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Attendees: Cameron Peace (Prunus cgc chair), Gayle Volk (Acting Apple cgc chair), Richard Bell

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1st Rosaceae Tree Fruit Joint CGC Meeting

Apple, Prunus, and Pyrus

Friday Aug. 3, 2012

American Society for Horticultural Science

12:45-2:45, InterContinental Hotel, Miami Florida
Attendees: Cameron Peace (Prunus CGC chair), Gayle Volk (Acting Apple CGC chair), Richard Bell (Acting Pyrus CGC chair), Carole Bassett, Margarita Bateman, Peter Bretting, Thomas Chao, Jose Chaparro, Zon-Min (Max) Cheng, John Clark, Todd Einhorn, Gennaro Fazio, Ksenija Gasic, Julia Harshman, Peter Hirst, Kim Hummer, David Hunter, Gary Kinard, Jim McFerson, Eun Young Nam, Nnadozie Oraguzie, John Preece, Terence Robinson, Chris Walsh
Opening comments: Cameron Peace announced that this is the first ever joint Rosaceae Tree Fruit CGC meeting. Self-introductions.
Germplasm Reports:

National Germplasm Resources Lab (Gary Kinard): Digitized Plant Introduction books (1898-1998) are available online. Encouraged CGCs to put minutes online. 2013 Plant Exploration proposals are due immediately.
Office of National Programs (Peter Bretting): GRIN Global has been released internationally. The focus is now on US deployment. Conversion will begin in 2013. See attached report.
Plant Genetic Resources Unit (Thomas Chao): The April freeze resulted in low fruit production in 2012. In May 2012, 158 new accessions were added to the field collection. More than 4200 accessions were distributed in 2011-2012. Digital imaging of core collection accessions is underway. Ploidy descriptors were added to GRIN. Cryopreservation of the tart cherry collection is ongoing. Genotype By Sequencing projects for apple and tart cherry are ongoing/proposed.

Retirement: Herb Aldwinckle, Chair of the Apple CGC. Gayle Volk suggested that we write a letter of appreciation from the CGC for his retirement reception. The letter said the following:

“We express our appreciation to Dr. Herb Aldwinckle for his long term commitment to the Apple CGC leadership, plant exploration and germplasm characterization efforts in support of the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System apple collection in Geneva, New York. His efforts and leadership will be missed.”

Cameron Peace and Gennaro Fazio have been appointed to a nominating committee to find a replacement for Herb Aldwinckle. Gayle Volk was nominated and accepted the nomination. Other nominations can be submitted to the committee via e-mail.

National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Tree Fruit & Nut Crops & Grapes (John Preece): Repository has 96 different taxa of Prunus. Clay Weeks retired and there is a hiring freeze. Obtained permission to hire this position because of its importance. CGC funds were awarded to Chaparro to make North American collections of Prunus. Some collections from Florida and Georgia have been made recently to start filling in gaps. Collected Prunus from Albania. Materials are in quarantine. UC Davis has offered the repository 163 apricot accessions.

Some cherry accessions are infected with Spotted Wing Drosophila. Observations are underway.

National Clonal Germplasm Repository (Kim Hummer for Joseph Postman): 2200 clonal accessions represent 36 taxa from 56 countries. Financially scraping by; IT person retired and position was terminated. Genetics lab is actively involved in RosBreed project. Dr. Barbara Reed is optimizing media for pear. Other research projects include: cold hardiness, bloom phenology, disease resistance, LN preservation.
APHIS (Margarita Bateman): Quarantine section of APHIS has been reorganized into field, quality & management, and permits divisions. Materials are being tested with same protocols as used in Canada. Three replicates of each accession are propagated in the greenhouse for the first year. There are currently over 1000 accessions, with 248 releases this past year. For provisional releases, materials can be held in greenhouse until final releases. CGC members asked for clarification of how materials are prioritized. Margarita Bateman emphasized the importance of having curators let her know their needs so that they can be accommodated.
Vulnerability Reports:

Prunus updated in July 2010. Pyrus and Apple need to be updated. National Program staff refers to them when funding evaluation proposals. They also serve as early warning systems for crop vulnerability. Cameron Peace proposed that the vulnerability statements be published in the Journal of the American Pomological Society.
Germplasm Explorations:

John Preece and Joseph Postman collected Prunus and Pyrus in Albania in 2011.

Jose Chaparro will collect wild Prunus in Michigan. Seeds and budwood will be provided to the Davis repository.

Kanin Routson collected Malus fusca from California, Oregon, and Washington and a paper on the diversity of this species is in press.

Richard Bell is looking for contacts for a pear exploration in Turkey.

Exchange and exploration in China continues to be difficult. Peach DNA is not available, but apple DNA may be available. Forest species may be more accessible than agricultural species.

Rosaceae Germplasm Symposium:

Kim Hummer (and Rachel Elkins) proposed a possible Rosaceae Germplasm Symposium to be held in Corvallis, Oregon, to be sponsored through ISHS. It would focus on Rosaceae Germplasm and Genebank Management. It would provide an international forum to discuss Rosaceae genebanking and provide an opportunity for collaborators to visit the Corvallis Repository. The symposium would go into the planning stages if the group thought it was a good idea.

RosBreed Project Implications for CGCs:

Cameron Peace suggested that the Crop Reference Sets that have been genotyped as part of the RosBreed project be added to the Apple and Prunus collections. For apple, this would be about 480 additional accessions. Participants were concerned about the quantity of materials to be added to the space-limited collections. It was proposed that breeding parent material (ancestors of breeding program materials) be considered for inclusion first, and seedling populations discussed further. RosBreed 2 discussions are underway. This NIFA grant may include additional Rosaceae species or more crop wild relatives.

Manuscripts: Cameron Peace suggested a number of possible manuscripts that could be published in the Journal of the American Pomological Society. These include:

Minutes submitted by Gayle Volk, with assistance by Carole Bassett

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