishads

5.By mutating the gene called "dunce" which produces this compound, a learning deficit has been observed in experiments with marine snails and in Drosophila melanogaster.It is broken down in the cell after its purpose is served by the enzyme phosphodiesterase. Its other roles include the breakdown of glycogen into glucose and lipolysis, and to regulate the passage of calcium through ion channels. Synthesized by adenylate cyclase, this is, FTP, what compound which activates protein kinases, a secondary messenger molecule derived from ATP.

Answer: cyclic AMP or cAMP or cyclic adenosine monophosphate

6.As a youth the title character enjoys reading Sir Thomas Browne’s Urn Burial, and contemplation under an tree leads to the protagonist’s authorship of “The Oak Tree..” The youth also writes the tragedy “Aethelbert.” After being deserted by Sasha, a Russian princess, the protagonist is comforted by Nicholas Greene. The main character becomes an ambassador to Constantinople to flee Archduchess Harriet of Romania, and eventually comes to marry Marmaduke Shelmerdine, who leaves on a sea voyage. The plot begins in 1588 and ends in 1928, symbolically tracing the family of Victoria-Sackville-West. FTP, identify the title gender bending character of this novel by Virginia Woolf.

Answer: Orlando

7.For projections, this property holds only when the line is projected onto itself, and for rotations it only holds if the dilation coefficient is either 1 or -1. Matrices of this type are always invertible, and their inner product is preserved. It is closed for the operations of matrix multiplication and inverse, and the determinant always has an absolute value of 1. An orthonormal basis is formed by the rows of, FTP, what type of matrix whose transpose is equal to its inverse and, when multiplying a vector, preserves the length of that vector?

Answer: orthogonal (or orthogonality) (accept unitary)

8.He consulted Medir when his people were suffering a seven-year famine and undertook a journey to Elephantine at Aswan where he built a temple to Khnum: the drought stopped. Succeeded by Sekhemkhet, he ascended to the throne after the deat h of his brother Zanakht. Also known as Neterikhet, his name is attached to a mastaba near Bayt Khallaf. But he is more famous for another structure built with his architect Imhotep. FTP identify this second king of the 3rd dynasty, a pharao who constructed a six-stepped stone pyramid at Saqqarah.

Answer: Zoser or Djoser (accept Neterikhet before mentioned)

9.The small scale that this effect works on has caused jamming problems when attempting to develop nanomachines. Deriving the equation for it requires representing the zeta function in terms of a contour integral. In 1994 Lamoreaux and Mohideen measured the force involved to be on the order of piconewtons, even when the metals were only a few atomic diameters apart. Its namesake discovered the effect while working with colloids, but the usual formulation involves mirrors rather than molecules. FTP, identify this effect caused by fluctuations in the quantum field, by which a force appears between two parallel metal plates in a vacuum.

Answer: Casimir effect

10.As a youth, he was fascinated by a book about exotic butterflies, Heraera Esmerelda. His early interest in theology was fueled by Ehrenfriend Kumpf and Eberhard Schleppfuss. The scholar Schildknapp’s passion for Shakespeare led him to compose an opera of Love’s Labor’s Lost, He also composed Marvels of the Universe, and a work based on the Gesta Romanorum, as well as the oratorio Apocalypse. Two tragedies in his life, the death of his nephew Nepomuk, and the death of violinist Schwerdtfeger, led to his Lamentation. At its premiere he lapsed into madness. FTP, identify this composer, whose tale is narrated by Zeitblom, the allegorical title character of a novel by Thomas Mann.

Answer: Doktor Faustus also accept Adrian Leverkuhn,

11.Inspired by this man, his follower, Antoine Gizenga, attempted to set up an unsuccessful regime in Orientale. An ardent Unionist, early in his career he was imprisoned for embezzlement , but emerged to found the MNC which he used to combat the colonial 5 year independence plan that was brought to the table in 1959. Fed up with the ineffectiveness of the U.N. peace- keepers he began to seek help from the Soviets to oust Moise Tshombe from Katanga. This was the last straw in his relationship with Kasavubu and he was dismissed as prime minister. Shortly afterward he was captured by Colonel Mobutu and executed setting off riots in many parts of the world. FTP identify this politician and revolutionary who engineered Congolese independence from Belgium.

