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Astakhova, Polina

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Astakhova, Polina (born 1936), Soviet gymnast. For decades the Soviet Union dominated women's gymnastic events at the Summer Olympic Games. One of the Soviet stars, Polina Astakhova, won a total of ten medals in the Olympics of 1956, 1960, and 1964.

Astakhova was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, on Oct. 30, 1936. Graceful and frail in appearance, she first went to the Olympics in 1956 as part of the gymnastics team led by Soviet star Larissa Latynina. The team won the combined exercises competition and tied with Poland for a bronze medal on portable apparatus, an event discontinued after that year. At the 1958 world championships Astakhova placed third on the asymmetrical bars. The next year she won the European championships for both asymmetrical bars and floor exercises.

Astakhova and her teammates won Olympic gold again in 1960 and 1964 for the team combined exercises. Individual women's gymnastic events were relatively new to the Olympics in the 1960s, and Soviet gymnasts had won most of the individual medals from the start. In 1960, after the audience booed for ten minutes to protest another contestant's low score, Astakhova quieted the crowd with a gold-medal performance on the uneven parallel bars. She also won the silver medal for floor exercises, behind Latynina, and the bronze medal for individual all-around behind two of her teammates.

The next winter Astakhova participated in a United States tour. In Pennsylvania in January 1961, viewers admired her grace as she and other Soviet stars defeated top American gymnasts. Astakhova finished second after Latynina for combined exercises at the 1961 European championships. At the next year's world championships she tied for fourth place on floor exercises and ranked fourth on the uneven bars.

At the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, Astakhova again won the gold, silver, and bronze medals for uneven bars, floor exercises, and individual all-around respectively. She lost to only one gymnast from another country: Vera Caslavska of Czechoslovakia, who upstaged even Latynina in 1964 to become the new star of Olympic women's gymnastics. Astakhova retired from competition and became a coach. In 1972 she was back at the Olympics as coach to the Soviet team that included Olga Korbut.

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