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Atlas distributed Computing Management Meeting Draft Notes April 18, 2011 1

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ATLAS Distributed Computing Management Meeting Draft Notes
April 18, 2011 v0.1

Present : D.Barberis, S.Jezequel, A.Klimentov, H.von der Schmitt (part time), G.Stewart, I.Ueda, T.Wenaus

Invited : V.Garonne (part time), C.Serfon

Absent :S.Campana, J.Shank

  1. DDM projects and manpower (Graeme)

    1. Operations

      1. At least 2 FTEs (as it was suggested by SJ and IU), potential candidates will need Grid experience

    • Cedric : There are many tickets related to DaTRI and other DDM applications. Support from the authors is essential.

    1. Infrastructure at CERN

      1. 0.5 FTE : to work together with Central Services team on Central catalogues and Site Services machines, in particular on load balancing.

    2. Maintenance of the existing SW and short-term development. It will be covered by the DDM core team. Other DDM services

      1. DDM accounting 0.2 FTE. Fernando [?]

      2. Deletion service 0.2 FTE. Dubna.

      3. DQ2 clients (and dq2-put) 0.5 FTE . Philippe Calafyan

      4. Site Services 0.2 FTE . Fernando [?]

      5. Visualization of accounting system 0.5 FTE (student from Lancaster University will work on it together with Mario and Fernando starting from June)

      6. DaTRI, Santa Claus, AK47. They should be supported by the authors at least until end of 2011.

    3. Long-term development (‘Rucio’). For the moment it is difficult to estimate needed manpower. It is still in brainstorming phase.

    4. Misc. LFC consolidation, Sonar and functional test, T2D, SLS monitoring. Manpower TBE.

    Discussion about other areas and people to be involved (for instance A.Tikhonov from Lublyana). Dario proposal : Graeme will summarize DDM areas by categories and he will do manpower estimation. It will help to understand uncovered areas and to estimate missing manpower. It will be discussed on the next ADC*5 meeting

  1. SSB historical plots (Stephane)

    1. New feature should be implemented in SSB. It exists in the CMS version. Stephane will contact Julia, Laura, Jarka to estimate amount of the work. Probably it could be done by Laura, if extra help from the IT ES will be needed the issue will be discussed with Jamie and Maria.

  2. Abstracts for summer conferences (Stephane)

    1. We propose to submit one abstract to Physics Conferences about ATLAS Distributed Computing in 2010/2011.

      1. Action on Alexei : to check with Jim and Hans

  3. AOB

    1. SSC5 (Graeme). It is scheduled for the last two weeks of May. No presentation on ADC weekly meetings. It will be followed by AMOD and discussed during morning meetings. Graeme will do an overall coordination.

    2. Manpower and central services (Alexei)

      1. V.Glafirov started to work as sysadmin together with S.Baranov. R.Sorokoletov will start to work from the 1st of May as ATLAS DBA. He will be also responsible for the Frontier@CERN and PanDA@CERN.

      2. The recent issue with the test-bed set up for the DDM team was discussed. Alexei, Stephane and I.Ueda will continue regular morning meetings with Central Services.

      3. Tickets for new machines. Central Services will need to know number of machines allocated for non-Tier0 (and CAF) in 2011. A clarification of table 4 in ATLAS_Resources_2010_2013_v6.pdf is necessary

        1. Action on Alexei to discuss it with Jim, Bernd.

    Next meeting 2 May.

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