Answer: Patrice Emergy Lumumba

12.He advocated the conjoining of philosophy, with philology in which the true or verum, is combined with the certain or certum. He also asserted the principle “verum ipsum factum.” His first work, published in 1709, was about pedagogy, “On the Methods of the Studies of Our Time.” He attributed social inequality to imperfect religion, drawing from the ideas of Pico della Mirandola. His stages of societal development begins with the “bestial”, and is followed by ‘the age of the gods”, “the age of the heroes” and finally “the age of men.” In this final stage, class conflict leads back to primitive barbarism. It is this idea which is the inspiration for the structure of Finnegan’s Wake. FTP, identify this author of On the Ancient Wisdom of the Italians, and The New Science, the proponent of the cyclical theory of history.

Answer: Giambattista Vico

13. Among his early works are Cast the First Stone, an autobiographical novel about prison life in Ohio, and The Third Generation, which examined family life. Pinktoes is a satire about interracial sex, while his time in the Communist party is the subject of The Lonely Crusade, but he truly found his calling after moving to France when his editor convinced him to write “The Blow” about con-artists in NYC, this venture turned into a nine novel run with titles like The Big Gold Dream, All Shot Up, and The Real Cool Killers, all of which featured Coffin Ed and Grave Digger Jones. FTP identify this black author of A Rage in Harlem, best known for his first novel about Madge Perkins accusation of rape against Bob Jones at the Atlas Shipyard: If He Hollers Let Him Go.

Answer: Chester Himes

14.When his devoted servant Fimafeng was killed by Loki this usually hospitable god became angry and shunned the Aesir. Usually accompanied by Eldir, this son of Mistarblindi brewed beer in the magical kettle provided by Thor. He also had nine daughters who wore white robes and veils– the billow maidens—with his wife Ran, and his great hall could be found under the sea near the island of Hler. Worshipped and feared by sailors, FTP, identify this ocean God of early Norse myth.

Answer: Aegir

15.In general, they exist in substances which possess functional groups that can interact additively and are structured such that intramolecular reaction leads to a stable cyclic system, where the cyclic form generally dominates. It is seen in the conversion of certain alkenic acids into their lactones, and a type not involving a proton shift is that of phtaloyl chloride. FTP, identify this process exemplified by lactam and lactim, and the keto-enol type, by which structural isomers reversibly convert between their two forms.

Answer: tautomerism (or tautomers)

16.Schumann praised the intimate connection of its four movements, which the composer asked to be listed on program pages consecutively rather than separately. It includes a quotation from Jacob’s Saint Paul and begins with a somber melody echoed in the main theme of the Allegro un poco adagio. Inspired by a visit to the shattered altar of Holyrood palace, its principal melody is a duple-meter scherzo suggesting a bagpipe. Completed ten years after the similar themed Hebrides Overture, FTP, identify this Romantic symphony by Felix Mendelssohn.

Answer: Symphony No. 3 in A minor or The Scottish

17.He adapted the works of Aeschylus for the stage and his The Old Glory reconfigures short stories by Melville and Hawthorne. “In the Cage” and “Memories of West Street and Lepke” are contained in his then unpublished first collection Land of Unlikeness, which also contained “Children of Light,” and was composed during his apprenticeship under Allen Tate. His last book of poetry, Day by Day doesn’t really hold up to earlier works like The Mills of the Kavanaughs, the volumes Notebook/History, or the sonnet sequence The Dolphin. FTP identify this author of “The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket,” “For the Union Dead,” and “Skunk Hour,” perhaps best known for his Life Studies.

