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Assignment packet infs 110

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INFS 110

Website Development

Microsoft FrontPage Assignment

You are going to be creating a web page for your business using a program called FrontPage. There are many programs that you can use to create web pages – FrontPage is one of the more popular programs.

Your web page will consist of several web pages that you will link together. This keeps the code and detail on any one page to a minimum. It also makes it easier to maintain the web pages.

To get started:

  • Open FrontPage. It is listed under Microsoft Office in the start menu with all the other MS applications. Go to New>Web, and click Empty Web. Front Page will automatically create a file folder for you. What you are doing here is simply creating a folder for all your web pages. We’ll start making the web pages next.

The first page:

  • Go to File>New Page

  • Right Click>Page Properties, Click the Background Tab, change the background color as desired, Click OK. You may or may not want to use the same background color for each page – its up to you. However, your decision should NOT be based on the fact that you just forgot to change the background color!

  • (Depending on the version of FrontPage, you might alternately have to:)

  • Go to File>New Page, and click the “Normal Page” option

  • The new page opens up (big white area). Right click somewhere on that page, and click on ‘page properties’. Look around and change the background color.

  • On this first page Place the company’s Name. Then describe what the company offers, or sells. You do this simply by typing in the open area.

  • Change your font to something other than Default, and use the same font for all pages (I bet you forget to do this…).

  • Use Clipart or the web to find a picture that best represents your company. To copy a picture on the web, right click on the picture, then use the Save File As option. Save it in your web folder. Once you have your picture (and remember its location) go to Insert, Picture, From file, then locate the file.

  • Click the Preview Pane at the bottom to view your webpage.

  • Save it as index.htm (File, Save-as, index.htm – it should automatically be put in your web folder). This will be your home page. NOTE: This is case sensitive. Make sure the i in index is lower case.

The second page:

  • Create a New Page

  • On this page, list a description of your product(s)/services. Include a paragraph of why customers should buy from you. List your products/services along with pricing and other relevant information.

  • Save It as Products.htm

The third page:

  • Create New Page

  • On this page, list your contact information. Phone number, address, Email, etc. The email should provide an automatic link to your email. Include a description of your location.

  • Save it as Contact.htm

The fourth page:

  • Create New Page

  • Provide a description of your company. Include information concerning how it was started, what your vision is, who is running the company and maybe why you got into business in the first place. This is where potential customers will go to find out more about you, and to improve their comfort level.

  • Save it as About.htm

At this point, you have created a folder for your four web pages. We will now link them together into a single, larger web page.

With the cursor in any of the web pages, go to

  • Format>Shared Borders

  • Check Apply to All Pages, and Click Top and Bottom. Then click OK.

NOTE that you will NOT see the “Shared Borders” option unless all your pages are saved in the same folder. Make sure as you made all the different pages (index.htm, Contact.htm etc.) that when you clicked on the save as button, you saved it in the folder you created for your website.

You should notice that a generic comment is placed at the top and bottom of your page. Click anywhere in the top comment area and replace the generic comment with your company’s name. Center it. Now, WITH THE CURSOR STILL IN THE TOP COMMENT BOX:

  • Go to Table, then Insert, then table. Make a 1 row 1 column table

    • Change the table background color to color desired. To do this, Right-Click on the table, and go to Table Properties, under Background click the Color Drop Down Menu, and choose the color.

  • While in the table, type Home, then two spaces then “|”, then two spaces then Products/Services, then two spaces, then “|”, then two spaces, then Contact Us, then two spaces, then “|” then two spaces and then About Us. Now highlight this and center it all within the table. When you are finished it should look something like the illustration below:

Home | Products | Contact Us | About Us |

The | sign is found above the enter button on your keyboard.

Now we are going to make each of the words/phrases into a link. Highlight each word, right-click on it, and choose Hyperlink. Then choose the appropriate web page to link to it. For example:

  • Highlight the text “Home,” then right click>Hyperlink. Choose Existing File or Web Page. It should already have your Web Loaded. If not find it in My Documents. Find Index.htm, and click on it. Then click OK.

  • Do the same with Products, Contact Us, and About Us

In the bottom-shared border, we are going to put our company name and another link. For the purposes of this lab, we’ll link to

  • Scroll down to the bottom border or make sure the cursor is in the bottom comment area.

  • Place copyright info

    • ex. Copyright 2002 yourcompany

  • Place an External Hyperlink.

    • Link to, or whatever site you wish.

    • Type Text (ex. Yahoo!)

    • Highlight, then Right Click>Hyperlink, Then Type in the Web address in the Address Text Box. (Ex.

At this point, you have a four page, fully functional web page. You can now go back and edit it at your leisure. However, for everyone to see your web page you will need to move it into your UNIX account. Since you already have a file named index.html in your UNIX account (from the html web lab) you will need to rename that file.

  • Open WS_FTP and connect to your UNIX account (you may want to refer to the HTML lab for details). Go into your public_html directory on the UNIX side, and find index.html. Click once on it, then hit the Rename button. Rename it indexold.html.

  • Now move your webpage(s) to your UNIX account, using the same procedure you did in the first web lab. Use Ws_ftp, get into your public_html account, and then just move all your web pages (and the picture) into that account.


End of FrontPage Web Page Design Assignment

INFS 110

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