Answer: Robert Lowell

18.Its preface tries to answer why world history is like an onion. In one chapter, it advances the “Anna Karenina principle” and argues that elephants were tamed, but not domesticated, and in fact, many factors must be in place for animals to be domesticated. “Blueprints and Borrowed Letters” discusses the evolution and spread of writing. Another section discussed the conquest of the Incas, and describes the surrender of Athualpa. The book argues that certain geographical and animal placement led to widespread differences in the technological development of civilizations, thus explaining Europe’s dominance over the rest of the world. FTP, identify this work whose three title entities conquered the world, written by Jared Diamond.

Answer: Guns, Germs, and Steel

19.Securing the Treaty of Mortefontaine through the efforts of Oliver Ellsworth, William Richardson Davie, and William Vans Murray, angered Alexander Hamilton and his supporters but did much to repair what had been strained by the appearance of Mme. De Villette. She served as a mouthpiece for Mr. Bellamy, an American banker in Hamburg, as well as the Swiss agents Conrad Hottinguer and Lucien Heutval, in their negotiations with Elbridge Gerry, John Marshall, and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. When it became public that the latter refused to pay 250,000 dollars to meet with Talleyrand war seemed imminent. FTP identify this scandal named for some letter used to hide the identities of the French go-betweens.

Answer: XYZ Affair or Deal or Shit

20.The hero acts as a go-between between Musyne, an alluring dancer, and a group of overcharging Argentine meat dealers. He resumes an affair with Lola when he is in New York, and after moving to Detroit, the protagonist works for Ford Motor Company. After returning to France this novel’s hero becomes an abortion doctor and is involved in a plot to murder the Henrouilles’ grandmother. He then works under Dr. Baryton and comes to head an insane asylum. After Madelon is spurned by the hero’s best friend Leon, she kills Leon and Ferdinand, the hero, decides he must move again. FTP, identify this nihilistic novel written by Louis Celine.

Answer: Journey to the End of the Night

1.FTP, identify these works by Helen Hunt Jackson, none of which is Mammy Tittleback and her Family:

1.This novel concerns the half Scottish, half American Indian title character, who marries Alessandro. He dies as the result of harassment by whites.

Answer: _Ramona _

2.Her treatment of the American Indian problem in Ramona was prefigured by this 1881 tract which discussed the treatment of Native Americans in America.

Answer: _A Century of Dishonor _

3. This novel is a fictionalized account of the early life of Emily Dickenson, who was a friend of Jackson’s at Amherst.

Answer: _Mercy Philbrick’s Choice _

2.Identify the following about the history of the Philippines FTPE:

1. This Filipino statesman was a key figure in the uprisings against Spain and later the US, the latter captured him in 1901 and he was forced to swear an oath of allegiance.

ANSWER: Emilio Aguinaldo

2. This Filipino revolutionary founded the Katipunan and was usually thought of as second in command, but his rift with Aguinaldo led to his execution in May 1897.

ANSWER: Andres Bonifacio

3. Both Bonifacio and Aguinaldo were inspired to action by this outspoken patriot and writer of such works as Noli me Tangere and Filibusterismo.

ANSWER: Jose Rizal
3.Answer the following about a literary group and its members FTPE:

1.This Russian group, which took their name from a story by E.T.A. Hoffmann, advocated nonconformity in the face of Soviet realism. Their members included Venyamin Kavern and Konstantin Fedin.

Answer: _Serapion Brothers _

2. This member of the Serapion brothers wrote short stories satirizing the bureaucracy, including Esteemed Citizens, What the Nightingale Sang, and The Adventures of a Monkey.

Answer: Mikhail _Zoshchenko _

3. This most famous member of the group was the author of The Fisher of Men, The Society of Honorary Bellringers, and We.

Answer: Yevgeny _Zamyatin _
4.Answer these questions about transformations in linear algebra, FTPE:

(10) In two dimensions, an example of this transformation is multiplication by the matrix with first row (1, ½) and second row (0, 1). It shifts all points above a given line L a distance proportional to the point’s perpendicular distance from L.

Answer: shear

(10) This mathematician and biologist used shear transforms in his book “On Growth and Form” to demonstrate how certain species of fish can be transformed into one another. He is often called the first biomathematician.

Answer: d’Arcy Thompson

(10) This ubiquitous transformation is accomplished in two dimensions by multiplying by a matrix with first row (cosine x, negative sine x) and second row (sine x, cosine x).

Answer: rotation
5.Identify these early leaders of African empires FTPE:

1.This man defeated Sumanguru at the Battle of Kirina and razed Kumbi, later, after he acquired Wangara he moved his capital from Jeriba to Niani in the Western Sudan.

Answer: Sundiata or Mari Jata

2.This man, who was portrayed as a jinni in oral tradition, gained power after wresting it from Sonni Baru at the Battle of Anfao, a great organizer he took el-Mehrili and Ali Folen as advisors , traveled to Mecca, and expanded Gao.

Answer: Askia Muhammad I or Muhammad Ture

3.This dynasty included men like Dunama, Muhammad al-Kanami, Idris Alawma, and Umme, they controlled an area around Lake Chad from the 9th to the 19th century and their capitals included Njimi and Birni Ngazargamu.

Answer: Sef or Sayf dynasty (they ruled the trading empire of Kanem-Bornu)
6.Answer the following about a Shakespearean play FTPE:

1.Probably the Bard’s last tragedy in terms of composition its opening scene features Menenius Agrippa discussing the Roman empire in embodied terms. The climax involves the title figure’s discussion with his mother Volumnia, who convinces him to spare Rome.

Answer: Coriolanus

2.Caius Marcius Coriolanus is banished by the fickle Roman crowd and seek out this former enemy and leader of the Volscians to plan his revenge.

Answer: Aufidius

3.Much to his wife Valeria’s chagrin these two unscrupulous tribunes are primarily responsible for turning the populace against him. Name either one for the points.

Answer: Brutus and Sicinius
7.FTPE answer some questions about Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, also known as the RamBBBBBBBOOOOOOOMMMMMMBBBB:

1.Maimonides answered a letter from the Jewish community in this country, who were being persecuted by the Muslims and were facing a crisis from a false Messiah.

Answer: Yemen

2.Maimondies is most famous for this work, which attempted to synthesize Aristotle’s philosophy with Jewish religion thought. It was translated from Arabic into Hebrew by Shmuel ibn Tibbon.

Answer: The Guide to the Perplexed (if someone gives the Hebrew, ask Paul)

3.Maimonides other major work is this compendium of Jewish religious law that was criticized for its lack of footnotes and its supposed ambition to replace the Talmud.

Answer: Mishneh Torah
8.Identify these battles from the early (glory) days of the Great Northern War from a brief(ish) description. 10 points each.

(10) Charles XII succeeded in defeated Peter I’s army under du Croy at this city on November 20, 1700. The first major victory for the Swedes, du Croy’s force was 5 times larger than Charles’ but Steppinsch Krauklis, a local peasant, showed the Swedes a route to attack the Russian camp from the rear.

Answer: Narva

(10) Fought between Russians under Scheremetjev and Swedes led by von Schlippenbach, this battle took place on December 30, 1701. Scheremetjev succeeded in inflicting heavy casualties on the defenders of Livonia and the Swedes withdrew to refit.

Answer: Erestfer

(10) Fought on April 21, 1703, as the Swedes under Charles XII advanced behind Buchwald’s Dragoons, Field Marschal Steinau retreated into the city that gives the battle its name. His forces became disorganized in the city streets and the Saxons suffered a crushing defeat.

Answer: Pultusk (teams can earn 10 points on this part if they beg for mercy)
9.Identify these works by Hector Berlioz FTPE:

1.This 1834 piece eventually became a symphony that included sections like “Pilgrim’s March” and “Serenade of an Abruzzi Mountaineer,” it was originally commissioned to show off Paganini’s viola skills.

Answer: Harold in Itlaly or Harold en Italie

2.Utilizing the saltarello finale from the second act of his opera Benvenuto Cellini, the swirling woodwind passages in this famous overture suggest the fireworks being set off on the Piazza Colonna.

Answer: Romantic Carnival Overture

3.Berlioz’s La Damnation de Faust opens on the “plains of Hungary” where the title figure of this work views troops passing to the strains an orchestral piece inspired by a nationalistic air.

Answer: Rakoczy March
10.Answer these questions about minerals found in the earth’s crust, FTPE:

(10) This term refers toa group of silicate minerals which contain heavier elements such as magnesium or iron. They are generally dark in color and have specific gravities greater than 3.

Answer: mafic minerals

(10) One example of a mafic mineral is this isomorphous complex silicate, the principal mineral of amphibolites. It is always composed of iron and magnesium and may contain one of calcium, aluminum, manganese or titanium as well.

Answer: hornblende

(10) Also called chrysolite, this other mafic rock is an orthosilicate of magnesium found mostly in igneous rock such as gabbro or basalt. It can also be used as a gemstone and in this form is called peridot.

Answer: olivine
11.FTPE answer some questions about a French philosopher:

1.This professor at Aix is the author of Dissertations in the Form of Paradoxes Against the Aristotelians, and the Institutio Astronomica, but he is best known for his objections to Descartes’ philosophy.

Answer: Pierre Gassendi

2.Pierre Gassendi is most famous for his objection to this argument by Descartes, which tries to demonstrate the existence of God from the idea of God.

Answer: ontological argument

3.Gassendi is known as the Christianized version of this ancient philosopher, for his atomic theory, which argued that the constant falling of the atoms guaranteed free will.

Answer: Epicurus
12.Identify the following about a Spanish writer FTPE:

1.The influence of the French Symbolists is apparent in early works like Almas de Violeta, Ninfeas or Waterlillies, and his Diario de un poeta recien casado or Diary of a recently married poet a 1917 venture into the free verse that dominated his mature style.

Answer: Juan Ramon Jimenez

2.This series of autobiographical poems relates Juan Ramon Jimenez’s wandering with the title donkey in and around Andalusia.

Answer: Platero y Yo or Platero and I

3.This was Jimenez’s term for the stripped down writing style he used in works like Spiritual Sonnets, Stones and Sky, and most famously Diary of a Poet and the Sea.

Answer: poesia desnuda or naked poetry
13.It’s fun to pretend, and no one did it better than claimants to the English throne. Identify the following dudes for 10 points each.

(10) During the reign of Henry VII this man claimed to be Edward, Earl of Warwick, nephew of Edward IV and was crowned Edward VI king of England in Dublin. His invasion of England was crushed at Stoke, but Henry thought he was harmless and employed him in his kitchen.

Answer: Lambert Simnel

(10) This Fleming pretended to be Richard, Duke of York, the younger son of Edward IV. James IV of Scotland allowed him to marry a royal relative, Catherine Gordon, but Henry captured him in 1498 and following an escape attempt had him executed.

Answer: Perkin Warbeck

(10) In 1715, the Earl of Mar raised the royal standard for this man, known as the “Old Pretender”. His rebellion was defeated at Sheriffmuir and another in 1719 lost at Glenshiel.

Answer: James Stuart or James VIII of Scotland or James III of England
14.Identify these artists who enjoyed painting creepy scenes FTPE:

1.This allegorical American painter was a recluse and painted mystical seascapes during the last two decades of the 19th century using thick layers of pigment in works like Constance, Death on a Pale Horse, and Marine Moonlight.

Answer: Albert Pinkham Ryder

2.Appointed keeper of the Academy in 1804 this Swiss-born artist painted exotic and sensual pieces inspired by literature such as Lady Macbeth, Perseus Returning the Eye of the Graii, and The Nightmare.

Answer: Henry Fuseli

3.A student of Chasseriau, this painter depicted erotic and violent scenes in paintings like Jupiter and Semele, Hercules and Lernaean Hydra, and his symbolist masterpieces Salome Dancing Before Herod and The Apparition.

Answer: Gustave Moreau
15.FTPE identify these works by Erich Fromm:

1.Based on the Weber’s link between early capitalism and Protestantism, this 1941 work argues that modern man undertakes the title action by placing him or herself in authoritarian relations of dependency.

Answer: Escape From Freedom

2.Building on ideas in Escape from Freedom, this 1955 work argued that the conditions of the social structure make it impossible for man to avoid alienation. Therefore, we must turn to socialism.

Answer: The Sane Society

3.This book provides a taxonomy of the title concept, and the book says that one must approach it with humility, courage and faith to really have it. The book also discusses how to be the object of it.

Answer: The Art of Loving
16.Identify these related mythological beings FTPE:

1.Some say this creature was suckled by Selene as a cub, but this brother of the Sphinx is better known for having an impregnable hide which causes a certain hero’s first labor to be a little harder than expected.

Answer: Nemean Lion

2.This Egyptian deity, the mother of Mihos, was initially associated with the lion, but later became the known as the protectress of cats.

Answer: Bast or Bastet

3.This consort of Ptah was worshipped at Memphis and Luxor, as Ra’s daughter this lion headed goddess represented the destructive power of the sun.

Answer: Sekhmet or Sakhmet
17.Answer the following about equations in electricity and magnetism, FTPE:

(10) The solutions to this equation are called harmonic; it states that the divergence of the gradient of the electric potential is equal to zero.

Answer: Laplace’s equation

(10) A solution to Laplace’s equation can be uniquely determined if all values of the potential at the boundaries are known. The set of these boundary conditions are known as this.

Answer: Dirichlet boundary conditions

(10) In regions of space containing charge, the Laplacian of the electric potential is not equal to 0, rather, it is equal to the charge density divided by the permittivity of free space. The new equation is called this.

Answer: Poisson’s equation
18.FTPE, identify these characters from Leo Tolstoy’s War, What is It Good For, known today as War and Peace:

1.This illegitimate son of a wealthy count returns from study abroad, gambles, joins the Freemasons, and marries the daughter of Price Vassily Kuragin, Ellen, though his later marriage is more of a success.

Answer: Pierre Bezuhov (accept either name)

2.This best friend of Pierre is an adjutant under General Kutuzov is mortally wounded at Borodino, and his death leads to Pierre’s faith in God.

Answer: Andrei Bolkonsky (accept either name)

3.This former love of Andrei is almost compromised by the scheming Anatole, and in the end she marries Pierre and they live happily ever after.

Answer: Natasha Rostov (accept either name)
19.Identify the following indicators found in a well-stocked chem lab FTPE:

(10) This organic compound, C20H14O4, is used as an acid-base indicator. It is colorless in acidic solutions but turns a bright pink in basic environments.

Answer: phenolphthaelin

(10) This is the general term for a mixture of different pH indicators which is able to display a wide range of colors: red for highly acidic solutions, green for neutral solutions, and purple for highly basic ones.

Answer: universal indicator

(10) This double-ring compound turns red in an acidic environment and yellow in alkaline solution.

Answer: methyl orange
20.Answer these questions about Antarctica, FTPE:

(10) Named for its discoverer and explored throroughly by Scottish explorer William Bruce, this sea, southeast of South America, is bordered by the Antarctic Peninsula and Coats Land on the west and east, and the Filchner ice shelf on the south.

Answer: Weddell Sea

(10) The highest point in the Queen Alexandra range, due south of the Ross ice shelf, this peak named for a Glasgow businessman was the location of the first dinosaur skeleton excavation on the continent.

Answer: Mt. Kirkpatrick

(10) Vinson Massif, the highest peak on the continent, is located in this range.

Answer: Sentinel range (accept Ellsworth mountains)

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